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Monday, March 12
2006 Trico All-League Team
1st Team:
OL: Cody Ward, Sr
DL: Cody Ward, Sr
DB: Emanuel Mendez, Sr

2nd Team:
RB: Emanuel Mendez, Sr
RB: Duke Kelly, Soph
OL: Lance Castle, Sr
TE: Jared Livingston, Sr
DL: Kenny Akerill, Jr
LB: AJ McGraw, Jr
LB: Duke Kelly, Soph

Honorable Mention:
Miles Yaw, Jr, DB
Dan Pershall, Soph, OL
Trevor McGraw, Soph, LB
Josh Heldt, Jr, DB
Brian Robertson, Sr, OL
Brandon Padilla, Sr, LB

Sunday, February 19
2005 Trico All-League
1st Team:
TE: James Carr, Sr
LB: Paul Jensen, Sr
DB: Emanuel Mendez, Sr

2nd Team:
LB: Matt Miller, Jr
OL: Cody Ward, Jr
DL: AJ McGraw, Soph
DB: Michael Britschgi, Sr

Honorable Mention:
Steve Akerill, OL, Sr
Duke Kelly, LB, Frosh
Mort Murry, RB, Soph

All-Academic Honorable Mention:

Paul Jensen        3.34        
Michael Britschgi 3.1        

You must start on the LOS and be in the free blocking zone!!
Rules review: The skinny: you can not cut unless you start on the LOS and are in the FBZ. This means a FB, Wing, LB, or anyone else not on the LOS at the snap can cut or be cut an opposing player. Example: a FB can't be cut on a power play by the DE, even if the DE starts on the LOS and the cut is in the FBZ...the FB did not start on the LOS>

Rule 2 section 17 article 2 - Blocking below the waist is permitted in the free blocking zone when the following conditions are met:

a. All players involved in the blocking are on the line of scrimmage and in the zone at the snap;
b. The contact is in the zone.

(The "on the line of scrimmage" requirement was added within the last year or two.)

Additional rule: you can not grab ankles/legs of pulling lineman...defensive holding.

Something to consider...
...the average salary of a person who has a bachelor's degree is $51000. The average salary of a person who has only a high school dipolma is $27000. Getting good grades is the first step.

National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame
On Wednesday, January 19th at 7:00, 2005 at Hudson's Bay HS, Tyler Ecklund and Alex Calnan will be representing La Center at the NFF banquet. College and high schools coaches from around the northwest will be in attendance while local football players are recognized for their achievements on and off the field. $14,000 in scholarships will be awarded to the top 3 lineman and backs. In 2004, La Center's Tom Scanlan won the top scholarship for lineman ($3,500).

Matt Miller and Paul Jensen represented La Center in 2006. Good job guys!
(All nominees have to have at least a 3.0 GPA)

Check out the La Center Stadium Group
Join the Turf Club and become a member

2004 All-League
League MVP: Merle Bloyed, Sr, RB/OLB
Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Carr, Sr, RB/OLB
Defensive Player of the Year: Tim Gaston, Sr, FB/LB

1st Team:
QB: Chris Williamson, Sr
RB: Aaron Carr, Sr
TE: Jordan Johnson, Sr
OL: Tyler Ecklund, Sr
Kicker: Bryan Carroll, Sr
DL: Jason Gandy, Sr
DL: Brad Bacon, Sr
LB: Tim Gaston, Sr
DB: Chris West, Sr
DB: Alex Calnan, Sr

2nd Team:
OL: Matt Miller, Jr
OL: Paul Jensen, Jr
TE: Seth Munger, Sr
DB: Josh Martinez, Sr

Honorable Mention:
Chris Perry, OL, Sr
Beau McGraw, DL, Sr

Zach in Iraq
Zach Martinez
A 2002 graduate, Zach (#10) is currently serving his country in Iraq. He enlisted in the Air Force after gradution. He played a key role in bringing La Center to the playoffs for the first time in 2001.

His email address is:

La Center players participated in the Shriner's game.
Tim Gaston, Merle Bloyed, Chris West, Tyler Ecklund, and Aaron Carr played in the 2005 Shriner's game.

Jeremey Teel, Tom Scanlan, Derek Baker, and Todd McCarty played in the 2nd annual Shriner's 2004 Freedom Bowl Classic. All proceeds benefitted the Shriner's Hospital. The West won 34-20...scoring 34 unanswered points to begin the 2nd Half. Todd McCarty had 109 yards on 9 carries. Good job West!

Andrew Johnson was the lone La Center representative in the 2003 Shriner's Game.

