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King Cross Country
Coach Brad Peters
Fax: 951-789-5680
9301 Wood Road
Riverside, California

King Cross Country:Race Results 1999-2009

King Cross Country


Race was held at the California State Citrus Heritage Park
in Riverside, CA. Weather: Low 80's
Course was mainly dirt with rolling hills and grades, nothing
steep. Three miles in length.

GIRLS Teams:
1. Sherman Indian Riverside 29
2. M.L. King Riverside 60
3. Kaiser Fontana 65
4. Campbell Hall Hollywood 72
5. Lutheran LaVerne 147

Top 15 Places:
1. Sarah Scarfe, Campbell Hall 20:50
2. Jamie Benally, Sherman Indian 22:18
3. Samantha Olivas, Sherman Indian 23:03
4. Tawny Odekirk, King 23:04
5. Connie Wetchie, Sherman Indian 23:41
6. Natasha Hylton, Kaiser 23:46
7. Angela Olivas, Sherman Indian 23:46
8. Devon Paz, King 23:52
9. Gillian Burns, Campbell Hall 24:01
10. Laura Fairly, King 25:21
11. Marissa Wheaton, Kaiser 26:02
12. Cecelia Shakespeare, Sherman Indian 26:04
13. Tamsin Costello, Campbell Hall 26:29
14. Gotgigehowi, Sherman Indian 26:55
15. Veronia Loredo, Kaiser 26:58

1) M.L.King Riverside 38
2) Sherman Indian Riverside 55
3) Boys Republic Chino 63
4) Campbell Hall Hollywood 120
5) Kaiser Fontana 123
6) Lutheran LaVerne 140

Top 15 Places
1. Slater Nez -- Sherman Indian 16:52
2. Ian Spalding -- Lutheran 17:55
3. Shawn Lawrence -- King 18:03
4. Leonard Ramos -- Boys Republic 18:11
5. Ruben DeLaCruz -- Boys Republic 18:20
6. Regis Riley -- King 18:23
7. Anthony Burton -- King 19:05
8. Raymond Begay -- Sherman Indian 19:06
9. Andy Ciganek -- Campbell Hall 19:11
10. Steve Greisinger -- King 19:18
11. Shamari LaCour -- King 19:21
12. Brian San Paulo -- Kaiser 19:22
13. Delvin Sakenima -- Sherman Indian 19:22
14. Norman Willow -- Sherman Indian 19:27
15. Bostyon Johnson -- Boys Republic 19:28

Race was held at Boys Republic High School in Chino, CA. Course
was rolling hills with two "MSAC" type hills in mile one and mile
three. Temperature, low 80's. 40% concrete, 60 percent dirt.
A very exciting race, with team places sorted out only at the
results table!

BOYS Team Places:
1. Chino Hills Boys Republic 39
2. Riverside M.L. King 44
3. Riverside Sherman Indian 45
4. North Hollywood Campbell Hall 101
5. LaVern Lutheran NS
6. Fontana Kaiser NS

Top 15 Places:
1. Slater Nez, Sherman Indian, 16:38
2. Ruben DeLaCruz Boys Republic 17:27
3. Shawn Lawrence, King 17:41
4. Ian Spalding, Lutheran 18:00
5. Leanard Ramos, Boys Republic 18:13
6. Jason Milner, Boys Republic 18:16
7. Raymond Begay, SI 18:17
8. Norman Willow, SI 18:20
9. Regis Riley, King 18:21
10. Shamari LaCour, King 18:26
11. Andy Ciganek, Campbell Hall, 18:39
12. Eric Stevens, King 18:43
13. Joey Chavira, BR 18:49
14. Donald Hartness, King 18:54
15. Delvin Sakenima, SI 18:54

Girls Team Places
1. Riverside Sherman Indian 43
2. Riverside M.L. King 46
3. North Hollywood Campbell Hall 62
4. Fontana Kaiser NS
5. LaVerne Lutheran NS

Top 15 Places:
1.Sarah Scarfe, Campbell Hall 20:39
2. Natasha Hylton, Kaiser 22:28
3. Tawny Odekirk, King 22:56
4. Andgela Olivas, Sherman Indian 23:32
5. Jamie Benally, SI 23:54
6. Gillian Burns, Campbell Hall 24:04
7. Devon Paz, King 24:08
8. Laura Fairley, King 24:09
9. Samantha Olivas, SI 24:53
10. Rebecca Parker, SI 25:07
11. Jolene Heitmann, King 25:28
12. Marissa Wheaton, Kaiser 26:06
13. Veronica Loredo, Kaiser 26:55
14. Tamsin Costello, Campbell Hall 27:19
15. Joelene Parrish, SI 27:34

Course was on the campus of Sherman Indian High School in
Riverside, CA. Terrain was flat on concrete, grass and dirt.
Weather was comfortable, high 70's.
Distance: 150 meters short of 3 miles

Girls Team Finish:
1. Riverside Sherman Indian 38
2. Fontana Kaiser 50
3. North Hollywood Campbell Hall 72
4. Riverside Martin Luther King NS
5. LaVerne Lutheran NS

Individual finishes to 15th place:
1. Sarah Scarfe, Campbell Hall 18:40
2. Natasha Hylton, Kaiser 20:47
3. Tawny Odekirk, King 20:57
4. Jamie Benally, Sherman Indian 20:59
5. ANgela Olivas, Sherman Indian 22:22
6. Samanth Olivas, Sherman Indian 22:22
7. Laura Fairley, King 22:45
8. Gillian Burns, Campbell Hall 23:09
9. Jessica Parker, Sherman Indian 23:26
10. Marissa Wheaton, Kaiser 23:58
11. Karen CAstillo, Kaiser 24:13
12. Veronica Loredo, Kaiser 24:15
13. Sarah Brookhouser, King 24:25
14. Joelene Parrish, SHerman Indian 24:56
15. SEquoya Williams, Kaiser 24:59

Boys Team Results:
1. Riverside King 42
2. Chino Hills Boys Republic 44
3. Riverside Sherman Indian 63
4. Fontana Kaiser 115 (6th man 31st)
5. North Hollywood Campbell Hall 115 (6th man 32nd)
6. LaVerne Lutheran NS

