Saturday, December 13

    ***Registration Update***

    LL International has just voted in a change in eligibility dates for young players.  Anyone that was born December 31, 2010 or prior is now eligible to play next spring.  More info posted here:



    2015 Spring Registration

    Dates: Thursday, January 8th

    *New Location:  Lacey Twp. Recreation Building

    (Located behind Wawa on Lacey Road)

      You can download the registration forms here

     *This year we are accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover for registration payments.


    Our next Meeting will be on Wednesday, January 7th @ 8:00pm in Community Hall

    Discussion topics are the new age changes, opening day, registration update, and more.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Congratulations 2014 

    NJ State CHAMPIONS!!!



  Special Thanks to Brick-Wall Corp.

for their generous donation of crushed stone to use in our batting cages.  Thanks very much.

All Coaches must go through the township approved background check system.  To input your information please click here.

This is a new system implemented by Lacey Township for all recreation volunteer coaches.  We will receive a message from the town within 48 hours only if someone does not pass the background test.   


Little League Bat Rules
 Rules for which bats are legal in each division can be found by accessing the Little League website Bat Resource Page


Our Divisions of Play:

Age for league play determined by player's age as of 4/30/15 

Tee Ball: 5-6 year olds (coach pitch as the season progresses)

Jr. Minors: 6-8 year olds (combination, kid, coach, and machine pitch, instructional)

Sr. Minors: 8-11 year olds (kid pitch, instructional and competitive)

Majors: 10-12 year olds (Competitive 46/60 field dimension rules)

Intermediate:  11-13 year olds (Competitive with 50/70 dimension modified rules)

Juniors:  13-14 year olds (big field with 60/90 dimensions)

Seniors: 15-16 year olds (big field with 60-90 dimensions)

Interested in Umpiring?

2014 Lacey Umpire clinic.  Open to all age 13+.

You can download the information here

Attention Business Owners

Please advertise your business by purchasing a sign that will be displayed on our fields and be seen by thousands.  The cost is $350 per season to have a 3 X 4 foot sign posted, and here's who will see your sign:

  • 350 local families have children participating in our league.
  • Travel teams visiting every week from April until November.
  • 4 tournaments per year with 30 visiting teams per tournament.
  • One to two High School Baseball games per year.

Please Contact our sponsorship chairman at: for information on how to become a sponsor. 

  Please check out our site on Facebook.    

We frequenty post items for upcoming events and weather related issues during the season.  Just "Like" our page and updates will be shown on your Facebook News Feed page.

* Affinity Program: Almost $4000 donated in 2014  *
TD Bank has joined with the Lacey Little League through TD Bank's Affinity Program. Our league earns money simply by associating your TD Bank account with the Lacey Little League. Account balances are not revealed to our league and your information is not shared with us by TD Bank. TD Bank, through its Affinity Program simply makes a donation to the LLL based on the number of accounts that sign up.
Please stop by or call TD Bank today and sign your account up with the Affinity Program. Be sure to tell them you are part of the Lacey Little League. For more information call Erin Eades at 609-693-1600. 

 2014 Refreshment Stand Help:
 Help will be needed during the season.  Each team will be slotted for a day/time that won't conflict with the team's game.  The snack stand schedule will be out at the end of March. If you need additional time please email, do not call,  Carlene

Seasons change and so has ours...  Remember to select the proper season from the drop down box on the right hand side of the screen when you are checking schedules and standings.


Managers & Coaches:  Remember to stop by the "Coaches Corner" section of the web site for up to date information on current pitching regs. and other helpful information.

Umpires:  Interested in umping for Lacey Little League?  Download an application and give it to Umpire in Chief Ken Klouser at our regular monthly meeting.


Suggestions and Comments: If you have a suggestion or comment, please download a form from the handout section and return the completed form at the Refreshment Stand. You can also post your ideas on our message board by clicking on the link in the menu at the top of this page.

Lacey Little League

P.O. Box 633

Forked River, NJ 08731

Duane Gudzak, President

Directions to Clune Park home of Lacey Little League:  Take the Garden State Parkway to exit 74.  Right turn off the Parkway onto Lacey Road.  East on Lacey Road to US RT 9.  Right turn onto RT 9 and head south.  Take Beach Blvd. to Chesapeake Dr.  Right turn onto Chesapeake Dr. to Clune Park.