Kingston Swim Club: Meet Schedule

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Date(s) Meet Name Meet Type Location
Entry Deadline

2015 Spring/Summer Meet Schedule

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Summer Kick Off



   Shenendehowa Aquatic Center   



   Hawks Summer invite



     Ulster County Pool  





























 Starfish Meet





    Snowball Invitational    


 Kingston HS




 Region 1 meet

*Senior Qualifying Meet 





   Developmental Championships

*those swimmers that do not have league qualifying times 





North County League Championship  *Qualifying meet Must have 2 YMCA meets





2014 New York State YMCA Swim Meet

*Qualifying meet(Swimmers must have swum in 3 YMCA meets)




   YMCA Nationals  YMCA    

KSC Meet Entry Form



Meet Sign-up Instructions

Please follow the following instructions to sign-up for a meet:

  1. Locate the meet in the meet schedule above and download the meet information by clicking on the meet link.
  2. Locate the event listing in the meet information (you may want to print the page(s) containing the event listing for the meet.)  In addition, you will also need to locate the maximum number of events allowed per swimmer (for multi-day meets this will usually be maximum number of events per day) in the meet information. 
  3. Print the KSC Meet Entry Form. The KSC Meet Entry Form contains space for two swimmers.  Additional copies will be required if you have more than two swimmers.
  4. Complete the information requested on the form. 
    1. Meet Information
    2. Swimmer Information
      • Guidance on selecting events: You can select the events yourself or you may elect to have the events selected by the coaches (or a combination of both):
        • For events you are selecting for your swimmer, enter the event numbers and event descriptions, provided in the meet information you printed in step 2.
        • To have the coach select one or more events for your swimmer, check the boxes in the "Coach Pick" column for as many events as you would like selected for your swimmer.
        • Tally the number of events selected.  Ensure the total number of events selected must not exceed the maximum number of events allowed for the meet. 
      • Guidance on multi-day meets: The Meet Entry form has been created to allow for multi-day meets.  Follow the above instructions for selecting events.  The following additional information will need to be provided:
        • For each event you select, in addition to event number and event description, enter the day number, in the day column (e.g. day 1, day 2), that corresponds to the event. 
        • For "coach pick" events, check the "coach pick" box and enter the day number for as many events you would like to swim on a given day.  Repeat for each day your swimmer will participate in.
        • Tally the number of events selected.  Ensure the total number of events selected for each day does not exceed the maximum number events allowed per day for the meet.
    3. Payment Information - Follow the instructions on the form.  If you have more than two swimmers (more than two forms) this information only needs to be completed on one form for all swimmers being entered.  Please note you must have a Credit Card on file with the YMCA for payment. 
  5. Bring the completed KSC Meet Entry Form(s) to the KHS Pool by the meet entry deadline provided in the meet schedule.