K-W Men's Slo-Pitch: Welcome

K-W Men's Slo-Pitch League

The KW Men's Slo-Pitch League is located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The league is rated as D/Rec and is registered with NSA.
The league is for players 25 years and older.

Interested in entering your team in our league?
Contact Bruce Harnock or Steve Donnelle for more information.

Monday, May 21
Rainout Policy - Kitchener Sportsfields Closures

For up to date information on the conditions of the ball diamonds in Kitchener, please visit and bookmark http://app2.kitchener.ca/feildconditions

You will need to scroll down on the page until you find the Ball Diamond section.

If a diamond cancellation has not been listed by the City on their website you are to show up for the game. When possible the League will send an email of diamond closures.
If you do not receive an email or message that the games have been cancelled your team must show up at the diamond or you could be charged with a forfeit of the game.

If the games are cancelled do not use the diamond for a practice because the League will be charged the rental fee.

Thursday, July 6
Captains Don't Forget To Email Your Game Scores!

Captains please read:
To be able to keep the website standings up to date we need ALL teams to send in your game score by no later then Friday of the week of the game by midnight. Any team that does not follow this rule will be subject to a late score fee.

CLICK HERE to submit your score.

The email address is standings15@gmail.com

Dont Forget ALL game scores must be sent by both teams by Friday night of the week the game is played.

Friday, September 29
Congrats to Each Divisional Champions

A Division: Rage

B Division: Balldogs

C Division: Sluggers of Asgard

 Thanks To All Captains and players have a fantastic winter and see yall next year.