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Thursday, June 1
Sarah Al-Khalili,  Ryan BinalberAmayah BrownElizabeth CurtisAustin DaiAlyssa Drake, Breanna FattenBlake Gelinas, Steve Griffiths, Kathryn HammerTaylee Holtrup,  Skyler JensenJasmine JimenezJustin JohnsonDillion LayJonah Leon, Karla Lemus, Jacob Melton, Jaylen MooreJericka RoshellCardell WalderMarkell WellsJeremy YoungAreena ZavalaMario MachucaAndrew WildeJoshua FisherRebekah PendletonLe-Lani Cunningham

Monday, July 17
Danille Abboud, Mariam Al-Khalili, Leah Bantum, Destiny Gardner, Hayley Grove, Alyssa Haring, Samantha Nytko, Tia ParrishValentina Sanabria, Mary Jane Smith, Sissy UnderwoodAndrew BoebingerIsaiah CurtnerDaniel G. GonzalezDavid Huff, Tyler Janes, Noah Poole, Michael RobinsonMoshin SabrinEric SoholtSeth TylerMark Werley

Monday, July 17
Nick Abboud, Matt Cleland, Delynn Holland, Kyle Johnson, Neal Karaody, Ryan Moussad, Daniel Mukasa, Scott Nichols, Jacob Norys, Carlos Ramirez, Brody Rickman, Jay Roddie, Dalton Seckinger, Brett Wolf, Alexys Boonkukoa, Jennifer Guttierez, Rachel Hales, Hannah Johnson, Lexi Opoku, Leighana Weaver, Jackae Yarbrough

Monday, May 5

Wednesday, May 21
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Blake Bergstrom
Blake burst upon the scene as a VERY intelligent but extremely goofy freshman back in 2011. He drove Coach Corona nuts with questions-observations and T-Shirts espousing "I will beat the AP Test!" and doing stuff that --well, it was Blake being Blake.

Over these four years,his high GPA; the bevy of AP classes on his resume and his recent acceptance into UCLA speak to Blake the student.

That first year, Blake earned his varsity letter--a rare feat for a freshman. Eventually, by his junior year, he would make All-CIF as a sixth place finisher in the 300 Hurdles and was also a CIF qualifier in the long jump, triple jump and a member of the 4 X 400. He was a consistent scorer and in 2013 was named our team MVP. These accomplishments would define Blake the athlete.

However, Blake-the person-was never so evident than in 2014. Early in the track season, after a major injury during his soccer season, Blake injured himself so badly in the long jump, he had to take time off in order to rehab. Two week later, he got us very valuable points in the 400 in a close loss to Corona. He was obviously hobbled in that race and we never got him back. We lost him for the remainder of his senior season. A lot of kids would have moped around; given up; moved away from the team and asked "why me?"but he continued to rehab; continued to come to practice; continued to support his teamates and tried to make a contribution any way he could. He did this all the time knowing he might never make it back to the track. For all his accomplishments in the academic and athletic areas, he never showed more of who he was than he did this season. In the end, he has been a true example of Class-Character and Courage.

........and that is Blake just being Blake.

Tuesday, June 10
If you want a definition of the word "steady" just take a look at Cameron Brock and his career here at King. Cam cleared 12 feet as a freshman and with each subsequent year climbed the ladder, so to speak of vaulting. Every year he seemed to get better and more consistent and as Coach Corona would say about a number of kids-you could count on him every week.

Cam's improvement and consistency came with a relentless work ethic and study of the event and with that came a long list of accomplishments. He was a two-time team captain ; named a Field Event Athlete of the Year for the team; he holds the meet record in the vault at the Beaumont Invitational; he is a CIF qualifier and has the second best vault in school history at 13-8. Usually quiet and somewhat reserved, he led by example and when he spoke everybody listened.

Cam's steady work stemmed from the attitude of either getting too high or too low. You didn't see much emotion one way or the other. A good jump and a bad jump were met basically by the same reaction-"I've got to get better." That's it-that was the secret to his success-the secret to being consistently good. That's Cam Brock.

Friday, May 16
Her high school career started out running a full 70 feet down a runway toward a pole vault pit. From that beginning, she migrated to events a bit longer, the distances. She showed promise that sophomore year, with bright PR's of 5:37 and 12:00 in the two longer races, but injuries would be the story of the last two seasons and unfortunately, her senior season saw her limited to just two races.  Despite the adversity, Lauren maintained a positive attitude and a pleasant smile that made her a pleasure to be associated with!

Friday, June 13
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Priscilla Carrasco
It seemed for a good period of time that Priscilla Carrasco would NEVER find her event with King Track and Field. Freshman year, she was a distance runner and was relatively successful at what she was doing in the 800 and the 1600. Sophomore year, she decided to try the long and triple jump and had moderate success.

Finally, about a third of the way through her junior season, she found what she wanted to do and she became a pole vaulter. Something about flinging herself through the air had a certain appeal and she just went from there. Slowly but surely, she improved and this year was extremely capable in her performances, showing improvement; scoring a number of first places on the JV level and placing in a couple of invitationals.

Priscilla had always been one who felt the grass might be greener as far as other events went. Usually that doesn't go well for people but for Priscilla, finding the "green" not only went well --it just took a little longer.

Wednesday, May 21
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Anissa Claiborne
Anissa Claiborne has been quite busy in her 4 years at King High School. Her schedule has included four years of cheerleading and at least three years as a ASB Officer. She has been a captain and cherogrpaher for cheer and has been in on the planning of various school events like the 2013 Prom. No question she's been a busy young lady with not a lot of time. Anissa's progress over the years has been an upward, steady movement. Coach Corona had to coax her a bit to come out as a freshman to throw the shot put but she made an impact almost immediately made her way to the varsity. She earned her letter that year and then became "The Gal" in the shot put for the next three years. Anissa has been a two year captain and earned back to back Big 8 League Championships in the shot put. She is a two time CIF Qualifier and won numerous invitational titles. She also now owns the school record at 38'-7". Despite a not so great liking of the discus in the past she embraced the event this year because she knew we needed to strengthen that event. She has propelled the dish out beyond 100 feet, putting her very close to the top 5 All-Time. She found a way to accomplish all this despite her demanding extra-curricular and academic schedule......and always with a smile on her face. For a kid with not a lot of time--she has done awfully well and King Track and Field is better for it.

Monday, May 5
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Jacob Enriquez
Jacob has been an energetic and enthusiastic member of the track and cross country teams since he stepped foot on the King campus four years ago.  His work ethic and love for the sport and the discipline have been matched by few others.  Unfortunatley, after a great Fall campaign in cross country, he entered this season hobbled by an off-season training injury.  True to form, he was not willing to allow his sidelining to take him out of the mix.  As he rehabbed, he made himself available to Coach Corona to lead and to serve, all the while, maintaining a positive attitude.  Since getting back to running, he has steadily improved and has been able to finish on a high note, despite the adversity.

Tuesday, June 10
Myles Gardner-There is an old saying that it isn't necessarily "the destination that's important but the journey along the way." Enter Myles Gardner, whose journey had been an up and down affair. Myles seems to continually take two steps back for every one forward over the years. That is until this year-until he reached his destination. Where he sits today as he prepares to leave King High School is a testimony to those who continually supported him .......and mostly to himself.

For a good period of time, Myles was his own worst enemy. He was in and out of trouble with teachers, administrators and sometimes even his coaches. He showed great potential on the track but there were constant interruptions and disruptiions. Finally, toward the end of last season, with the help of his teachers he began to switch his gears and became someone the team could count on .

From the beginning of his senior season, he has stayed that way. He helped take team roll; he took a lleadership role; he gave advice to younger teammates; he was positive in voice and deed. He ran the 4 X 100, the 100 and the 200, earning PR's in every event toward the end of the season. This was a different Myles. It was a guy who had taken the journey-dealt with its up and downs and gotten to his destination. When we saw the smile on his face after the 4 x 100 team won the Riverside City Championship, everybody knew where the destination was.

Wednesday, April 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Iveth Gutierrez
If you want to see an example of "sticktoitiveness" and tenacity, look no further than Iveth Gutierrez.  She's been a mainstay of the distance races and has been a consistent presence of work, passion and a constant desire to succeed. She's made all three distance events -- 800, 1600, 3200 -- a part of repertoire, this final season has seen her focus on the 800 with success.  She has always been good to ask questions of coaches, seek improvement and give 100% on race day --- certainly nothing more than a coach would ask of any athlete!  So look her up! She's the one with a smile on her face and a drive to succeed in her heart!

Friday, May 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Parker Gutzmann
If you take a look at Parker and his twin Brandon, you can pretty much tell them apart, but humbly, this writer would say it would take a few years to find the distinctives.  In part that was due to the mystery of genetics, but also that he and his brother were inseparable thoughout their four years of running track, same events, same work ethic and for most of their seasons, the exact same PR's!  It was a bit uncanny!  Parker has established himself as a tough, tenacious worker and racer, he's been bold enough to take the lead in many races and challenge all contenders to chase him down.  If you look at the trajectory of his four years, it's one that has ended with his best marks coming his senior season.  In all three distance events, his times are truly strong showings -- not only in their own right, but dramatic in comparison to where he started so long ago. That kind of narrative is the kind we like to tell about the kids of King track ... and Parker is an example of what its all about!

Friday, May 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Brandon Gutzmann
If you go back to the 2011 season, Brandon's first season of running ever, you'll find a very average PR in the 800 of 2:28.  Not a start that would shout out that great things were to come.  But Brandon met up with Hard Work about half way through his high school campaign and the results of that relationship have been spectacular.  He's improved a ton and steadily, but his senior year has stood out the most and has given him memories that will last a long time.  Perhaps in the spirit of "saving the best for last", he threw down an amazing 3200 at the recent League Finals, not only running a PR of 9:41 (and the #7 time in school history) but also holding on with great tenacity to finish third and qualify for CIF for the first time in his career.  Oh, and that 2:28 PR for two laps set back in 2011?  Let's just say that would be a leisurely pace through two laps of his big-time 3200.  Improvement!

Monday, May 5
Bree came from Star Valley Wyoming at the end of her junior year. Not the most enviable move in the world, but a job transfer uprooted her from her impending senior year and she found herself in Riverside.  She's done a remarkable job making the best of it and in one short year leaving a positive impact on her new team.  After spending three years competing in a different state, she's made the transition to So-Cal well and during both cross country and track, she's contributed to the success of King in many, many, tangible ways.  Her heart is, admitably, still back at Star Valley, but we at King are very grateful we got to spend at least one of her four years of high school running getting to know her and be affected by her smile, drive and purpose.

Thursday, May 29
Victoria Hall - “Torie” has her teammates call her, has been a picture of what King track and field is supposed to be about. Yes, she’s worked hard at her craft and improved significantly along the way. At various times she has been a sprinter, a jumper and a hurdler and in this her senior year, made great contributions. She was be as single minded, stubborn and focused in her endeavors as any athlete on the team. Any coach will tell you that is what they want to see. She got it.

Coaches will also tell you that competing in a sport –being part of a team is supposed to be fun. Victoria got that part as well. Her friendly approach, infectious grin, her ability to laugh at herself, to joke with her teammates and coaches made for very good times for her and those around her. To Victoria track wasn’t a grind-it -out ordeal every day after school to be endured for one more year. It was, very simply –fun-even to the point of convincing members of opposing teams that Coach Corona was her dad!!

There is little doubt that Victoria Hall will be a success beyond the walls of King High School. She’s going to continue to be focused, stubborn and single minded in her pursuit of her dreams. But you can bet, she’ll have fun doing it.

Monday, May 5

When Amanda joined the team way back when, she thought she'd give the sprints a try. So for that first season, she kept her races under a lap. By the time her sophomore season rolled around she had decided to go a bit further and joined the distance crew and found her niche. She's been a story of progress and consistency, always with a smile and positive attitude. Her best race turned out to be more than a lap ... in fact, it's a full 8 laps! With a PR in the low 12:00's, she's done well transitioning from the short to the long. Well done Amanda!

Thursday, May 1
Like a mountaineer who can see the summit and its within a day's climb, Garret Koontz has spent his fourth and final season quickening his pace and pushing to the summit.  It's not to say his first three years were spent slacking, no, but in comparison to the season he's put together here in 2014, the previous three were the basecamp compared to the summit he finds himself at today.  What a season!  Filled with a positive attitude, enthusiasm to the task, hard work and PR's that would astound his freshman-self four years ago, Garret's senior year has been a template for anyone who wants to know "how it's done right." Well done GK!  Off to Aurora College in Illinois next year, he's eager to take his running to the next peak in the range.  No doubt, he'll summit that one well too!

Friday, May 23
Jordon Lofton has been a consistent and steady contributor in our sprint corps for the past 4 years. She hasn’t been the ‘super star” or anything like that. She is simply one of those names the coach automatically enters into the lineup every week without question or without reservation because he knows the team is going to get the very best she has. Coach Corona has said that he’s sure that in the first meet next year, after she’s graduated, he’ll still put her name in the lineup out of force of habit.

After a very encouraging freshman season, Jordon made the varsity as a sophomore and hasn’t looked back. She is a two –time captain, a two time CIF qualifier, a CIF Finalist; three times preformed at the Arcadia Invitational and has won numerous medals and titles along the way. However, it has been her consistency-her every day approach-her every day dedication to the team that has stood out. She is, as much as one can be in track and field-a team player. Perhaps it is her basketball background (by the way, she’s an All-League-All-CIF performer in that sport) that makes the team and the team concept so important to her. Perhaps that is pointed out in that her favorite event-the 4 X 100 relay-a team event. You can talk to Jordon about taking her out of events or trying another event this but NEVER try to discuss taking her out of the relay. You are in for a fight. Her attitude and her approach has been a major influence on the younger sprinters looking to make their mark. For them, not a bad example to follow and for Jordon-not a bad legacy to leave.

Friday, May 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Aimee Martinez
She's a quiet and dignfied young lady and we've had the privilege of watching her grow and mature throughout her four years of running track and cross country.  She started in the 400 meters back in her freshman but then moved up to more than a lap and found a home running the 800, 1600 and 3200.  She's excelled in all of them, and it was especially gratifying to see her large smile of satisfaction after she stepped off the track for the final time in the 2014 Big 8 league finals, having just run a great 3200 and finishing her course well.  She has excelled as well in the classroom and will graduate with a GPA in excess of 4.0 and is heading to Cal Poly Pomona to study engineering!

Friday, June 13
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Vanessa McCullough
Coming out of her freshman year, Vanessa showed great promise with a discus throw of 92-0. The coaches were excited about the prospects-the potential -that she seemed to have. However, potential can sometimes be a tough burden to carry if not realized right away and for the next two years, it was a struggle. Oh, she tossed the disc a few times out over 90 but it certainly wasn't with the consistency she would have wanted. As her quest to get better seemed to stall out; her confidence faded and she seemed to be just happy to be on the team and she seemingly would go quietly into the sunset in her final year.

Then, after a stern talking to by Coach Corona, in her first meet of her senior year, She hit 92 feet. From there, she ran off a streak of throws that would prove to be the most consistent of her career. Vanessa gave us a 4th person in the discus (with Rayo Soyemi, Anissa Claiborne and Jackae Yarbrough) that proved to be a tough wall to get through for opposing teams. It was a great run to the end of her career.

One can easily say that Vanessa's career was definitely up and down. Fortunately, for King Track and Field, it ended on the "Up."

Monday, June 2
For Jamal Orme, the journey to this year where he has amassed so much success wasn't an easy one. It was up and down -success and failure sprinkled in equally. Sometmes Jamal found the biggest challenge to this success was coming from himself as he sometimes struggled in the classroom; in his workout or even in competition against people he probably should have beat. he didn't seem to quite have the confidence-the swagger if you will to get over that hump. His coaches saw the potential and often commented how close he was to fulfilling that potential sometimes potential is a heavy burden to carry

This year, he shouldered that burden and attacked this his senior season. Jamal leaves King as the best sprinter in our school's history. In this, his breakout season, he walks away with school records in the 100 (10.975) and in the 200 (22.0) as well as CIF trips in the 4 X 100 and the 4 X 400. More importantly, every practice was a place/time to get better. Every race took on a sense of importance and all of that showed. Jamal lost only one dual meet race all season, leading the boys team in scoring and winning for him the team MVP award. "I knew I could do it," he said to Coach Corona after breaking the 200 record, "it's about time."

In Jamal's case, all it took was a little belief.

Friday, May 2
Gabe's tenure on the King track and field team has been one marked by ups and downs, but fortunately for him, it's finishing on an upswing, as he's running the 800 and doing it well.  He started four years ago as a distance runner, then became a sprinter, and now is back to the mid-distances.  He's seen it all.  His junior year saw Gabe finding a new spark and his training and work ethic followed and he's transfered that into a great senior year with a 2:06 PR for the 800.  Polite, hard working and possessing fine speed, he's made his time at King a success.

Friday, May 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Britney Saucedo
She holds a GPA in excess of 4.0 and is headed to UCR to study engineering. That alone is enough to say her high school years were well spent.  But beyond the classroom, she has been a mainstay of the XC and Track programs at King, and has competed and practiced with honorable distinction.  Her senior year was her best one, statistically, as she put together some solid PR's in the 1600 and the 3200, her best time in the 16 coming at league finals!  That's the way to finish!  Britney has done all that is necessary to leave high school with the skills and confidence to succeed at the next stage of life, and we at King High are confident that she will.

Wednesday, May 28
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Sabrina Suarez
Sabrina Suarez has made the long journey from being on the distance team to a fledging hurdler to a bona-fide scorer and contributor. Sabrina turned to the hurdles after her freshman year as a (let’s face it) way to get out of the many miles of conditioning running involved in distance. She was slow at first, to pick up this new craft and to gain the mentality it takes to attack the hurdles but slowly and most surely, she became a key component to what not just the hurdle team but the entire program as well.

Sabrina’s senior season has been marked by a quiet confidence and solid work ethic. She will leave with two lifetime PR’s in the 100m Hurdles (17.01) and the 300 hurdles (49.65) and numerous medals and high finishes during the invitational season and she provided us with great depth in hr events. What was truly impressive was her willingness to take over the reins of leadership and competitiveness among her compatriots in the hurdles, a role she would have shied away from in the past. She was vocal in her support of her teammates and vocal in her belief in the 3 C’s. Like a lot of her fellow seniors-she wasn’t necessarily the star of the team BUT certainly we couldn’t have accomplished what we did without her.

Monday, June 2
As a member of our pole vault group, Cody is a guy who admires extreme sports and who rode his skateboard to school almost every day. He fit the stereotypical pole vault image. He has been kick back, a little off base and take it as it comes. Over the years he would earn the reputation among the coaches as "consistently inconsistent." One week a PR or great effort, the next week a No Height. Up and down seemed to define Cody's career efforts. But upon closer review, there is more to the story than a simple 'good this week-not so good next week" scenario.

Cody's personalty was never one to play it safe. He was never one to settle. he went after it every week. If we're going 13 feet then why not 13-6 instead? He was all in-all or nothing and the way he ran down the runway with that reckless abandon, you could see it. When your approach is that way, then yes-you will have great days and not so great days . the mark of a champion though, is to continue on the path you have set and despite the bad days, keep moving on.

With this attitude, Cody won the Riverside City Championship this year as a senior. He came up big in our dual meet with Santiago and pulled out a crucial second place finish that virtually won the meet for us. He grabbed the reins of leadership and pushed and cajoled and congratulated his younger team mates when they did better than he. Cody's an inspiration in that from him we learned that "going for it" isn't so bad-as long as win or lose-you learn to land on your feet.

Sunday, April 28

Thursday, April 25
casco joe four year 2013

He has been affectionately nicknamed the "Flyin' Filipino" because when Joe Casco laces on the spikes that's what he does: He flies!

It has not always been so, in fact if you look at the record of his freshman season running the 800 and the 1600, his times don't shout for a lot of attention. High 2:20's and a PR of 5:07 that 9th grade year, Joe's season was fine but it didn't herald the things to come.  Since then, his terrific racing tenacity and sheer determination has been constantly on display.  Last Fall while running cross country, he earned All-CIF honors, placing 14th overall in the D1 CIF Finals race. Here in the Spring, he's been a mainstay at the front of races, all while notching some impressive marks. He's the #2 all-time 3200 runner in school history and was a key leg in the SR 4x1600 relay that is currently the 4th fastest in the nation this year. Perhaps his most inspiring moment came this season against Corona where he willed himself to victory in an 8 lap dual with Corona's David Aguilar.

Those marks of 9th grade have been obscured by the greater marks of maturity and four years of applying himself to the great task of distance running. Well done, Joe, you Flyin' Filipino!

Friday, May 24
FOUR YEAR ATHLETES - Nikke Cleope and Tyler Nichol
cleope nichol four year 2013

Nikki Cleope and Tyler Nichol are like two peas in a pod. Oh, they have different personalities and  they competed in different events during their four seasons with King Track and Field-Nikki in the high jump and Tyler in the throws but in many ways they are very much the same.


Both have competed under the shadow of their more talented team mates over the years but they never let that get in the way of their participation; their belief in the ideals of the program and their efforts to get better. They contributed wherever they could, including leading and guiding younger team mates  in what the program was about;  and never once backed away from the challenges that faced them, even when ill or injured.

