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 Welcome to the Kentucky State Little League Website.  There are 7 Little  League Districts in the State of Kentucky. Contact information for each district is listed below.

District   District Adminstrator  Phone Number Email  
 1  John Roll  270-543-5432
 2  Brad Clifford  502-758-5183
 3  Bill Bradley  859-8939724
 4  Franklin Stivers  606-524-7111 
 5  John Edwards  270-932-1245
 6  Scott Shaffer  606-923-4108
 7  Arnold Wheeler  606-471-9305 

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Thursday, July 24
State Champions

The State Tournament  came to an end as three championships were decided at Ephram White Park in Bowling Green.   We want to thank everyone from District One  that helped with the state tournament  and District One Administrator John Roll  for putting on a succesful tournament.


11-12 Year Old Division    Warren County South defeated Paintsville  5-2     Players: Jay Whalen, Than Gregory, Evan McNaughton, Adam Burns, Tucker, Prieskom, Gage Holman,Charlie Key, Owen Logsdon, Mac Aushbrooks,Mason Day, Lance Upright, Justin Combs, Scott Miller.  Coaches: Darrell Burns, Kelly Holman Manager: Dave Upright 

10-11 Year Old Division      Lexington Eastern defeated  Owensboro Southern 3-0 Players:  Nathan Hall, Cly Fiscus, Parker Henderson, Andrew, Dollus, Drew Newsome,Christian Barrentine, Micah Cowen, Jackson, Corbett,Jason Klein, John Martin Simms, Henry Mitcham, Joseph  Cupolo   Coaches: Greg Cowen, Brad Newsome  Manager: Cole Mitcham 

9-10 Year Old Division   Hazard-Perry Defeated  Bowling Green East  9-7  Players:  Hunter Pigman, Mason McAlarnis, Mason Sayers, Andrew Combs, Matt Goins,Max Johnson, Isaac Bellamy, Wyatt Hensley, Jayden Bailey, Hank Pelfrey, Logan Thomas    Coaches:  Todd Johnson, ScottAlarnis, Denise Davidson.

Junior & Senior League Baseball State Tournament information(click here)

2014 Kentucky State Tournament Junior League and Senior League

                              Richmond, KY        July 19-22

Host League:  Richmond Little League

Tournament Director:  Bill Bradley  859-893-9724; 859-626-7981

Contact Information:    Jimmy Coomer  859-893-0872        Greg Beck 859-200-0872

                                      Chasity Kendrick  859-221-4200     Phillis Adams 859-200-0258

Umpire-in-Chief:          Benny Wayne  859-509-0546


Locations:   Madison Central High School, 705 North 2nd Street, Richmond




  Junior League Schedule 

Game 1- 7/21 @ 1pm Paintsville 8  vs Ashland 5

Game 2- 7/21 @ 3:30pm Hazard-Perry 4 vs Richmond 0

Game 3- 7/22 @ 5:30pm Paintsville vs Hazard-Perry

Game 4- 7/22 @ 3pm Ashland 1 vs Richmond 18

Game 5- 7/22 @ 8pm Hazard-Perry 7 vs Richmond 4

Game 6- 7/24 @ 5:30pm Paintsville vs Hazard-Perry

 Senior League Schedule

Game 1- 7/21 @ 6pm Lewis Co 13 vs Trimble Co 2

Game 2- 7/21 @ 8:30pm Richmond 7 vs North Laurel 6

Game 3- 7/22 @ 5:30pm Lewis 7 Co vs Richmond 6

Game 4- 7/22 @ 3pm Trimble Co vs North Laurel

Game 5- 7/22 @ 8pm Richmond 4 vs North Laurel 11

Game 6- 7/24 @ 8pm Lewis vs North Laurel                

  B. Michael Caudill Middle School, Robert R Martin  By Pass, Richmond





Handout: Jr & Sr Baseball State T-Shirt

Saturday, July 12
Junior League Baseball State Tournament

Saturday, July 12
Senior League Baseball State Tournament

Saturday, June 30
Little League Rules Index

Kevin Hunter's Little League Rules Index


Kevin Hunter, the District Umpire Consultant for Florida District 9, has created an index designed to help you locate the specific rule, rules and/or regulations that cover a particular situation. You can find the website in the Links section.