Individual Results through 15 places:
1. Slater Nez, Sherman Indian 15:28
2. Shawn Lawrence, King 16:24
3. Ruben DeLaCruz, Boys Republic 16:30
4. Ian Spalding, Lutheran 16:31
5. Regis Riley, King 16:45
6. Leonard Ramos, Boys Republic 16:50
7. Jason Milner, Boys Republic 16:54
8. Andy Ciganek, Campbell Hall 16:56
9. Eric Stevens, King 16:59
10. Raymond Begay, Sherman Indian 17:02
11. Delvin Sakenima, Sherman Indian 17:16
12. Shamari LaCour, King 17:18
13. Joey Chavira, Boys Republic 17:20
14. Donald Hartness, King 17:25
15. Jason Aruizu, Boys Republic 17:28

1999 CIF Prelims - Boys were in Division 5 

1999 CIF Finals - Boys were in Division 5


A good way to start the season, with both the boys varsity and frosh soph as well as the girls varsity and frosh soph teams taking home first-place tropies in Division Five. As we compared ourselves to our future rivals in Division Three, we held our own, with both the varsity squads finishing second.

Course: 2.75 miles, rolling mostly grass
Weather: Hot, humid
Field: Mostly division 1 and 2 teams

Team Scores:
Boys Varsity
Division five
1 King 487
2 Boys Republic 884
3 Serra 1031
4 Western Christian

(Division three)
1 Don Bosco Tech 186 (1999 State Champs)
2 King 487
3 Bishop Amat 643

Girls Varsity
Division five
1 King 299

(Division three)
1 Bonita 207
2 King 299
3 Bishop Amat 645

Boys Frosh/Soph
1 King 187

Girls Frosh/Soph
1 King 409

Boys & Girls JV - No team scores, less than five runners

Boys Varsity
Brian Brierly 15:12
Shamari LaCour 15:38
Donald Hartness 15:47
Garret Allen 15:53
Jason Patterson 15:56
Steve Griesinger 16:04

Girls Varsity
Tawny Odekirk 18:33
Megan Fairley 19:34
Angela Nanyonyi 19:48
Lauren Wilson 19:56
Laura Fairley 20:02

Frosh/Soph Girls
Katie Chouinard 22:08
Diane Griesinger 23:39
Jessica Newara 23:49
Stephanie Fematt 24:01
Samantha Johnson 24:28
Laura Moore 25:55
Jennifer Tam 27:21

Frosh/Soph Boys
Jon MacLaughlin 16:07
Steve Vance 16:20
Jon Bourbonnais 16:36
Daniel Beld 17:22
David Lee 17:30
Adam Pritchard 17:45
Travis Campbell 18:04
Eric Stevens 18:08
Correy Simmons 18:10
Grant Carter 18:16
Jake Peirce 18:28
Tom Gerdes 18:40
Alex Sevey 18:57
Mike Vargas 19:28
Glenn Carter 19:47
Josh Simpson 19:49
Kyle Gray 19:49
Adam McHugh 21:19
Harry Agustin 23:32
Kevin Rogers 23:34
Chris Raigans 25:18

JV Girls
Daphney Lazarus 25:40

JV Boys
Albert Watson 17:02
Jon Barilone 17:34
Levon Devian 20:39
GW Rodriguez 21:12

Teams Travel to San Diego for Famed Mt. Carmel Invitational, 9/16/2000
Run on the famed Morley Field course, site of the Footlocker National Championships for many years, the Mt. Carmel Invitational was another successful outing for the King Wolfpack. The meet also marked our first "overnighter" as the team traveled to San Diego the day before the meet and stayed at a motel for the night. The trip and the meet were a highlight of the season. Despite warm and humid conditions, the teams ran well. The girls had the best day as a group, with most of the ladies improving their Bronco time despite a tougher course.

Race Distance: Boys 2.95m, girls 2.7m
Weather: Hot, humid
Grade level races

Freshmen girls
Megan Fairley 19:14
Stephanie Fematt 22:37
Jessica Newara, DNF

Freshman Boys
Grant Carter 18:54
Glenn Carter 21:41
Jake Peirce 21:57
Michael Jerz 32:20
Kevin Rogers, 32:30

Sophomore Girls
Tawny Odekirk, 17:28
Angella Nanyonyi, 19:28
Laura Fairley, 19:35
Katie Chouinard, 21:02
Diane Griesinger, 22:48
Laura Moore, 23:42
Jennifer Tam, 24:59

Sophomore Boys
Jon MacLaughlin, 17:43
Garret Allen, 17:55
Donald Hartness, 17:58
Brian Brierly 18:17
Steven Vance, 18:21
Jon Bourbonnais, 18:24
Daniel Beld, 18:58
David Lee, 19:02
Eric Stevens, 19:08
Adam Pritchard, 19:26
Travis Campbell, 20:11
Corey Simmons, 20:37
Tom Gerdes, 21:15
Sergio Montiel, 21:33

Junior Girls
Lauren Wilson, 19:39
Daphney Lazarus, 23:57

Junior Boys
Jason Patterson, 17:47
Shamari LaCour, 18:06
Steve Griesinger, 18:37
Albert Watson, 19:00
Jon Barilone, 19:28
GW Rodriguez, 23:26

Huntington Beach Invite, 9/23/2000
Our girls frosh/soph team got us off to a good start with a second place finish. Good perfromances were turned in by Kaite Chouinard, Samantha Johnson and Jessica Newara. Katie has begun to show good consistency. Stephanie Fematt closed off a great week of running wtih a 26:25 finish.

Our boys JV took second led by Albert Watson's fine 19:15 run. Thr FS boys had a truly great race, with almost a clean sweep of the first five places if not for faulty course directions that led David Lee off-course nearing the end. Daniel Beld and Jon Bourbonnais tied for the win and David Lee ran strong despite the longer route he took to the line.

The varsity squads ran well, with the girls taking second under the leadership of Tawny and a solid race by Angella Nanyonyi. The boys finished third with another clutch run by Jon MacLaughlin and a true pack attack. Only 22 seconds separated our 1-5 runners.

