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Jr. Streaks Wrestling Club – Knox County Krushers Information

 Here are some frequently asked questions and additional information: 


Hello.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Knox County Krusher Wrestling Club.  The Krusher Wrestling Club is the name for the Junior Streaks Wrestling team.  Through volunteers and community support, the Krusher Wrestling Club allows kids the opportunity to learn about the sport of wrestling.  Many of our kids gain self confidence, improve self esteem and sportsmanship while also developing leadership skills while they are wrestling.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the kids to wrestling and give them the best the sport has to offer.


What is the cost to join the club?

 $40.00 – Includes membership to the Knox County Krushers – This fee must accompany the application for membership into the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation.  This application and fee go directly to IKWF. 

***** If finances are an issue, please feel free to contact Chris Carpenter for additional options.  We will not deny any kids who truly want to wrestle.  We always have and always will continue to find a way for those without the money to participate.  I already have some sponsors set up if you qualify. 

Do I need to buy wrestling shoes for my child?

Wrestling shoes are not required but most kids have them. If you would like to bring in old wrestling shoes to swap out with other parents feel free to do so. Your child can wear tennis shoes. We do ask that they NOT wear the same shoes to practice that they wear for practice. This brings in too much dirt onto the mats.  Keeping the mats clean and healthy is a must. 

 Do I need to get a singlet for my child?

Singlets are not required.  If you choose not to get a singlet, a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts will be fine. Please don’t wear long sleeve shirts or sweat pants, jeans, or anything with buttons or zippers. These prohibit some wrestling moves and can be dangerous to wrestlers and their teammates.  They also rip wrestling mats which are currently about $9,500 a mat. 

 How do I get to the wrestling room at High School?

Please come to the back gym door by the weight room.  This door is located in the North East corner of the building.  Please come in the door and then turn right and head up the stairs to the wrestling room (the North balcony).  Wrestlers should not be in any other part of the school building.

If you are NEW to wrestling, please see the parent guide to wrestling for more information.

In memory of Coach John W Chapman:

(1968 - 2010)

"Go Hard or Go Home!"
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