Kingston Youth Soccer: Good Sportsmanship

KYSA Emphasizes Good Sportsmanship

The central mission of KYSA is for every child to have an equal opportunity to play and enjoy soccer. After a game, every child should feel good about his/her experience and be looking forward to the next practice or game.

In the U5, U6, U8 and U10 divisions, KYSA soccer is strictly developmental and non-results oriented. This means that the focus should be on developing the individual and team skills of every player. Players and teams can be encouraged to play their hardest, but the outcome of the games doesn’t matter. We don’t keep track of the score, and we don’t tally wins and losses.

In the U12 division and up, play is more competitive and scores are reported. However, player development and good sportsmanship are still our top priorities. We expect all players, coaches and spectators to keep their comments positive.

All referees, including the young referees in training who work the U8 and U10 games, should be accorded maximum respect. Referees should not encounter any interference or criticism from coaches, parents, or players in their oversight of a game. Coastal League’s policy simply states: “No one is to address the referee during the game.” In addition, KYSA will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct, nor violations of the spirit of its mission.

We appreciate your cooperation. Let’s have a great season and keep working together to make learning soccer fun for our children!