Course: Grass, dirt, concrete, rolling 3 miles
Weather: Cool, cloudy
Field: STrong in varsity divisions, weaker in lower division. Small number of teams.

Frosh/Soph girls
Team Results:
1. Orange Lutheran, 47
2. King 75
3. Crescenta Valley 81

12. Kaite Chouinard 25:04
13. Samantha Johnson 15:19
15. Jessica Newara 25:43
16. Stephanie Fematt 26:25
18. Laura Moore 27:06
19. Jennifer Tam 27:26
20. Diane Griesinger 27:38

Frosh/Soph Boys
Team Results
1. King 22
2. Estancia, 47
3. Crescenta Valley 67

1. Daniel Beld 18:42
1. Jon Bourbonnais 18:42
3. Grant Carter 19:27
4. Eric Stevens 19:31
6. David Lee 19:48
12. Josh Simpson 20:19
14. Glenn Carter 20:46
15. Troy Riley 20:47
16. Corey Simmons 20:49
17. Jake Peirce 20:49
19. Travis Campbell 21:25
? Alex Sevey 21:40
24. Thom Gerdes 21:55
25. Adam McHugh 22:03
28. Kyle Gray 22:31
29. Mike Vargas 22:31
37. Andy Heironymous 24:29
38. Harry Agustin 24:51
42. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 28:02

JV Boys
Team Resulst
1. Estancia
2. King

Albert Watson 19:15
Jon Barilone 19:37
Steve Griesinger 19:43
Levon Devian 22:25
GW Rodriguez 23:20

Varsity Girls
Team Results
1. Crescenta Valley 31
2. King 51
3. Estancia 63

5. Tawny Odekirk 21:29
8. Angella Nanyonyi 22:07
11. Megan Fairley 22:40
13. Laura Fairley 22:45
14. Lauren Wilson 22:49

Varsity Boys
Team Results:
3. King

13. Jon MacLaughlin 17:47
14. Shamari LaCour 17:48
16. Brian Brierly 18:05
17. Donald Hartness 18:06
18. Garret Allen 18:09
22. Jason Patterson 18:18
26. Steve Vance 18:42

Dual meet vs. Norte Vista, October 4, 2000
Our first ever dual meet was staged at the Citrus Park and despite a shaky start in the first of the four races, the Wolfpack stormed back in the last three races to win the meet against Norte Vista HS.

The JV girls were swept in the race, but were led by a fine effort from Stephanie Fematt who ran a PR of 24:56 for the season. The JV boys followed and ran a great second and third mile to go from behind to a convincing win, with King taking 8 of the top 10 spots. Despite a wrong turn that cut off some 100 meters from the course, the team still had an outstanding day.

The Girls varsity had the most exciting race of the afternoon, with a battle between both schools going almost all the way to the finish. Tawny Odekirk ran injured and saved the win for King, while Angella Nanonyi had a tremendous effort almost taking her first victory. But the strength of the Wolf is in the pack, and our pack came through taking places 4-7.

The boys varsity saw a fast start take NV to the lead at 3/4 mark, but a strong second half of the race put the contest in King control with Shamari LaCour, Brian Brierly and Jon MacLaughlin taking the first 3 spots to guarantee the win, 24-33.

King 21, Norte Vista 36
1. Shamari LaCour, King, 17:37
2. Brian Brierly, King, 17:38
3. Jon MacLaughlin, King, 17:47
7. Garret Allen, King, 18:04
8. Steve Vance, King, 18:16
9. Jason Patterson, King, 18:25
12. Daniel Beld, King, 18:57

King 24, NorteVista 32
1. Maria Zepeda, NV, 21:11
2. Angela Nanyonyi, King, 21:17
3. Jeannyna Flores, NV, 21:49
4. Tawny Odekirk, King, 22:05
5. Megan Fairley, King, 22:19
6. Laura Fairley, King, 22:22
7. Lauren Wilson, King, 22:23
12. Katie Chouinard, King, 23:38
13. Samantha Johnson, King, 23:43

2. Jon Bourbonnais 18:16
4. David Lee 18:19
5. Jon Barilone 18:20
6. Steve Griesinger 18:23
7. Adam Pritchard 18:27
8. Albert Watson 18:34
9. Grant Carter 18:35
10. Eric Stevens 18:38
14. Corey Simmons 20:18
15. Jake Peirce 20:23
16. Seb Contreras, 20:30
17. Thom Gerdes 20:39
18. Josh Simpson 20:40
19. Glenn Carter 20:41
20. Travis Campbell 20:47
22. Alex Sevey 20:52
26. Troy Riley 21:15
29. Mike Vargas, 20:36
20. Levon Devian, 21:37
32. Kyle Gray, 22:12
35. GW Rodgriguez, 22:36
39. Chris Raigans 22:54
42. Sergio Montiel 24:43
43. Kevin Rogers 24:47
44. Harry Agustin 24:57
46. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 27:32

9. Stephanie Fematt 24:56
11. Jessica Newara 25:28
13. Mara Stepe 25:31
17. Jennifer Tam 26:28
23. Diane Griesinger 27:28
24. Laura Moore 29:31

Despite a tough week of training and an emotional race on Wednedsay, the teams ran well at Temecula on Saturday. All but the frosh-soph boys came home with some hardware, and many of the racers were wearing medals by meet's end. The Varsity boys finished second to a very strong Barstow with two of our normal top-six not running. Still, the spread between runners 1-5 was a mere 21 seconds! That is packing! The F/S boys finished third, and the JV boys won their race, with Daniel Beld winning the race for the first time. The frosh-soph girls also won their race and were again led by Stephanie Fematt who crossed the line in 8th. The Varsity girls finished off the day by placing second to Barstow.