 Every program needs athletes like Nikki and Tyler. They are the base-the foundation -of what any successful program is about. The spotlight wasn’t always upon them BUT  that didn’t matter. What mattered was what made them those peas in a pod-Class, Character and Courage

Sunday, April 28
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Katelyn Fatten
fatten katy four year 2013

Four years ago, "Fatty" - as she's called with great affection by just about anyone who knows her - joined the track team and competed in the 400 meters.  Her success was modest there, but it was clear real quickly that the if we could get her to embrace distances a bit longer than a lap, that there might be a greater measure of success for the talented runner.

So, with some trepidation, Katy started running cross county in the Fall of her sophomore season and then in track began running the event that would be her specialty, the 800.  As a sophomore, her times were impressive, far more than they had been when she did the shorter race. She ran most of the time in high-2:20's.  

But her high school experience has been marked by improvement.  This season, in fact, she has put down her best-ever mark, 2:21 and change, which sits her at the 6th-fastest time in school history!  You should have seen how excited she was when that race was done. She was over the moon!  Her performances have been consistent and consistently good.

We're also excited to see that she's going to be competing at the collegiate level as well. Katy recently signed to run for Bethel College in Kansas and is excited to take that next step.  The steps she's taken thus far have moved her in the direction of success, and those of us who call her Fatty, will be the first to cheer the strides she'll take from here. 

Thursday, May 2
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Tayler Fleming
Fleming Tayler four year 2013
Photo Credit: Dan Bergstrom

If memory serves right, there was a book that came out years ago called “The Joy of Running.” That title certainly applies to the way Tayler Fleming has approached her four years of competition here at King High School. A lot of times, even the most successful of athletes detests the competition; the hard work; the successes and failures. From day one, Tayler has embraced all of that, especially in her specialty - the hurdles - and taken that joy, that love really – as far as she possibly could.


Tayler is one of the most decorated athletes to have ever worn the King Track uniform. She is a City Champion; a 4 time CIF qualifier; an Inland Empire Champion and record holder; she has All- CIF and Master’s Meet honors and last year, was 10th in the state of California in the 300 IMs. She has been a mainstay on our relays and she is all over the record books in accomplishments. She is also the most highly recruited female athlete we’ve ever had (Lane Werley would be the male in that category). Some 60 colleges and universities - large, small and in between - have contacted her about attending their campus upon graduation. With all the honors, awards and attention, it would be easy for her to become all about winning; to become self centered or stop working hard at her craft. None of that has happened. She's the same goofy, got a comedic comment for almost everything but still working her tail off kid she was 4 years ago. Very little has changed, including her appreciation for what it is she gets to do every Spring—Run Track.


As the season wound down and she was nursing some small nagging injuries, she was told that she didn’t have to run  against Santiago. Her answer? “I’ve got to run!! It’s the last time I’ll run the hurdles in a home meet.” A week later, she was told that we would hold her out of a road meet against Norco.  Again, came the answer, “I’ve got to run. It’s my last dual meet ever!!!” However this season ends up; we know that this UCR-bound hurdler will joyfully continue to those hurdles and love it!!!

Friday, April 26
garside lisa four year
Photo Credit: Dan Bergstrom

The writer of this account has had the privilege of being part of Lisa Garside's high school life in both the classroom setting and the arena of sport. In both areas of her successful endeavors, she has shown herself to be a quiet, steady performer that leaves one impressed.

She is not showy or loud. Lisa goes about the business of being a good student and runner and for four years, she has done both well.  Disciplined and tenacious, her classroom resume is stained with high achievement.  Her grades are not very creative however, they pretty much read "A's" across the years, variety of letters are not her thing. She'll graduate this June with a GPA way beyond her peers and the magical threshold of 4.0.  Her time in class here at King was marked by a quiet skill that will serve her well in the rigorous confines of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where she'll be next fall; taking engineering courses and competing.

On the track (and in cross country for four years as well) her demeanor was the same ... quiet, steady and aimed at accomplishment.  Her running career at King is one of the better ones, with solid marks in both sports, notably a sub 5:20 1600 meter run during her junior year. 

But what made her accomplishments fun for those of us who worked with her, was how her eyes would light up when accomplishment was gained.  Her face breaks into a big grin and the joy of doing something significant overwhelms her countenance and posture.   Whether it was passing AP exams or running fast times, you could tell immediately that Lisa recognized fully that something cool had just happened and the happiness was uncontained.

May there be many more moments of grin and light as the years go by. We're confident there will be.

Friday, May 24
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Kiazha Ginwright
ginwright kiazha four year 2013

Kiazha Ginwright finishes her 4 year stint with the King Track program in almost a 360 degree position from where she started.  That is to say, she started out strong and she hs finished strong.finished strong.  As a freshman, she was a hurdler and despite the fact that she was only a freshman, she made it all the way to the inaugural Big VIII Finals in the 300 Hurdles. She seemed to have a nice future in both hurdle races. and was a consitent scorer for the team.

But for whatever reason, she fell away from that event and seemed to be a little lost. She turned to the jumps ( high/long and triple) but it didn't appear her heart was in it. Basketball, her first love, seemed to overshadow anything she did in track and there was some question as to whether she would stick with the sport or not.  Then in the the 2012 League Finals,  she jumped to a PR in the triple jump and then went past that mark in her last attempt for a "double PR." That lit the fire for the 2013 season.

In this her senior year, Kiazha's contribution in the jumps was immense. Having her in the three events and scoring on a consistent basis was a big comfort to the coaching staff. Her 4-8 high jump placed her second n the team behind her sister, league champion Kiarra and her 34-2 triple jump led the team most of the season. This senior captain  would ultimately be a third place finisher in the triple jump at Big VIII Finals and qualify for CIF Prelims.

Usually the road to success takes you away from where you started. In the case of Kiazha Ginwright, it led back to where she started and our program was better for it.

Monday, April 29
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Emma Jaramillo
jaramillo emma four year 2013

There's an old saying that goes like this: "If it doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger."  Perhaps, this is a line that can describe Emma's time with us running four years of track, as well as cross country.

She's been blessed with above-average talent and that gift allowed her to run some quality times and experience the likes of the cross country State meet and invitationals like Arcadia. But if you look at the four years of her running in its entirety, you'll quickly note that for every mountain top experience she's enjoyed, there has been equal time spent in the shadows of the valley. Her Junior season was lost to persistent health concerns, and the dismay she felt from that experience was visible.

Emma will be the first to tell you though, that the heart ache of those dark days have cast the more cheerful light on her current days. Her senior season has been one of growth, improvement, joy and accomplishment. Her fastest times have been recorded. Her smile has returned.  From the darkness of defeat, Emma has emerged with a new bounce in her step and a focus that has been an inspiration to those who have shared this season with her.  Remarkable even more as this rollercoaster track she's journied hasn't affected her joy, neither has it touched her smile. Whether darkened by shade or standing in light, Emma's character and integrity is clearly visible to all.

A strong, ever-focused young lady will graduate from King this year and based on both the highs and lows she's experienced during her time here, she's more than ready to face the challenges of college.  Headed to Pt. Loma University, she can look back at her time at King and see that through both the highs and the lows, her life is stronger as a result.

Tuesday, May 14
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Justin Johnson
johnson justin four year
Justin Johnson is a young man of very few words. When he speaks more than a couple of sentences, it's front page news. However, he really doesn't need to say much because he is a guy who's actions have spoken well of him for the past 4 seasons. Justin's desire, dedication and his unwavering work ethic are his signature. It is these things he is known for within the program and it is for these characteristics that he is admired. For 4 years, he hasn't wasted any verbage telling you what he's going to do; he's just gone out and done it.

His forte over the years  has been the 400, 200, and the 4 x 400.  This season, despite an injury that derailed things for a few weeks, he was a major contributor in scoring points and even better, a great example to his younger team mates. Coach Corona often talks to his charges about "emptying the tank"; about not having any regrets because maybe you held back. Justin has no regrets in those regards whatsoever.

He hasn't really told anybody that he has no regrets. All you had to do these past 4 years is watch him practice and compete to know that.  No, he certainly didn't talk the talk but he certinaly walked the walk of Class, Character and Courage.

Wednesday, May 8
mckell annie four year 2013

For Annie-these 4 years have been up and down; some successes and some disappointments but she has borne it all with a grace and dignity uncommon for one her age. Her specialty for her time with the program has been the 400 with a few 800’s thrown into the mix. She spent almost most of her junior year injured and didn’t get on the track very often. When she was named a team captain, Coach Corona had felt that her years in the program and her experience would help the team move forward. She was so excited about the confidence that had been placed in her and she vowed that she not only would make an impact o the track but in her new leadership role as well. Then came the news from her doctor. “Your feet aren’t made for running,” he said thus explaining the year and half of pain and difficulty in competing. Further competition might cause irreparable damage. She was besides her self.”Now what?” she asked herself, “ How do I contribute if I can’t run?”

Well, she found a way to do just that. She was at very practice; she was at every meet; she helped in whatever needed to be done; she encouraged her teammates-especially the younger ones. In short, she LED. She did not fall away from the program as she very could have but rather held it tighter to herself than ever before. Annie did get in 1 race in this her senior year. It would be 4 X 400 relay victory in our last home meet. She ran her leg, handed off the baton and then came to the infield where she broke into tears.

Those were tears that carried a lot of emotions-happiness at having been able to run and help the team win; sadness because she didn’t get to do it enough and contribute like she had wanted to. Tears because of the realization that, yes, the ride with her team was over. However, Annie’s experience leaves us with a lesson to be remembered and that is, you can always find a way if you care enough to look. Fortunately for our program, Annie McKell cared enough to look.

Wednesday, May 1
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Bayleigh Porter
porter bayleigh four year 2013

Bayleigh Porter has been one of the steady and consistently gracious and kind athletes to ever wear the King uniform. Her four years here have been marked by accomplishment, hard work, and an ever-present willingness to apply herself, grow as an athlete and mature as a person. These past years have therefore been a joy for those of us in the King XC and Track programs who have had the opportunity to work with her and witness the changes she made to her life. 

She wasn't naturally drawn to the distances, but a group of friends brought her in and from the tentative steps taken as a freshman, she has risen, grown and changed. Her last two seasons of track have been especially noteworthy, as she's placed herself among King's all-time best 800 meter runners and, as a surprise bonus, one of King's best 1600 meter runners despite rarely racing that distance.

Bay has a quiet persistence about her that is admirable, it makes one think of rivers and the effect they have on their boundaries. The river keeps running, and the boundaries keep growing, slowly morphing into new shapes.  Though the river's name may not change, its form, its breadth, its pace always does.  I'd imagine that the "Bayleigh" who first laced on a pair of racing shoes back in 2009-2010 is not the same "Bayleigh" we watch gracefully circling the track today. She's changed, much like a river moves its shore; slowly, quietly, almost imperceptably.  But the transformation is real and going back to the path she once took is inconceivable ... no, its impossible.

We don't take the credit for the Bayleigh we see today, so much of that work has been on her. But count our joy complete for having been witness to the last four years; watching Bayleigh Porter moving,  changing,  growing, and reshaping her shores.  Remarkable growth, remarkable change, remarkable young lady.

Wednesday, May 8
Rojas C four year 2013

For Cecilia Rojas, her four year journey has been a road looking for her niche….where she can best make her contribution. It is a road that many kids will wander and sometimes they never find the answer. For Cecilia, her first three years were in many ways they were frustrating. Her search led her from the high jump to the 400. In both of those events, she made some contributions at the JV level but her times never seemed to get better. She was basically stuck in the same place. It would have been easy for her to quit or t be satisfied where she was .

Then, as the 2013 Winter Camp opened up, Cecilia decided that this was it-senior year- and she was going to go for it! Go for it she did!! This season, she has dropped her PR from 1:06 to 1:02. She has been a point maker on the varsity team in both the open 400 and the 4 X 400 relay and seemingly every week her times have inched downward. She would finish 6th in the Big 8 Finals –a place nobody expected her to be a year ago and she also finished 4th at the City Championships. She has earned the right to be an alternate for our CIF qualifying relay.

All this because she wasn’t going to settle. She wasn’t going to let the past dictate the future. All year long, Coach Corona has said to the Seniors -“Finish the Fight.” For three years, Cecilia traveled the road and fought the fight. As she heads off to graduation with her classmates, one can say that not only did she finish the fight—she won it! Class-Character-Courage----and Cecilia.

Saturday, April 27
soholt lauren four year 2013

There was a moment this past winter in which Lauren Soholt faced a crossroad of decision.  Having run the distances for four years, and looking at the calendar that finally read the year of her graduation, the intersection of choice yelled out, "Now's the time to turn! Now's the time to quit!  Now's the time to do something else!"

That place is visited by many a senior who suddenly see on the horizon a thing called graduation, and suddenly training hard and staying focused seems less and less attractive.  After all, what's a senior year supposed to be?  All work and no play?  Coupled with sagging emotions about the task ahead, Lauren thought about hanging the spikes up and calling it a career.  

But she didn't.  After some discussion and soul-searching, she recommitted herself to the goal of finishing what she started four years ago; and not just coasting across the line but soaring across it.  

We're so glad she reconsidered! In Janurary, what seemed like was going to turn into a dirge, her final track season has instead become a dance!  Reinvigorated by choice, Lauren has seen her fastest marks come in this senior season.  Once a 1600 meter runner who couldn't crack 6:00, she has now dropped that PR to 5:34!  Her positive and pleasant spirit has inspired not only her coaches, but also those teammates who have been aware enough to notice the quiet and unassuming senior with the feirceness of a tiger in her eyes.  Though there are no plans to compete in college, she'll take her academic and vocal skills next Fall to Vanguard University in Orange County where she's excited to start down the next road of her life.

To her credit, she has run this road quite well, and when she came to that proverbial crossroad we all face;  where a decision between what's hard and what's easy was presented clearly, Lauren took the path that has brought her to this well earned finish line with success.

Well played, Lauren, well played. 

Thursday, April 25
Torres Nathan four year 2013

Spend any amount of 100 meters watching Nathan Torres you'll see immediately that the guy is fast. Wicked fast. Beautiful fast. He floats across the ground, arms and legs in perfect form. He is fluid. He is a quickened form of grace and skill. It's really fun watching him at full speed.

His resume is impressive, obviously. He owns the school record for the 800 meters and competed at CIF Finals last year in that event.  His name is attached to the school records in the 4x800, 4x1600, 4x400 and distance medley relays.  His 2:02.28 run as a 9th grader is still the fastest time in that event for that grade level in school history.  Perhaps even more remarkable though is his range; as good as he is at running short, his 15:28 5000 meters is the #2 time in school history and his accomplishments running 3 miles over hill and dale in XC each Fall is equally notable.  The guy can run.

But, spend any amount of time with Nathan and you'll be laughing with him and at his antics in less time than it takes for him to run a half-mile.  He's insidiously funny and witty (they are different, the latter is harder) and his infectious smile and personality draw people to him.  He can strum the guitar better than most and loves to sing and will sing for you if you ask.

We'll miss him, but his future at UC Santa Barbara is bright.

Wednesday, April 24
werley raeyln 4year

Without question, one of the most devoted and hard working athletes to wear the King uniform has been Raelyn Werley. Her time spent with us has been productive, accomplished and -- most importantly -- one marked by grace and kindness and team spirit.

She made a mark very quickly, running at the varsity level even as a freshman.  Her specialty quickly became the 1600 and the 3200, and by her sophomore year she had already put down a very impressive 5:12 for the 1600 on her resume.  But then came her junior year, when a serious health issue shut down her season in March in order to give her time to heal. Heal she has!  After a very good cross country season last Fall, she has been a dominant force this season of track, especially in the 3200 where she has run 11:07, one of the five-best marks in school history.  In fact, her name appears on five of the all-time lists or records we keep. Very impressive.

We have high hopes for the future of this accomplished young lady, who is leaving King High with "the job well done", and having left a positive impact on her teammates and coaches.

Friday, April 13

Friday, April 27
Noelle Abboud hit the ground running when she came in as a freshman. Her first two years were a flurry of first places in the 400; a key member of both relays, CIF berths; city championships and an individual league championship. Coach Peters dubbed her "The First Noelle" because, for the most part, first place seemed to be her personal domain. But in her junior year, right as the season started, she was in a ATV accident and ended up having major surgery on her right foot. Truth be told, it could have been far worse. Some saw this as the end of a promising high school career; that she might never run another step again and who knew how a youngster, so used to success, would handle this large piece of adversity? However, those people did not know Noelle's heart nor her resolve. She would miss her entire junior year but that didn't stop her from being part of the team.First, she attended meets in a wheelchair; then on crutches; cheering on her team mates. She took team pictures with a cast on her leg. When she was finally given clearance; she went to work in rehab with a vengence and in the months leading up to this season worked hard to be ready. The result has been a senior season full of accomplishments way too numerous to mention here. Despite all awards, coming back from this injury has been her greatest victory. They say that adversity doesn't create character, it reveals it. Exhibit A supporting that statement is Noelle Abboud.

Saturday, April 14

Taylar Amiot remains a huge success story among King High School runners. Like many of her varsity predecessors, Taylar catapulted herself from barely making the team standards to a varsity team captain her senior season.  Her tiny frame has progressively produced big results and a stronger mental attitude throughout her tenure at King High. Taylar’s maturity, perseverance and willingness to improve will take her to Cal State San Bernardino next season as a runner for its women’s cross country team.

Tuesday, April 24
Every team needs a clown-a cut up-a “funny guy.”. He’s the guy that finds humor in just about anything; sometimes to the chagrin of his coaches. Josh Barnes is that guy for King Track and Field—except when it comes time to work and to compete. Most “clowns” don’t know where that line is. They are so busy getting laughs and attention that it carries over into their work ethic. Josh doesn’t have that problem. With a dead on George W. Bush impersonation, Josh will have his teammates in stitches one moment and then goes and rips off a series of 500’s that make your head spin. In between the various ladders he does in practice, will come a “pearl” of wisdom.” When he toes the line in a meet, however, he is all business. He has won numerous medals over the years and he can lead as evidenced by his captaincy of the JV team in 2010. Josh Barnes-the funny guy who gets serious at the right times.

Tuesday, April 10
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Monique Carrasco

Monique's tenure with King Track and Field has been anything but easy. Beset by injuries almost every season, she has had a hard time finding traction athletically and discovering what she could do. As we would hope in an unfortunate situation however, Monique hasn't let the adversity rob her of her sweet smile, pleasant disposition and willingness to try again at the dawn of a new season. Thankfully, this final campaign has bloomed with the sweet fragrance of health and she's enjoying the opportunity to run basically unhindered all season long. And that's pretty cool, and appropriate for a girl as cool as Monique!

Monday, April 23
Despite the fact that Jesse is a three year letter winner, he was never the guy you counted on for big points. He was the secondary guy; the guy who was along for the ride. He wasn't the guy you counted on. Primarily a high jumper and a sometime sprinter; this year Jess was forced to spread his wings into the long jump and triple jump due to lack of team depth. He has responded tremendously well, not just in scoring points but in leadership as well. Last week, against North, King needed a second place in the triple jump to win. Jess was told, due to an injury to his leg, that he was out of the competition and so, it seemed there went the chances of a King win. " I'm jumping," he said gamely. With a limp and a wrapped up leg, he  proceeded to get a PR, finish in second place and get the Wolves the win. Guess what? Jess was no longer along for the ride.

Friday, April 13
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Mitchel Cleland

Mitchel Cleland has bookended his four-years on campus with successful campaigns, running relatively injury-free and gradually improving.  Sandwiched in between, Mitchel ran with pain- growing over a foot and feeling its effect daily in his knees. Despite the pain, Mitchel continued to train and race. Mitchel’s fortitude was evident and his diligence paid off this year with a huge 10:09 PR in the 3200. Mitchel’s character should be admired by all- by battling through your pains and difficulties success will come.  His coaches are extremely proud of his efforts to contribute to the team.

Sunday, April 29
It has been a standing joke over the years that Andrew and his two brothers (Michael-08;and  David-10 ) were only out for track and field because A) their dad was the head coach and B) he was their ride home. Whether the story is true or not Andrew has acquitted himself exceptionally well in terms of performance and leadership during his time in King Track and Field.  An All-Big 8 Honorable Mention performer in soccer, he has been active in the 400 and both relays as well as a few escapades into the 800. He was the JV team captain last year and serves on the same capacity this season for the varsity. He has taken numerous younger athletes under his wing and shown them the "King Way." Another thing Andrew has done is earn everything he has gotten. He is more than just "the coach's son." Over his four years, he has done more than enough to earn those rides home.

Wednesday, April 25

For three years, Tiara was in in the shadow of Jessica Wiese, the best thrower King Track has ever had. For some kids that would mean frustration and disappointment. Not for Tiara. She just plowed ahead intent on being the best thrower she could be. Her work ethic has never been in question and she contributed mightily to the success of our team.  This year as a three year letter winner and a team captain she stepped up to the plate and assumed Jessica's role as a leader and as our main threat in the shot and discus. She has tossed PR's in both the shot and discus and consistently has scored for the team. She has been an inspiration to our team with her dedication and her discipline. Tiara is living proof that though you may be in the shadows, you don't have to stay there.This season, she certainly stands in the sun.

