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Monday, May 19
KMGBC May 2014 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present   Mike Neiman, Michelle Randgaard, Leann Gronowski, Luke Zuchowski, Kelly Donaldson, Mike Hamilton, Chris Walker

Others Present

 Luke opened up the meeting at 6:30 p.m.


Business Reports:

Secretary’s Report – A motion was made Kelly Donaldson to approve the April 21, 2014 meeting minutes.  Michelle Randgaard made a second to the motion.  All were in favor -- the motion carried.    

  • April action items were reviewed

    Treasurer’s Report – our account balance is $27,633.66

    Luke inquired about the 3 on 3 expenses – There is a net loss due to the timing of the expenses from last year.  Some expenses hit the books after the new fiscal year started.

    Public Comments:  none

    Committee Updates:

    1.  Sweetheart Tournament Director -- no one has applied -- Luke will touch base with Mindy Goff to see if she has any leads

    2.  Merchandise -- Purchasing new uniforms for next year -- Pam Sloan suggested girls purchase their own uniforms for next year  --  This would save the club money and would also allow individuals to receive a better fitting uniform

    Michelle Randgaard made a motion to keep the registration fee at $225 which would include the uniform -- Chris Walker made a second motion.  All were in favor – the motion carried.

    3. Laser Way Camps -- 10 girls are registered for the Boot Camp and 30 have registered for summer camp

    Old Business

    1.  Post Card Mailer update - feedback was positive -- Michelle will distribute to other local business

    2.  3 o 3 update - applications are coming in -- looking for a few more teams at certain grade levels

    3.  Try-outs will be held August 18-23rd.  There will be a make-up date on August 13th

    New Business:

    1.  By-Law Conversations -- there are too many specifics in the current by-laws.  This discussion is tabled until the next meeting.


    Action Item approved:


  • Chris and Mike –give Pam Rydell and Dunns Sportings Goods contact information

  • Pam will reach out to Jennifer Knox regarding merchandise

  • Michelle and Leann will meet with Mindy regarding the website training and inquire about current sponsors

  • Mike will reach out to Mindy regarding more 3 0n 3 team

  • Chris motion to adjoun , Leann second all


     - Chris Walker made a motion to adjourn the meeting – Leann Gronowski second – all were in favor --

    Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.


    The next board meeting is Monday, June 16, 2014

    Respectfully submitted,

    Leann Gronowski

Friday, July 25
KMGBC June 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes