Louisiana Dixie Youth Baseball: Welcome

Sunday, November 16
Louisiana Dixie Youth Baseball Winky Newer, State Director

 Louisiana Dixie Youth has accepted the STATE OPTION on the New Bat Rule for 2015.  In 2015 the 2 5/8" bat will NOT BE ALLOWED in Louisiana Dixie Youth League play except for O-Zone Play. The 2 5/8" bats will be allowed if your All Star Teams quaifiy for the State or Regional Tournament in Majors 12, AAA 10 and Machine Pitch 8. All other leagues will continue to use the 2 1/4" approved Dixie Youth Bats. If you have any question about his rule please contact your State, National or District Directors. 

Dixie Youth Baseball rule change for 2014 concerning the face mask has been changed to allow each state to require the face mask on the batting helmet or not.  Louisiana Dixie Youth Board of Director has past the following rule on the face mask:  The batting helmet with face mask is a player and parent option for all Leagues participating in Louisiana Dixie Youth Baseball. However LOUISIANA DIXIE YOUTH HIGHLY RECOMENDS THE USE OF THE FACE MASK ON BATTING HELMETS.

The Louisiana Dixie Youth Umpire Association has a new web site.  Check it out at www.ldyboa.org.  I will have the information you need to register as an umpire and training material that will help you improve as you umpire in Louisiana Dixie Youth. 






 July 9-12  A T-Ball Invitational State Tournament   TBD
 July 9-12  AA Machine Pitch State Tournament 


 July 10-12  Minor 9's State Tournament  TBD
 July 10-12  Minor 11's State Tournament  TBD
 July 17-21  AAA/Majors Dixie Youth Regional - North   TBD
 July 17-21

 AAA/Majors Dixie Youth Regionals - South

July 24-28

  O-Zone State Tournament   

July 24-25

  AAA/Majors Best of Three State Tournament   

   T-Ball Region III World Series  Mississippi 

 9 AAA Region III World Series

   11 Minors Region III World Series  Mississippi
 Aug 3-6

 Machine/Coach Pitch World Series                                             

 North Myrtle Beech, SC
 Aug 8-13

 Dixie Youth Majors World Series

 Lexington, SC
 Aug 8-13  Dixie Youth AAA World Series

  Lexington, SC        

 Aug 8-13  Dixie Youth World Series  Lexington, SC