Friday, April 27
Sean was quiet, reserved and being a freshman who was new to the sport he was kind of lost and unsure of himself when he first came out for the team.. However, the confidence he would eventually gain from simply being on the team would catapult him to other avenues of success. Sean is very active in Drama/Theatre at King; is a big part of our Comedysportz team ( some people say he is the mainstay of the team) and he has intergrated himself into other areas of campus life as well. Yet,despite his successes in those other arenas he remembers from where he came. Sean is still at throws practice trying to get better; relaying tidbits of advice to the younger kids and wearing his uniform proudly. A lot of other kids would have walked away by now, especially given those successes in other areas. It's almost like he is saying-"Track is where it started and track is where it will end."

Saturday, April 21
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Amanda Harrison
A two year letter winner, no one has worked at her event-the high jump-as hard as Amanda has worked at hers. Under the expert tutelage of high jump coach Rey Brown, she has been a consistent performer and point scorer for the Wolves. Amanda has also provided guidance and leadership to the younger jumpers who are on the team. There have been several setbacks in her career but there was never a complaint. Amanda just worked harder.

Thursday, April 26
Reina came to us four years ago from the girls soccer team on pretty much of a whim. She didn’t know much about track except that she had heard that it was a good way to stay in shape for soccer. She went over to the hurdles very early and the rest is history. Reina has been a dedicated performer for her four years and she now stands on the verge of breaking into the top 5 all time for the 300’s. Steady is the word that describes her best; steady in her efforts; steady in her attendance; steady in her leadership and steady in her loyalty. She finished as a four year member of the soccer program and is doing the same in track. As a co-captain she has been that steady and reliable influence that a senior needs to be. She hasn’t been “the star”, but she has been there every time we have needed her and always given her best.  The 3 C’s?---just take a look at Reina Hutton.

Saturday, April 28
It was a just a matter of time. Everybody knew that one day, once she determined to truly focus on her track abilities, Cydnie Jones would simply break out.  Basketball was always number one with Cyd and perhaps rightfully so as she has earned a basketball scholarship to Cal-Poly Pomona in the Fall. A lot of kids in that position would have either quit track or chose to backslide. Cydnie decided to "break out."  With a solid work ethic and  strong competitive spirit, she has risen into the rarefied air of the CIF and  State rankings.Her recent foray into the Inland Empire Championships 200 produced the 5th fastest time in California and the 31st fastest in the COUNTRY. She is also ranked high in the 100 as well. She has been a mainstay for 4 years on the 4 X 100 and most recently the 4 X 400; both of which are ranked among the tops in the state. She was a City Champion in 4 events-the first time that has happened since the meet was re-instated three years ago. She is the first King athlete to earn 4 medals at the prestigious Arcadia Invitational.  She has done all of this with a smile on her face and a true love of what she is doing. She is going out as a true champion. And as for Cal-Poly? There is talk that one day she'll be on the track for them. For now, though,  she'll simply be the fastest kid on the court!

Sunday, April 29
It looked like 4 years ago, this track thing was going to be easy for Kasey. JV team MVP; she moved into her sophomore year as a varsity candidate. She always seemed to be smiling. However, it seems like nothing is ever that easy. Late season injuries in her sophomore year and then more of the same into most of her junior year, left her frustrated and even sometimes angry. Her performance and her attitude suffered. However, this year she has gotten past that frustration to be a key contributor on the team. She has been a City Meet finalists this year; scored some key points and filled in admirably this year for the 4 X 100 relay. She even volunteered to run the 400 against Roosevelt because we needed the points. No wonder Coach Corona has dubbed her "Comeback Kasey". And that smile that seemed to disappear for awhile--it's back-just like her.

Thursday, April 19
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Marissa Levine
It took awhile before her love of track took over. Until last year, Marissa was a tennis player, a basketball player and a track athlete. Not only was she split in three different directions, she was hampered by injury and illness at various times that would have discouraged lesser people. She always had a smile even in the toughest of times.Last year, she decided on just going out for track and dedicated herself to getting better. A two year letter winner, her attitude has always been a positive force on the team.Marissa now stands only about five feet from the Number 5 spot all time in the Discus; a testimony to her work ethic and her belief.

Wednesday, April 18
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Allison Lomheim
Allison has come a long way since her freshman year when she was a full time hurdler and part time pole vaulter. That year, she was the JV Wolfpack Pride Award winner for her versatility and her team spirit.  She has since dropped the hurdles and been one of the more consistent vaulters in King History with a PR mark of 9-6. Though she has more of a focus on the vault, the team spirit is still very much a part of who she is and it has helped make us who we are.

Tuesday, April 10
If you look up the word "passion" you just might find Ethan's name or picture next to it.  Especially when it comes to running. He's exceptionally disciplined and always motivated to excel. He's been for four year the consumate athlete, day in and day out, week after week, season after season, he's rarely missed a beat, hardly missed a workout and has been devoted to his craft all along. The best thing though may be seeing the improvement that he's made along the way.  His freshman year he ran the 1600 in times around 5:30. He's finishing with a PR under 5:00 and a 3200 that's sub-11:00.  Not bad, not bad at all; and all of it's a result of his passion and willingness to work.

Tuesday, April 17

Nathan Meier has grown tall in stature and in maturity throughout his four years as a King High School runner. Like many freshman, Nathan was not quite sure the work involved in running was going to suit him. Despite this, he improved each season both in cross country and in track- most notably in dropping over two minutes from his freshman season two mile time of 12:36 to 10:18. Nathan’s friendship and personality will be missed amongst his teammates who will cheer him on next year as he competes as a Bulldog for the University of Redlands.

Wednesday, April 18
Kylie came out, as many youngsters do, with the idea of being a sprinter. She had good speed but it wasn't enough to warrant a spot on the travel team. Observing her very slight build (if she weighs over 100 pounds, it ain't by much) Coach Corona suggested the pole vault. The rest is history. Kylie is a three year letter winner and has won numerous individual and team medals along the way. She is one of those kids that exemplify King Track and Field --small in statue but a VERY large heart

Tuesday, April 10
Cort Mort, as we affectionately call her, has seen both the highs and the lows of track and field over her four years. There have been valleys in which the injuries never seemed to subside, but there have been mountain tops of achievement and PR's that have brought a smile and a sense of accomplishment that has removed some of the sting that comes with adversity.  Through out it all however, one thing you could count on for sure about Courtney was that she'd never stop, she'd never give up, she'd keep on keepin' on.  Excitedly, she's got her sights set on one of the top engineering schools in the country, Colorado School of Mines, where she'll apply her exceptional academic skills as she prepares for the next chapter of her life.

Sunday, April 15

As a team, we have seen the likes of several siblings follow in an older brother or sister’s footsteps and join the running program. Tyler Parrish literally followed step-by-step in whatever his senior brother did, to the point of not wanting to separate during the training runs. Tyler went under the radar his first year on campus, but has done anything but that ever since. Establishing himself as top varsity runner with a true desire to compete, lead, and work hard, Tyler continues to improve.  What we are most proud of is his willingness to grow from a quiet and shy freshman to a team leader wanting to succeed one step at a time.

Tuesday, April 10
He's the BMOC, or at least the BMOT (Big Man on Track). At least 6-4, Adam has made a big impact on the track team over his four years here, by working hard, improving and demonstrating consistency. He's enjoyed an injury-free four years running the distance events, and has improved from 5:20 for 1600 meters as a freshman to the 4:30's as a senior. The first time he ever ran the 800 he ran 2:23, four years later he's knocking on a sub-2:00!  That's how it's done, folks! One year at a time, working hard, sticking to it and never saying never.  Well done Adam Schupp, you've got a lot of people who look up to you!

Monday, April 23
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Rickie Stevenson
Rikki Stevenson has always shown great intensity; great passion and at times, great impatience as a King track athlete. She would be the first to tell you that she hasn't done quite as well as she would have liked but it hasn't come from a failure to work at it.  She has worked so hard, in fact ,that there was a point where she took herself too seriously and it hurt her advancement but she has gotten past that-for the most part. Now she has a ready smile and laugh for almost any situation and her marks are better than they've ever been. Still passionate?-yes but a lot more patience.

Friday, April 20
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Meaghan Taylor
If you are looking for loyalty to the King Track program or someone who believes in the 3 C's (Class, Character and Courage)., look no further than Meg Taylor. Meg's career in the throw ring has been marked by ups and downs but her belief in what the program is about has been consistently steadfast. Her career marks are not eye-popping yet all that seems unimportant. The reason for that is that she is one of those youngsters who truly understand that there is more to this sport than just being able to throw a shot or a discus. Because of that, she is truly comfortable in her own skin as a person and as an athlete. Her belief in the program and it's credo is what's important. You can see that every day.

Saturday, April 14

For the first two seasons at King, JT raced sparingly. His freshman season was spent on the "development squad" and it apparently did what it was supposed to do, for JT has developed into a fine runner since then. He ran the 800 and 1600 for his sophomore and junior years, then transitioned to the 400 as a senior.  If there was anything that was obviously noticable in JT, it was his leg speed and solid form.  He's enjoyed a fine senior year running the lap in the low 50's and as always, doing it with a smile and good cheer. A good season indeed, but an even better four years of developing into a fine young man.

Saturday, March 12

Sunday, April 3
barnes four year seniors 330.jpg
Four years ago, an almost  waif-like freshman walked up to Coach Corona and said "My brother did track here." Coach replied, "Who's your brother?" "Chris Barnes, " came the answer. Chris Barnes who was a REALLY big guy who was out first great shot putter and discus thrower? Chris Barnes who was a football offensive tackle for King, RCC and Marshall University? Chris Barnes, who was a CIF qualifier and team captain? Here was living proof that not every kid in every family was going to be the same. Jon was SO small and at that moment, unsure what event he would try. One thing for sure, it wasn't going to be the shot or the discus. He ultimately turned to the pole vault and what a blessing for all invovled.

Over these four years, Jon , with his long golden locks and his ready smile has become on  of the most consistent vaulters ever at King. That statement says a lot when one considers the amount of success the Wolves have had traditionally in that event.  As of this writing he has yet to reach the school record but he has made two very good attempts at 13-8 and it is very much within his reach. Jon was the 2010 Big VIII champion in the vault and a CIF qualifer. A team captain this year, Jon has been a key component in helping this year's group of very young and green vaulters improve on a week to week basis. His PR, right now is `13-2, putting him in the Top 5 All-Time and he led this year's pole vault relay to a new school record at the Chino Relays.

At the beginning one might have suspected that the  BIG shadow cast by his BIG brother and the legacy Chris left might have overwhelmed Jon.  That never appeared to bother Jon one bit and in the end, Jon has cast his own shadow and left his own legacy-in his own way- to King Track and Field. In that way, Jon is every bit as big as his brother

Tuesday, April 26
bowmanaubreyfouryear2011 330.jpg

A willingness to try, a commitment to the team, and the desire to give 100% of what you are capable of giving are three maxims that have been preached to the distance team this entire year. It’s a way of life that we should all live by and in the sport of running that becomes difficult when you are a senior as the eagerness to leave the world of high school awaits you, you are tired of the day to day routine and most frustrating of all, you are injured.

This season, Aubrey gave what she could as she continued to battle through the nagging injuries she suffered with in cross country. Unfortunately, shin splints seemed to control her path this year and with that, a difficult road to get back in shape in time for track. It’s tough for any four-year runner to finish out their senior year with the same youthful enthusiasm as they may have had as freshman and combine that with injuries, many runners would have quit. Without a tangible goal to reach, running is the type of sport and creates that type of pain that just makes it not worth it for many who can’t feel good on a consistent basis. Aubrey, however, made a commitment to the team and for that her teammates were blessed with having a great friend to support them and the coaches were grateful for her helping hand.

Aubrey’s legacy will remain her lasting friendship to each individual on the team. Aubrey Bowman’s four years of running did not end up as she had anticipated, but she endured, practiced and carried out her commitment to herself, her coaches and her King family.  Her willingness to try, give and help others has always been the most important traits we can ask of our runners and we are grateful Aubrey decided to give us just a little bit more.

Wednesday, April 27
boyd kelli four year 330.jpg

There can be no question that Kelli is one of the most versatile and accomplished athletes to have ever wore the Wolf uniform. In her time here she has been a Riverside City champion; a multiple league champion; a four year letter winner; a four time CIF qualifier; a two time CIF Finalist (finishing 6th in the HJ and the TJ a year ago); and a Master’s Meet qualifier. Her name is all over our top five lists and she has been named our most outstanding field event athlete for the past two seasons.  This year, she is a team captain. Yes, she has done a lot and the ironic part is that because of her grace and her personality, it all looked so easy.

What people saw did not tell the whole story. What people did not see were the injuries that dotted her career and often held back her progress. What they did not see was the frustration of trying to deal with those injuries and sometimes, the self doubt that came with them. What they did not see was how hard she was on herself when she did not accomplish what she felt she was capable of or live upon to the expectations hoisted upon her.  It was tough at times, but you never knew it because she continued to go about her business. She often smiled through the adversity. She never ”big-timed” her team mates and instead embraced them.  

Just this year, as newcomer Asia Johnson reached her PR in the high jump at Rancho Bernardo, Coach Corona tried to offer her some advice. Kelli, who was also competing that day, admonished him with a smile saying, “I’m her coach today!.”  Asia got that PR.  Kelli is headed off to Fresno State in the Fall, track scholarship in hand. She leaves behind a great number  of accomplishments, that’s for sure. However, her legacy will not be all those numbers and statistics. Instead, Kelli will be remembered for her faith, dignity and most of all---Grace. Grace in her attitude and Grace in the way she competed. Her legacy certainly befits Class, Character and Courage.

Wednesday, April 27
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Kayla Cunningham
cunninghamfour year 330.jpg

When one goes out for a sport-an athletic team-it’s not supposed to be all business. Oh, sometimes coaches take it so serious that they suck the fun right out of it. Then there are those athletes who sink their very being into what they are doing to the point that the sport becomes who they are. There is supposed to be an element of fun in every sport. According to surveys by the National Federation of High School Coaches, fun is a major reason kids go out for sports.  That attitude has never been lost on Kayla Cunningham.  

Now before you get the idea that Kayla is not serious about track or her event-think again. She is a four year team member; a team captain; a CIF qualifier and has her name in the top five all-time 4 X 400 list. She and Abby Creel organized and conducted early season workouts in order for the 400 kids to get in some sort of shape prior to regular practice starting. She is fluent in the language of Class, Character and Courage, constantly passing on to her younger teammates what that is all about. When Abby, our number one 400 runner went down prior to the 400 against Corona this year, it was Kayla that stepped up and ran her PR in order to get us a badly needed second place in what would be a team close victory. Oh, she is competitive and yes, she wants to win, but not at the expense of having a little fun. If there is a nickname to be given out to a team mate -

Kayla is the one that thinks of it. If there is a funny irony to be seen, Kayla not only sees it, she articulates it and let’s everybody know. What’s really funny is when she does speak of these things and those around don’t quite get it. She often leads the laughter and the silliness but there is a line that she consciously won’t go past.  She never would want that fun or that silliness to denote a lack of respect for the program. Coach Corona always asks the seniors; ”What will you leave behind?” Kayla leaves a legacy of hard work and fun times and really, that’s the way it should be. As she goes on in life,  she isn’t going to have it any other way.

Sunday, May 8
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Lauren Escudero
Every season, Coach Corona challenges the student-athletes in our program to set goals. These goals need not be "out of this world" nor should they be easily attainable. These goals need to be those that seem just out of reach but with hard work and dedication, can be accomplished. then, of course, you move on to the next goal.  Lauren Escudero, from the very beginning, has taken that challenge to heart.

A three year letter winner in track and also a member of the Lady Wolves water polo team, Lauren has, in each of her four years, reached her goal and moved on to the next challenge. A  thrower, Lauren has labored  hard over the years, many times after everybody else was gone from practice,  perfecting her craft, especially the discus. In her first season, she just wanted to get the disc out 80 feet and then sophomore year the goal was 90 and she has spent the last two seasons in quest of the 100 foot barrier. In this, her senior season, she flung the plate 106 feet, placing her fifth all time. Seldom has there been such a joyous celebration as when she hit that mark. "FINALLY!" She exclaimed. "FINALLY, I MADE IT!!"

Certainly as a team co-captain she has left her mark, counseling newer younger throwers and guiding her team mates through pre-season workouts. She has been a positive force in our program moving forward. However, her real legacy will be serving as an example of "keeping your eye on the prize" despite the disappointments; despite the highs and the lows. It may take time but all goals are attainable. Just ask Lauren Escudero.

Wednesday, March 30
huscher ben four year 2011 330.jpg
With an older brother who ran three of his four years at King, it seems as if Ben's been around a long time, longer than four years. His time at King has been spent growing ... physically and in maturity. He now towers at around 6-4, which would be extremely tall for distance runners and would seem out of place if it weren't for his fellow skyscrapers Lane and Adam who all three take up the middle of the back row of any team photo. Ben has added to his height the characteristics of hard work and tenacity, especially over the last calendar year, as he's become somewhat of a leader and a much more disciplined runner than he was in his youth. And that's a good thing, for as he readies himself to embark onto college and life, he appears ready to go and to go be successful. The journey of the runner is that there is never a finish line, but along the way one gets his second wind and the transit appears effortless. That's kind of where Ben is, which with approaching graduation, it's a cool place to be.

Wednesday, April 6
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Harrison McMillen
mcmillen harrison four year 2011 330.jpg

Harrison McMillen finishes his four years of high school running on a bit of a comeback. After somewhat of an off-year in 2010, he is back in good shape and good form for his last season; in fact this season has shaped up to be his best.  Having put in a decent winter of off-season training, his mid-year training (something that soccer precluded him from doing in past years)  has been paying off in good performances. 

In the dual against Corona, he took charge in the JV 800 and won his first ever race, in a PR of 2:14 to boot! At March's Arroyo Meet of Champions distance carnival, he lowered his lifetime best in the 1600 meters to a sub-five mark, the first time he's done that in his career! A great race. Look to him to drop that PR even lower as the season unfolds.

Beside the athletic accomplishments, Harrison is a young man who takes his studies seriously and has earned his Eagle Scout status in the Boy Scouts of America.  College-bound, he is as of this time still undecided as to which university he will attend. Through it all, he's kept his sense of humor, a killer smile and a personality that draws folks to his side.  A fine career indeed!

Sunday, March 6
miller chris four year 2011

Chris Miller’s athleticism is evident. You see it when he runs. You see it in his chiseled features. Chris Miller’s love of Athletics (the official name of track and field) is also evident. You hear it when he talks. If there ever was a member of the team that exudes the confidence and passion toward the sport, it’s him.  Full of wit and enthusiasm, he’s a fun guy to be around, he lightens the mood while impressing you with his Wikipedic knowledge of the sport – not only at the high school level, but even on up to the World class level. (Quickly now, do you know who holds the WR for the 1500? Ask Chris).  Still, he’ll be the first to admit that his “breakthrough” hasn’t yet come in terms of performance. Perhaps that is because he has tried to serve two masters over the years at King. He has dabbled in the 800 and the 400, never really diving head first into either. With both feet in two worlds, his performances, while solid, have yet to measure up to his obvious talent and attitude. That barrier may well be broken this year as he has left the lappers and has put his chips in the 800. Given the talent and infectious attitude with which he approaches the sport, one can assume that “big day” is on the very near horizon. It’s going to be exciting to see!

Sunday, May 1
minini four year 2011 330.jpg
When one thinks of Mason Minini, one thinks of how Coach Corona often has described him. A "BIG GOOF"-a big lovable-how can you stay mad at him for too long-give you the shirt off his back GOOF.

As a freshman, he initially picked up the pole vault simply because it meant that he would have to run as much as the other guys. He also fit the pole vault stereotype. That is, the willingness/crazyness of flying through the air on a pole upside down. A fan of extreme sports, this was THE extreme event in track. He was all in.

Despite his occasional run-ins with Coach Corona over discipline; gradesand his sometimes lazy attitude at practice, Mason has been a model of consistency and improvement in the vault.He barely made 8 feet as a freshman and now sits at a 12-6 PR and has flirted consistently this year with the magic 13-0 mark. He is a team co-captain and helped set the school's pole vault relay record this year at the Chino Relays. He has been a consistent point scorer helping the team to one of its best ever win-loss records. Coach Corona commented a couple of times over the season that he didn't have to worry much about the pole vault because" Jon (fellow senior Jonny Barnes) and Mason are over there. We can count on them." It has always meant SOMETHING to him to be part of the program and it showed.

Mason is planning on continuing his vaulting career at RCC. Being a " BIG LOVABLE GOOF" may continue but as it has been at King, vaulting will mean something to him and he will be all in.

Monday, May 9
From the very first meet in school history back in 2000, the name "Moody" has been etched into almost every team lineup. That name has been a staple of every competition. It was Marcus (Class of 02), a thrower who started the track lineage and then Jovaun (Class of 05 , a hurdler and long/triple jumper. Jovaun was followed by Isaac (09-another thrower and finally here in 2011, we see the end of a family era as Denzel, a long/triple jumper finishes his final season.

