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In developing a philosophy for our track and field program at King High School that would best serve our athletes, our coaches and our community: I have been influenced by a great number of people. Probably the most familiar name to everyone in athletics is former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. His ideas and philosophies run very deep in my beliefs and my standards. My college track coach Ron Mann, of Northern Arizona University taught me how to coach the sport. The impact of my high school coaches, Alan Rhodes, Joe Palicki, and Bruce Gove has been immeasurable. My first Athletic Director at Arlington High,  Sam  Pecchia taught me that you didn’t have to win the meet to be considered a winner. My philosophy is also deeply rooted in the words of my dad, who after every one of my high school competitions, asked “Did you give it your best?” All of these people and their views has contributed to the ideas I have come t call “The three C’s”--Class, Character and Courage.”


Because of these influences,  coupled with my own ideas and beliefs, I have come to believe that it is not the job of our program to produce wins or athletes. It is our goal, but not our job. It is our job to use track and field as a tool to help in the personal development of the student-athlete. There is more t life than winning and losing. There is certainly more to life than track. We want our young men and women to project an image of mature, disciplined, never-say-die adults. We hope that this can be accomplished regardless of winning percentages.


Some students-athletes will find that it is not easy to live up to Class-Character and Courage. I do not think that it is particularly hard but for a lot of today’s youngsters, it can be difficult. There are many who feel that athletics is a right owed to them. There are those who are not used to having rules or expectations to live by. There are those who feel that they are such fine athletes that the program cannot do without them and therefore, they are above the rules or exceptions will be made for them. In our program, these are unacceptable ideas and concepts and we let them know it. For some, the burden of living up to what is expected is too much and they quit.


Just what is expected??? We have four areas of emphasis that we consider the foundation on which the program has been built. Class….Character…Courage…Wolf Pack Pride. We want our student-athletes to live up to these four things and if they do, winning on the field and in life will take care of itself.


There is an old saying that “Class tells.” What it tells is what type of winner or loser you are. it tells how much respect the athletes and the coaches have for each other. What it tells is whether or not an opponent can expect a full effort from you and your team every time out, no matter the circumstances. Class means no talking trash, no finger waving at the finish line and not leaving trash behind on the field or on the bus. Class is all of us wearing the same uniforms and sweats. Class means accepting and cheering event he least talented of our teammates, no matter the outcome. So long as you have class, you’ll always be a winner.


Are you are whiner? A complainer? Is it always the other guy’s fault? Maybe the official or a coach or a teammate robbed you of your glory. Are you a showboat? A finger pointer? There is no place for such antics in King High Track. Trash talk and excuses are unacceptable. Humility is expected. Act like you’ve been there before. Working hard every day is expected. If we win, then we did our jobs and will congratulate ourselves within the confines of the team. If we lose, we will analyze our failings within the privacy of the team. These things are not for public display.  We will never give in and we will never quit. We will credit where credit is due to friend and foe alike. If you lose by an inch, then you lost by an inch. Can you answer the call to compete when you think you are least able to answer?  a solid character includes Honesty, Loyalty, Respect and Unselfishness. Fame is a vapor, popularity, an accident. the only thing that endures is character.


Courage is the willingness to work hard every day knowing that the possibility of failure is always there. It is the willingness to take on the favorite and battle with everything you have. Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself everyday, “I did my best today.” If you can, that is courage. Courage is looking at what you failed to do in order to be at your best. It’s not easy to be self critical-that takes courage. Going up against the best without excuse is courage. It takes courage t keep fighting when you are losing. Doing what you know you should do even if it’s scary is courage. Do you have the courage to fail? To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, “It is better to have tired and filed than not to have tried at all.” As one football coach once said, “Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”


Wolf Pack Pride is Wolf Family. It’s an attitude that “we are in this together.” Together, we can achieve great things. No matter your class, your talent level or your social status, we are a TEAM. Effort, individual and team, is how we measure our success. When it gets down to the end of the meet, we will all be out on the track t cheer our teammates.  We care about how each of us does because it leads to our collective success. We owe something to the tricksters that have come before us and that is our best effort every day. We have a home here. No matter where we go or what we do, we’ll always be a Wolf Track athlete.


John Corona

Head Track coach

King Track & Field
King Track & Field

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