Kingsway Sports and Fitness Academy: Kokomo Middle School Baseball

Middle School News

Middle School Baseball Fundraiser Information:

  • Coaches for the Middle School Teams are Dean Hockney, Jeff Shrock, and Mike Hawk.
  • Middle School Team names are Kokomo Kings, the Kokomo Royals, and the Kokomo Monarchs.
  • Games will be played at the Kingsway Sports Academy Complex in the Months of April and May 
  • Schedule available in the Handouts tab
  • Kokomo Middle School Baseball Uniforms: Uniforms will be distributed on Monday April 9th. Times for Each team is Monarchs @ 4pm! Royals @ 430pm! Kings @ 5pm! Be there for your uniform pick-up or you will miss it!!!
  • The updated Middle School Baseball Schedule is available now in the Handouts Tab! Fundraiser: Fundraiser pick up is Friday April 13 @ 4pm! DO NOT BE LATE AS YOU HAVE 12 HOURS FOR YOUR COOKIE DOUGH TO BE LEFT AT ROOM TEMPERATURE! COME HERE; PICK UP YOUR TUBS AND DELIVER IMMEDIATELY!!!

  *More information to come in the near future!

**Note:  This Middle School Baseball Program development is through Kingsway Sports Academy; not through Kokomo Center Schools