Knights Baseball High School Program: Welcome

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KNIGHTS Baseball 16U, 17U and 18U Teams

WELCOME to the home of the KNIGHTS BASEBALL High School program


KNIGHTS HISTORY: The Knights Baseball program was formed in 2003 with the goal of preparing young players to make the transition to high school baseball. The focus has now shifted to improving high school players and preparing them for baseball opportunities beyond high school. 

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The Black Racers program from the Central Florida area, which has produced many players who have gone on to play in college, has now also become a part of the KNIGHTS program at the 18U age level.  Alumni of the Black Racers who are now playing in colleges around the country include:

  • Kent Matthes                  University of Alabama
  • Chadd Hartman             UCF
  • Steve Stropp                  UCF
  • Charlie Mangione          Newberry College
  • Johnny Kirkland             SFCC/Newberry College
  • Bryan Nelson                 West Florida
  • John Prano                    Embry Riddle
  • Joe Winker                    Mercer
  • Jeff Walters                   St Petersburg JC
  • Joey Hurtado                 PCC
  • Ryan Lowe                    University of North Florida
  • Billy Whitaker                SFCC
  • Wayne Potts                  SFCC/Newberry College
  • Drew Morgan                Western Kentucky University
  • Keith Bisgounis            USC-Upstate
  • Eric Nuxol                      University of West Florida
  • Tyler Kinson                   West Virginia-Weslyn
  • Austin Chubb                 Manatee CC
  • Dustin Leonard             Manatee CC

The KNIGHTS coaches are all current or former players for the University of Central Florida (UCF) and develop the players through a rigorous no-nonsense training program drawing on their own experiences as former high school and Division I college players.

For the Summer 2008 season, the 18U KNIGHTS/Black Racers team is coached by Jerad Goodwin, head coach at Hagerty High School.

The 17U KNIGHTS team is coached by Rich Wallace, former UCF player and current assistant coach at UCF.

The 16U KNIGHTS team is coached by Matt Horwath, former infielder for LSU and UCF, and current director of baseball operations for UCF and Mike Billick, former pitcher for UCF and in the Chicago Cubs minor league organization. 

Check updated team schedule and team announcements on the KNIGHTS News Page. 


#1 Persistence is more important than talent
#2 If you are jogging, stretching or playing catch, make sure you do it better than anyone else.
#3 Respect the game as much as you want to be respected
#4 The direction of your hat is the direction of your life
#5 Practice the way you play games; All go, no quit
#6 It doesn't take talent to hustle
#7 Be a student of the game, learn its history and you learn the game
#8 Help your team win whether or not you are playing
#9 Never argue with an umpire, they remember faces
#10 Allow your coaches to coach you
#11 Set high standards along with knowing the steps to attain them
#12 Don't tell people how good you are, prove it.
#13 Your friends are not more important than your future, don't give into peer pressure
#14 Your parents love you, but they don't know more about baseball than your coach
#15 Don't let anyone make an excuse for you
#16 Maintain eye contact, it shows maturity and respect
#17 In baseball, it's your coach's opinion that matters, not your friends or your parents.
#18 Life is not fair, regardless of what some people may tell you
#19 Be enthusiastic about your teammates
#20 Love the game
#21 The only thing your coach owes you is honesty
#22 Body language screams, it never whispers
#23 Balance makes champions, if you focus on just hitting and ignore defense, you will never become a complete player
#24 Defense wins games
#25 Pitching sets the tone of the game
#26 Games are lost, not won. Mistakes lead to losses
#27 You can win a league with a few good pitchers, titles are won with great pitching staffs
#28 Work on your game everyday, the team that beat you does
#29 You don't have to be a great player to be a great baseball player. In other words, hustle.
#30 Show off your talent to your coach and your future coach
#31 Baseball doesn't build character, it reveals it
#32 Character means doing the right thing when nobody is watching
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