Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club: Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 22
March 3rd, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present   Mindy Goff, Mike Neiman, Michelle Randgaard, Leann Gronowski, Luke Zuchowski, Kelly Donaldson, Steve Goetsch, Mike Hamilton

Others Present – Tom Asunto, Tammy Sherman, Margie Pelski

Mindy opened up the meeting at 6:30p.m.

Business Reports:

Secretary’s Report – A motion was made by Luke Zuchowski to approve the February meeting minutes.  A second made by Steve Goetsch – all were in favor – the motion carried. 

  • February action items were reviewed.

    Treasurer’s Report – our account balance is $35,627.31

  • Most of the Sweetheart Tourney expense have hit the books.

  • There is outdated merchandise in storage that will be donated for summer camp prizes.

  • Michelle Randgaard confirmed from Coach Hamilton that the $1000 donation given to the high school basketball program last year was claimed and used.

  • A motion was made by Mindy Goff to approve the treasure’s report.  A second was made by Leann Gronowski.  All were in favor -- the motion carried.

    Public Comments:

    Tom Asunto -

  • Tom is wondering where the board is in regards to open board positions and what will the procedure be for filling the.  Mindy gave a description of the process for filling open board positions and indicated that candidates are voted into a position by a majority vote from the current board members.

  • Tom asked the board if the coaches for next year would be chosen before the tryouts.  Mindy indicated that this is not always a possibility due to the process of finding interested and qualified individuals.  Mindy also indicated that we are currently advertising and seeking qualified coaching candiates.


    Margie Pelski -

  • Margie was interested in what the current open board positions are and wanted a description of responsibilities.   Mindy responded that we do plan on sending out a formal notice (via email) of the open board positions and any pertinent information.

  • Margie suggested that there would be more than one night of tryouts per grade level in order to get a better “read” on the skills of each girl.  Mindy answered that this was addressed last year in the by-law changes in regards to “movement” between teams for tournaments and A/B teams practicing together.  It was agreed that we will re-address the tryout options going forward.


    Committee Updates:

    Banquet Update

  • The banquet is this Thursday – agenda for the evening was confirmed.


    Coaching Director Report:

  • Tryout Coordinator open positon –   this position has been posted on the website.

  • Tryout dates for next year – will be held in the 3rd or 4th week of August.  The dates will be confirmed at the April meeting.

  • A discussion regarding the search for tryout evaluators and the importance that we have several qualified at each grade level.


    New Business:

  • LOA Donation Request – a $250 donation was requested by Jeff Nelson for the John Underwood KM Presentation expenses.  Mindy Goff made a motion to pass this year on a donation due to budgetary constraints.  A second motion was made by Michelle Randgaard.  All were in favor – the motion carried.

  • Clarify and define Board job descriptions – discussions regarding the structure of the boards going forward will be held in Executive Session.

  • Bylaw Discussion – Board job descriptions will be discussed in Executive Session.


    Executive Session:   7:45


    Action Items approved:

  • Mindy will email team parents regarding volunteers for banquet.

  • Steve will email coaches regarding banquet team presentations.

  • Steve will email Dave Lombardi regarding 6th grade B team presentation.


    Meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m.


    The next board meeting is Monday, April 21, 2014

    Respectfully submitted,

    Leann Gronowski