Some kids would have shied away from "the family business" so to speak. The possibility of living in the shadow of your older brothers would cause some kids to find something else to do; something in which there could be no comparisons. Instead, Denzel embraced that challenge. He didn't run away from it.He knew he couldn't throw like Marcus and Isaac and he did not like the idea of jumping over hurdles like Jovaun. However, he could jump-oh could he jump and that's what he has done, especially these past two seasons on the King varsity. He has been a consistent scorer in the long and triple jump which was huge because of the lack of depth and the inexperience we have had there the past couple of years.

There have been times when Coach Corona felt the need to "motivate him" and there were many times he wondered "What am I doing out here?" However, he stayed the course, gave his best and gamely wrote his own chapter in the Moody family book. In doing that, he has a special place in the history of King Track and Field.

Thursday, May 5
moses four year 2011 330.jpg
There is an old saying that it isn't the end of the journey that is important but the journey itself. As in life, the journey of a four year senior is not always smooth; it isn't always the way one would envision and there are often obstacles and roadblocks along the way.  How one reacts to that adversity tells you a lot about a person's character. It tells you a lot about a guy like Jaime Moses.

Jaime has had ups and downs as a member of the King program that might have shaken lesser student-athletes. A freshman season cut short by injury; a sensational sophomore year that appeared to be his breakthrough; he got hurt midway through his junior year that finished his season and a senior year in which he has battled nagging maladies  which have slowed his times. Yes, someone else might have quit; looked for an excuse but Jaime never did. He just kept on keeping on.  With a smile and hard work ethic, Jaime has continually pushed to get better-pushed his team mates to  get better and as a result has made our program better.  He has passed on his wisdom, his knowledge and his experience to his younger team mates. Jaime is a team co-captain and has his names on the top five list. However, he has done more than that. He had served as an example everyday of what it takes to be a King Track athlete despite what is thrown at you.

Now, as his  own journey is nearing its end, Jaime can give his younger teammates the road map for their success. The guidelines are Class, Character and Courage. Jaime knows because he has lived it.

Tuesday, April 26

Having spent four years with Rafi Perez, there are many superlatives one could use to describe the young man. Over the time he has spent here running the distance events, you could go easily to the title, "Team Player" for that illustrates what he has been to those around him. Always looking for ways to put others and the team first, his "play" in track and field has been conducive to unity. "Tough" ... now there's another word. NEVER one to complain, he's worked hard and diligently for four years, honing and improving his craft, always in the relative obscurity of junior varsity level. "Excited" could well be used to describe him. You should have seen the beaming face when he rejoined the team in the stands after breaking 5:00 in the 1600 at the APU meet in March. It was a party, and he was at the center of it.  "Coachable" could be used as well ... always one to be asking questions and seeking solutions, Rafi has been a coachable kid for four years; certainly a reason for his longevity.

But while all of these monikers aptly describe Rafi Perez, perhaps there's one more that is at the core of who he is. It's one that in the big picture, will outshine all the others. Its one that some spend a lifetime trying to achieve, yet he has seemingly mastered it at the young age of 17.  That one word that would sum up all that Rafi Perez is and has been to King Track and Field ? ... "Gentleman!"  Thank you and well done!

Sunday, March 6
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Hanna Peterson
peterson hanna 4 year 2011

Hanna Peterson’s four years of track and field at King High is near the stuff of legend. It could easily be turned into a Hollywood “feel good movie” that inspires and motivates. You see, she was just an average athlete as a freshman, but over the years, despite adversity and injury and through persistent hard work, she’s become of one of King High best distance runners in our twelve seasons … statistically, she may, by season’s end, be the BEST ever.  Now with a scholarship to the Pac12 national power, University of Arizona, she adds that accomplishment to the school record she already holds in the 3200. She’s five seconds away from the school record in the 1600 and a scant 2 seconds in the 800. Her name is also attached to the 4x800, 4xmile and Distance Medley school records. Her goals are clear for the season: with two distance marks left to claim, it’s time to run the table.  If a ninth grader is looking for a road map to navigate high school track and field with, she or he would be wise to look to the one Hanna has laid out. It’s proven to be successful and it’s been drawn with the ink of sweat and determination. Along the way she’s racked up a cabinet of accomplishments and raced ferociously at every turn. Well done, Hanna, well done!

More on HP here.

Tuesday, March 29
rini nick four year 2011
We'd like you to get to know Nick Rini. Don't be disuaded by the mop of hair that jumbles down across his face in brown rivulets. The "Rini look" -- affectionately, we call him "homeless man" -- is one of genuine decency and kindness. As you get to know him, you'll come to recognize that beneath the mane is the heart of a lion, a genuine character of decency, hard work, consistency and truthfulness. Nick is more apt to let his actions speak more loudly than his words. His actions are those of a young man who has his head squarely placed on his shoulders, a person who increasingly stands in awe at the wonders of life seeking to grasp the majesty of things previously unknown. We really like Nick, not only for his exploits on the track, but for the decency of the man behind the flowing hair that would lead some to think incorrectly he hasn't a care in the world. He's made a great career of his time at King High. 

Wednesday, April 6
soholt carrie four year 2011

Carrie discovered running during her 9th grade year. Like many, she spent her youth running up and down a soccer field, but by the midway point of that freshman year, she had fallen in love with something altogether new, and something she happened to be good at. Distance running quickly became her passion. Her name is now tattooed on every one of the "all time lists" we keep, and she's accepted a partial scholarship to compete for Biola University next year.  Great accomplishments, yes,  but perhaps her legacy will be much more than the merely athletic.

Throughout her years at King, through injuries and good times, she has endeavored to run with humility the race that was set before her. While she's kept her eyes on the prize, she's never forgotten to keep the interests of others foremost in her mind. She's been the consumate teammate, encouraging and kind, even to others who have surpassed some of her quality marks. Her competitiveness has never taken a back seat to her graciousness. Her will to win, has not created a will to defeat.

While some come and go, vanishing like a vapor, others leave a mark that will outlast their time spent here. Carrie is one of those whose presence will be missed after June of 2011. She'll be missed because she made so much good of the time she spent.

Wednesday, March 30
tippets four year 2011 330.jpg
Distance running is all about being consistent. Kasey Tippets has been a consistent runner who has seen some improvement over the years. She has spent most of her time running the 800 and 1600 and boasts a PR's in the low 2:30's and 5:30's, both solid times. As a freshman she ran in CIF Prelims in the 1600, going 5:32. This year, she has moved up to the 3200 to add that to her repertouire as well. Rarely one to miss practice, her legacy is one of consistency and a persistence in racing that is to be admired. That steadiness has been achieved throughout her four years while doing club soccer, running cross country and maintaining a GPA above 4.0 all the way through.  She'll be headed to BYU next year to pursue her college education.  She's had a good run and will no doubt go out in style.

Sunday, May 1
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Matt Villanueva
villanueva matt four year2011
A good part of being a four year team member is perseverance-a stick-to-it attitude-and a willingness to survive. Survive is a bit of a strong word but true nonetheless. Over a four year period, there are many obstacles, many demands from different directions that a high school kid interested in being all they are capable of has to deal with. It's not so tough for the person interested in only one thing but for the kid that has many interests, many people to answer to, it gets tough and sometimes things like track go by the wayside.

Matt Villanueva has always found a way to balance his interests, particularity band and track. He has never given less than 100% to either of these programs, nor to his academics or any of the activities and programs he has been involved in at King High. He is a valuable member of King Track and Field, especially in regard to his hard work and his support of his team mates. He serves as a tremendous example of the 3 C's. Certainly there were times he was frustrated with his times or his performances and certainly wondered what he might do if he just focused on one thing but he continued giving his best and staying the course. Certainly, it worked against his grain to quit.

Did this persistence; this survival pay off? Well, Matt got word about a month ago that he has won appointment to the Air Force Academy, joining his brother Chris (King Track-2009). An Officer and a Gentleman? Ladies and gentlemen -we give you Matt Villanueva.

Friday, April 15
webb racheal four year 2011

Rachael Webb is a soccer player –make no mistake about that. She has been a two year varsity starter for the Wolves, a team captain, an All-League and All-CIF performer and a key component to King’s CIF championship run of 2010. Anybody that knows her knows she lives and breathes the sport. Track, however, has been an up and down affair during her four years. She came out at first to stay in shape for soccer. After a promising freshman year, Rachael broke her ankle in a club tournament and was lost to us for the entire season.

Last year’s lengthened soccer season caused her to never really get into “track shape” and it proved to be a bit frustrating for her. There were numerous times she had the opportunity to quit, to walk away and not worry about the next day’s workout. This really wasn’t her sport anyway, not like soccer. But whenever the subject of forgetting about track came up, despite the logic and the diplomacy that was applied-even occasionally form Coach Corona- one could tell that she wasn’t going to have any of that stuff. She wasn’t going to quit. She had started this and she was going to finish it. She was going to make this work. She never really said those words, but her body language said it all. She, indeed, made it work. Juggling her numerous schedules and asking for the occasional “Can I leave early?”

Rachael’s determination to compete and her leadership have proved invaluable as our program continued to grow.  She is a City Champion; a CIF qualifier; and a team captain. However, her greatest contribution has been that she has been LOYAL. She has been true to her team and true to herself. She could have picked one sport over the other but she never did because she believed in what the program had t offer her and what she had to offer to the program. The impact she has had on this program through that loyalty is immeasurable and that will be her legacy. In the Fall, she is headed off to Trinity College in Illinois to pursue a nursing career and continue her career in soccer.  King Track and Field is much better off because she decided, at least for four years, to be a soccer player that ran track.

Sunday, April 3
weise jessica four year 2011
Very simply put-Jessica graduates this year as the most accomplished female thrower in the history of King High. Her name rests atop a list of great names like Ashley Hearle, Diedre Russell, Andrea Morrison and Chantel Hicks. Her ascension to the top spot has been a story of dedication, hard work and improvement over these four years.

Currently, she is the school record holder in the shot (37-1) and is only two feet shy of the school discus record. Since her first year on varsity in 2009, she has helped win and set records in numerous throw relay teams-this year helping set the school record at the Chino Relays. She is a city champion; a CIF qualifier in 2010 who finished ranked 14th in CIF-Division 1; and last year, surprised everybody with a first place finish in both the shot and discus at the Big VIII Finals.

A two-time team captain, she is only the 8th girl to be so honored. Her calm understated manner belies a solid work ethic and a fierce competitive spirit. Her dry wit keeps her team mates loose and she truly cares about the character and integrity of the King TRack program.  As defending league champion, she has a target on her back every week, but she has handled that pressure with calmness and focus. What is truly remarkable as well, is that she has accomplished all of this while fulfilling her responsibility to the King Band of which she is a major component and contributer. You want a true definition of a champion-both on the field and off.?  Look it up in the dictionary. You'll find a picture of Jessica Wiese.

Thursday, April 7
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Aaron Youngren
youngren aaron four year 2011

It would be understandable if one were disappointed in this final season of Aaron's.  He has admittedly decided to cruise into the finish line, much like a long distance runner might chill over the last meters of a long run, spent and content with what had come before the barriers of concentration and pain tolerance proved to be insurmountable. The disappointment is natural, for Aaron's time at King, at least through his third season, was one of steady improvement and glimpses of glory that could have been nurtured into greatness. 

Like an indy band with a tune that caught on, his career through 2010 could be described as upward, riding on the beat of talent.  He raced as a 9th grader in seeming obscurity with times in the 800 and 1600 that were modest, heck, he notched a 5:44 1600 the first time he raced. But from there, his rise began with earnestness. As a sophomore, he slipped under 5:00-flat for the distance and began to show what his fluid form and runner's-build would indicate should happen. As a soph, with a handful of sub-5 performances under his belt, including a 4:52 at league finals, he was on the doorstep of quality.  That talent exploded with a 4:38 PR his junior year, a mark that was a sliver outside the top 5 all time at King for 1600 meters.  It was an exciting time.

Aaron's as good natured and congenial as always and will graduate with style, well liked by his peers and coaches.  He smiles easily and his laughter can fill a room. Next year he's off to RCC and speaks of competing for the Tigers. This much we know, should he embrace the talent he's been given, the journey through the college ranks could be quite successful and satisfying.

Friday, April 2

Monday, April 5
aguilar craig four year 2010.jpg
Craig doesn't say a whole lot out loud. He just screams in action. Sometimes, most of the time, that's the preferred method. As a freshman he was drawn to the 400 meters, but by his sophomore year, his experience in cross country and thru the urging of Coach Corona, he moved up a lap and has found a home in the 800. As straight-an-arrow as they come, he has targeted the bullseye of integrity and honor before fame and fast. His work ethic and understanding of team work have gone complimented each other consistently from Day One. Above all else, however, has been his grace and dignity, modeling "The Three C's" of the program like few others. In this last season, after he ran a stellar, PR-caliber race, a coach inadvertantly cleared the watch of the times, agonizing over hitting the wrong button. True to form, Craig, having just seen a potential lifetime best evaporate into where ever digital numbers go when they're killed, smiled and quickly said, "That's ok, I'll just beat it again on Saturday." Class. Character. Craig. (Oh, and for the record, he got that record on Saturday, just as he promised.)

Monday, March 29
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Rebecca Asplund
asplund rebecca four year 2010.jpg
Her story is, well, pretty incredible. You see, she was once a softball player before high school, club, travel, the whole thing. But somehow she stumbled into cross country, then track and fell in love with distance running. The "somehow", I think, was providence. Her splash was medium sized. You could tell there was some ability there, but not like, you know, huge. She ran varsity right away, but it would be a couple of seasons before her name showed up on any lists. Her love affair with the art and science of distance running was growing, blooming. And then came her junior years. Beset by a host of physical conditions, where running was once a gleeful romp through the park, that third year seemed to be a trip through the shadow of the valley of death. But rather than bail, as most would do, she gritted her teeth and got back on the track and kept moving. There were glimpses of hope last year. Just glimpses. But what we are seeing this season is nothing short of moving! From a 1600 best of 5:25 a year ago, she recently set the new school record at 5:06, a drop even an optimist would question in advance. She's done it with grace and humilty and a style that beckons others to follow her.  Signed to compete for Biola University in La Mirada next year, her story will continue and no doubt, get even sweeter.

Monday, April 19
bloom jenel four year 2010.jpg
In 2007, Jenel Bloom,  quiet and shy, came out for King Track and Field. She wasn't completely sure what this track stuff was all about and she was doing this on the urgings of a family friend who had competed for Coach Corona "way back when." Like most freshmen, she was looking for somewhere to belong. Now four years later, there is no doubt...she belongs!

Gravitating to the pole vault, Jenel has been the model of improvement over her four years. Struggling early at the lower heights, she continued to work hard at her craft. Like numerous other vaulters that came before her, her coming out party was her sophomore year at the King Soph/Frosh Classic where she finished in second place at 8 feet.  She hasn't slowed down since.

She now owns a PR of 9-6 and is flirting with the top 5 list. Last year, she made her way to CIF prelims as the third place finisher in the tough Big VIII Conference.  Until this season, Jenel was a support player  consistently bringing in points for the team, placing at various invitationals. However, in this, her senior season, she has stepped up both her performance and her leadership.  Along with fellow senior vaulter Casey Maphis, Jenel has guided along a group of young, inexperienced yet talented young female vaulters in the journey she once experienced.  By the end of the season, they too, will "belong" because of what Jenel has passed on to them.

Sometimes Coach Corona teases her calling her "Shorty" or "Short Stuff." He is alluding only to her height because she surely isn't short of Class, Character and Courage.

Sunday, April 25
epps marvin four year 2010
Marvin Epps has never been in want of self confidence. Even when times were a little tough; even when he wasn't getting the kudos he felt he deserved; even when injured or faced with an array of talent in front of him, his beleif in himself, at least outwardly, never faltered. Because of that, there were times he felt he wasn't getting the kudos or the opportunities he deserved. However, one must always remember that there is a difference between what is deserved and what is earned. Marvin is a perfect example of that.

A fine performer on the JV's for the past two seasons (2009 JV MVP), Marvin has come into his own in this his senior season.  Going into the final stages of this season he stands fifth all time in the 200. He is now second all time in the 400  and is a member of the 5th all-time 4 X 100 team. He broke out for all to see at the Chino Relays when he reeled off a 49.9 lead off leg for the  4 X 400 team that ran the second fastest time in school history.

More importantly, Marvin has blossomed into a real leader on the team. He is a guy who has spent this season trying to inspire; encourage and showing what the 3 C's are all about. That ever present confidence coupled with his stepping forward as a leader and as an athlete has helped him "earn" what he, for a good period of time, thought he deserved.

When Coach Corona was putting together the list of four year team members, Marvin had to remind him that he came out as a freshman. "Don't you remember the slow little fat guy?"he asked jokingly. Corona admits that he does not remember that guy but the guy that he became-the legacy of change he bought into for himself and, ultimately, for the team-will always be remembered.

Saturday, April 10
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Danielle Fillmore
fillmore danielle four year 2010

A smile, beautiful eyes, a witty sense of humor, tenacity and style could all be words to describe Danielle Fillmore and they way she has gone about participating in King Track and Field for four years. She came to us a spry ninth grader and immediately put together race performances that would be "listed" among the all-time ninth grade marks, and in fact, a couple can still be found there today. With a slight tilt of her head to the left and a metronome cadence to her legs, her running style was and still is easy to detect from across the track, she has a unique motion none can replicate. While she'll admit that some of the fire has gone out of her running over the years, she has doubled her efforts to contribute in other ways. Like being a good teammate, like showing up to practice on time and consistently, like maintaining a positive attitude despite the challenges life can sometime throw at you. And for all of that, we're grateful. While many who find themsleves in her life's situation would have perhaps found numerous exit routes from that path -- and used one of them! -- Danielle has found that "carrying on" is the best remedy, perseverence is in fact what the sport of distance running is all about.  She has graced us by modeling that truth.

So she reaches the finish line with that beautiful smile and sparkling eyes aglow once again, weathered and tried, but not broken. An athlete who found that there is more than one way to contribute positively to a team's success, and has done just that. Thank you, Danielle!

Sunday, May 2
2010 four year athlete girl
Sometimes, just getting to the finish line-just finishing-is victory in itself. Nina Green has certianly earned that victory. In a career interupted by injury, earmarked by slow improvement and sometimes just life getting in the way, she has made it through in this her fourth and final year. It wasn't always a sure thing that it would happen.

Nina has done it all. At various times, she has done the sprints, the hurdles, the relays and the horizontal jumps.She has always been a contributor but just when it seemed a breakthrough to the next level was possible, bad luck would intervene. There always seemed to be an obstacle tossed in the way that slowed everything down. Frustration and disappointment were common companions.

However, Nina has kept pressing on. Quitting the team was never an option though the thought surely crossed her mind. She wasn't going to leave because being part of the program meant too much. She simply put on her game face and kept going. As tough as it was sometimes, she just kept going. In doing so, Nina has served as an example of perseverance to  all those around her. She didn't always have the stats or the honors but she has certianly has Class, Character and Courage.

Friday, April 9
jackson chris four year 2010.jpg
Henry David Thoreau once encouraged people to "march to the tune of their own drummer." Pole Vaulters have always been depicted as "free spirits" who do exactly that. When one considers that they propel themselves through the air hanging upside down on a flexible stick, some 12 feet off the ground, you can see why sometimes, they are "different." Four year senior Chris Jackson certinaly fits the description.

Whether it has been in his dress, his hair style; his seemingly irreverent  approach to his craft or the constant flow of comical observations about track, school and life, Chris is a free spirit who has entertained his teammates and his coaches almost daily. He has almost delighted in the futility of Coach Corona's attempts to get him to be "more serious."
because he knows he's wasting his time.

However, make no mistake, when he steps unto the runway with pole in hand, it IS a serious undertaking for him. The competitor he sometimes tries to hide comes out and it is all about clearing the next highest height. Inconsistency early in his career has led to a more mature approach and a more even performance week to week. He currently resides in the Top 5 All-time King vaulters at 12-7 and he led this year's pole vault relay to a first place and a new school record at the Chet Nicholson Relays. In 2009, Chris was a CIF qualifier finishing third in the conference and he will be one of the favorites to qualify again when the Big VIII conference meets in early May. When he was named a team captain this year, some thought it a strange choice but his performance, and in a weird way, his leadership, have been key to the improvement of a young, untested group of vaulters this season.

 Yes, Chris has and probably always will "march to his own drummer" and maybe Thoreau was right. We don't all take the same paths on the journey to success. Chris's path may have been unconventional and different, but there is no question, it has been successful and King High Track and Field has been better for it.

lee sean four year 2010.jpg
When is good, good enough? It's a question that comes to mind when one thinks of Sean Lee. The guy is passionate in his pursuit of that illusive "good."  In the estimation of most who have watched him over these last four years go from a slow freshman to a fast senior, he's landed his craft in the Land of Good and has already begun the tour and has bought the t-shirt. His rise has been steady, like a 737 ascending out of Ontario to destination unknown. His attitude has been consistent. His list of achievements is growing. He has marked his time here with contagious humor, a killer Bear Gryle impersonation and a four year career of running distances that would be the envy of almost anyone.  He's also college bound, with a slate of prestigious schools to choose from, having already been accepted for admittance from several. He's still hungry though, and perhaps that's a good thing, something he can take with him from Riverside to wherever his life leads. He's in pursuit of excellence, has already achieved much of it, and no doubt will find more down the road.