2003 All-League Players:
1st Team:
Jeremey Teel, Sr, RB
Jason Gandy, Jr, DL
Tim Gaston, Jr, LB
Merle Bloyed, Jr, DB
Derek Baker, Sr, DB
Bryan Carroll, Jr, Kicker
Tom Scanlan, Sr, OL

2nd Team:
Tyler Ecklund, Jr, DL
John Wilder, Sr, OL
Chris West, Jr, DB
Todd McCarty, Sr, RB
Brad Bacon, Jr, DL
Chris Williamson, Jr, DB

Honorable Mention:
Casey Carroll, Sr, OL
Dean Kirby, Sr, OL
Aaron Carr, Jr, LB

Check out the Top 10 strongest and fastest football players
Needs updating...

2003: 3rd Place Trophy for Wildcats
There were many records broken in 2003 (i.e., most wins, most points scored, most yardage, and many more), but one of the biggest accomplishments was placing 3rd in the 2A state championship tournament. Despite a heart-wrenching loss to Meridian in the semi-finals, the Wildcats are proud of what they accomplished. Thanks to all that supported us in our quest for the crown.

2002 All-League Players from La Center - TRICO LEAGUE CHAMPS
Defensive Player of the Year: Josh Williamson
1st Team:
RB: Jeremey Teel, Jr
WR: Andrew Johnson, Sr
OL: David Cantwell, Sr
DL: Josh Williamson, Sr
LB: Tim Gaston, Soph
Punter: William Williams, Sr
Kicker: Josh Emerson, Sr

2nd Team:
QB: William Williams, Sr
DL: John Wilder, Jr
DB: Todd McCarty, Jr
LB: Tom Scanlan, Jr

Honorable Mention:
Derek Baker, Jr
Matt Clark, Jr
James Stone, Sr

La Center is awarded the 2003 and Team Sportsmanship Award
The Evergreen Officials' Association presented La Center with the Team Sportsmanship Award and Evans-Luce Scholarship. This award was presented at the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Banquet in Clark County. The Wildcats were choosen ahead of all teams in Clark County. Good Job Cats!!

2001: The Wildcat's Re-write History: The Greatest Team Ever (up to this point)
This is a list of new records for the Wildcats:

* Most Wins: 7
* First Playoff Appearance
* Most Consecutive Winning Seasons: 4
* First League Championship
* Most Total Yards: 3,792 yards
* Most Rushing Yards: 3,152 yards
* Fewest Yards Allowed per game: 220
* Fewest Punts in a Season: 19
* Outscored Opponents 325-140 (Margin)
* Average Yards per Play: 7
* Best Rushing Total by 3 combined RB's:
-Att: 374   Yards: 2384   Td's: 28   Avg: 6.4
-Zach Martinez        -Jason Shannon        -Micah Aday        

2001 All-League Selections by the Trico Coaches
Trico Offensive Players of the Year:
Zach Martinez
Jason Shannon
Micah Aday

1st Team:
QB: William Williams, Jr
RB: Zach Martinez, Sr
RB: Jason Shannon, Sr
RB: Micah Aday, Sr
OL: Devin Honeycutt, Sr
OL: Dan Honeycutt, Sr
OL: Lucas Brown, Sr
DL: Clint Newbill, Sr
LB: Jeremey Teel, Soph
LB: Loren Heldt, Sr
Punter: William Williams, Jr

2nd Team:
OL: Brandon Evenson, Sr
WR: Andrew Johnson, Jr
DL: Josh Williamson, Jr

Honorable Mention:
Adam Birkholz, Sr
Danny Rispler, Sr
David Cantwell, Jr

The Patriotic Wildcats honoring the United States of America
Patriotic Wildcats

Star Spangled Banner - Air Force Band

Wildcat Class and Pride
Humble and classy in victory, dignified in defeat. I have a great deal of respect for the players in the Wildcat program. They are hard workers, dedicated, and committed to each other. These characteristics will lead these young men to successful careers and to be excellent citizens in the future. You may be taunted and ridiculed at times by opponents who don't have any class. But remember this, someday those type of people, because of their behavior, will be working for you.
Coach Lambert

The Wildcats in the Weight Room
1999 Devin Honeycutt lifting


1999 Brett Yaw Lifting Wgts

1999 Zach Martinez lifting

Old newspaper clippings wanted
In an attempt to be as accurate as possible regarding the history of football at La Center, any old newspaper clippings or information regarding records, players, and coaches would be appreciated. Look at the La Center FB History page to see the information gathered so far. If you can add any additional information (or know of anyone who could) or see any inaccurate historical facts, please call Coach Lambert at 360-263-1700 or email coach at the address in the left column.

Wildcat Fight Song



La Center Wildcat Football
La Center Wildcat Football
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