Frosh Soph Girls
1. King 47
2. Chaparral 49
3. Elsinore 60
4. Arrowhead Christian 62

Frosh Soph Boys 1. Barstow 28
2. Apple Valley 64
3. King 71
4. Rancho Verde 80
5. Palo Verde 125

JV Boys 1. King 22
2. Barstow 35

Varsity Girls
1. Barstow 24
2. King 49
3. Beaumont 75
4. Palo Verde 94
5. Rancho Verde 111
6. Bloomington 126

Varsity Boys
1. Barstow 36
2. King 60
3. Moreno Valley 77
4. Chaparral 96
5. Beaumont 111
6. Bloomington 120

Frosh Soph Girls
8. Stephanie Fematt 25:44
12. Mara Steppe 26:12
13. Laura Moore 26:17
16. Jessica Newara 26:23
18. Diane Greisinger 27:05
27. Jennifer Tam 27:57

Frosh Soph Boys
6. Adam Pritchard 19:02
11. Grant Carter 19:37
17. Eric Stevens 19:52
25. Glenn Carter 20:32
26. Jake Peirce 20:36
27. Sebastian Contreras 20:36
28. Josh Simpson 20:38
32. Alex Sevey 21:05
33. Corey Simmons 21:06
36. Travis Campbell 21:18
37. Tom Gerdes 21:18
39. Troy Riley 21:38
43. Mike Vargas 22:15
46. Kyle Gray 22:33
50. Chris Raigans 22:45
51. Adam McHugh 22:53

JV Girls
8. Daphney Lazarus 26:19

JV Boys
1. Daniel Beld 18:51
2. Jonathon Barilone 18:53
3. Albert Watson 19:06
6. Steve Griesinger 19:38
25. GW Rodriguez 22:57

Varsity Girls
7. Angella Nanyonyi 22:54
9. Megan Fairley 23:03
11. Laura Fairley 23:31
12. Lauren Wilson 23:40
15. Katie Chouinard 24:23
18. Samantha Johnson 24:38

Varsity Boys
7. Brian Brierly 18:05
8. Jon MacLaughlin 18:05
13. Shamari LaCour 18:19
15. Garret Allen 18:21
17. Steve Vance 18:26
24. Jon Bourbonnais 19:01
27. David Lee 19:11

Meet was held at Bloomington's course with some hills and a lot
of flat areas. 3 miles.

King 23, Bloomington 36
1. Nick Ramirez, B 17:13
2. Shamari LaCour, K 17:57
3. Jon MacLaughlin, K 18:03
5. Brian Brierly, K 18:13
6. Garret Allen, K 18:15
7. Steven Vance, K 18:26
8. Donald Hartness, K 18:36
11. Jon Barilone, K 18:51

King 17, Bloomington 41
1. Tawny Odekirk, K, 21:19
2. Megan Fairley, K, 22:49
3. Angella Nanyonyi, K, 22:51
5. Lauren Wilson, K, 23:34
6. Katie Chouinard, K, 23:47
8. Samantha Johnson, K, 24:28
13. Laura Fairley, K, 27:17 ( took a wrong turn, went 1/2 mile too far)

Our young program took a giant leap forward today as we traveled to the Bell Gardens Invitational and to a person, ran like there was no tomorrow. All but two who were nursing some illness and injury ran a PR, some by significant amounts. Where once athletes may have doubted their ability or where all the tough workouts were taking them, today they found out in very clear fashion what this great sport is all about ... running as fast as you can!

Tawny Odekirk broke her own school record, and for the first time, King had two girls eclipse the 21:00 barrier, as Angela Nanyonyi was second for the Wolfpack in 20:57. Samantha Johnson and Mara Stepe truly broke through on their limits, chopping tons of seconds off of their bests. Diane Griesinger broke 25 for the first time, and Stephanie Fematt continued her great month of October.

The boys were led by Jon MacLaughlin, (who came close to setting the school record) Brian Brierly, Steve Vance and Shamari LaCour who all broke 17:00 for the first time -- and the first time our team has had more than one racer in the 16:00's. Steve Vance had simply his best race ever, as perhaps did Steve Griesinger who ran a lifetime best of 17:10! Jon Barilone and Daniel Beld weren't far back from that, running 17:10 and 17:17 respectively, both lifetime PR's. Grant Carter broke into the "all time freshman" list with a superb 17:55 clocking. Josh Simpson broke 19, as did Glen Carter, both 9th graders.

Weather was mild, course 3 miles and flat. Grade level races.

Junior Boys:
Shamari LaCour 16:59
Steve Griesinger 17:10
Jon Barilone 17:13
Jason Patterson 17:35
Albert Watson 17:46
Sebastian Contreras 18:49
Levon Devian 20:11
GW Rodriguez 21:22

Junior Girls
Lauren Wilson 22:01

Sophomore Boys
Jon MacLaughlin 16:36
Brian Brierly 16:52
Steve Vance 16:53
Daniel Beld 17;17
Garret Allen 17:25
Donald Hartness 17:28
Jon Bourbonnais 17:37
David Lee 17;41
Adam Pritchard 17:50
Cory Simmons 18:55
Travis Campbell 19:23
Tom Gerdes 19:44
Andy Heironymous 22:41

Sophomore Girls
Tawny Odekirk 20:47
Angela Nanyonyi 20:57
Mara Stepe 23:09
Diane Griesinger 24:08

Freshman Boys
Grant Carter 17;55
Glen Carter 18;51
Josh Simpson 18:58
Troy Riley 19:31
Mike Vargas 19:39
Adam McHugh 20:03
Kevin Rogers 22:38
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 24:46

Freshman Girls
Samantha Johnson 22:29
Stephanie Fematt 23:23
Jessica Newara 25:23

The Wolfpack improved to 3-0 in the Sunkist League with convincing wins over Ramona on Wednesday. Running at the Citrus Park, the Wolves handled the challenge well. The weather was comfortably cool.

The JV boys took the first 16 places in their race, and were paced by Jon Bourbonnais, Jon Barilone and Daniel Beld. The girls JV won by forfeit.

The varsity girls won easily, 18-44, and were once again led by Tawny Odekirk. Katie Chouinard continued her improvement this season with a 7th place finish.