Monday, April 5
nelson derek four year 2010.jpg
Derek is the kind of kid any coach would give his right arm to have on his team. He came in with holding a bag of tricks that included hard work, discipline, coachability and tenacity. Rummage through that bag back in '07, you wouldn't find a brick of talent in there. But that's ok, as time would show, the other stuff would more than make up for it. In fact, by the time of his senior year, those traits that were there would make it look like the only thing that ever was in that bag was talent. What a journey it has been for the senior captain. Thrust first into cross country ("I'm not sure why" he will say) and then into track, he quietly opened up his magical bag of treats and began, methodically, dropping them all over the track. The tranformation of Derek Nelson that took place during the intervening years is remarkable. He currently is the third fastest miler in school history at 4:29. That is exactly one minute faster than the first-ever time he ran the distance with a King uniform on.  A minute at that speed is over 300 meters in length! His character and integrity have propelled not only himself to a higher level, but they have drawn other like-minded folks to his side and the whole distance crew is better today than it was four years ago. In part, that is due to Derek Nelson and his magical bag of tricks. And even better, I still have my right arm! How cool is that!

Tuesday, April 13
nocella jarod four year 2010.jpg

Like many of this year's senior class of distance runners, Jarod never expected to be a distance runner. His was an "accidental" entry into the sport, and ended almost one year later when he seriously considered quitting as some of his fellow sophomores jettisoned their young careers for other endeavors and worthwhile pursuits.

Oh my, are we glad he stuck with it.

From very inauspicious and humble beginnings as a freshman, he has steadily risen to the all-time heights of the program. He has put down some scintillatingly impressive races over the last two seasons, including setting the school record in the 1600, breaking a five-year-old mark. Perhaps just as impressive, in a dual meet against Santiago, almost single-handedly he ran 9:54, the fourth fastest time in school history, but more significantly, the fastest ever time recorded in a dual meet. (In duals, the 3200 meter race at the end of the day usually turns into a "workout" as the meet rarely depends on those points). To break 10:00 under those conditions is a significant claim to fame!  He has made friends that will last, perhaps, for years to come and has had an impact on the program that will last equally long.

This "accidental runner" has become one of King's all-time best. Not a bad transformation at all. Good thing he didn't walk away back when he had the chance.

Monday, April 12
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Brandon Rogers
rogers brandon four year 2010.jpg

Brandon has become an all-American success story. He's done it over four years, but we imagine he won't be done when he walks out of King High for good in June. In one area of life, running, it's been an amazing transformation. The first time he ran wearing the King red, silver and blue, it was at home against Chaparral. In the 1600 and 800 that day, he recorded modest times, 5:44 and 2:38. The marks, certainly times that would put him near the back of the field, would betray what was to come.

Known for his amiable personality and diligent hard work, he took those starting points and went about carving himself into something that is a far cry from those early days. Simply put, he is enjoying a fantastic senior year, with marks that are truly remarkable. He's taken that 2:38 down to 2:06. His 5:44 is below 5:00 now. Once JV, he's now varsity. He's done it quietly, without a lot of fanfare or trumpet-blowing; he just goes about his business and pushes himself toward that next goal that lies just ... out ... there.

Brandon has been the kind of kid and athlete that makes King High Track and Field proud. While he won't grace the starting line of CIF Finals or State, he has made the most of what he was given, he's worked hard and tirelessly, he's set and achieved goals and he has improved himself. Nothing more is asked, nothing more is expected of anyone who dons the uniform.

Monday, April 19
sanford amber four year 2010
There are two things that will be greatly missed once four year team member Amber Sanford graduates this coming June.

The first thing that will be missed is the great career she has had as a member of King Track and Field. The list of accomplishments are so numerous as to not only acknowledge her talent as a King track athlete but as one of the finest all around track performers in the Inland Empire.....maybe ever.  A three time team MVP, a three time CIF qualifer -twice making the CIF Finals; an Inland Empire Champion; a league champion in numerous events and her name all over our top five lists is evidence of that. "All we have had to do these past four years" says Coach Corona, "is write her name into he lineup and she would get  it done." Her final season has been a bit of up and down in her traditional sprints but she won the Rancho Bernardo Invitational with a leap of 18-6 in the long jump and followed that up with an 18-8 victory at the prestigious Mt. SAC Relays this past weekend. She, just out of the blue, tried the triple jump a few weeks ago and now owns the third highest mark in school history.

The other thing that will be that smile of hers. That wonderfully broad grin of happiness, glee and oftentimes mischief. That grin adorned her face after winning the Inland Empire 200 championship in a HUGE upset  and she punctuated that win by saying in mock seriousness "I had to run hard the WHOLE way."  It's the grin that she has when she pulls a practical joke or playfully teases a team mate or a coach.  It's the same grin she had as a scrubbed face excited little freshman and it's the same grin she has now as a seasoned senior captain.

As  Amber heads into this last phase of her time at King High, the final chapters on her career areyet  to be written but you can be sure of one thing.  She will jump far;she will run fast-all with a smile on her face!!!!

Friday, April 16
sheets brad four year 2010.jpg

Brad Sheets may be one of the most likeable, easy-going guys on the team. Like many of his fellow four year distance running friends, he's established himself on the team in terms of leadership, hard work, a cheerful disposition and a willingness to "go the extra mile" to get things done and done well.

His story is not only one of being cheerful though, he could also be "exhibit A" for what can be done by patiently working toward goals, working hard and improving.  His trajectory was steady, a workman like approach to "getting it done" without complaint. His rise through the ranks, from an obscure frosh soph runner back in 2007 to one of the "varsity guys" as a senior has been one for the history books. We remember his first days in the distance program here at King, he had a tough time going a full mile without walking ... often. It was a humble start, but considering he can now run a mile in under 4:40, well, that's what it's all about, right? Don't complain, just do it. Get the job done. Improve.

He's balanced his time spent at King well, achieving at a high level in the classroom as well as on the track. He's already been accepted and will attend the University of Oregon with the goal of studying sports marketing. In the shadow of corporate giant Nike, that might be a nice place to study!  This much we know for sure, whatever his future may hold, if his time here in Riverside is any indication, Brad Sheets will be successful as he has embraced the Nike credo well: Just Do It.

Thursday, April 8
tippets kelsi four year 2010.jpg

Everyone's got a story. Kelsi's story is a page turner if there ever was one! Blessed with great talent, she discovered that gift as a freshman, and instead of running away from it, she embraced it and has used it at a high level ever since. Few can say they've NEVER run a JV race, she can. Kelsi has been a varsity-level runner right from the start. No freshman has ever run the 3200 or 1600 meters faster than she. Only two have surpassed the mark she set in the 800 that first year. Since then, she's seasoned her campaigns with increased greatness, running in high level races and throwing down consistently good marks that one would be excused if they wondered, "how'd she do that?" She has set records and standards. She's inspired others to work to her level.  She's done it by working hard. By committing herself to year around training. By throwing big goals in front of herself ... goals that wouldn't (and don't) come easily. Her story is not yet done. Though it has now entered the final chapter of high school there are still pages to turn, as she's prepared herself diligently for an ending that will be sure to amaze. Keep reading! This one's gonna be good!

Friday, April 9
trupp rebecca four year 2010.jpg

Complete.  It's a good word, an even better concept. We're all on a journey in life. We endeavor to build, to grow, to expand, to press on. Completion is a word of satisfaction, a word that beckons "well done, good job."  While no one would argue one's life is "complete" upon graduation from high school -- at least we hope not -- a great place to be upon such an event, would be complete. The job of high school is done. Fully. Nothing left to "what if."  For Rebecca Trupp, one of the classiest and character-filled young women on the track team, "complete" will be more than adequate to describe her four years in our program and at King High. She has epitomized school spirit, hard work, team play, compassion and integrity. She has done so much while here, and she has done it well. Nothing is undone. She has been a steadfast contributor to all that is good and noble about King Track and Field. Where the senior year can lure some into taking the easy road to the finish line, she's worked even harder. Where running JV has been the "opt-out" clause for some, she's played her role with grace and dignity. Academically, she's near the top of her class and has already been accepted to such presigious universities like Kansas, Vanderbilt, the University of Alabama among others. 

So here she is at the finish line of high school. Completed. Full. Content with what she's accomplished, a manner of effort and spirit that has fully prepared her for the next step in life.   King High Track and Cross Country is better because we got the privilege of having Rebecca Trupp part of us for four years, and that leaves us just one thing left to say: Well done!

Wednesday, April 28
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Anthony Verstappe
verstappe four year 2010
There's a Beatles song titled "Long and Winding Road.' That could well describe the four year career of Anthony Verstappe.  Anthony  came out as a freshman and after a little bit of experimentation in other events made his way to the pole vault. It was more of a  "this seems like something I can do" as opposed to a "this is what I'm going to do." He was never quite confident in the whole thing; never quite willing to let it rip and his progress in the event was slow. As he entered into this his senior year, his PR was 9-6. Good but not where a soon-to-be senior probably should be. This season did not start out much differently and the road he was traveling was promising to be pretty much the same.

Then, early in the season he made 10-6, a new PR. The light had come on. A guy who had always worked hard now had the confidence to do something with it. Against Poly in our second to last dual meet, he cleared 11-6-another 12 inch improvement. He very nearly cleared 12 feet in the same meet.

Next week, he will represent King Track at the Big VIII Finals as a varsity vaulter and take his shot at going to CIF. It is not where the road had appeared to be taking him just a few weeks ago. Being there is something no one predicted for him and it will be a great place to stop and see from where he has come. And as far as his possibilities to continue that journey? He's already walked this far-who would be willing to bet against him?

Thursday, April 22
white khyber four year 2010
A reluctant  recruit to the hurdle crew as a freshman, Khyber White's four years have been marked by constant improvement in both leadership and performance. He will leave as one of the top hurdlers in the history of the program. However, things certainly didn't start out that way.

Khyber came out to be a jumper. Mostly high jump and maybe some long and triple. Certainly, running, and most especially running over hurdles was not in the equation. Coach Corona went to him about three weeks into the season and said, "I want you to try hurdling. We need more young guys to do that event." It was more of a command than a request."Isn't there someone else?", asked Khyber. "No," came the reply and not knowing exactly what else to say, Khyber joined the hurdle team. Under the guidance and patience of coaches Ken Bracy and Chris Johnson, he hit the barriers; he fell headlong into the track; he got scars and nicks and he struggled through that latter part of the season. Then in the final invitational of the year at Hemet High School, he won the 110 Hurdles. It has been a race to glory ever since.

Khyber will graduate as a member of the King Top 5 in both hurdle races and at various times run both relays. This year, he has helped the 4 X 400 team to a second all -time performance and at various times, he has returned to his roots-the high jump- to get points for his team. He has won several team awards and been a league finalist twice. His biggest achievement, however, is leading the 2010 Shuttle Hurdle team to a first place finish at the Arcadia Invitational and a number one ranking in the state.

His growth, though, goes beyond the track. Earlier in the year, at North, Khyber was pressed into service in the 4 X 400. He was not even an alternate and several members of the team were injured and could not go. Khyber stepped into their place.  The Wolves lost both the race and the meet but though he was a replacement, he had held his own. Coach Corona would thank him for jumping into the relay when he was needed. Khyber shrugged and with the assurance of a four year veteran said, "Coach, somebody had to do it. It may as well have been me."

Sunday, April 25
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Michael Woolls
woolls michael four year 2010
Mike Woolls hasn't said much over his four years in the King Track and Field program. he is an awful quiet guy. However, don't be fooled.  His time has been one of quiet intensity, hard work and  simply letting his actions speak louder than words.

A true student athlete of the highest caliber, Mike has brought to the track the same work ethic he has had in the classroom. Though he hasn't climbed to the same heights as some of his teammates, he has always worked hard, always stayed late and been a great example for those around him. In the long run, that's more important than anything else and it is guys like him upon which the base of our program rests.

When they graduate, some seniors leave behind the physical attributes it takes to be a good athlete. Mike leaves behind an example of the intangibles it takes to take those attributes and and go somewhere with them. There is no doubt that, for Mike Woolls, it isn't a question of "if" he will succeed beyond high school. It;s a queston of " when."

Friday, April 24

Tuesday, April 28
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Michael Albrecht
albrecht 4 year 2009
Four years ago, Mike Albrecht came out to high jump. He was skinny, wide eyed and scared. However, one could see the promise that he held. It was sort of like he was a stone that simply needed to be polished so it had the chance to shine. He was put into a postiton of having to compete against bigger and older kids and he wasn't quite sure he belonged on that playing field. That year, he cleared 5-10 and the next year he cleared 6-2 and went into the first round of CIF. 

Then Coach Reynaldo Brown got hold of him.

Since he has recieved the solid teachings of Coach Brown, a former Olympian, Mike has grown not just as a jumper but as a competitor.. He is more confident, more competitive and it has served him well in this his senior season. He has placed in every invitational this year save one going against some of the best competiton in the state. He shattered the longest standing record in school history surpassing Marvin Lea's 2001 jump of 6-6 by going 6-8 in a dual meet against Centennial. As of this writing, he stands 9th in the state of California. He will be a three year letterwinner and has been a captain this season, stepping out to serve as a quiet example of what a little hard work and dedication can do  He is stilll pretty skinny, but no longer wide eyed and certianly not scared. No one has said it out loud but as you watch the high jump area in most meets, you can see it. Where he once wondered if he belonged, it's the other kids in the jump area  who are wondering if they belong on the same field with him.

Wednesday, April 22
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Charlie Alvarez
alvarez charlie four year 2009

"No U-Turn Allowed."  We see these signs at intersections, usually posted when we need to make a U-turn the most.  Ever thought about U-turns?  Probably not, only when you need one. We purr along in our journey until something jolts us to the reality that we're headed in the wrong direction. "Oh shoooot" we might mutter, then immediately look for the next break in the median to swing a hard left and get back in the way we should go.

Charlie Alvarez knows of a couple of U-turns in his four years at King that have made all the difference. Fortunately for the talented and amiable senior, the 180 came early in his career. Since then, though his journey could not be described as "Easy Street", the path has been smoother and most-definitely headed in the right direction.

He has seen steady growth and maturity from that moment, so much so that those in observance might be heard muttering, "my!"  The change was abrubt, his acceleration has been steady. 

Racing the distances, he has shown himself capable at every multi-lap event. His 9:44.35 3200 meter time is the third best in school history. He has a relay split for 1600 that sits at 4:34, it too would rank 3rd all-time.  His 15:59 5000 meters is the school's best-ever.

Beyond the impressive marks he has recorded however, is an even more impressive distinction: Character.  Where in his early years he seemingly sought to only be a character, his life now is marked by wanting to have character. He has matured a ton in these seasons.  Resolved, he has endured the valleys and his life looks now as if it's on the ascent, slowly but surely scaling the heights of Mt. Integrity whose vistas are matched by none other.

So thank God for U-Turns.  They are not always needed, but when they are, they are invaluable.  Just ask Charlie, who is certainly now headed in the right direction.

Friday, May 8
barnes four year 2009
Brian Barnes four years in King Track and Field has been a hallmark of consistency. He is always at practice, always working as hard as he can and always there for his teammates. Always quiet and reserved ( Coach Corona said recently-" I think the kid has said about 15 words to me in 4 years") Brian ran the 100, the 200, the 400, the relays--all with modest success. However, there has been nothing modest about the amount of heart he has shown over his time on the team.

Brian's work ethic and his dedication to the program has been a shining example of what Class-Character and Courage is all about. There were  plenty of times he was discouraged and plenty of times he thought about quitting but he kept battling on trying to become the best he could be.In doing this he displayed the very essence of athletics-getting the most out of yourself.

In the eyes of the King coaching staff-Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, April 28
coggins katie four year 2009
There's an old saying that one cannot serve two masters. It supports the idea that to be good at one thing, you can't share your focus or your drive with something else. Well, meet the contridiction to the rule-King Track four year senior Katie Coggins. She has defied conventional logic and conventional odds  but Katie HAS served two masters --the track team and the band-fully and faithfully for her four years at King and has barely missed a beat in doing so.

Katie's ability to communicate with her coach and her band director, work hard and somehow find time for all of this has allowed her to be the Drum Major of the state renowned MLK Kingsmen Band and Flag Team as well as be one of the top pole vaulters in the Inland Empire. However way you cut it-it's a wierd combination of activities but it has been a successful one. She has won several competitive awards for her work as a Drum Major and she has been a consistent competitor on the track. This year, Katie has leapt to her PR of 10-1", been a three year letter winner, served as captain and has led the pole vault team to several high finishes at the Chino Relays and the Chet Nicholson Relays. Last year, she finished second in the Ivy League and was a CIF qualifer.

How good she could have been at one activity rathe than two is anybody's guess but the beauty of this is that Katie has been able to enjoy two things she loves very much. She has been a great example fo discipline-time managment and doing what you enjoy no matter how difficult that can be at times. Sometimes people worry about students who go off to college,  get invovled in too many things and get overwhelmed.. We aren't going to worry about Katie Coggins in that regard.

Friday, May 8
Thre was always a smile on Kirstie Correa's face but underneath it was a fiery, competitive spirit. She is extremely bright and friendly. She often shook the hands of her oppenents and wished them well before and after races. However,if you ever went against Kirstie Correa and expected that she was just too sweet and nice to be a "real" competitor-you were in for a real surprise! For however long the race might be, she was going to battle you. There was no quarter asked nor given. You were going to get her best.

Kirstie started out in the 400, moved to the 800 for awhile back to the 400 and then one day midway through her junior year-decided on the hurdles. It came at the right time as the team was looking for some help in those events. She made herself, in a short period of time, someone we could count on to be competitive for us in those events. Kirstie's contributions to King Track, both on and off the field will be felt for a long time. Unfortuantely, Kirstie didn't quite get to  finish her run with the Wolves as her family moved to Orange County right after Spring Break. She may have had to leave us but she is not forgotten.

Kirstie is one person you know will succeed in life simply because she's not going to have it any other way.

Friday, May 1
hicks chantel four year 2009

For four years, Chantel has worked at her craft. That would be throwing heavy objects around the air with the objective of seeing how far those objects might go. She has approached the shot put and the discus with diligence and dedication that has made her one of the top throwers in Riverside County. As a freshman, she floundered trying to figure  these events-especially the discus until about halfway through her sophomore year, something clicked and she hasn't looked back.

She has been a top finisher in almost every invitational she has taken part in and has won
the team Most Improved Award in 2007 and the Outstanding Field Event Performer in 2008.
This year, Chantel was the first King female thrower to qualify for the  prestigous Arcadia Invitational and is now the school record holder in the discus at 121-7-shattering the old record by 5 feet.

Despite all of that success, she has always kind of flown under the radar. Chantel just goes about her business, remains modest and quiet, helping and inspiring her younger teamates every day.You would never know she is as good as she is unless you worked or practiced with her every day.  Next year, she will continue toquietly work at her craft as she becomes the 4th King athlete to attend Cal-State San Marcos Univeristy and compete for the track team there.

Monday, May 4
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Diboro Kanabolo
kanabolo four year 2009

Sometimes, an athlete has to be patient waiting for success to come their way. Maybe they need to work harder or push themselves beyond what they think they ar capable of. One thing is sure, and that is it doesn’t usually happen overnight and that can be frustrating for some.


It was that way for Diboro Kanabolo for a long while.  He had a relatively successful JV career, teetering on the verge of varsity at times and sometime wondering out loud to Coach Corona why he wasn’t.  “Why” things weren’t going as fast as he may have wanted was a relatively popular subject of conversation. When he finally came to the conclusion that he controlled what was going to happen and not his coaches, things changed fast….almost as fast as he has become in the 100/200 and 4X100.

 Diboro’s work ethic and contributions on the track and off have made our sprint corps one of the deepest in the Big VIII. His determination was always in evidence but probably no more than when he came off the turn in his final dual meet 200 and caught the entire field save one. When he switched gears- everybody saw it. The patience had paid off. Diboro is headed for UCLA in the Fall where that patience and that determination is sure to pay off.  

Thursday, April 23
lambert julie four year 2009
One day coach Corona asked Julie Lambert how she was feeling during a period of aches and pains and small injuries that made her participatin in meets and practice a day to day proposition. "I'm good, Coach, " she grinned knowing that Corona knew she really wasn't. "You know me," she said, "I'm a soldier." If anything sums up the four year career of Juli Lambert, it's that statement. Throughout her time n King track, thorughout the high s and lows, through injuries and god health, through victory and defeat, she hs "soldiered on."

Julie will graduate as a four year letter winner and you will find her name all over the reocrd book and our top five. She is a two year captain-one of four girls ever so honored in the program history. Her accomplishments include a long list of league and invitational championships and two-time team Outstanding Spinter and a Wolfpack Pride Award winner. More importantly, she has embraced hr role as a team leader often serving as "an assistant coach" when Coach Jones busy schedule dos not allow him to be at practice. Her teamates didn't always like it when she ran practice because they knew she would not allow them to slack off or take it easy. However, thier immense respect for her overode any anger or resentment. She has been a model of focus, work ethic and discipline, often sacrifacing for the good of the program. The only thing she ever asked in return was to never be taken from her one favorite event--the 4 X100 relay. The "soldier" in her always dug in when that question came up.....and it didn't come up often.

