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Extract adapted from a newspaper interview with President Jim McQuhae in the 1960’s

Since the turn of the Century (1900’s) when the original Kinnoull Junior Football Club was formed, Kinnoull has become a name synonymous with good football, and although the ‘old club’ folded around the 1930’s and the present club is the same in name alone, the standard of play is expected to be high, and usually is.
Founded in 1943 by three Perth Academy boys, Ian McIntyre, Peter Moncrieff and Willie Mitchell, the club was named after the school house – Kinnoull.
Mr Jim McQuhae, now president of the club and the only original committee member remaining, was quick to offer his services to the new club. But it was no easy job keeping a club solvent in wartime, and much of the earlier years were spent searching for a permanent home.

Rough & Ready

“The first dressing-room was in the Cow Vennel” recalled Jim McQuhae. “It was certainly rough & ready in these days, and the first time I went to the dressing-room there was a grate in the middle of the floor, and the only lighting was by candles”. After that the club moved to new premises in Bridgend, but this windfall lasted only a week, and no sooner had the premises been fixed up when they were taken over by a joinery firm. It was not until almost five years later, after a long stay in the old St James rooms within the Bridgend Hamlet that Kinnoull finally got quarters of our own by taking over the hut and pitch at Jeanfield Recreation ground (otherwise known as ‘The Bowl’), when Jeanfield Swifts moved to Simpson Park.

A Tribute

“We started off in a very small way indeed” stated Jim McQuhae, “The lads didn’t even have a strip, and for a time we were using flour sacks and blackout material”. As a small tribute to the pioneers the club colours are still black and white. Peter Moncrieff, one of the original members is now a schoolmaster at Mallaig. “He always looks us up when he’s in Perth” went on Jim McQuhae. “In fact, many of the old boys do”. Just the other day a chap walked into the dressing-room to tell us how much he had enjoyed the game. It turned out he had played for the old Kinnoull which folded in the 30’s but had always been interested in the new club, and was delighted with how we were keeping up the tradition” And at one Scottish Cup tie at Inverness a whole contingent of ex-Kinnoull boys turned up, rooting for the team.

Didn’t Know The Rules

At one time it was difficult getting players, and a number of trials were given to find some new blood for the team. “One trialist we played on the North Inch” said Mr McQuhae “didn’t even know the rules of the game. We first smelt a rat when he was fitted out in the dressing room, and asked the trainer what the shinguards were for? There was certainly some characters in the club, and two of the early players still remain legends today. Nairn Menzies – broke his leg twice, but never let the club down, and always came back for more.


Fred Murray, ex-Cowdenbeath and Dundee United player – when told ‘Anno Domini’ was catching up on him, gamely replied “Which Italian team is that?”
President of the club, Mr Jim McQuhae, 82 Nimmo Avenue, Perth, joined the club soon after it was founded. A keen cricketer and one time secretary of Isla Cricket Club, he was extremely interested in helping the club to find its feet. “I’m more or less just a figurehead today” said Mr McQuhae modestly. “On two occasions I did relinquish the presidency to let a younger lad have a go, and now the team is mostly run by the younger hands. The whole committee, with the exception of the secretary, is made up of ex-players. We also have a very able coach, Harry Pearson, an ex-Luncarty man”.

Good Training

Kinnoull has proved a good training ground, and a number of players have over the years transferred to senior football. Ally Murray was transferred to St Johnstone, Ally Ross to East Fife and John ‘Doe’ Buchan to Forfar Athletic. But much as a star player may be missed, the club will never try to hold them back. “Our aim” added Mr McQuhae, “is to foster the sport. We are only too happy to think we are doing some good”. The first outstanding success Kinnoull had was when we took the Perth Rosebowl with a 2-0 win against Jeanfield Swifts at Muirton Park. Since then the club have played in the final of practically every local trophy, and held the Perthshire Cup for three years running (1960-1963). “What we would like to win is the league" commented Mr McQuhae, “but I reckon we’ll finish about midway at the end of this season. Given the breaks though, we might just take the Rosebowl again”

Poor Support

But support is very poor indeed in the Perth area for Junior football as a whole, and attendances are never very high. And Kinnoull may be again looking for some new players. For two of our present stars, Bruce Munro and Tommy Ward, have already been spotted by Senior Clubs. Bruce (centre-half) has already had two trials with Queens Park and one with Dundee United, and a trial with Dundee United is also in the wind for Tommy. “But we wouldn’t dream of holding them back” said Jim McQuhae, “There is a very good Juvenile team with some very promising young players, and we always have first choice of those graduating to the Junior ranks”

Kinnoull started off as a City Boys team until at a meeting on 28th April 1946, It was decided at the meeting to carry on the Club and enter the Perthshire Junior League. Office Bearers were elected as follows:- President - Mr M Laing, Vice-President - Mr J McQuhae, Secretary & Treasurer – Mr W McIntyre, Assistant – Mr J McIntyre, Committee – Messrs J Keay, W McPherson, J Miller, I Davidson, T Higgins & G Galloway, Trainer – J Lamb
Rooms – East Bridge Street
Representatives at Junior Assoc Meetings – Messrs McQuhae & McIntyre
Representative at Scottish AGM in Glasgow – Mr McIntyre
Kinnoull entered the Perthsire Junior League at the resumption of Junior football for the start of post war season 1946-1947. Our first ever Junior match was played on Friday evening, 9th August 1946 away to Auchterarder Primrose Juniors and resulted in a 1-1 draw. McIntyre scored the Kinnoull goal from the penalty spot. The Kinnoull team that historic day was -
Ramsay, McPherson, McBain, Todd, L.Rutherford, Moncrieff, McIntyre, G.Rutherford, Anderson, MacKenzie, Shepherd.

Jim McQuhae received recognition in the form of a plaque from the Tayside Region for service to football and to Kinnoull. He died in 1984 shortly before Kinnoull moved to our new premises at Tulloch Road, Perth.

Peter Moncrieff has now retired and lives with his wife in Hamilton. He visited Kinnoull on our Scottish Cup journey last year (2004/2005) when we played at Thorniewood Utd, near his home and Peter came to Tulloch Park for the replay to meet some old friends.

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