Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club: Meeting Minutes

Monday, December 22
Nov. 17, 2014 meeting minutes

KMGBC Meeting

November 17, 2014

Kettle Moraine High School Laser Room 6:30 pm


Luke opened up the meeting at 6:35

Board member present: Luke Zuchowski, Pam Sloan, Chris Walker, Mike Neiman, Tracy Trawacki, Mike Hamilton, Leann Gronowski, Kelly Donalson

Others Present: none

Business Reports:

- Secretary's Report Chris Walker made a motion to approve the September minutes. Pam Sloan seconded the motion. All in favor -- the motion carried.

Pam Sloan made a motion to approve the October minutes. A second motion was made by Tracy Trawacki. All were in favor -- the motion carried.

Treasurer's Report -- Account balance is $63,351.28 -- Luke went over the October revenues and expenses. A motion was made by Chris Walker to approve the report. A second was made by Mike Neiman. All were in favor -- the motion carried.

Public Comments: none

Committee Updates:

- Merchandise Pam Sloan gave an update

A second spirit wear order just closed. There were great comments about the merchandise this year. Finally, all uniforms are in. We are waiting on a few practice jerseys.

Chris Walker inquired about obtaining some extra jerseys to keep on hand. Pam will have extra samples next year to use if needed.

There was a discussion regarding the purchase of Youth Night t-shirts for all girls in the club. They would be encouraged to attend Youth Night wearing their t-shirts and then attend the Ice-Cream Social after the Varsity basketball game.

Pam Sloan made a motion to order t-shirts for Youth Night for each girl in the club staying within a price of $3.50 each. A Second was made by Leann Gronowski. All were in favor -- the motion carried.

-Sweetheart Tournament Tracy gave an update on the registration progress of each grade. Tracy will send out another email blast advertising the tournament. Our 8th grade team will be in the B bracket.

Volunteer registration should be sent out earlier than last year.

Luke suggested a committee meeting beginning of December.

Sweatshirts will be pre-ordered for the girls.

The committee will find a vendor to sell spirit wear at the tournament.

Old Business:

- Finalized calendar events: - Ice cream social date -- January 16, 2015 Banquet Banquet date - March 10, 2015

New Business:

-Refund for injured player - Mike Neiman made a motion to credit $90.00 --( half registration fee --less the uniform cost) to next year's registration to a player who has a season ending injury. Chris Walker made a second motion. All were in favor -- the motion carried.

- Coaches Pay -- Parent coaches are not paid this year. Chris Walker will make sure they are aware of this change. Non-parent coaches will be paid $1,200 for the 2014/15 year. There are three non-parent coaching payments that will be made this year.

-Code of Conduct - Have we been collecting the parent and player "Code of Conduct" forms? Kelly indicated that she has the signed ones on file.

-Open Gym -- 6:30-8:30 on November 24th and 26th if any team would like to practice.

-Player missing practice -- The board had a discussion regarding players missing practices.

Luke Zuchowski suggested that we send out an email to the club setting expectations. Chris Walker wll have a conversation with the coaches in regard to the boards’ stance on missing practice. A suggestion was made to give the coaches tools to keep a record of attendance. Coaches should have a mandatory parent meeting now that the season has started

-Club newsletter -- Tracy Trawacki will use a template going forward. Great idea for the newsletter - positive feedback!

8:53 Adjourn

Next meeting will be December 15, 2014

Respectfully submitted,

Leann Gronowski

Action items

Michelle -- Itemize ice cream social and coaches’ salaries on budget

Tracy - Send out reminder email for SH registration

Pam-- Find vendor for tournament spirit wear. Order Uouth Night t-shirts. Prepare SH spirit wear pre-order forms

Chris -- Talk to parent coaches to let them know that no coaching payment this year.

Kelly -- Blackout dates for gym to Chris Walker

Leann Include verbiage in Parent Code of Conduct to cover all parents/guardians