The varsity boys race saw a battle up front with Jon MacLaughlin and Shamari LaCour playing see-saw with Ramona's top-two. In the end we split the difference there, finishing 2-4, but the Pack reigned once again, with the Wolves taking 4-7 to win 24-34.
JV Boys - King 15, Ramona 50
JV Girls - Forfeit to King
Varsity Girls - King 18, Ramona 44
Varsity Boys - King 24, Ramona 34

JV Boys
1st-Jon Bourbonnais, 18:43
2nd-Jon Barilone, 18:44
3rd-Daniel Beld, 19:00
4th-Jason Patterson, 19:03
5th-Albert Watson, 19:17
6th-David Lee, 19:19
7th-Eric Stevens, 19:24
8th-Adam Pritchard, 19:43
9th-Grant Carter, 19:45
10th-Glen Carter, 20:28
11th-Alex Sevey, 20:35
12th-Josh Simpson, 20:41
13th-Tom Gerdes, 20:44
14th-Corey Simmons, 20:45
15th-Travis Campbell, 21:04
16th-Troy Riley, 21:04
19th-Mike Vargas, 21:17
21st-Adam McHugh, 21:43
22nd-Levon Devian, 21:45
25th-Kyle Gray, 22:10
26th-Danny Sochan, 22:13
28th-Sabastian Contreras, 22:32
29th-GW Rodriguez, 22:34
30th-Sergio Montiel, 22:34
33rd-Andy Heironymous, 23:17
34th-Harry Augustine, 24:01
35th-Kevin Rodgers, 24:32
36th-Jim Jacobsmeyer, 24:36

Varsity Boys
2nd-Jon MacLaughlin, 17:39
4th-Shamari LaCour, 17:53
5th-Steve Vance, 18:21
6th-Garret Allen, 18:21
7th-Donald Hartness, 18:23
9th-Steve Greisinger, 18:44
11th-Brian Brierly, 19:30

Varsity Girls
1st-Tawny Odekirk, 21:14
2nd-Angela Nanyoni, 21:29
4th-Laura Fairley, 22:21
5th-Lauren Wilson, 22:55
6th-Megan Fairley, 22:56
7th-Katie Chouinard, 23:14
9th-Mara Stepe, 24:35
12th-Stephanie Fematt, 25:05
14th-Laura Moore, 25:33
16th-Diane Greisinger, 26:10
20th-Jennifer Tam, 28:44

The Wolves descended upon the famous MSAC course for the 53rd running of the Mt.SAC Invitational. With mild weather the teams had wonderful times, places and performances. Our JV boys got us off to a great start with a second place finish as Jason Patterson, Jon Barilone and Albert Watson all finished in the top 6! The Soph Boys also took second led by Brian Brierly, Adam Pritchard and David Lee. The Freshman boys team took fifth with a fine leading effort by Grant Carter. The Varsity boys had a superb team effort to finish second behind a team from Nevada. Only 12 places separated our top five scorers. The varsity girls were missing a few folks, but still managed to finish sixth under a great effort of Laura Fairley's who ran a PR for the season on the tough course.

Weather: Cool, nice for racing.
Distance: 2.95 miles

Team Results:
Varsity Boys -
1. Boulder City 48
2. King 85
3. N.Tahoe 107
13 others
Varsity Girls:
1. McFarland 80
2. La Reina 81
3. Boulder City 91
4. Fillmore 98
5. Louisville 107
6. King 182
14 others
Sophomore Girls: No team to score
Freshmen Girls: No team to score
Freshmen Boys:
1. Oak Park 50
2. McFarland 72
3. Laguna Beach 122
4. Corona Del Mar 159
5. King 165
11 others
Sophomore Boys
1. McFarland 50
2. King 76
3. Oak Park 92
15 others
JV Boys
1. Flintridge Prep 35
2. King 65
3. Diamond Ranch 74
6 others

Varsity Boys:
15. Jon MacLaughlin 17:20
17. Shamari LaCour 17:25
21. Steve Vance 17:42
22. Garret Allen 17:46
28. Donald Hartness 18:02
31. Steve Griesinger 18:07
53. Jon Bourbonnais 18:40

Varsity Girls
25. Laura Fairley 21:23
29. Angela Nanyonyi 21:39
37. Megan Fairley 21:53
43. Lauren Wilson 22:16
69. Samantha Johnson 23:56

Sophomore Girls
27. Mara Stepe, 24:23
40. Laura Moore, 25:14
54. Diane Griesinger, 25:54
77. Jennifer Tam, 27:32

Sophomore Boys
7. Brian Brierly 18:04
17. Adam Pritchard 18:26
18. David Lee 18:32
21. Daniel Beld 18:39
29. Eric Stevens 18:59
59. Tom Gerdes 20:09
72. Travis Campbell 20:22
75. Corey Simmons 20:25
114. Danny Sochan 21:56
141. Sergio Montiel 23:03
161. Andy Heironymous 23:49

JV Boys
3. Jason Patterson 18:08
4. Jon Barilone 18:11
6. Albert Watson 18:40
40. Levon Devian 20:47
46. Sebastian Contreras 20:52
72. GW Rodriguez 22:31

Freshmen Boys
15. Grant Carter 18:35
16. Glen Carter 19:25
50. Alex Sevey 19:55
56. Josh Simpson 20:07
73. Mike Vargas 20:41
74. Adam McHugh 20:41
105. Kyle Gray 21:58
117. Jake Pierce 22:28
155. Kevin Rogers 23:59
162. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 24:23
163. Harry Agustin 24:34

Freshmen Girls
Stephanie Fematt 24:45
Jessica Newara 26:30

The girls JV team had the easiest go of it against Rubidoux on Wednesday, with the Wolves taking 1-2-3 to win easily. Laura Moore, Mara Stepe and Stephanie Fematt paced the race from start to finish.

The girls Varsity race had the closest outcome with the two teams separated by only 5 points by race's end, with Rubidoux winning 26-31. Our ladies ran with a lot of heart and courage and were simply outrun by a better team. It was a great race to watch unfold though.

The boys were challenged greatly by two very well-trained squads in the JV and Varsity races. Jon Barilone had the best race of his season to lead the Wolves in the JV contest while finishing fourth. Shamari LaCour led the varsity crew.

