Lackawanna Little League: Welcome


Welcome to the 2015 season!  We look forward to another great registration is open as of midnight February 7th, just click HERE.  If you would like to register in person, you can come to Long Pond school on Saturday, February 7th between 9am and 12pm.  Forms can be found in the handouts section on the left side of this page. 


Lackawanna Fundraising funds hard at work!!

Our board members and vounteers from around the league contributed HEAVILY to field upkeep last year with the installation of Water Pipes at the fields and the cut out, dumping of clay, and spreading on the Majors, Minors, and Juniors fields at Hillside Park last year.  A great step forward for our kids...THANK YOU!

Be Sure to Check for any Bat Regulation Changes or ask our Board/Your Coach for suggestions...


Uniform Requirements:

The league will provide hats and shirts to players at all levels.  Belts will be provided by the league at the Majors and Juniors Levels.

The players will be reponsible for having Game Pants (Grey), a Glove and Cleets (Rubber only except at the Junior Level).  The league will provide bats and catcher's equipment.

Players bringing their own bats need to insure the bat is Little League approved.  This information is typically on the bat.  At the T-Ball level, the bat will say "T-Ball".

Please note: no shorts can be worn by players at any time for practices or games.

League Info:

The Lackawanna Little League is a non-profit recreational baseball program that strives to do everything possible to enable our players to have a safe and enjoyable experience while learning the sport of baseball.

The Lackawanna Little League is a youth program based at Hillside Park in Andover Township, NJ. We typically have between 240 to 280 players, who live in the sending districts of Andover Township, Andover Boro, Green Township and Allamuchy Township. Our teams play at Hillside Park, Andover Boro Field, Perona Farm Field in Andover Township, and Wesley Field in Green Township. We have many active coaches with baseball experience in our league, which ensures that all players receive quality instruction.

We divide the players into five divisions based on age and ability. T-Ballers are 5-6 year olds, Rookies are 7-8 year olds, Minors are 9-11 year olds, Majors are 10-12 year olds (having been accepted at try-outs), and Juniors are 13-14 year olds. Each division and team has their own practice schedule and field where practices and games are held.

Registration is held in January and February. Tryouts for the Majors/Minors Divisions are held during March.

League meetings will be held at a time and place to be announced on My Site News, with suitable notice.

2015 Board Members:

Glory Bays by Bruce