Kennewick National Baseball: 2011 All Stars

12U All Stars 70-foot
Tuesday, July 26
Congratulations 2011 State Champs!!

Congratulations to KN's 12U All Stars (70-foot) who won State last week in Lacey.  The 12s go on to Regionals July 21 - 24 in Kennewick.  Come out and cheer on our All Stars at KA.  Check their website at for game times.  Admission is free! 

12U 70-foot All Star Team:

Chris Barnett

Mel Crowley

Dawson Daniels

Ryan Dearing

Chase Kissell

Will Koskinen

Blake Marboe

Hunter Mulderig

Jayvee Selda

Jashaun Simon

Gavin Watters

Brittney Yocom

Manager:  Wayne Dearing

Coaches:  Jeff Daniels & Dave Mulderig

Bat Boy:  Keagan Mulderig

Tuesday, July 26
Congratulations Post-Season Teams

Our KN teams just finished a very successful post season.  Congratulations and thank you to all the parents, coaches, players and board members for their suppport and participation!

 9U All Stars 

1st place Apple Capital Tournament
1st place Feel the Heat

10U All Stars

1st place Connor Classic
2nd place Pasco Memorial Day Tournament
3rd place Father's Day Tournament KAYB
3rd place Apple Capital Tournament

11U Tournament Team

1st place Warrior Spring Classic
3rd place Connor Classic

12 U All Stars

1st place State Championship
2nd place Connor Classic

Tuesday, February 15
2011 Cal Ripkin World Series
10 year old                    Kelso, WA                      July 7-9
11 year old                     Longview, WA               July 7-9
Majors 60                     Castle Rock, WA           July 7-9
Majors 70                     Black Hills, WA            July 7-9
10 year old                    Wenatchee, WA          July 21-24
Majors 60                     Meridian, ID                July 21-24
Majors 70                     Kennewick, WA (KA)    July 21-24
World Series:
 10 year old                   Winchester, Virginia    Aug 13-20                
Major 60                       Visalia, California        Aug 12-19
Major 70                       Aberdeen, Maryland   Aug 13-21

Thursday, June 30
Good Luck 2011 Post Season Players!
12 Year Old All Stars
Head Coach:
Wayne Dearing
Assistant Coach:
Jeff Daniels
Dave Mulderig 
Chris Barnett
Mel Crowley
Dan Daniels
Ryan Dearing
Chase Kissell
Will Koskinen
Blake Marboe
Hunter Mulderig
Jayvee Selda
Jashaun Simon
Gavin Watters
Brittney Yocum
12 Year Old Major 60'
Head Coach:
Lance Vickerman
Assistant Coaches:
Del Krumm
Joe Jackson
Zack Avery
Nick Chesnut
Riley Ellsworth
Tyler Elsethagen
Zachary Hagner
Joe Jackson
Chase Krumm
Hayden Larson
Levi Orren
Jethro Questad
Brayden Vickerman
Trevyn Vierling
11 Year Old All Stars
Head Coach:
Jeremy Grillo
Assistant Coaches:
Don Flynn
Dan Grayson
Conner Banta
Brady Bush
Colten Chelin
DJ Cooke
Dillon Crawford
Payton Flynn
Champ Grayson 
Carson Green
Chase Grillo
Nick Irwin
Kyle Richie
Kohlter Trimble
11 Year Old Tournament Team 
Head Coach:
Aaron Clem
Assistant Coaches:
Matt Berg
Troy DeGarmo
Calee Beal
Daniel Berg
Hunter Berg
Easton Clem
Nolan DeGarmo
Nate Gee
Jamas Middleton
Pierce Myers
Tyler Todish
Alex Vega
Christian Wingle
Gavin Woods
11 Year Old Tournament Team "C"
Head Coach:
Tod Williams
Assistant Coaches:
Sean Carr
Toby Starcher
Tyler  Baker
Kyle Carr
Carson Foltz 
Aaron Lobdell
Seone Mo
Isak Questad
Nick Snook
Kyle Starcher
Amos Williams
Payton Wirrell
Dhyla Worster
Evan York
10 Year Old All Stars
Head Coach:
Kevin Bethje
Assistant Coaches:
Brian Gray
Dan Legard
Tyren Baker
Remington Bethje
Jordan Chase
Jack Chastain
Conner Gray
Ford Gross
Cameron Gutierrez
John Koskinen
Landon Kutschkau
Matt Legard
Ben Pflieger
Trystan Vrieling
10 Year Old Tournament Team
Head Coach:
Ron King
Assistant Coaches:
Paul Gee
Dustin Mathews
Wesley Banks
Allen Bell
Ian Driggers
Adam Elsethagen
Joey Florea
Tim Gee
Alex King
Dawson Mathews
Jakob Mullholland
Lucas Pedroza
Makijah Rodriguez
Colton Shuck
9 Year Old All Stars 
Head Coach:
Corey Duberstein
Assistant Coaches:
Ben Lindholm
Carlos Latorre
Paige Aldrich
Gavin Ayers
Joseph Duberstein
Kobe Dumo
Garrett Grillo
Casey Heiman
Jeremiah Kennell
Ayden Kissell
Nick Lindholm
Kyle Marboe
Gavin Pratt
Ethan Woolery
9 Year Old Tournament Team
Head Coach:
Ernie Vega
Assistant Coaches:
Greg Brown
Curtis Bean
Evan Anderson
Bryce Bean
Alden Brown
Cole Childers 
Richard Lane
Derek Marshall
Reed Ofsthun
Zerric Pardini
Cooper Perkins
Mathew Roth
Ryan Stevens
Erik Vega 
Jackson Ziobro
9 Year Old Tournament Team "C"
Head Coach:
Kyle Wright
Assistant Coaches:
Todd Puckett
Rob Kennell
Gabriel Avery
Wesley Chen
Cade Puckett
Cole Childers
Ethan Ennen
Jaron Gibson
Micah Kennell
Aiden Morrison
Parker Rosenblum
Camden Simmelink
Ryan Stevens
Kyle Wright