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Thursday, June 16
Kingston Youth Baseball

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Due to the popularity of KYBS with in the town of Kingston we are only able to accept players with a Kingston residence.

Sunday, April 29
Field Maintenance

In order to keep our fields in a condition that is suitable for playing games at all levels of play, it is important that we maintain them after every use.  If you practice on or host a game on Mag 1 or Mag 2 you must rake the plate areas, pitchers mounds, and paths to 1st and 3rd.  The rest of the infield can be dragged.  If a field drag fence is not located in a dugout than they would be in the equipment shed.  When raking, please rake from plate to base and not across the base path.  Please do not pull the drag into the grass.  Roll it back up while it is still in the base path. 

It cost alot of money when these infields have to be refilled or releveled. If they are not properly maintained throughout the season this process has to take place more frequently.  KYBS has invested in the proper equipment to do this work and many individuals have put in countless hours to give your children decent fields to play on.  Let's keep them that way.