Despite the losses, our young program got a view of what our competition will be like in CIF as we grow in size. (RHS is CIF Div.2) It was also beneficial to get a good look at the type of program we aim to become.

We simultaneously raced against Kaiser High in a double dual, and swept all four races in that contest.
Weather: mid 70's, a bit windy
Distance: 3 miles

Boys Varsity: Rubidoux 15, King 49
Girls Varsity: Rubidoux 26, King 31
Boys JV: Rubidoux 17, King 38
Girls JV: King 23, Rubidoux 32

Boys Varsity: King 15, Kaiser 50
Girls Varsity: King 16, Kaiser 47
JV Girls: King wins to forfeit
JV Boys: King wins to forfeit

Individual Marks:
JV Girls
Laura Moore, 24:31
Mara Stepe, 24:36
Stephanie Fematt, 24:39
Jessica Newara, 26:41
Diane Griesinger, 26:51

JV Boys
John Barilone, 17:54
John Bourbonnais, 18:21
Jason Patterson, 18:33
Daniel Beld, 18:35
Albert Watson, 18:37
Grant Carter, 18:59
David Lee, 19:07
Adam Pritchard, 19:27
Eric Stevens, 19:28
Adam McHugh., 19:59
Glen Carter, 20:09
Tom Gerdes, 20:15
Alex Sevey, 20:30
Cory Simmons, 20:39
Michael Vargas, 20:50
Travis Campbell, 20:51
Levon Devian, 21:01
Josh Simpson, 21:25
Jake Pierce, 21:30
Kyle Gray, 21:47
GW Rodriguez, 21:59
Danny Sochan, 22:36
Chris Raigans, 22:42
Sabastian Contreras, 22:59
Andy Heironymous, 23:07
Sergio Montiel, 23:09
Troy Riley, 23:25
Harry Agustin, 23:27
Kevin Rogers, 23:32
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer, 26:29

Varsity Girls
Tawny Odekirk, 20:57
Angela Nanyonyi, 21:00
Laura Fairley, 22:05
Lauren Wilson, 22:16
Megan Fairley, 23:09
Katie Chouinard, 23:28
Samantha Johnson, 24:17

Varsity Boys
Shamari LaCour, 17:31
John MacLaughlin, 17:44
Bryan Brierly, 17:46
Garret Allen, 17:47
Steven Vance, 17:52
Steven Griesinger, 18:38
Donald Hartness, 18:41

The Sunkist League Finals saw the Wolfpack run fast times and score well in our first taste of "big school" competition at the league level.

The girls varsity race was an exciting affair as the girls of Norte Vista came ready to race and challenged both Rubidoux and King for the title. When the dust settled, Rubidoux triumphed by seven points to a deadlocked King and NOVI at 60. Katie Chouinard, King's sixth runner, broke the tie to secure second for the Wolves, by placing ahead of NOVI's sixth runner. Tawny Odekirk shattered her school record to run 19:09 (the first time any King girl has broken 20:00) and Angela Nanyonyi had her best race ever to finish in 9th at 20:00 and earn first team All-League honors. Laura Fairley, Lauren Wilson and Megan Fairley rounded out the scoring five, all with lifetime PR's for their efforts.

The boys varsity was upset by some quality efforts from NOVI and Ramona and finished the race in fourth. Our dual meet record of 4-1 saved our spot in CIF however. Jon MacLaughlin set a new school record with a superb 16:14 and 9th place finish (All-League). Steve Vance and Garret Allen both had awesome races, with Vance running 16:26 and Allen 16:47. Steve continued his relentless improvement from JV in 1999 to the third fastest King runner in our short history. Garret moved from deep in the pack at the mile to play a significant role in the King scoring by race's end.

The girls JV saw an inspired race by Mara Stepe lead them to a third place finish behind Rubidoux and Norte Vista. Stephanie Fematt also had a huge PR as did Jennifer Tam and Jessica Newara.

The boys JV team finished in second behind Rubidoux and were led by a strong race by Donald Hartness who finished third and a tight pack of Beld, Lee, Bourbonnais and Watson.

Besides Jon's and Tawny's school records, other records fell as well. Lauren Wilson set a new 11th grade record, Megan Fairley 9th grade record, while Jason Patterson, Donald Hartness and Grant Carter all set new JV grade level records. Daphney Lazarus, Mara Stepe and Stephanie Fematt set JV grade level records.

Course: Flat three miles, grass and concrete
Weather: Cool, nice for racing

Varsity Boys
9th-Jon MacLaughlin, 16:14
15th-Steve Vance, 16:26
21st-Garret Allen, 16:47
23rd-Brian Brierly, 16:55
25th-Shamari LaCour, 17:02
26th-Steve Greisinger, 17:10
27th-Jon Barilone, 17:17

JV Boys
4th-Donald Hartness, 17:05
8th-Jason Patterson, 17:33
10th-Daniel Beld, 17:42
11th-David Lee, 17:46
12th-Albert Watson, 17:46
13th-Jon Bourbonnais, 17:48
15th-Grant Carter, 17:52
18th-Adam Pritchard, 18:22
19th-Eric Stevens, 18:24
21st-Glen Carter, 18:32
27th-Travis Campbell, 18:46
31st-Alex Sevey, 18:58
32nd-Tom Gerdes, 19:00
33rd-Mike Vargas, 19:07
34th-Corey Simmons, 19:08
35th-Adam McHugh, 19:22
36th-Troy Riley, 19:22
40th-Josh Simpson, 19:46
46th-Levon Devian, 20:04
47th-Sebastian Contreras, 20:09
48th-Jake Pierce, 20:12
52nd-Kyle Gray, 20:19
53rd-Chris Raigans, 20:20
57th-Sergio Montiel, 20:36
61st-Danny Sochan, 20:51
65th-GW Rodriguez, 21:14
73rd-Harry Augustin, 21:59
76th-Andrew Heironymous, 22:15
79th-Kevin Rodgers, 22:18
80th-Jimmy Jacobsmeyer, 22:23
89th-Mike Jerz, 29:22

Varsity Girls
3rd-Tawny Odekirk, 19:09
9th-Angela Nanyoni, 20:00
14th-Laura Fairley, 20:39
16th-Lauren Wilson, 20:50
18th-Megan Fairley, 20:56
20th-Katie Choinard, 21:08
32nd-Samantha Johnson, 22:16

JV Girls
2nd-Mara Stepe, 22:27
6th-Stephanie Fematt, 23:02
17th-Daphney Lazarus, 24:01
20th-Jessica Nevara, 24:03
24th-Diane Greisinger, 24:16
32nd-Jennifer Tam, 25:15
33rd-Laura Moore, 25:25

Putting together their finest races of the season, the girls and boys teams competed extremely well to BOTH qualify for CIF Finals ... the second time in our two years for the guys, the first for the girls.

