K-W Christian Mens SloPitch League: Welcome


Good afternoon KWCMSPL! I have now been in contact with all of the Townships and the diamonds are open. Unless there is a downpour that ruins the current conditions of the diamonds we are good to go for tonight. Good luck everyone!

Tournaments now officially booked:

A Tournament - PHBY in Kitchener - August 26th and 27th, 2016

B Tournament - New Dundee - August 26th and 27th, 2016

C Tournament - St. Clements - August 26th and 27th, 2016

D Tournament - Petersburg / St. Agatha - August 26th and 27th, 2016

Mission Statement  

Our mission is to combine fun, competition and the love of sports with the opportunity to build relationships with other Christians and in the process introduce people to Christ while encouraging others to deepen their relationship with God. We are committed to promoting a Christian environment where fellowship, recreation and ministry can take place.

It’s about CHRIST, not about baseball.

SCORES: Please send all scores in ASAP so we can have the website updated in a timely fashion. The winning team is responsible for reporting any scores but we ask that everyone send in the scores as this makes the process even faster. Thank you teams. Email: mondayscores@mail.com

Cancellation Websites:

Woolwich (St. Jacobs, Lions, Industrial and Breslau) Field Cancellation Website (scroll halfway down page for ball diamonds): http://www.woolwich.ca/en/townshipServices/fieldclosures.asp?_mid_=15393

Wilmot (New Dundee, Petersburg and St Agatha) Field Cancellation Website: http://www.wilmot.ca/modules/facilities/Index.aspx?CategoryIds=&FacilityTypeIds=11&Keywords=&ScrollMap=true&CloseMap=false

Heidelberg is on its own and our contact emails us if he closes it (never has in my 5 years as convenor)

Prior year tournament summaries:

First Baptist 2014
First Baptist 2014

Monday, September 1
Yearend Tournaments


Hey everyone
The year end tournaments were held this past weekend and all three had some exciting weekends.

We will start with the A...
(Played at the beautiful park Peter Hallman Ball Yard)

The 2014 A division tournament was a closely fought affair, with no dominant teams, and several tie games adding to the complexity and drama of the round robin standings. Before the last round robin games were played, no less than three teams had a chance at the 4th and final playoff berth. When the last round robin games were over, the playoff picture was finally clear. The Koinonia Titans would play the First Baptist Batsmen in one semi-final game, and the Koinonia Royals would face the regular season champion Elevation Nationals in the other. In the semi-finals, the Batsmen defeated the round robin winning Titans on diamond 3, while the Koinonia Royals were victorious over the Nationals on diamond 1, setting up a rematch of last year’s final: Batsmen vs Royals. In the final game, First Baptist jumped out to an early lead, and held the advantage into the bottom of the 9th inning. The Royals mounted a charge in the 9th, scoring 6 runs, but the Batsmen’s lead proved too much to overcome. When the final out was make at third base, the First Baptist Batsmen were 2014 tournament champions. Final score: 17-11. Congratulations First Baptist. And congratulations to all teams on a close-fought, exciting regular season and tournament.

On to the B...

The B tournament weekend was held in St. Clements and was a good weekend overall. A few disputed calls and a no show umpire but what is a weekend without a few kinks. EMC came roaring out of the gates with a 4-0 start and against some of the higher seeded regular season teams too. Creekside and LMC played a good round robin as well playing neck and neck with the Cobras edging out a close win. The Cobras started out 1-2 but came back with 4 straight wins to come first place via a 3 way tiebreaker with the Cardinals and Raiders. The Expos also had a good round robin and finished 4th. They took on the Cobras in the first semi final but their bats ran out and the Cobras kept rolling to the final. The other semi final pitted two 5-2 teams against each other. TheRaiders started down 8-2 early and came back to go into the 9th tied.  Creekside's SS and middle outfielders made some amazing plays but were not enough as EMC scored 7 in the top of the ninth and the Cardinals couldnt score in the bottom.  18-11 final score.
So the final the Cobras took on the Raiders. Both teams had some big hits, key plays and some amazing catches. The teams were tied going into the ninth but neither could get a run across. This was costly for the Cobras not scoring in the bottom of the ninth as the Raiders came out hitting in the top of the tenth with 7 runs. The Cobras couldn't match the firepower and the Raiders on a nice catch to end it won the B tournament. Congrats Raiders!

And finally the C in New Dundee/Manheim...


