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2018 State Tournaments
2018 State Tournaments dates  and Locations will be set in May along with drawings
State Tournament  Division            Location           Start   Date   
 8-12 Year Olds Baseball  District 5 Lebanon $5 parking    July 21
 50/70 Intermediate Baseball   District 2 ?????  ??????
 Junior & Senior Baseball   District 3  Madison Central   ??????
 8-12 Year Olds Softball  District 4 Cumberland College  ?????
 Junior & Senior Softball  District 6 ?????   ?????

Monday, December 18

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Saturday, June 30
Little League Rules Index

Kevin Hunter's Little League Rules Index


Kevin Hunter, the District Umpire Consultant for Florida District 9, has created an index designed to help you locate the specific rule, rules and/or regulations that cover a particular situation. You can find the website in the Links section.