Kingston Swim Club: Coaches Corner

Wednesday, September 29

The Kingston Swim Club Coaches would like to welcome returning as well as new swimmers and families back for another exciting season. We really enjoyed working together with everyone last year and witnessed many great accomplishments. This will be another promising year for the Hurricanes and we are very excited to get the season started.  As we start practices, please remember some important suggestions whether it is bringing your equipment to practice, making sure you’re on time or coming on a regular basis, you are the person that makes the biggest difference in being prepared and achieving your goals. Also, remember to be respectful. It is important that all swimmers listen during practice so that they can learn and get the most out of each day’s workout. Most importantly, try your best and have fun! 



Remember competitive swimming is hard sets, wondering why you decided to do this challenging sport, laughing endlessly with your teammates, wanting to quit, pushing through anyway, victory, accomplishment, a second family, commitment, and FUN. These are the reasons why competitive swimmers wouldn’t switch sports for the world.  This is going to be a great season!