Klamath Falls Little League: Welcome

Jacob Drouin


 A big thank you to Jacob Drouin for his donation to Little League!  

A year ago at his little sister's dance recital for Carla's Dancers Studio at the Ross Ragland, Jacob had the idea to make a bouquet of candy bars rather than flowers.  Everybody who saw the tasty bouquet he put together loved it!  Jacob decided to sell candy bar bouquets at this year's big recital, but he had to ask Carla first.  When he told her that he wanted to sell them to raise money for Klamath Falls Little League, Carla said that she would love to help out another kids organization.  The Ross Ragland management team was also happy to help,  and provided Jacob a choice spot in the lobby to sell his candy bar bouquets.  The bouquets were a hit at both shows and Jacob was able to donate $220 to the Klamath Falls Little League!

This was Jacob's final season in Little League.  He's loved every minute of the seven years he's played.  He wanted to say thanks to all of the coaches, umpires, ground crews, administrators and all of the parents who have helped him along the way.




No dogs allowed at the Little League Fields

They are welcome to remain in your vehicle but due to safety and sanitation issues, they may not be loose OR on a leash.