Coach Corona asks the seniors every year-"What will you leave behind?" Julie Lambert leaves a true legacy of Class-Character and Courage.

Saturday, April 25
malone brian four year
Chasing records is always part of the ultimate goal for any track and field athlete., Those records, be they school records, league records or personal records, are often the stick by which one measures themselves. However, it is one thing to chase records, it is entirely another thing to chase the records of your brother. For three years, Brian Malone has been chasing his brother Robert, a 2006 graduate and currently the punter for the Fresno State Football team. Robert is the King record holder in both the shot and the discus.

Though the chase has often been frustrating for Brian, he has excelled in his own right and has been our number one shot putter and one of our top discus throwers over the past three seasons. He has gone from a skinny little freshman who was almost an afterthought to one of the top throwers in the Big VIII. He just recently passed the magic 50 foot mark at this year's Inland Empire Championships for the number three throw in King History and is within a few feet of the top five in the discus.His work ethic and his focus have been outstanding despite the crazy antics and the conversations he initiates seemingly to drive Coach Corona nuts.

More importantly than anything, Brian seems to be a peace with his own accomplishments. That wasn't the case for awhile, as he tried to surpass his brother and often felt his efforts weren't good enough.  When Brian first made his way to the varsity, he always talked about "what he was going to do."  and never quite lived up to the words. He hasn't talked much over the past couple of years-he's just gone out and done it. And what he has done is provide his team with a boost every time it was needed, been a leader and become one of the top throwers in school history, if not Riverside County. No small feat.

There are not many schools that can boast of two brothers in their top five all time. Because of Brian's hard work and his growing up, the "Malone Boys" will be able to brag for a long while.

Thursday, April 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Samantha Mendoza
mendoza samantha four year 2009
"Sammy" Mendoza's four years in the King track program has been marred with injury and a seemingly constant dose of athletic tape wrapped around her shins.It has been a tough go at times to continue on-to continue to compete-to continue to believe in herself and in this team but she has never faltered in those characteristics. Not once-not ever. She has never stopped being a "Wolfpack" athlete.

Samantha has always wanted to be on the track running that 400, despite the injuries and despite the pain. She often made things worse for herself physically as she tried--sometimes in tears-to live up to what she expected out of herself and what she felt the program expected out of her. When she couldn't compete, she made her contribution in a  myriad of other ways, most especially, sheperding the young crop of young 400 runners we had this year in the "Ways of the Wolf."

Her accomplishments on the track may not jump out at you but as far as "Class-Character and Courage" goes-- Samantha Mendoza takes a back seat to nobody.

Sunday, April 26
miller alicia four year 2009

Most of the distance runners of King Track and Field spend the Fall season running cross country. Though the two sports are vastly different, they are of course, complementary and build upon one another.

Alicia Miller is a unique distance runner in that she has never run cross county and has, for four seasons, arrived in February ready and eager to discipline herself for the 1600 and 3200 races of the Spring. It's all good.

She's been good, too. With respectable PR's in the sub 6:00's and and sub 14:00's, she's been a steady performer. Never one to complain, her quiet, unassuming and undemanding personality has allowed her to develop over four year a level of respect from her teammates and coaches alike. She has been all that we would ask of any student-athlete, and for that we are grateful.

Monday, May 4
moody isaac four year 2009

Every day as the track team separates into its various groups of specialty, Isaac Moody begins his daily philosophizing, observations and finally, his work toward becoming a better thrower. Unlike some of his senior teammates, Isaac has never been a shrinking violet and shot put/discus workouts are sometimes “The Isaac Moody Show.”


In some case, this attitude would seem to take away from the seriousness of practice but what his attitude does is keep things loose. Our throwers tend to not to take things too seriously (which can be a big problem with high school athletes) in good part because of Ike’s ability to make people smile and laugh out loud. This is not to say that this talent is his lone contribution to the team.  He is a two year letter winner and has improved over 12 feet in his discus to a PR of 123 feet. He has been a consistent performer during this his senior year.


As he moves toward graduation, he will leave behind a legacy of solid contributions to his event and a lot of smiles!

Monday, May 4
nugent four year 2009

The smile. When Kyle Nugent smiles, you’re not quite sure what’s behind it. Is he laughing with you? Is he laughing at you? Has he just found humor in something and you completely missed it?  Regardless of the intent, one thing is certain; he has a lot to smile about in looking back over his four years in King Track and Field.


A pole vaulter from the very beginning, Kyle has joined the long string of successful jumpers here at King under the tutelage of Coach Sean Roll. He has been on numerous victorious pole vault relays; he has placed individually in several invitationals and he has been a consistent scorer on the varsity since his sophomore year.


Usually very quiet and reserved, Kyle has grown tremendously this season as a competitor and as a person. Underneath his quiet demeanor, was always an intense competitor, bent on being the best he could be. He has assumed the mantle of leadership this year, setting an example hard work, every day and at , in his own way, chiding or calling out teammates who aren’t working as hard as they need to. He has been more out in front, more vocal than he has ever been and it has paid off not just for him but for our team as well.


Kyle truly leaves behind a legacy of Class-Character and Courage……..and that smile no one can figure out.

Tuesday, April 28
parrish four year 2009

In track and field , coaches often say that perhaps the best athlete on their teams might be the pole vaulters. They have to sprint down the runway at top speed, holding onto to a pole which they will plant into a box and then propel themselves into the air upside down. In addition they have to have the courage (some would say insanity) to do all of that. As far as the athleticism part goes, Trent Parrish fits the bill.

Normally, vaulters just stick to their event-never wandering much from the jump pit. Trent has always tried to venture out beyond that and has dabbled in numerous other events along the way with moderate success. He has run the 200, the 400, the 4X100 relay, long jumped and even hurdled. As a freshman, he floundered a bit trying to figure out where he fit in and then as a soph, he found himself over at the pole vault pit. However, his need to be invovled in me than one thing never rreally stopped. He is constantly asking Coach Corona if he can run in this event or jump into that event. Though the temptation has always been to let Trent just go, the fear that it would affect his vaulting, which has been a major key to the boys team overall success these past four years.

As of this writing, Trent has cleared a PR 12-6 to rank him right up there with the best in the Big VIII. Last year, he came out of nowhere to clear 12-0 and qualify for CIF. This year, he has served as a team captain using his quietand  focused demenor to be an example to his teamates. Trent has come a long way and his path appears to be taking him to Rivereside Community College to compete next year for coach Jim McCarron's Tigers.

His event? It looks to be the decathelon-an event reseved for the teams best overall athlete.

Thursday, April 23
schupp jason four year 2009

His nickname is "Schupperman" (pronounced Shooperman) for, perhaps, many reasons. He stands head and shoulders above most on the team, but not just in physical height but also in character and drive.

Jason Schupp has for four years steadfastly created a character of integrity and unparralled hard work. He brings to competition a bucket of guts that he then proceeds to pour all over the track. At the Mt.SAC relays this month, he took the opening leg in the 4x1600 relay and characteristically threw caution to the wind by throwing his 6-5 frame into the middle of the pack amid runners with PR's in some cases 20 seconds faster than his. No matter, that's how Jason rolls. The result was a lifetime PR in the 1600 and another impressive performance.

Jason is also a scholar, with a keen and inquisitive mind that will take him to even further heights of success when he enrolls next year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, studying engineering. If his time in college is anything like it's been at King, you can expect Jason to grit his teeth and and rise above the crowd, bringing acclaim and cries of "Schupperman!"

Monday, May 4
thurman tyson four year 2009

He came out as a skinny, "not sure what this whole track thing was about" freshman. It seemed like he was out for the team simply because his older sister, Brittany, was on the team and doing very well. On one hand following in his sister’s footsteps made plenty of sense. However, as it is with most younger siblings (see Brian Malone) there was this shadow to climb out from under and make a name for himself.


For about a year and a half, Tyson wandered from being a sprinter to the jumps. He even tried hurdling a little bit but eventually he settled on the long and triple jump. Tyson put in a lot of time and a lot of work and suddenly, as a junior, he became someone the team could consistently count on to score and to compete. Last season he was awarded the Most Improved Athlete for the team. He is a two year letter-winner and has PR’s of 20-6 in the long jump and 42-6 in the triple jump.


Obviously, because of his accomplishments, because of his growth as an athlete and because of his growth as a person, he has made that name for himself.  

Wednesday, April 22
traver hayden four year 2009

Being comfortable in your own skin is a trick it sometimes takes people a lifetime to master. It would appear Hayden Traver's lifetime spans 17 years. He's there.

One of our more unique and likable four year senior-athletes, Hayden has been a steady and predictable athlete, full of wit and the wisdom of a teenager, eager to dispense of it to anyone who will listen.  He'll quickly admit that a hard-charging, aggressive approach to training and racing has never been his "thing", but that approach has not let him slip into a nonchalant, "who cares" slacker approach either.

He has been steady, never one to complain, always one to show up with a smile, a dry joke and a needling sense of humor.  If pressed, he might say that's been his greatest contribution to the life and times of King High Track and Field.

He's one of King High's top scholars, having enrolled and succeeded in numerous AP classes and has already been accepted to UC Irvine, where he plans to study history.

Wednesday, April 22
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Chris Villanueva
villanueva four year 2009

If you could bottle integrity, discipline, competitiveness and desire, you'd have to market it as "Chris Villanueva's Special Formula."  It was very apparent from the first time he stepped on the track four seasons ago that Chris would exemplify everything that an accomplished athlete, student and young man should be. It's been a pleasure to watch.

Chris has wonderful athletic talent that's been on display. He has found a home in the 400 meters this senior season, but he has also dabbled in the 300 hurdles and relay events too. A three-sport athlete in soccer and cross country, he has shown his range on the athletic spectrum.

Of greater significance to the program however, has been the grace and maturity with which Chris has handled the task of being one of King's top yearly performers and leaders. Polite, respectful and tatooed with the ink of integrity, he's been a "what can I do to help?" type of teammember, showing by deed -- not just words -- how it's done.

Chris is also a scholar athlete who has excelled beyond most in the classroom. That discipline and hard work, coupled with his athletic achievements, has opened up a tremendously large door to his future: Acceptance into the United States Air Force Academy.  Over the last year, Chris has persistently stayed at the rigorous task of gaining admittance into one of the three elite military academies, a feat few King High School students in eight graduating classes has been able to pull off. He'll be leaving in June for Colorado Springs.

If high school is meant to be a preparation period for "real life", the way Chris has gone about preparing, one might conclude, his life is ready to take off.

Wednesday, April 22
west tiffany four year 2009
Tiffany came into our program four years ago as a quiet, shy and wide eyed little freshman not quite sure what this track stuff was all about and not sure if she belonged. Now, as a senior, it is plainly evident she has it figured out. From a very humble beginning and unsure start, she has become a vital part of King Track history who has both the love and admiration of her teamates and who will be greatly missed upon graduation.

 She is respected because as of this writing, she stands second all time in the 400: she is in the top 5 all time in the 200, the 4 X100 and the 4 X 400. She is a four time CIF qualifer and like Julie Lambert, a two time team captain. There were few days she did not bring her "A" game to practice or competition, making herself and her teamates better.

She is loved because she has a ready smile for everybody, is positive even in the face of the toughest situations and cares about those around her. This season, where most of the 400 girls are sophs and freshmen, Tiffany has been the "mother hen" guiding her little brood in the ways of King Track and Field. In working with Tiffany, you get a sense of someone , despite being an accomplished athlete, who has not let succss get to her head or change who she is.

She is still often quiet, shy and wide eyed but being unsure of herself is no longer the problem it once was. This track business---she's got it figured out alright...and then some!!!

Friday, April 18

Friday, April 25
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Tatiana Balcazar
balcazar tatiana 4 year
Tatiana's four years as a distance runner for King Track and Field has been noteworthy in many ways, but mostly it shines as an example of the characteristics of integrity and commitment. Despite a extra helping of injuries that kept some of her competitive time at a minimum - she spent pretty much the entire senior season taking times for Coach Peters as a chronic ankle problem kept her from running - she never lost her smile nor her positive attitude that simply shouted, "let me help!"  And help she did, from taking times, to running well when she could, to being a trustworthy and encouraging team member, Tatiana did it all and did it well.

Tuesday, April 15
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Chris Belfield
Belfield four year
It wasn't until close to the end of his freshman year that Chris Belfield decided to give the hurdles a try. It turned out to be a great move for him and for the King track program. Along with the now graduated Sam Jeter, Chris helped the King hurdle team become a part of our team to be reckoned with, not just in the Ivy League but the entire Inland Empire. Chris has earned three varsity letters in King Track and has been a team captain this year. He has written his name all over the record books and sits in the top 5 all-time in three different events. Though not as fast as some hurdlers, his technique and strentgh has always served him well. Like his fellow seniors, he has served as a great role model for the younger hurdlers and never hesitates to give advice and instruction....or even a ribbing for those who deserve it. Chris is an honors student and is weighing several optiions in regard to college including Claremont Mens College and UC-San Diego.  Recently, Coach Corona strolled by hurdle practice and found Chris and fellow senior hurdler Shari Haynes(headed for MIT) in a deep discussion of Einstien's Theory of Relativity. It is very apparent that whatever school he goes to will get themselves one of the smartest hurdlers around.

Wednesday, April 23
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Carissa Bowman
bowman carissa four year

Carissa Bowman’s talent was evident when she joined the King High School running programs. As a freshman she was placed on King’s all-time lists in the mile and two mile. Remaining quiet and unassuming, Carissa led a strong distance crew her sophomore year as she was second in the Ivy League in the mile, earning her a spot at CIF prelims. After a state showing her junior year in cross country, she suffered a disappointing end to her season in track due to illness. Growing more vocal each year, Carissa is a leader to all. Her running is second to her grace and courage as a growing young woman. She has pushed her team to excel and has helped raise the standards for future runners at King. Her talents and strengths will carry her through her future academic and athletic career at Biola University.


Friday, April 25
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Brittani Ciupek
ciupek four year
Brittani Cuipek is another in a LONG line of successful female pole vaulters here at King High School. Certainly, few have worked harder at the event than she has. Once a distance runner, Brittani decided her sophomore year that the vault looked attractive. She went after the event with everything she had and three varsity letters later, she can count herself as being quite successful in the event.

Her accomplishments include an 8-6 PR, the King Soph/Frosh Champion in 2006 and the Inland Empire Champion that same year. She is a CIF qualifer and a team captain and her leadership within our pole vault group has been invaluable. Our younger vaulters credit Brittani with helping them get better every day. Though this year has been a disappointtment of sorts for her, it hasn't dimmed her enthusiasm and her desire to be the best she can possibly be.

A very fine student and member of the King Student Government, Brittani is headed for UC- Santa Cruz in the Fall.

Friday, April 25
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Michael Corona
corona m four year
As the 2007 season began, Loto Franklin, a recent transfer student who was new to King Track looked out at the discus ring after she and the other members of the throw team have finished up practice and were on thier way home. There was a lone figure still in the discus cage working on his technique-working to get better. "Who's the overachiever?" she asked. "Oh," came the answer "That's Michael Corona. He's always out there after everybody else is done."

If there is any sentence that marks the 4 year career of Michael Corona, that sentence is it. Though never a major scorer in meets, his desire to be in his words, "more than the coaches son," has pushed him further than most thought he would go. He has demonstrated leadership as a co-captain and used his experience to set an example for the younger throwers.  Michael also demonstrated these same characteristics as a four year member of the wrestling program.

Michael always had the same work ethic in the classroom as on the field carrying a 3.6 GPA. and numerous academic awards. He has recently been accepted to UC-Riverside where he "might" major in history and "is thinking" about coaching. No matter what, four years of wrestling and four years of track tells  something abut his character.

Tuesday, April 22

Larissa Davis has remained a constant part of the King family for the past four years and after many peaks, valleys, and winding roads, she is finishing her season on top of her game. Throughout her years at King, Larissa has battled back from injury and more (academic setbacks) to prove herself time and again on the track. In the 2007 season, Larissa was part of the then school record setting 4x mile team. Most recently she finished first in the Open division at the Inland Empire Championships. Larissa has proven her mental and physical strength each time she has faced an obstacle these past four years. These attributes will only help her as she continues her athletic and academic pursuits while running for the Tigers at RCC.


Wednesday, April 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Brian Deslonde
deslonde four year
Whether it's running down the track or "grabbing air" in the long jump, "Flyin' Brian" has been a key member of the King Track family for the four years he has been in the program.  Quiet but intense, Brian has been a rock in our sprint corps that our coaching staff looks to when the job needs to get done.

As a sophomore, he was thrown into the role of leader  simply because there was no else with his talent nor his  drive to step up. He would finish that season as our MVP in the sprints and as the boys MVP of the King Soph/Frosh Classic. A promising junior season was cut short by a hip injury but this year he came back with a venegence and has performed well in the long jump and the 200 especially.

A three year letterwinner, a two time captain, and a CIF qualifer,  Brian is all over the King Top 5 list. His inspirational return from his injury and his example to our young sprinters insures our success in that area for the next few years.

Thursday, April 24
Fairley rebekah 4 year

Another four-year athlete who has battled many an injury over her career, Bekah Fairley has remained dedicated to her team despite her setbacks. A constant cheerleader, Bekah wants only the best for her teammates. She has pushed them on the roads and around the track with her cheers and screams; surely an athlete and teammate nobody is soon to forget. Bekah’s own running has not met her standards, but her strong work ethic and growing confidence will only help her find more success as joins teammate Larissa Davis at RCC.

Tuesday, April 15
gilleland 4 year
If anybody has lived the 3 C's in the King Track Class of 2008, it is Joe Gilleland.

Always kind of on the bubble between varsity and junior varsity, Joe never stopped working at his craft-that is the 400 meter run- until a knee injury that took months to diagnose took him out competition in his junior year. He was devastated and the team took a real hit in regard to team spirit and leadership. Through the rehab, the fear and the just plain feeling like he wasn't contributing, Joe plodded on and got back into the saddle this year.

Through it all he demonstrated:
Class-He was at every meet and most practices supporting his teamates and coaches any way he could-contributing any way possible.
Character-Despite his disappointtment, he went about his rehab with no complaints. He may not have truly accepted what had happened but he worked every day to get past it mentally and physically.
Courage-Though he has been back this year, the knee is not 100% and every once in a while he suffered in great pain. Against La Sierra, such was the case, and Coach Corona was going to hold him out of the final event-the 4 X 400-which in this case was going to determine the outcome of the meet. "You gotta let me run Coach!", Joe implored. "This is for the league championship. I gotta run!" Corona relented and though the Wolves lost the race and the meet, Joe recorded the fastest split of the day. He walked off the track, limped over to Coach Corona and apoligized for "not bringing it home." What he didn't know is that he really did.

Coach Corona asks the seniors every year-"What will you leave behind when you graduate?" Joe Gilleland will leave more than most.

Thursday, April 17
lea marques four year
The last of the Lea family will depart from the King Track and Field program this year. Though he will not leave the same school record marks that were left by his brother Marvin and sister Markesha, Marques Lea leaves his own footprint -his own legacy -on our program and on King High School.

Steady-consistent and hard working,  Marques specialized in the 400 and the 200. He also long jumped and ran the relays along the way. This season, he event ried the shot put. A three year letter winner and team captain this year, he has always been a positve contributor despite his coming out late from basketball each year and having to catch up. His sense of humor and his humility makes him a favorite among his teamates

He is a true rarity these days in that he is a four year member of THREE King programs-football-basketball and track. When you add to that his outstanding academic record and accomplishments, one can see why he is weighing several options for college. There is little doubt that Marques Lea will be a success down the road. It isn't a question of "if" but "when."

Thursday, April 24
park ethan 4 year

Ethan Park epitomes the type of individual every coach hopes will be a part of his team. Always focused, dedicated and prepared, Ethan contributes significantly to the King Track and Field team. As a freshman, Ethan worked hard to grow athletically and dove into the running lifestyle. Ethan remained true to the XC and track teams the following three years and kept his team together as a leader, workhorse and friend. Ethan will be remembered for his passion for life, his support of his teammates and his will to push him each day to be his best under all circumstances. He exhibits class in his demeanor, courage to pursue new interests, and an extreme commitment to his team. Ethan plans to pursue his many talents as a student at Azusa Pacific University.

Sunday, April 20
sibley four year
On the face of it, if ever there was a stereotypical pole vaulter in the history of King Track, it might be  Ryan Sibley.  The picture that most people have of vaulters is that they are laid back, a little devil may care-a little on the crazy side- sort of "a surfer dude."  That description pretty fits Ryan--up to a point.

It fits until you see him at the head of the runway with a pole in his hands and his eyes intent on the bar. It fits until you see him run down the runway with an aggressivness bent on the successfull completion of his attempt. That description fits until you see how angry he gets on a missed attempt. It fits until you see the competitor come out in him in tight contests. Ryan may be the best clutch vaulter King High has ever seen.

From the time he picked up a pole, he has been a model of consistency and improvement. This three year letter winner and team captain is second all time in the pole vault at 13-6-just one inch from the school record. He is a three time CIF qualifer.  Looks sure can be decieving.

Sunday, April 20
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Jazzmine Simpson
simpson  jazzmine four year
A force in the high jump, especially these past two years, Jazzmine Simpson ends her career with a whole different, more mature attitude than ever before and it has positively affected what she and our team has accomplished this year.

