La Dixie Youth Baseball District 8: Welcome

Tuesday, July 8

10, 12 Traditional and 12 Ozone brackets are in handouts

Congrats to following winners:

5yr Old Tournament - Champion- Alexandria American, Runner-up- Tioga

6yr Old Tournament Olla - Champion- Alexandria American, Runner-up- Pineville American

6yr Old Tournament Prospect - Champion- Tioga, Runner-up- Pineville National

7yr Old Tournament Tioga - Champion- Pineville American, Runner-up- Tioga

8yr Old Tournament Alexandria - Champion- South Sabine, Runner-up- Winnfield

9yr Old Tournament Pineville - Champion- Sabine, Runner-up- Tioga

11yr Old Traditional Tournament Pineville- Champion- Alexandria, Runner-up- Sabine

11yr Old Tournament Ozone Pineville - Champion- Tioga, Runner-up- Pineville         






July 4-6 A T-Ball Invitational State Tournament Shreveport
July 10-13 AA Machine Pitch State Tournament


July 11-13 Minor 9's State Tournament Ponchatoula
July 11-13 Minor 11's State Tournament Ponchatoula
July 11-13 O-Zone (11) State Tournament Shreveport
July 18-22 AAA/Majors Dixie Youth Regionals - North Franklin
July 18-22 AAA/Majors Dixie Youth Regionals - South Wally Pontiff - Metairie
July 18-21 Machine/Coach Pitch World Series (NEW) Texarkana, Arkansas
July 25-29 O-Zone State Tournament Haughton
July 25-28 9 / 11 Traditional Regional World Series (Invitational) Longview, Tx
July 25-28 11 Ozone Regional World Series (Invitational) Longview, Tx
TBD Machine/Coach Pitch Regional World Series (Invitational) TBD
July 25-26 AAA/Majors 2 out of 3 State Tournament Alexandria, La
Aug 8-14 O-Zone World Series

Lexington, SC

Aug 8-14 AAA/Majors Dixie Youth World Series

Lexington, SC

District T Ball Rules in Handouts

                                                                                                                                                                             District 8 Officials

District 8 Director - Greg Derbonne 

District 8 Umpire - Buddy Bethard 

La Dixie Youth Baseball District 8 Leagues
Alexandria Dixie Youth     Buckeye Dixie Youth    
Grant Dixie Youth     Jena Dixie Youth    
Northwest LaSalle Dixie Youth     Pineville Dixie Youth    
Rapides West Dixie Youth     Sabine Dixie Youth    
Ward 10 - Tioga Dixie Youth