Kennewick National Baseball: Parents' Pit Stop

Wednesday, February 9
Post Season Play--What You Need to Know...
For those KN players who seek to take their game to the next level,  post season play may be something you want to consider...
Handout: Post Season Information

Thursday, May 27
Children are a Joy to Watch

Please watch yours! 

We have many siblings at the KN Field and we love it.  Baseball is an awesome family activity.  Please do not allow your children to wander off to other parts of the ballpark or to leave your line of sight.

The Scorekeepers tower is OFF LIMITS to anyone under the age of 10.  Only two scorekeepers per FIELD are to be in the scorekeepers tower at any time.

Remember that all parts of the hill behind the Major and Minor Fields are not a place for kids to play, whether it's in the dirt, in the rocks, or just sitting on the wall.  We'd hate for someone to get hurt.  

Also, anything with wheels -- skateboards, scooters, bicycles, etc. are not allowed in the ballpark for the safety of all.

Parents' Rage in Youth Sports
An eye-opening article about parents and sports rage.

Parents Code of Conduct
Parents... remember this? This is the code of conduct you signed when you registered your child to play in the league.
Read it often. Understand what it says.
We want our league to be known for its great baseball, great kids, and positive, supportive parents!