The ladies were first to toe the line and surprised many folks who expected us to roll over and play dead. Receiving no mention in the program, our girls upset favored Fillmore and Malibu to take the fourth and final qualifying spot in the race. Led by Tawny Odekirk's masterful 19:50 clocking, the team put together a great TEAM effort with Angella, Laura, Lauren and Megan all scoring with personal records while Katie wasn't far behind with a PR and Mara running faster than ever as well. King will now be counted in the top 13 teams in Div. 4 next week, after not even being able to field a full team at League Finals in 1999. What an accomplishment. As further testimony of our great improvement, our girls beat our league nemesis and the league champ, Rubidoux, in team time (combined times of the first five runners). Our team time was also significantly faster than Norte Vista who tied us at League Finals. Wow!

The guys proved once again how much of a team sport cross country is. Without a runner in the first 20 places of the race, the pack the team has built to near perfection this season kicked in to clinch our second trip to Finals. Jon MacLaughlin led the way followed closely by the hugely improved Steve Vance (17:15! down from 17:42 at the Mt.SAC Invite), Shamari LaCour, Garret Allen and Brian Brierly. Four of the five scorers PR'd on the course, but more significantly, only 16 places and 33 seconds separated the top five! That is how you race as a team!!

Weather: Ideal

Div. IV CIF Prelims
First of two heats, top six qualify
1. Oak Park 32
2. Morro Bay 86
3. Yucca Valley 96
4. Fillmore 102
5. Laguna Beach 118
6. King 155
7. LA Baptist 205
8. 29 Palms 244
Seven others

24. Jon MacLaughlin 17:07
29. Steve Vance 17:15
36. Shamari LaCour 17:34
38. Garret Allen 17:38
41. Brian Brierly 17:43
44. Donald Hartness 17:48
46. Steve Griesinger 17:52

Div. IV CIF Prelims
First of three heats, top four qualify
1. Corona Del Mar 34
2. Morro Bay 80
3. La Salle 102
4. King 108
5. Fillmore 119
6. Malibu 123
Five others

6. Tawny Odekirk 19:50
12. Angela Nanyonyi 20:12
30. Laura Fairley 21:20
33. Megan Fairley 21:38
35. Lauren Wilson, 21:50
39. Katie Chouinard 22:17
53. Mara Stepe 23:53

Fulfilling a year-long goal, the boys and girls varsity teams competed at CIF Finals and despite not being their sharpest, still competed with honor and valor. Both teams finished in 12th overall, though only one point and three points separated the two squads from 11th. Overall it was a solid showing in our new division.

Donald Hartness had simply a spectacular day to lead the charge for the boys. After missing part of the season to injury, the setback had Donald waiting patiently in the wings to make his move once again. He did so today with a very strong race to finish with a big Mt.SAC PR and just a couple of steps from being King's second runner. Steve Vance finished his awesome season by finishing as King's number one runner. Always consistent Jon MacLaughlin was second for the Wolves, followed by Donald, Garret Allen, Shamari LaCour, Steve Griesinger and Brian Brierly. Missing the top three King finishers from the CIF Finalist team of 1999, the effort these guys put out in 2000 was something special.

The girls "raised their bar" for the season in a pact made in Mammoth. Simply put, it was to run in CIF Finals. They did. After the emotional high of the Prelims last week, the girls were a little flat, but still ran some good races. Katie Chouinard finished her season with an exclamation mark, to finish as King's fourth runner ... quite an accomplishment for someone who almost quit last summer. Wow!! Tawny Odekirk was the first Wolf to cross the line, followed by Angella Nanyonyi, Laura Fairley, Katie, Megan Fairley and Lauren Wilson. Samantha Johnson, the Wolves 7th finisher PR'd big, with a time of 22:12, almost two full minutes faster than she ran a month ago at the Mt.SAC Invite.

Weather: Cool during the boys' race, a little warm in the girls'.
Field: 13 Teams, Division Four of CIF SS.

Girls Results
35. Tawny Odekirk 20:32
46. Angella Nanyonyi 21:03
61. Laura Fairley 21:37
67. Katie Chouinard 21:54
69. Megan Fairley 21:59
74. Lauren Wilson 22:04
76. Samantha Johnson 22:12

Boys Results
46. Steve Vance 17:13
52. Jon MacLaughlin 17:21
54. Donald Hartness 17:23
65. Garret Allen 17:36
66. Shamari LaCour 17:37
81. Steve Griesinger 17:58
94. Brian Brierly 18:37

Friday, June 30

Season Times for 2001

Sunday, November 11
The boys and girls varsity squads laid it all out in their Division Two preliminary heats, and despite running PR's and obliterating the team time records for King (combined times of the top five finishers) the Wolf Pack ended the season one place shy of a CIF Finals berth in both the boys and girls races.

The girls' race was the first race of the day. Tawny Odekirk and Angella Nanyonyi went out in the front, and a pack of Sarah Moore, Kristin McHugh and Mara Stepe were close behind. Tawny maintained her spot, eventually finishing 11th overall and running a 19:28 PR. Sarah Moore steadily moved up throughout the race, finishing second for King at 20:06. She ran 21:29 at the MSAC Invite just three weeks ago! Yikes! Bright things are in store for this young lady! Angella Nanyonyi and Kristin McHugh were at 20:30 and 20:34. Mara Stepe ran 20:53 to finish as King's final scorer - a mere three minutes ahead of her 2000 PR. Erin Fitzgerald and Lauren Wilson were 6th and 7th for King. Their team time of 101:30 was exactly what the goal time for the day was, and only three seconds off of the state at-large time. The girls' effort was 3:20 faster than the team time from 2000. The girls' finished 5th.

