Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club: Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 30
August 11, 2014 Meeting Minutes

KMGBC Meeting

August 11 , 2014

Kettle Moraine High School – Laser Room   – 6:30 pm

Luke opened up the meeting at 6:30

Board member present:  Mike Hamilton, Luke Zuchowski, Mike Neiman, Pam Sloan, Michelle Randgaard, Chris Walker

Others Present:   Jess Kruchowski, Gary Grocholski

Business Reports:

- Secretary's Report -- A motion was made by Pam Sloan to approve the July  meeting minutes.  A second was made by Chris Walker.  All were in favor -- the motion carried.

-Treasurer's Report -- our account balance is $25,244.07

-  Total of 60 registered players last year.  This year we are at 56 registered (as of Aug. 11, 2014)

- A motion was made by to aprove the 2014/15 fiscal year budget by Leann Gronowski.  A second was made by Mike Hamilton .  All were in favor -- the motion carried.

Public Comments:

 - Gary Grocholski -- By-Laws -- has concerns about the refund policy.  Luke and Michelle spoke to the concerns.  The no-refund policy was explained in more detail in order to give a better "comfort level" to Gary.

 - Jess Kruchowski --  concerned with the 8th grade number of girls trying out.  He had concerns regarding not enough girls trying out for the 8th grade team.    Various ideas and reasons as to why registration is down were discussed.

Julie Hester was not present but had questions (Below are questions and the boards answeres):

- Will player on either A and B have an opportunity to move between teams?   This will only be a consideration in tournament scenarios if a team is short players.  Teams are set at try-outs.

If a team receives an invite to State Tournament -- Will the Board approve and pay for this experience?  The Board will financially support  these teams.

Will the A/B teams practice together?  We are not scheduling A and B  to practice together.  If they do happen to be sharing the court, it would be up to coaches if they want to scrimmage.

Can Parents watch practices?   Practices are open and parents are welcome to stay as long as they are following the Parent Code of Conduct.

Committee Updates:

- Sweetheart Tournament - Interviews for Chair and Co-Chair candidates -- Tracy Trawacki and Anne Anderson.

A motion was made by Leann to approve Tracy Trawacki and Ann Anderson as Co-Directors of the SH Tournament.  A second was made by Pam Sloan.  All were in favor -- the motion carried.  Tracy Trawacki will hold the voting power for this positon.

- Referee Coordinator - There was a suggestions to have a Referee Coordinator for the SH Tournament.  This person would oversee referees and handle all referee issues during the entire tournament.  There was also discussions regarding the quality of referees in the past.

-Mike Neiman spoke regarding the issues that he had with Ref's at last years tournament.  He would like to stay on and do the referee coordinating.  Various improvements were discussed.

- Merchandise - Pam will be going with Milwaukee Sporting Goods for the new uniforms.

 - Pam will present the spirit wear line at the October parent meeting.

- Equipment status - Kelly was not present to give an equipment update

Old Business:

- Tryout Make-up date -  Thursday August 14th  --Tthere are three girls who will be having an early tryout.  The process will take place in the Middle Gym and wil last about 30 minutes.

- Tryout registration process - Pam went over what will needed for the registration process and who will be there.  A parent/player meeting will be held at the end of tryouts.  All parents should come back 15 minutes before the end of their child's tryout.

- Format for Team Selections-- The players will be rated 1 through 5 on each skill being evaluated.  Each girls will end up with a final score at the end of the tryout.  The girls will be ranked according to their score.  The top players will be on the A team and the Each evaluator will list their top players (number of top players will be determined based on the number trying out for that grade).  If a players number appears on all Evaluator lists, they are on the A team.  Then the players that were on at least two lists, board members and evaluators will disuss.    The remaining players will be on the B team.

-3 on 3 -- Mike Neiman gave an update on the season. 

-LCGBC -- information for the fall league is up on the website.

-PMX -- Performance Max Training will be available to the girls for the season.  The information will go out via Community Education. 


-Motion to adjourn by Chris Walker.  Second by Mike Neiman.  All were in favor -- the motion carried

8:53 – Adjourn

Next meeting will be September 15, 2014

Action items

-Chris will contact Kelly to take inventory of equipment

-Michelle will put the PMX information link on the website

-Kelly -- email PMX information out to the KMGBC

-Michelle -- will make a flier on PMX for tryouts next week.

-Leann -- clean up GMail account


Respectfully submitted,

Leann Gronowski