Her first two years, she was kind of along for the ride. She wanted success but really wasn't sure she wanted to work that hard for it. Jazzmine would earn letters during that time but she was barely scratcing the surface of her talents. In 2007, she began her movement upward as she got over 5-2, qualified for CIF and just did miss the cut into CIF Finals.

This year, she has cleared 5-2 but she has also increased her workload. She has taken up the triple jump and long jump and has dabbled  in the 200. More importantly than anything, she has taken on the role of team captain with a dedication and seriousness not seen from her before. Her mature outlook and her need for others to understand what our program is about has been both refreshing and most welcome. It certainly is part of what has driven our girls team toward the Ivy league Championship.

It appears that Jazzmine is headed for RCC where she will compete for the Tigers. They are getting a diamond in the rough who is more than ready to be polished.

Thursday, March 22

Tuesday, April 24
clem jon four year
Jon's character and easy-going nature have been his trademark from the very beginning. Pleasant and coachable, Jon has been steadily working and improving in the distance events for the last four seasons. He has ranged from the 800 in the early years to recently moving up to the 3200 meters this season. The improvement though is most remarkable in the 1600 where, as a 9th grader he toiled along near 5:50 for four laps. This season, with what was perhaps his best race of the year at Azusa Pacific, he drove home a 4;51.09 - exactly one minute faster -- and approximately 300 meters ahead -- of where he was as a frosh. Incredible.

Tuesday, April 3
cummins matt four year
Matt came to the US in 7th grade from Toronto, Canada. He's made the most of his opportunities here and especially in terms of his running. A small, wry lad in 9th grade, his small body masked his big heart and his gigantic desire. From those beginnings, Matt has made the climb to the pinnacle of his field here at King. The first time he competed in his best event, the 3200, was in 2004 against Chaparral HS. He ran a modest 12-flat. He had a good freshman year, ultimately running a PR of 10:39, which is still the third-fastest freshman time in school history. But it is not just where you start that defines you, it's also where you finish, and Matt is in the process of finishing great. Now the school record-holder in the 3200 at 9:42, he's #2 all time in the 1600, and is one of the top-ranked runners in Riverside County. The icing on the cake is his tremendous academic ability that has already opened up doors at Harvey Mudd University to the tune of $38,000 a year in scholarships! Bottom line: Canada's loss, America's gain!

Tuesday, April 24
If there was ever a “poster child” for King Track and Field, it is Anna Duffy. (In fact, she is actually the poster child, gracing the banner at the top of this website). Anna completes her four year stint with the Wolf track program having transformed herself as an athlete but certainly not as a person. She has just about done it all. She is a past league champion in the 400. She has qualified for CIF competition three times and you will find her name among the all-time top five. She is a two time captain which is an honor that usually just goes to seniors. Anna has moved from the 400 to the jumps and eventually this year to the hurdles where she has been a consistent scorer in an event that at the beginning of the season looked to be our weakest.

Some kids would have pouted or complained about being moved around so much. Anna never did. She has always accepted what her role was with a smile and with enthusiasm. She has always been willing to sacrifice personal gain for the good of the program. Not long ago, Coach Corona approached her about running in the 1600 relay because one of the relay members had gotten sick. “No problem, coach!” she said despite the fact she had not run in the event since early n the season. When asked why he had asked Anna instead of some other athletes, Coach Corona replied. “Because I knew she wasn’t going to let her teammates down.” Her work ethic has never changed. Her example to the young athletes in the program on “this is how we do it at King” has been immeasurable. Her belief in Class-Character and Courage has never wavered and our program is stronger for it.

Anna, who was the Ivy League Defensive Player of the year and a 1st team All-CIF selection in soccer, is headed off to Chapman College in the Fall on an academic scholarship. She leaves behind a legacy of what King High Track is all about.

Wednesday, March 14
fillmore alec four year
The heart and soul of an athlete is one of integrity, commitment and effort. Alec Fillmore has been all of that for each season of his four years in King Track and Field. With unquestionable character, Alec has defined what coaches love in athletes - a willingness to dig deep, improve, listen to advice and give of themselves to the greater good of the team. A distance runner throughout, he has exemplified the traits of all good distance runners: through highs and lows, through pain and discomfort, through victories and defeats, he has kept on. He has been unceasing. He has been an inspiration. He has left a legacy.

Friday, March 30
gill four year
Nash's career with King Track and Field has been one that can be described in one word: Rising. He has traversed the chasm between "rookie" and "veteran" with determination, style and grace. He is not the athlete nor the person he arrived as. Through dedication and hard work, he has defined himself as a runner; he has been extremely coachable; he has worked his butt off; he has improved tremendously. He has moved from obscurity to the ranks of varsity, scoring in the 3200 meters and improving at the distance by almost 3:00! (His 1600 time has dropped almost a full minute from his freshman year.  Nash will be greatly missed when his final finish line is crossed.

Monday, April 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETES - Brenda Hanrahan and Danny Stark
stark hanrahan four year
At first glance, you might mistake them for brother and sister. They’ve been working together for so long, done the same thing for so long and counted on one another for so long, one couldn’t be blamed for thinking along those lines. So no, they are not related BUT make no mistake about it, Danny Stark and Brenda Hanrahan are brother and sister in the world of pole vaulting. There comes a certain kinship with one’s willingness to sling themselves into the air on a pole on an every day basis. This “craziness” as Coach Corona has called it, their hard work and their distinct personalities have propelled them to be among the best in Riverside County. Both are four year team members who, as so many of our seniors, will be leaving a big piece of themselves behind.

Brenda is the silly one of the two, devil- may –care. She looks like a pixie, short in statue but long in heart. She loves to laugh and having been a state qualifier in gymnastics as a youngster has stood her well in the vault. Once, she gets on the runway, though, her eyes narrow and with everything she has runs hell-bent for leather trying to soar to new heights. It hasn’t always been easy-last year she broke her ankle and missed the entire season- but Brenda’s competitiveness keeps her going. She is a two time league champion-the Inland Empire Champion at the Soph/Frosh and varsity levels. She won the first annual King High Soph/Frosh Classic and she is a two time CIF qualifier-just missing the finals as a sophomore. She stands third All-time in King History at 10-6, just six inches behind Danny’s sister-Caroline, who holds the school record. This year, when the Press Enterprise wanted to do an article on her comeback, Brenda said, “That’s not me” and instead tried to talk to the reporter about her teammates, her coaches and the Vaulters that had come before her.

Danny is a little more serious, a little more analytical but the results have been virtually the same. Danny has led this year’s pole vault team to high finishes at the Chet Nicholson Relays and the Relays of Champions. He finished 7th at the Inland Empire Championships, the lone representative from north Riverside County. He also was the winner of the first King Soph/Frosh Classic as a soph. Last year, he qualified for CIF prelims and currently sits third All-time on the pole vault list with a jump of 12-7. Danny has been a true leader within the entire King Track program. Whither he is instructing, encouraging or cracking the occasional joke, his quiet leadership on the team has been most profound, especially among the 22 young people who make up the vaulting team.

At the end of the day, though, when Danny’s on the runway, Brenda is there for support and advice and when Brenda is up, you’ll see Danny doing the same. As one watches that picture, you can’t help but know that the unstated message is that they came into this program together and they will go out together.

Monday, April 16
sheehan ryan four year
To say that Ryan's four years of track have been smooth and easy would be a major overstatement. In fact, they've been marred by injury and interruptions that would have sent the average person packing and heading for the nearest exit. But Ryan is not average. Accepting the bad with the good, he took the successes he had gained periodically over the past three seasons, and finished out what has been nothing short of a solid, successful fourth year. Focused mainly on the 800 meters, he has steadily improved this season and has scored at the varsity level. Again, all this when his body and his brain could well have shown him the door 12 months ago. An example of tenacity and determination, Ryan Sheehan.

Friday, March 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Kaitlin Traver

Kaitlin Traver's time with King Track and Field has been marked by a steady, consistent contribution of good. A distance runner from the get-go, she's excelled in both the 1600 and 3200 and has run in the mid-12:00 range for the 3200, a very respectable PR. Considering that the first time she ever attempted the distance as a freshman, she clocked 13:58, that's quite an accomplishment!

Kaitlin has demonstrated a commitment to the team and to the coaches and to being coached each and every year she's been a part of the team. A good student as well, Kaitlin is headed off to Cal Poly Pomona next year. We talk a lot about leaving a positive legacy, and Kaitlin has done just that.

Monday, April 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Monika Valenzuela
valenzuela m four year
Mo's legacy to King Track and Field will be beyond the records she's set, the lists she's made or the points she's scored. Long after those accomplishments have faded into history, painted on the canvas of our program will be the legacy of a young lady committed to team, to excellence and to unselfishness. In a world that elevates the individual over team, she promoted the team over herself -- and this in a sport often mistaken for an individual one. Graced with talent and desire, Monika has left a mark of both character and accomplishment on her four years here. She will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, April 3
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Bradley Yarbrough
yarbrough bradley four year
Brad's time in track and field has been one of overcoming adversity. He admits that in the first year or two, he was much of a spectator, watching other athletes work harder and achieve more than he was. Somewhat anonymous, he spent the days of season laying low. But by the end of his sophomore year he was on the warpath to change, fighting the warriors of apathy, laziness and sloth and in time, he was gaining victory over his foes. By his junior year his running was accelerating and improving, but injury sideswiped him and he ended up losing that third season. But with a great cross country campaign last fall, Brad has come back and is again marching to the general's orders of double time and charge. It's been a great ride for the soon to be Lancer of Cal Baptist.

Saturday, March 11

Thursday, March 16
antrim lauren 4 year
photo by Michael Baumann
Lauren Antrim has been a steady distance runner who has seen improvement over the years, including a dramatic drop of almost 20 seconds in the 800 between her 9th and 10th grade seasons. Dabbling for a time in the 400, her time has been spent primarily in the distances with a specialty in the half; boasting a PR of 2:38 as of this posting. Rarely one to miss practice, her legacy is one of consistency and a tenaciousness in racing that is to be admired. With a senior campaign still to be waged, time will tell how much lower her PR's can be moved, but one thing is for sure: She's not the same runner now that she was when she began, and that is success.

Tuesday, March 7
ashley john four year
photo by Michael Baumann
John Ashley's ultimate rise to one of King's top distance runners of all time was not loudly pronounced upon his arrival four seasons ago. Rather, he entered quietly, humbly, with no fan fare and a freshman season that was far short of spectacular. However, it was from those inauspicious beginnings that a spark was ignited that would see John drop a full minute in his mile PR by his sophomore year (5:49 to 4:44) and then another good drop to 4:35 by the end of his junior season. He is also in the top seven all-time 3200 meter times in school history. After a strong cross country campaign last Fall and a very good winter of off-season training, John ran a stirring final season, winning numerous races and setting a new school record in the 1600 meters at 4:27.25.

Tuesday, March 21
baugus jeremy four year
photo by Michael Baumann
Little can be said about Jeremy's performances his freshman and sophomore years. Marred by injury and inexperience, he toiled low in the JV ranks and obscurity. What those who may have watched him failed to realize however, was that burning inside him was a ferocious desire to be the best he could be, to "run varsity someday" as he once said, and to rise from an unknown to a known, from out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Such aspirations can sometime define egotistical maniacs, folks more in love with themselves than their success. Not so with Jeremy. A young man of great character and integrity, his achievement -- did I mention he is now the number two all-time half-miler in school history and the number four two miler and the holder of the school record for three miles in cross country? -- has not gone to his head, he has not become bigger than himself or others. Instead, with quiet humility, he makes himself known through hard work, tenacious racing and a way about him that's truly rare in our self-obsessed culture. Well done, Jeremy!

Thursday, April 20
chen joe four year
Joe has been involved with track as well as cross country for all four years of his high school life. In track, his emphasis was the 100 and 200 in which he ran JV all four years. At times he competed in the 4x100 relay as well. A scholar athelte as well, Joe's headed on to one of California's top universities next year, choosing between UCLA and Berkeley.

Sunday, April 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Cosette Deslonde
deslonde cosette four year
Cosette - known as Coco to her teammates - finishes her King High Track career as one of the all time top five female performers in the high jump. Her four year career has been marked by a roller coaster of highs and lows but one thing always remained consistent-her unrelenting desire to get better and her stick-to-it attitude. There were times when she probably wanted to walk away from the sport but she never did -always looking for that next good jump. She has been an example to her teammates -especially the young ones -about dedication and caring about what you do. Coach Corona asks the seniors every year to leave a little of themselves behind when they graduate-Cosette Deslonde has certainly done that.

Saturday, March 25
galante david fouryear
photo by Michael Baumann
If running fast was a crime, David Galante would be an outlaw. Blessed with amazing natural ability and skill, he jumped into the distance events as a precocious 9th grader and immediately had King's then seniors asking, "who is this kid?" That kid turned out to be an immediate sensation who made a trememdous impact on the varsity team his first season. Injuries interupted the progression however, as a serious stress fracture curtailed his sophomore and junior campaigns. His comeback is coming nicely though in this his senior year. With a steady approach to his conditioning and racing, by mid-season he is very near the records he set two years ago.

Tuesday, April 11
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Mary Griesinger
griesinger mary four year
photo by Michael Baumann
The Griesingers have been all over King Track. Dad has been a coach of the distance runners since we started in 2000, Steve (02), Diane (03), James (05) and now Mary (06) complete the chain. Like her older siblings and father, Mary has been a quiet contributor, steady and consistent. Without a lot of flash or fan fare, Mary has been running the distances - mainly the 3200 - since she began four years ago, and doing the long race with dignity, style and improvement. She's dipped below 13:00 for the first time this year, and has also PR'd in the 1600; two PR's she can be proud of as she leaves the program in May. Though her name may not be attached to any individual school records, she leaves a far better legacy -- that of being kind to her teammates, an example of perseverance and a role model anyone who wants to take up distance running should follow. Mary Griesinger, a four-year athlete and senior who leaves a great legacy!

Thursday, May 4
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Brittany Haynes
haynes brittany four year
“Leave a part of yourself on the track.” One of Coach Corona’s favorite mantras never fell on deaf ears with Brittany Haynes. Working through the endless hours, the continuous drills….the endless quest of the three step-she left something on the track every day.  Sometimes it was simply by example-sometimes it was because she had gone face first into the dirt. It wasn’t always pretty and it wasn’t always easy but “Brit-ta-nay” ,as she is known, worked at it, seemingly always with a smile on her face. She rose in confidence and experience to the point where this year, she served as a team captain and a valued advisor to her younger, more inexperienced teammates. She worked through great pain this year as she had problems at varying times with her shins and her knees.  It was so painful at times that she could barely walk after some of the competitions. Brittany qualified for the Ivy League 100 Hurdle finals and in her final race as a Wolf, she finished fifth-winning her first league medal. However, she rolled her knee at the finish and spent the rest of the night stretched out on the bleachers with an ice bag on it. Somehow, it was only appropriate that when the team left the stadium, Brittany had to be carried out by two of her teammates with that medal around her neck and she was smiling

Sunday, April 30
hidalgo four year
Four year King Track participant Jon Hidalgo is headed for the University of Northern Georgia upon graduation. Though not a major scorer during his four years at King, his contributions have come in ways that cannot be measured. He has often shared his experience with newcomers through instruction and advice. He has always carried himself with Class, Character and Courage. When there has been construction type work to do in helping elevate the program, he has been right there. On the field, he saved his best performance for last as this year he got his P.R. in the Triple Jump.

Sunday, April 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Dylan Koroluck
koroluckdylan four year
photo by Michael Baumann
Dylan has spent the last four years working away in the shadows of the pole vault. He earned his PR in one of the last meets of this season, a fine way to go out on top, and he was the official winner of his last dual -- last week's meet against Arlington -- an even BETTER way of going out! Coach Roll describes Dylan as eager and hard working, and as time has passed, he became a mentor to the younger and less experienced vaulters who joined the program

Sunday, April 2
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Steven Kruckenberg
kruckenberg four year
Steven has been part of the King High Track program for four years, and the only senior thrower this year to achieve that distinction. He has been a varsity thrower for the past two seasons. His work ethic and positive attitue make him a pleasure to coach. He is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and brings great morale to the team. He is one of the leaders in the throws group. Steven plans on attending Cal State San Marcos next year and to major in kinesiology. It will be hard to replace such a great individual and teammate.

Tuesday, April 25
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Pavel Minenkov
four year minenkov
Pavel got his start in high school in the distances, running cross country the Fall of his freshman year, however, it didn't take him long to migrate over to the vault and find his niche and his talent. He is still the 9th grade record holder in the vault at 11-0, and has vaulted himself (literally) to within grasp of the school record at 13-7! He is one inch shy as of this writing. He has tattooed himself with more than the jaded greens of PR's and victories, he is known around the vault camp as being a terrific worker, a leader, and one who is always willing to get in, roll his shirt sleeves up and get at the tricky task of vaulting well.

Wednesday, March 29
sjogren carly four year
photo by Michael Baumann
Carly Sjogren made a big splash her freshman year as she battled through some injuries and issues of rookieness to run a truly fine 1600 effort at League Finals in 2003. Health problems interrupted her progress her sophomore season, but this final campaign has been one of more consistency, determination, planning and goal setting. Thus far, it has all paid off, as she has set PR's in both the 1600 and 3200. She capped off her season with a league title in the 3200 at a PR time of 11:51! Academically gifted and hardworking as well, she has set herself up for multiple opportunities in college and is currently looking at several universities to attend and compete for.


Friday, April 22
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Zenobia Bracey
bracey zenobia four year
Zenobia Bracey --"Z", as she is known -- completes the Bracey family high school run through track and field with the completion of her senior season. Her father, Ken, a King assistant coach, was a high school and college hurdler and both of her brothers were track stars at Arlington High under Coach Corona. Zenobia has eaned her place in the family trophy case that's for sure. She is second all-time in both hurdle races and has performed exceptionally in the jumps as well. She has been a consistent all-league performer and CIF qualifier. A fine actress and singer, Zenobia will continue her track career at RCC next season.

Wednesday, April 27
carroll lorie four year
Lorie Carroll is one of hte cadre of hurdlers we will lose in 2005 to graduation. The coaching staff has always noted her grit and determination. She has a never-say-die attitude which has served her and our program well. She is usually among the last of the hurdlers to go home from practice and among the first to sacrifice her own needs for the benefit of the team. As one of our team leaders, Lorie will be missed not just for her attitude, but for her ability to find the humor in just about any situation life brings.

Wednesday, April 13
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Stephanie Erdodi
erdodi four year
Tape. It's been on her shins seemingly all four seasons of her stellar career at King, and it could well symbolize Stephanie Erdodi's take on athletics: If it hurts, tape it up and get out there and compete. Stephanie has done that, and done it well, all four years, making strides in the hurdles and in the 400 meters. She has the #4 all time mark for the 300 hurdles and owns the #5 mark for the 400. She's headed to Cal State San Marcos next year to continue her athletic and academic pursuits.

Thursday, April 14
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Erin Fitzgerald
fitzgerald four year 05
Erin Fitzgerald's tenure on King Track and Field has been tattooed with images of hard work, discipline, optimism and tenacity. For the first three years, she spent her time working in the distance races, running a PR of 5:59 in the 1600 and 12:29 in the 3200 meters, both very respectable marks. Her senior season was a change, as she took on pole vaulting for the first time. It is an event that intrigued her as she once spent in her junior high years time developing her gymnastic skills. Those same skills have enabled her to move quickly in one short season from JV vaulting to varsity. She's headed next year to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Wednesday, April 20
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - James Griesinger
griesinger james four year
James finishes the same journey taken by two older siblings, Steve (00-02) and Diane (00-03) in spending each Spring competing for King's Track and Field program throughout his time at King High School. A member of the JV team, he has spent time in both the distance events and, during his final season, the 400. Blessed with almost perfect form and natural speed, he owns PR's of under 60 seconds for the one-lap sprint, and a sub-five minute 1600 meters and sub 2:20 800 meters.

Monday, April 18
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Ashley Johnson
johnson ashley four year
The first time that Ashley Johnson laced on her spikes was against Chaparral High School way back in 2002. She ran the 1600 meters that day in 6:53. It was an inauspicious beginning, but signified the start of a journey that would be consistent and cheerful along the way. In time, she would lower that PR down a full minute, PR'ing in 2004 at 5:53. She also lodged respectable PR's in the 3200 at 12:27, set in 2004 also, and well under 3:00 minutes for the 800 meters. To her tenure of four years in track, she adds a three-year career of cross country running.

Wednesday, April 13
jones jamal four year
Following in the footsteps of a talented older sibling can always be a challenge, but Jamal has shadowed his older brother Lamont and created a long shadow himself. Talented and capable at several events, he has distinguished himself as a solid point-maker in the long jump, triple jump and sprint events. Jamal has been a key figure in the King wins throughout the last two years especially. He finishes this year as a team captain.

Tuesday, April 19
moody jovaun 4 year photo
Gregarious and talented are two words that come to mind when one thinks of Jovaun Moody and the impact he has had on the King track and field program over the last four seasons. His smile and personality are infectious, bright like the mid-day sun. But don't let that pleasant, easy-going style mask the reality of his talent and competitive fire. His name is plastered all over our record books, with a #2 ranking in the 110 high hurdles, a #3 ranking in the 300 hurdles, another #3 ranking in the triple jump, and a school record in the long jump(currently at 21' 3"). One doesn't have to work to imagine if Jovaun found another event, his name would be on that list as well.

