Friday, May 15
Friday Drop In Competition for Adults 2015

Due to many requests, the popular Friday night drop in will resume on July 3rd at Kingdom Courts.  

Competition is open to all levels. We may separate teams into different divisions to balance the level of competition. Sign in at 6pm and play from 6:30-10pm.

Cost is $10/person.

Minimum 3 sets of pool play to 15 and then single elimination bracket play to 25 win by 2. Requirements:Space is limited to the first 36 players.

To reserve your spot, send an email 1 week in advance to Nick Price at

Looking for volleyball for your young ones?
If you are looking for some volleyball play for 18 and under.  Check out our ARIZONA SKY VOLLEYBALL CLUB.  They have programs for both boys and girls 18 and under.  Check out our CVP Program for ages 8 - 14.

35+ Co-Ed Draw, every Sunday from 12:30-3pm

 35+ Co-Ed Draw, every Sunday from 12:30-3pm, $5/person

The 35+ on July 28th will be from 2-4pm. Due to Pat Power clinic, court time is not available until 2pm. As such, if you show up early, hang out until 2pm.

Male must be at least 35 year old.  Female must be at least 18 unless accompanied by a parent. Great time for parents to play with their daugther. 
Players can sign up as individual or as a team.

Saturday, October 10
2015/2016 KC rental guidelines

Beginning Oct of 2015, the following guidelines will be used to prevent any misunderstanding in regard to court rental. Please observe the differences between Private Lessons (less than 6 participants on 1.5 hours or less) and Clinics/Camps (6 or more SAME participants AND over 1.5 hours). 


PRIVATE LESSONS/FILM-VIDEO (less than 1.5 hours with 6 or less per court): 

1)            Sky/Fear members $30/ct-hr (I may add another $10/hr if I open only for you). A minimum of 2 hours or at least 2 courts are in use to qualify for the members’ rate. Advance reservation is required. 

2)            Non-member $35/ct-hr (I will add another $10/hr if I open only for you). If you have any non-member in your lesson during club season (Nov-June), then cost would be $45/ct-hr.

3)            Keep private lesson to no more than 6 per ct. When more than 6 are on 1 court, unless a different arrangement has been made, rent rate will automatically increase to $45/ct-hr. 

4)            If you have 7 or more participants for lesson, it is recommended that you rent an additional court or bring an assistant. If you stay on one court, then $45/ct-hr will be imposed. 

5)            For filming and video, 2 courts are provided with lighting, balls and hitting boxes. Member is charged $30/hr and non-member $45/hr. 


Since I do not normally open KC for just one court, if you book your times and ended up not using it, you will still be charged for it. It may be waived if I can rent it out to others. 


CLINICS/CAMPS (more than 1.5 hours with 6 or more same participants):

1)                  Promote and Administer by AZ SKY Club management: Coaches receive a guarantee flat fee regardless of the number of participants 


2)                  Promote by AZ SKY management and administer by AZ Sky coaches: $10/head for each 2 hrs of instruction or $5/head per hour of instruction. Court fee shall not exceed $120/hr for 4 ct, $90/hr for 3 cts, $70/hr for 2 cts and $45/hr for 1 ct. Court rental fee will be paid first to cover gym time expenses, thus renter may incur a loss.


3)                  Promote and Administer by others: $45/hr for 1 ct, $90/hr for 2 cts, $120/hr for 3 cts and $140/hr for 4 cts with a minimum usage of 2 hrs. Fee is paid in full 30 days in advance of the clinic date.


For any clarification, please contact DT at 602-300-1398