Looking for volleyball for your young ones?
If you are looking for some volleyball play for 18 and under.  Check out our ARIZONA SKY VOLLEYBALL CLUB.  They have programs for both boys and girls 18 and under.  Check out our CVP Program for ages 8 - 14.

35+ Co-Ed Draw, every Sunday from 12:30-3pm

 35+ Co-Ed Draw, every Sunday from 12:30-3pm, $5/person

The 35+ on July 28th will be from 2-4pm. Due to Pat Power clinic, court time is not available until 2pm. As such, if you show up early, hang out until 2pm.

Male must be at least 35 year old.  Female must be at least 18 unless accompanied by a parent. Great time for parents to play with their daugther. 
Players can sign up as individual or as a team.