Thursday, April 21
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Andrea Morrison
morrison four year 05
Andrea's enthusiasm has guided her to four years of varsity letter earning status in her years of throwing shot and discus. As a junior, Andrea won the Sunkist league championship in shot put and was runner up in discus. She is also the school record holder in the discus at 108' 8". She has been a big part of the girls' success over the years, scoring in every meet. She leaves as a captain and will continue to compete when she enrolls in the Maritime Academy in New York next year.

Wednesday, April 27
nosce four year
Jessica Nosce has been a mainstay on the King Throws team for her enitre time in track and field. She has been a quiet contributor both at the varsity and JV levels and has served as a mentor to the new, younger throwers that have entered the program. Though not at the top of the heap in regard to medals, accomplishments or trophies, Jessica has been a model of consistency and hard work that those who follow her in the future do well to imitate.

Thursday, April 14
padilla eric four year

Everyone's got challenges. Whether prince or pauper, life has a set of cards it deals and "challenge" is written on most of them. What often separates the successful from the unsuccessful is how they handle the challenges placed before them. Eric Padilla stands head and shoulders over most folks, for he has met the set of challenges that have come his way with determination, strength and resolve.  As he leaves the station in life called high school, he leaves carrying a suitcase of success.  Eric has made a habit of making the best of his life -- from running the demanding and tough distance events -- to excelling beyond measure in the classroom. He has done this with an infectious aire of optimisim and joy and with a maturity truly beyond his years. Though his track times will not make the record books, if we kept a record book of the times athletes have volunteered to help out, to see what needed to be done, or to be an encouragement or mentor to others ... well, Eric would hold the Triple Crown. He has been a true joy to coach and his reputation for "doing unto others what you would have done to yourself" will shine untarnished in the weather of time. Well done, Eric, well done.

Wednesday, April 13
peebles ian four year
If you need a poster child for dedication, hard work, heart, guts and competitive fire, look no further than Ian Peebles. Where the title "Fire on the Track" was used for a movie about track legend Steve Prefontaine, the same could be said about what Ian has done in his four years of competition at King High. A gifted athlete, he never rested on his God-given abilities. Devoted to improving himself and fiercely competitive, Ian has made the most of every circuit of the track. A team leader and trusted point-getter, Ian's legacy will be felt for years to come.

Sunday, April 24
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Morgan Sjogren
sjogren morgan four year
She's done in three years, what some take four years to complete. Morgan Sjogren's addition to the King program came her sophomore year after competing as a Freshman for North High. After lettering that first year for the Huskies, she brought over to King experience and a drive to succeed that immediately impacted the team in a positive way. A solid rock in the distance events, specifically the 3200 meters, she has been to CIF Prelims every season, was the Sunkist League champion in the event in her Junior year, has lettered every year and recorded a great personal record of 11:35 -- number 2 on the all time list at King. She's also been part of several school record relay teams, including the DMR, the 4xmile and the 4x1600, running a relay split of 5:26 for 1600 meters. She's accepted a scholarship to compete next year for CSU San Marcos, and will enjoy the opportunity of training and competing under the tutelage of American Record holder and ex-Olympian in the mile, Coach Steve Scott

Tuesday, April 12
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Caroline Stark
stark caroline four year
Caroline Stark will go out on top - both athletically and academically. Named one of King's two valedictorians of the class of 2005, she's just as accomplished in the pole vault. Ranked #1 all time for the Wolves, her 11' PR and School Record is a huge accomplishment when one considers she spent most of her junior year recovering from a torn ACL and the surgery that followed. Tenacious and gracious, she has been one of the solid rocks of the King attack over the last four years. Caroline has modeled for us all on a daily basis, the spirit of hard work, consistency and the will to overcome.  Headed to UCI next year, she follows fellow alums and current Anteaters, Brian Brierly, Orlisha Henlon and Megan Fairley.  She will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, April 12
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Lindsay Vitort
vitort lindsay 4 year
One of King's most versatile performers over the last four years has been Lindsay Vitort. Varsity for all four seasons, she's spent time in the vertical and horizontal jumps, (she ranks fifth all-time at King in the high jump at 4' 10") the long relay and now the 800 meters. She has contributed to the point totals of so many of the King victories over the seasons, and now in her final campaign is the go-to girl in the 800. Currently with a PR of 2:26 (number 3 all time at King), she's set her sights on the school record before she departs. Soft spoken by nature, she's done her talking with her talent.


agustin harry
Steady. Consistent. Calm. Cool. Collected. Diligent. Such are a few of the adjectives to describe Harry Agustin's four years of competing in track and field. There may have been others more gifted in talent, but that did not hinder Harry from giving a solid, 100% effort, every time he took to the blocks and placed thumb and fingers on the chalky line. Competing in the 100 and 200 for most of his tenure, Harry was also a four year competitor in the sport of cross country. Words are many and words can both lift or tear down. The words at the top of this piece are the ultimate description any true athlete desires for himself. Well done, Harry Agustin.

FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Krysten Allbeck
allbeck kristen
Krysten Allbeck's four years in track and field has been marked by consistency and a good attitude. The nature of track and field demands that all participant contribute what they can and what they have when they can. Krysten's contribution came in the pole vault in which she cleared a personal record of 7' 0" going into 2004; but she also contributed by being consistent and positive. Going out in style, on her last attempt of her last meet in 2004, she upped her personal record to 8'0".

Friday, April 23
arhin kojo
Kojo is one of those guys who can seemingly do it all. A consistent team player and hard worker over his four years in track, he has excelled at the high jump, sprints, 400 meters and this year added the 800 to his repertoire as well as the marathon! As far as we know, Kojo became the first King High athlete to complete a full, 26.2 mile marathon. Kojo ran the LA Marathon in March, finishing just above four hours. He has also done extremely well in the classroom over four years. Kojo has made for himself a reputation as a gentlemen, a scholar and an athlete, quite a resume for one King's finest!

Tuesday, April 27
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Holly Campbell
campbell holly
Holly has been one of the pillars of our girls' throwing team for all of her four years in the program. In an event that doesn't serve as a natural draw for most girls, Holly has been one to take it seriously, practicing hard both in season as well as out of season. She has been a team player, modeling the virtues of hard work and leadership. In the 2004 season, she earned the title of "captain" for her service to the team during her tenure. Her years have also been marked by improvement, as she has reached the high-90 feet range in the discus and has thrown the shot for a PR of 31' 9", second among all throwers in school history. She leaves big shoes to fill and having made a huge impact on the previous four League Championships gained by the girls King Track athletes.

Monday, March 22
carter glenn
Glenn Carter finishes his four years of high school running on a bit of a comeback. After somewhat of an off-year in 2003, he is back in good shape and good form for the final campaign. Having put in a decent Winter of off-season training, he enters the '04 season in better shape than any previous track season, and it is already paying off in good performances. On Saturday at the Arroyo Meet of Champions distance carnival, he lowered his lifetime best in the 800 meters with a 2:11.5 race. Look to him to drop that PR even lower as the season unfolds. He lettered as a sophomore and plans to add another bar to his jacket at the end of this season

Beside the athletic accomplishments, Glenn is an honor student, earning a high GPA and passing Advanced Placement exams. College-bound, he is as of this time still undecided as to which university he will attend.

Thursday, April 8
carter grant
Grant is finishing with a flourish. He has had a solid career of track (while also running four years of cross country - three of them at the varsity level) and this final go-around is shaping up to be his best season ever. He has already run the fastest 1600 time of his life in 4:45 and has recently taken up the 800, an event he has never really dabbled in. Showing his tenacity and drive, he has handled the long sprint quite well, running 2:06.5, one of King's best ever at the distance. Grant has always been a hard worker, but this season seems to be one in which he has stepped up his efforts even more, and the results are showing in his quality racing.

Wednesday, April 7
fairley megan
Megan's story is one for the record books and for "happy ending" movies you see coming out of Hollywood. When she first stepped on the track back in 2001, she was a hardworking, positive kid, but showed little of what she would become. Her 1600 times averaged 6:42 that year and her fastest 3200 was 14:03! Things got worse her sophomore season, as she battled through illnesses and ran even slower than her first year. But by her junior hear, finally healthy, she was moving down an incredible road of improvement and success. Those pedestrian-like times she ran so long ago disappeared as that coachability and drive took over and faster times appeared. She was the Sunkist League champ in the 3200 in 2003 and during her senior year lowered her own school records in the 1600 to 5:18 and in the 3200 to 11:05. She placed 5th at the Division 2 CIF Finals. In May, she signed a scholarship to study and compete at UC Irvine. It was a remarkable journey for Megan.

Tuesday, April 20
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Stephanie Fematt
fematt stephanie
Stephanie has been a true work of progress. A distance runner from the get-go, her four years of running track (and cross country as well) has been a storyboard for improvement, tenacity and wonderful progress. She has learned to embrace the rigors and difficulty of trying to run fast for a distance, and has seen her times and PR's over the years steadily drop. In this, her last season, she has enjoyed the rewards that come with experience and the unwillingness to give up; namely, faster times and enjoyable experiences of racing competing and being a member of her team. Beyond the improved ability however, Stephanie has contributed in many other ways to the success of King Track and Field, by maintaining a positive attitude, being coachable and modeling a work ethic that others should borrow from.

myers michael
Cornerstones are key to any structure. Without them, the edifice falls. In that regard, Michael Myers has been a cornerstone of our sprinting success. One of the first football talents to venture toward the track, he found initial success and accomplishment even as a rookie 9th grader. But as the years have gone by, despite bouts with injury, he has remained true and faithful to the 100, 200 and relay, forming a cornerstone of strength and speed in the growing years of King Track and Field. His success has likewise motivated more athletes from the gridiron to find a place in the spotlight of track and field as well, thereby making his impact even greater than his multiple-mentioned name in our record books. Michael Myers is a sprinter whose mark has been made, and it is a positive one!

rafferty mike
Good things come in small packages. Mike Rafferty doesn't have the "normal" build or size of your typical sprinter, but he's got the heart, guts and speed of the best of them. An eyebrow-raiser when he first took up the sport, the diminutive racer made a quick name for himself as one of the top sprinters on the team, even without playing football! A top-five alltimer in the 100 and one of King's best in the duece, his real talents showed through in the 4x100 relay. That size of his made him a natural for the first curve, and as Coach Corona has said, "Mike's most dangerous with a baton in his hand." His quiet, diligent tenacity has made him one of the coaches' favorites and his time spent with King Track and Field went too quickly!

rodgers kevin
With age often comes maturity. It's not always that way, but usually is. Maturity is the ability to reason, to make wise decisions, to act proactively, rather than reactively. In running, Kevin Rodgers has matured with age. Somewhat of a casual participant in his earlier days of track (and cross country), he admittedly didn't push himself as hard as he knew he could, and missed more workouts than he should have. Not so anymore! Kevin's senior year of cross country and track running, has been a model of consistency, effort and commitment. Gone are those early casual years, they've been replaced by a stronger, more focused athlete intent on seeing what he can accomplish in the sport. A mid-6:00 minute miler in 2001, he's now on the verge of breaking into the 4:00's. Why? Maturity.

ruiz brea 04
Krystle almost quit track before she even started. Back in her 9th grade year, she came out a bit early, to see what she might be good at or like to do. Basically there were just a bunch of distance runners doing some pre-season work, and so she was grouped with them. It didn't take long, but soon she was thinking about moving on to something else ... outside of track. She was encouraged to not go so quickly, wait until the season officially began, and then try another event. We're glad she did, because she ended up finding the pole vault, and finding out that she was quite good at it. She was quickly improving and became King's best vaulter in short order. Currently the school record holder at 10' 8", she's primed to finish well ... even though she was close to never even starting!

Tuesday, May 11
sevey alex
The sometime troublesome and all the time difficult event of hurlding doesn't naturally draw the timid to it's side. But Alex Sevey has never been timid, and so the ten flights of obstacles looked like something he would enjoy and excel at. Alex ran and trained with patience and tenacity for four long years, carefully and quietly honing his craft. Though a lack of natural speed would keep him from the top of the record books, in the meantime he went about collecting points each week for the team, doing his part in an event most shied away from. That diligence paid off in the contribution toward three league titles as well as showing to newcomers that the hurdles aren't so bad after all. He leaves a legacy of excellence and a young group of courageous hurdlers to follow in his footsteps.


Wednesday, April 2
allen novi
The four years of Garret Allen's tenure in track and field has seen a steady improvement for the distance runner. The first time he ran a 1600 meter race back in early March of 2000, he clocked a 5:39 time. His first 3200 mark was 12:09. Since that time, he has dropped those PR's down to the mid 4:40's and the low 10:00's -- indeed, significant improvement. That improvement has transpired thanks in large part to the diligence needed to keep going, to not give up, to persevere. Garret has done that. When some have given up, Garret has pressed on, and has reaped the rewards that come with time.

This season, the senior captain has run the 3200 in 10:06 and the 1600 in 4:46. Headed for Cal Poly Pomona to study aerospace engineering, the honor student-athlete has left a mark on King Track and Field that will not soon be forgotten.

Friday, March 28
bailey 4 year athlete
Way back in 2000, Levi Bailey quickly emerged as King's top sprinter. There were a couple of other guys contending, but their work ethic didn't match Levi's and by season's end the 100 and 200 SR's were his alone. Injuries slowed him a bit in his sophomore year, but by 2002, Levi's times were returning to his healthy freshmen days and by the time the season wrapped, he was sporting PR's. The school records alluded him, but with his characteristic speed and commitment, he was making himself a permanent member of the short relay.

This season Levi continues to speed along, running the relay, the 100 and the 200. Word has it the next year will find Levi enrolling at UC Riverside.

beld blurred 2
Daniel Beld is a truly talented runner with a deadly combination of speed and strength. His four years in track has brought him the typical highs and lows of any athlete in it for the long haul. He has had periods where motivation has been slack, and other times where the sky seemingly was the limit. Throughout the previous three seasons however, Daniel's grit and determination have been the hallmark of his racing.

The speed-strength combo mentioned above naturally made the 800 (essentially a very long sprint) his premier event, and from the beginning he has continually gotten faster and more competitive. The first time he ever tried the event he ran a respectable 2:28, but by the end of the season he had claimed the Arrowhead League 800 meter title with a 2:15 win. Since that time, he has gone on to claim what no other athlete competing for individual titles at King can claim: Three successive league titles in the same event. His aim for '03 is clear. Make it four.

Now with a PR and school record of 2:01.3, Daniel Beld the senior is ready for his final lap. Cheer him on.

Wednesday, March 26
Brierly Brian
In his four years with King Track and Field, Brian Brierly has seen more unconnected events than perhaps any other athlete. In our first year as a program (2000), Brian took hold of the triple jump, long jump, the 400 and 4x100 relay. He did well in each. During that year, he ran one 1600, and a seed was planted. By the Fall of 2000, he had joined the cross country team, and the second track season saw him moving over to the distances after a hip injury forced him out of the jumps. The leg speed of the 400 and the endurance gained in running cross country, enabled him to make the transition to the longer races. He was soon making an impact at the varsity level, and by his Junior year, Brian was the school record holder in both the 1600 and 3200. In the 3200, he was the first King runner to drop below 10:00 for the race, going 9:58. This year finds him at 4:33 and 9:54 for his two events.

A strong winter of training has put him in a position to challenge the boys of Rubidoux for a spot in CIF, something he has done each of the last two seasons. Brian's commitment to the team and to his own personal development has been a model to follow.

Wednesday, April 16
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Katie Chouinard
chouinard hj
High jumping ... just one of Katie's events
One of the most underrated athletes in the girls team of King Track and Field has been Katie Chouinard. Able to leap long distances in a single bound, strong enough to throw steel with her bare hands and faster than a speeding opponent, this "Superwoman" has been all things to the success of our girls' track program. Check out the events she has competed and scored in a the varsity level over her four years: Discus, Shot put, high jump, 800 meters, long jump, triple jump, 400 meters, 4x400 relay, sprint medley relay. We're not kidding. Though some have gained greater acclaim, the simple fact of the matter is that, if added up over four years, Katie has scored as many varsity points as anyone who has ever worn a King uniform.

A bit zaney and unpredictable, her good-natured mischievious personality has also added moments of hilarity and frivolity to the team dynamic. But beneath the fun-loving exterior lies the heart of a competitor and the body of a true athlete. A key to our ladies' success over four years, Katie Chouinard.

Tuesday, April 22
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Diane Griesinger
griesinger diane rubidoux 03
Diane Griesinger's time spent on our track team could be compared to the opening line of Dicken's famous novel, "It was the best of times and the worst of times." Eager, willing and able, Diane has come at each of her four seasons with the intentions of improving and succeeding. Yet seemingly without fail, she has had to endure the trials of injury with each passing season. Where most would have thrown in the towel at such adversity, Diane has steadily marched on. Quiet, graceful and unassuming, and always a team player, she has made herself useful to the team when she couldn't run, and inspired her teammates when she could. Her road hasn't been an easy one, but the fact that she is still on it, making progress, is a testimony to her character and resolve.

Saturday, March 8
FOUR-YEAR ATHLETE - Orlisha Henlon
henlon four year athlete
Orlisha Henlon has been one of the amazing talents on King's girls track team since our inception in 2000. A gifted athlete in numerous events, she has contributed mightily to the success of our girls track teams. One might argue that our girls dual-meet record over the last three seasons (currently 18-1) is due in some significant portion to Orlisha's contributions. Orlisha has been a key to our 4x100 and 4x400 teams all four years, the long and high jump, and the 100 and 200 meter dashes. She is the reigning league champion in the 100 each of the last two seasons. All-told, she has earned six league titles! Check her letterman jacket for the proof!

Competing in CIF Finals has been almost a yearly trip for the senior, having missed the opportunity in only her freshman season. Since that time, she has competed and placed in the high jump, earning All-CIF honors in that event. She is the current school record holder in the 100 and 200 and finished her high school career with All-State honors, after medaling at the California State Championships in the high jump.

Highly recruited, she made her decision to compete for UC Irvine after receiving a substantial scholarship to become an Anteater!

Friday, March 14
lea 03
One of the greatest stories of consistency, athleticism and improvement in the sport of Track and Field at King High is the story of Markisha Lea. She arrived as a 9th grader, and in that year of immaturity for all of our athletes, Markisha's character quickly brought herself to a level of leadership and significant contribution. Her long, powerful stride made her a natural in the 400m, running 1:09.0 in her first-ever race, but she contributed as well to the success of King High's first-ever girls league championship by running the hurdles, doing the high jump and competing in relays.

Since that first year, she has dominated her events and enjoyed success at the highest levels. Winner of eight (8!!) individual league titles in three years, even more significant is the fact that she has qualified for CIF Finals every year! No other athlete at King High in ANY sport has accomplished such a feat.

This season has already opened in a big way for the senior captain, with Markisha posting sub-60 second marks in both 400m races she's contested this season ... and both efforts coming on dirt tracks! Should be an exciting campaign as she endeavors to lower her own school record in the 400 and add to our two relay teams' efforts to win league and advance through the CIF rounds.

Tuesday, March 25
FOUR YEAR AHTLETE - Angella Nanyonyi
nanyonyi 4 year athlete
Angella Nanyonyi came out for track back in her freshman year having not achieved success in either volleyball or basketball that year. We're glad she did. From the moment she walked over the distance group that season, she has been a steady, consistent performer for the Lady Wolves. Running mainly on the JV squads, this season she is on the verge of moving up to the varsity level in the 1600, with a 6:07 PR just this last weekend at the adidas Azusa Pacific Distance Carnival. A likeable, gentle person, Angella is pursuing a college career (academically as well as athletically) at Cal State San Bernardino or Cal State Fullerton, or even, RCC. She's made good of her time here at King; indeed, the best of what can be said of anyone!

Thursday, April 10
She has been a quiet member of the team for four years, but important and significant nonetheless. Following in her father's footsteps, Tammy Perkins joined the track team back in 2000 for a number of reasons, but the main reason may have come down to the fact that "it just felt right" to use her words. Though she is not overly vocal, she has let her quiet, consistent actions speak loudly. Throwing shot and discus for each season, she has seen her marks improve by over 7 feet in the shot and discus. She likes the discus better.

A scholar athlete each of her four years with King, she's entering RCC next year as a sophomore, having earned enough credits while in highschool to bypass her freshmen year. Another of our captains, Tammy's contribution to King Track and Field's first four seasons has been great and has been appreciated by the coaching staff.

Wednesday, April 30
FOUR YEAR ATHLETE - Adam Pritchard
pritchard 4 yr athlete
The contribution Adam Pritchard has made to the first four years of King Track and Field has been stealth-like but significant. A distance runner in the early days, he soon gravitated to the demanding and tough event of hurdling. He was one of King's first hurdlers, and 2003 marks the end of his tenure racing over barriers. For the last two seasons, he competed in the shadow of a more experienced hurdler, but this season he has emerged as the event leader and a frequent scorer at the varsity level. He has improved greatly in his four years, perhaps the greatest compliment an athlete can receive. In his wake he leaves a legacy of one who blazed a trail and left footprints for others to follow.

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