K-W Pentecostal Slo-Pitch League: Welcome

Friday, September 1
Welcome to the K-W Pentecostal Slo-Pitch League

Congratulations to the Wilmot Wolverines on winning the KWPSPL 2006 Championship!!

Congratulations to the KGT Braves for earning a playoff berth to the SPO Nationals (D bracket) in 2007 for their finishing first in the regular season with a near perfect season

Congrats also to the Wolverines for earning the other D bracket berth

Click here for KWPSPL playoff information
Click here for Provincials information

For team specific information (rosters, calendars, stats, etc) please click on "teams" and select your team site. To see a good example check out the Energy.

This year we have a 7-team division. See the "schedule" page for updates.
Thanks again to league organizers for helping to make it possible.

This site contains all information about the league and the current season including information about each team (rosters, schedule, etc).
For the updated season rules and other breaking information please see the "news" section.
As a player, to get access to everything you need, you must register and have your coach keep the site up to date by activating your account.

If you want to help out and be a statistician or webmaster for your team then please email me or your coach.

Thursday, May 11
Cancellations Notice!

Please see park contact info for closure phone numbers (http://slopitchleague.com/news) or page me at 519 589-0224.

See schedule for updates of rescheduled games

The rainout procedure is:
1) Someone from the league executive will phone the main number you have listed on sloptichleague.com/board and send you an email with the cancellation
2) A mesage will posted on this website right here

If you have not gotten notified then it is likely that you are not answering (or unable to answer) your phone or checking email or the website. For information please contact:
* 519 885-9488 and listen to the greeting message for status. If you leave a message you may not get an immediate response.
* or page the commissioner at his number and ask for an update
* or phone a fellow rep (use your contact card that was given to you at the beginning of the season and is now in your wallet) that is at the same field as you. Conact info is also here http://slopitchleague.com/

The league will worry about rescheduling games, refunding diamond fees and umpire fees. If you have a question about this then please email me kwpspl@gmail.com

/League Executive

Monday, September 4
Playoffs Seeds & Info

The playoff seeds have been determined.

The order is
  1. Braves
  2. Wolverines
  3. Energy
  4. Kings
  5. Royals
  6. Lions
  7. Deuces
  8. Thunder

elminated are K-3 (Summit)

The playoffs are a single elimination with a best of 3-game final.

Playoff matchups are:

lower seed always gets home-field, except in finals where in game 2 the higher seed has homefield.

Thursday, May 3
Park Contact Info

Click this headline for Park contact info

Chris Marx
Facility Scheduler
Community Services
City Hall 200 King St. W
7th Fl.
PO Box 1118
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4G7

Cheryl Snider
City of Waterloo
Allocation & Booking Facility

886-1177 x232

Kitchener Field Closures – 741-2398
Waterloo Field Closures – 886-7122 ext. 411

Kitchener Park Emergency – 741-2529
Waterloo Park Emergency – 886-2310

Friday, April 28

The 2006 schedule has been released. Check out http://slopitchleague.com/schedules/ to view.

Update (May 11th 2006): Please note June 16th has some problems to be resolved

Handout: Schedules

Thursday, May 11
Game Rainouts and Cancellations will be posted under "Cancellations"

Any cancellation due to weather or otherwise will be posted at this link

Update for Friday May 12th at 4:11pm
Game on so far!

Kitchener: no closures on Budd or Rosenburg
Waterloo: no closures on Hillside

Note: Waterloo's voicemail says they are closed, but the message is dated for Thursday May 11th. They have not cancelled Friday's games...yet.