Kingston Youth Soccer: Coaches Corner

Important Policy Reminders for Coaches

Field Schedule for Spring 2014: Download Schedule

Dear coaches: please review the following important policies:


Volunteer and Coach Registration

All board members, volunteers, and coaches must be registered with KYSA through our online registration. Please go to Registration and sign up.

Let us know if there is anything you need to help you coach. Remember we reimburse for coaching classes.


Parents & Coaches

» Extreme Weather Policy

» View the Video: Attitudes are Contagious

» Off Sides in soccer is difficult to explain so here is a link to the best explanation around: The Offside Rule

» Concussions in sports is a topic getting a lot of attention. Parents and coaches should review the information posted at the CDC website regarding this topic:


Coach Training and Materials

Check out the MA Youth Soccer Coaches page for information on coaching licenses, online courses, practice plans and more.

Wondering why we play small sided games at the younger levels? Check out this article on why young players have small teams.

Remember, KYSA emphasizes good sportsmanship.

If you are at the Pottle Street field and the sprinklers come on, please do not try to adjust them yourself. You will need to call Ken.

Take a look at the coaches handouts section.


Thank You Coaches

We would like to thank all coaches for their time. Without you we would not have the great soccer seasons that we have!!