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Saturday, March 21
2015 KYBS

Welcome to the 2015 KYBS season.  Registration for all divisions except T-ball is now closed.  You will be receiving a league wide email or hearing from a coach during the first week in April. 




As the season goes on, small lost and found items will be in the snack shack and clothing will be in the equipment shed. 
 Due to the popularity of KYBS with in the town of Kingston we are only able to accept players with a Kingston residence.

Please feel free to Contact the Commish with questions or concerns 

Tuesday, March 24

 Kingston Youth Baseball & Softball Team Rosters

QUINTOWN MAJORS                        QUINTOWN MINORS #1              QUINTOWN MINORS #2

Allard, Kristina                                      Allard, Daven                                    Ash, Brady

Cogswell, Jacob                                     Belanger, Ryan                                  Ash, Nolan

Danahy, Ryan                                         Butler, Seth                                      Bean, Darren

Fuccione, John                                      Drucker, Micah                                  Chambers, Parker

Gallant, Aidan                                        Ellsey, Jared                                     Daly, Alex

Jackson, Dante                                      Faulkner, J. Kaiser                             Holt, Riley

Lucas, Nicholas                                      Foley, Spencer                                   Merry-Carreiro, Grace

Mallen, Connor                                       Lynch, John                                        Pate, Gavin                         

Mason, Braydan                                     Mondor, Taylor                                   Pate, Ryan 

Paul, Owen                                             Mussaw, Caleb                                    Richard, Austin

Mallen, Connor                                       Pitts, Zachary                                    Tebo, Owen

Varney, Justin                                       Sullivan, Rex                                       Thomas, Jacob 


AAA #1                                                AAA #2

Bencze, Ethan                                      Clark, Adam

Bragg, Jason                                        Cunningham, Lyndsey 

Brown, Christian                                   Germain, Alex

Butler, Evan                                         Hochmuth, Mason

Lynch, Matthew                                   Lambert, Noah

McGibbon Jr., Scott                            Mahoney, Jason 

Perryman, Isaak                                   Patnode, Aidan

Pierson, Gabriel                                    Pitre, Jake

Reilly, Myles                                         Shnidman, Adam

Sarette, Brandon                                 Theberge, Johah 

Takach, Dylan                                       Wallace, Nathan

Thomas, Luke                                        Walsh, Elijah 


FARM #1                                             FARM #2                                            

Allen, Noah                                         Bolte, Cameron

Clark, Cameron                                    Boyd, Evan

Faria, Aaron                                        Caswell, Thomas

Galloway, Cameron                               Cunningham, Keyn

Mahoney, Brendan                               Mahoney, Colin

Rego, Dylan                                         Manning, Colin

Reis, Isaiah                                        Stickney, Nash

Shnidman, Jake                                  Williams, Nathan

White, Garrett       


T-BALL #1                                         T-BALL #2                                         T-BALL #3

Boisselle, Andrew                               Bashaw, Samuel                                   Harris, Gabriel

Boyd, Hailey                                       Cloutier, Luke                                     Lavalley, Samuel

Faria, Amelia                                      Korn, Christian                                    O'Neil, Ryley

Mahoney, Keira                                   LeBron, Aiden                                      Pitre, Justin

Mondor, Elijah                                    Manning, Liam                                     Smith, Landon

Pate, Lily                                            Stickney, Holt                                    Westling, Owen

Rego, Tyler      


SOFTBALL U10                                  SOFTBALL U8

Ash, Elizabeth                                   Clark, Lacey

Flynn, Kelcie                                      Chambers, Virginia  

Kalil, Julia                                          Chesbro, Jordyn

Lucas, Abbie                                      Dutton, Jade 

Lussier, Kate                                      Hood, Phoebe

McGibbon, Aryeanna                          Korn, Crystal

O'Toole, Sydney                                 Lumnah, Paige

Senko, Anastasia                               Theberge, Juliet

Shea, Ryan

Varney, Lauren

Varney, Mary Kate

Woodburn, Brooke 





Sunday, March 1
Player Evaluations March 15th 2015

Handout: Evaluation Schedule 2015

Sunday, February 22
Sanborn Baseball and Softball Clinics


The Baseball and Softball organizations of the towns of Kingston, Fremont, and Newton are proud to once again offer winter clinics the first two weeks in March.  Baseball will be on Mondays and Wednesdays and Softball will the on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Details are available on the attached form.  This is a great chance to get the rust out and sharpen your fundamentals.

Hope to you see you there. 

Handout: Sanborn Clinics

Tuesday, December 30
Become a 2015 KYBS Sponsor

Kingston Youth Baseball and Softball is currently seeking sign sponsorships for the upcoming 2015 spring and summer seasons. Our organization consists of close to 200 children ranging in age from 4-12. Beginning in the middle of April and going through the end of June we hold games at the Magnusson Field complex located at the northern intersection of RT 111 and RT 125. Weather permitting there can be up to three games an evening Monday through Friday and during the day on Saturday. Last year, five divisions played visiting teams from other towns including Fremont, East Kingston, Newton, Plaistow, Chester, Hampstead, Brentwood, Kensington, Newfields and Sandown. Our original sponsorship fee of $400 includes the cost of a 3’x 6’sign, two seasons of display and a listing on our website’s sponsor page. We also offer a beginning sponsorship of $300.00 which includes the cost of the sign and one season of display. Current renewals are available at a very reasonable rate of $150 after the first two seasons. The proceeds from these sponsorships go towards the replacement of old equipment, field maintenance, and umpire fees. This is a great opportunity for your business to get inexpensive advertising. At the same time your business will be providing valuable resources to a local youth organization that is dedicated to the safe and fun development of baseball and softball skills, and teaching of good sportsmanship. Thank you for your consideration of a Kingston Youth Baseball and Softball sign sponsorship.

Thursday, April 18
Coaches Field Responsibility

Hello Coaches,

First we want to thank all those who are coaching this year.  We are all busy and coaching is a committment no one takes lightly.  With coaching comes the responsibility for your teams.  When at Bakie, Chase, Magnusson Fields or on the plains no trash should be left out.  Coaches and Parents should only be parking on Pavement unless instructed otherwise.  When at the Magnusson Fields there are post game responsibilities which you can ask parents to help.  Thrash cans and recycling buckets should emptied if necessary and be place inside the dugouts.  Fields should be dragged AND racked.  This includes leveling out deprssions and clearing excess dirt away from bases.  Specific instructions for maintaining fields are attached.  We hate to be picky but many of your hours goes into the fields every spring and without proper maintenance they will deteriorate after weeks worth of games.  Prior to our current field program the fields had fallen into such disrepair that it cost $5000.00 to have the infields redone.  We would rather spend that money on a batting cage, a sound system, and or electronic score boards, so please help us maintain what we have. 

Thank you,

Kevin, Paul, and Kristin

Handout: Rules & Coaching Documents/Drills/ Spreadsheets

Thursday, May 7
Bakie Field Parking

Hello Coaches and Parents,

Any team practicing or playing a game at the Bakie Elementary School Field should not allow any driving or parking on any surface that is not paved.  This includes Coaches and umpires.  This comes per order of the Sanborn Regional School District.  If parking spaces directly in front of the school are full there is plenty of parking across the street at the Swasey Gymnasium.  Whenever on school grounds please remember to collect all items that you may have brought and do not leave any trash.  Thank for your attention in this matter.

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