The C Tournament began with the surprisingly strong First Baptist Rangers upsetting the # 1 seed WOM Lions in the first game, and another surprisingly strong team, the Koininia Knights topping the # 2 seed Grandview Gators. When the dust cleared after the Round Robin, no less than four teams had identical 4-3 records, while the Lions retained the # 1 seed with a 5-2 record. The finals playoffs were held in New Dundee right next to the field of dreams, on a beautiful day for baseball. In one Semi Final, the Northside Falcons took on the Grandview Gators, with the Gators advancing once again to play for the Championship, while in the other Semi Final, the Koininia Knights faced off against the WOM Lions. The Lions had finished in first place during the regular season, for the first time in their history, with a perfect 14-0 record. In an epic seesaw battle, the Lions took an early lead, but fell behind in the second inning to the aggressive Knights. By the the 7th inning, the Knights had bulldozed their way to a 20-10 lead over the Lions. The beleaguered Lions, beset by injuries and with their season on the brink down 10 runs with only 3 innings to play, stared down adversity, and pushed 7 runs across in the bottom of the seventh inning to make the game close, and added 4 more in the eighth to finally retake the lead, only to see the Knights tie it up in the top of the ninth. The proud Lions put it away in the bottom of the ninth with a one out three run homer, to end the Knights' hopes, and advance to the Final Championship game for the first time. In the final, the Lions met their playoff nemesis Grandview Gators, who had knocked the Lions out the previous two seasons in the Semi Finals. This time, in a closely fought game, the WOM Lions prevailed 20-12 over the classy Grandview team, to win their first ever KWCMSPL Championship capping an unbelievable season. Every player on the team stepped up and contributed, even the spares, with great defence, clutch pitching and timely hitting; it was truly a team effort. Way to go Lions!


WOM Lions 2014

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 6/29 Softball-Slowpitch Elevation Nationals vs. Ray of Hope 7:00 PM Breslau Upper
Thu 6/30 Softball-Slowpitch WOM Lions vs. Northside Falcons 9:00 PM Elmira Industrial Park
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Elevation Expos vs. WOM Lions 6:30 PM St. Jacobs
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch HBF Rays vs. Creekside Blue Jays 6:30 PM Petersburg Lower
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch EMC Raiders vs. LMC Cobras 7:00 PM New Dundee Lower D2
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Creekside Cardinals vs. Koinonia Knights 7:00 PM Breslau Upper
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Northside Falcons vs. Grandview Gators 7:00 PM St. Agatha
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Central Air vs. Hurricanes 7:00 PM Petersburg Upper
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch First Baptist Batsmen vs. Ray of Hope 7:00 PM Breslau Lower
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Creekside Orioles vs. Grandview Angels 7:00 PM New Dundee Upper D1
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Creekside Panthers vs. KMB Crimson Tide 9:00 PM Breslau Upper
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Grandview Grizzlies vs. Trinity Twins 9:00 PM New Dundee Lower D2
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch First Baptist Rangers vs. GABC Hammerheads 9:00 PM Petersburg Upper
Mon 7/4 Softball-Slowpitch Koinonia Royals vs. Elevation Nationals 9:00 PM Breslau Lower
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch Grandview Gators: 15 - Grandview Grizzlies: 16 6:30 PM St. Jacobs
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch First Baptist Rangers: 15 - Hurricanes: 8 6:30 PM Petersburg Lower
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch WOM Lions: 15 - Trinity Twins: 14 7:00 PM St. Agatha
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch GABC Hammerheads: 11 - Creekside Blue Jays: 19 7:00 PM Petersburg Upper
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch First Baptist Batsmen: 17 - Grandview Angels: 6 7:00 PM Breslau Lower
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch Ray of Hope vs. Koinonia Royals 7:00 PM New Dundee Lower D2
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch Koinonia Knights vs. Creekside Panthers 7:00 PM New Dundee Upper D1
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch KMB Crimson Tide: 4 - EMC Raiders: 32 7:00 PM Breslau Upper
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch Elevation Expos: 14 - Northside Falcons: 17 9:00 PM New Dundee Lower D2
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch Central Air vs. HBF Rays 9:00 PM Petersburg Upper
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch Creekside Orioles: 15 - Elevation Nationals: 33 9:00 PM Breslau Lower
Mon 6/27 Softball-Slowpitch LMC Cobras: 31 - Creekside Cardinals: 22 9:00 PM Breslau Upper
Tue 6/28 Softball-Slowpitch Central Air: 14 - Creekside Blue Jays: 22 8:30 PM Petersburg Upper
Tue 6/28 Softball-Slowpitch Trinity Twins: 19 - Grandview Gators: 27 9:00 PM St. Agatha