The boys ran incredible performances as well, with all seven guys setting personal bests. The team effort was highlighted by a simply incredible race by Sophomore Grant Carter, who just three weeks ago ran 17:19 on the course, but today raced to a 16:30 mark and finished as King's number one runner. (Hold on there's more...Grant ran 18:35 at MSAC last season!) Donald Hartness was close behind at 16:34, Jon MacLaughlin was at 16:38, Garret Allen (16:41) and Albert Watson (16:49) rounded out the scoring five. Daniel Beld and Brian Brierly also PR'd at 16:54 and 17:16. The boys' effort left us just shy of Woodbridge for the fourth, and last, automatic qualifying spot in the heat, and the team time of 83:12 was a mere 4 seconds(!) behind Mater Dei's 83:08 for the final qualifier based on team time. Despite the narrow defeat, King's team time was 3:05 faster than our team time at Prelims in 2000! Incredible!

The close finishes were a tough way to end the season, but all can say they went all-out and left the race on the course. A wonderful, if not bitter-sweet ending to what was a season marked by incredible improvement and accomplishment.

Monday, November 5
girls varsity at LF 01
King High's Girls cross country program turned a big-time corner today, as they raced their hearts out to win both the JV and the Varsity Sunkist League titles! It was just two years ago that King was unable to even field a full five runners at league finals, and after last year's second place finish at league with an incomplete JV team, this year's accomplishment was made all the sweeter.

Putting together one of the finest team efforts in our short history, the King Seven raced all-out in an extremely close race with Norte Vista. Led by Tawny Odekirk, who had a breakthrough day to win the individual title and League MVP honors, the Wolf Pack battled head-to-head with Novi's top five, each girl's place painfully important. As the two teams neared the finish line, it was too close to call. When the dust settled, the score was knotted at 39 a piece, but King took home the victory on the strength of our sixth finisher, 9th grader Erin Fitzgerald. With Tawny up front and Erin breaking the tie and the efforts of each girl spread out in the middle, it was truly a team effort. A classic cross country race! Tawny, Angella Nanyonyi and Sarah Moore were all First-team All-league.

The JV girls swept the league, sending a statement for future success. King took the top five places, with Stephanie Fematt taking home the top spot honors. Laura Fairley had a great race to finish in second, and she was followed by Rachael Harms, Megan Fairley and Laura Moore. Katie Chouinard and Adriana Gonzalez rounded out the top seven. Diane Griesinger had a fine race with a 25:39 finishing time.

The boys also ran superbly. The JV boys were beaten by Rubidoux, but ran tough and battled all the way to the end to finish in second. Brian Brierly was King's top runner, and was followed closely by Jon Barilone and a much improved Steve Vance. But hidden in King's massive group, there were excellent performances. Glenn Carter finished out his season with an 18:13 time, Chris Lugo was at 18:30, Kevin Rodgers ran 20:06, Steve Knudsen ran a strong 18:17 mark. Travis Campbell looked good throughout the race, going 19:33.

The boys varsity rebounded from a poor showing at the 2000 version of SLF, by running a great team effort despite knowing that the outcome of the race was a foregone conclusion. Rubidoux's state-bound team took the top seven spots, but Jon MacLaughlin finished 10th and All-League, while Garret Allen and Grant Carter finished in the top 15. The boys finished the season in second, at a record of 4-1.

Boys Varsity Results
1. Rubidoux 15
2. King 64
3. Norte Vista 78      
4. Bloomington 104      
5. Kaiser 151      
6. Ramona 163

Girls Varsity Results      
1. King 39 (King wins on 6th runner)
2. Norte Vista 39               
3. Rubidoux 69            
4. Ramona 104      
5. Bloomington 111            
6. Kaiser 171      

Boys JV Results:
1. Rubidoux 21
2. King 35
3. Norte Vista 106

Girls JV Results:
1. King 15
2. Rubidoux 55
3. Norte Vista 69

Boys Varsity
Jon MacLaughlin 16:29
Garret Allen 16:37
Grant Carter 16:52
Albert Watson 17:02
Donald Hartness 17:08
Shamari LaCour 17:17
Daniel Beld 17:28

Varsity Girls
Tawny Odekirk 19:36
Angela Nanyoniy 20:09
Sarah Moore 20:39
Kristen McHugh 20:43
Mara Stepe 20:58
Erin Fitzgerald 21:03
Lauren Wilson 22:51

JV Girls
Stephanie Fematt 21:39
Laura Fairley 21:47
Rachael Harms 22:07
Megan Fairley 22:50
Laura Moore 22:50
Katie Chouinard 24:18
Adriana Gonzalez 24:23
Lindsay Vitort 24:24
Jennifer Tam 24:51
Evelyn Job 25:09
Diane Griesinger 25:39
Lavina Martinez 25:39
Sarah Keene 31:00

JV Boys
Brian Brierly 17:16
Jon Barilone 17:20
Steven Vance 17:38
David Lee 18:01
Glenn Carter 18:13
Adam Pritchard 18:16
Steve Knudsen 18:17
Kevin Marquardt 18:25
Chris Lugo 18:30
Steve Griesinger 18:32
Ian Geant 18:40
Eric Stevens 18:43
Robert Fletcher 18:51
Jason Patterson 18:51
Keith Hitch 19:03
Alex Sevey 19:14
Jake Peirce 19:17
Corey Simmons 19:32
Travis Cambell 19:43
Kevin Mihalyi 19:36
Kyle Grey 19:38
Tim Boyd 20:00
Kevin Rodgers 20:06
Thom Gerdes 20:19
Daniel Job 20:43
Adam Schwarz 20:49
Mike Luna 20:51
Harry Agustin 21:18
Levi Baily 21:24
Brandon Trout 21:57
Cameron Deitz 22:47
Jason Carpenter 22:52
David Knudsen 22:58
James Griesinger 23:25
Adam Curie 23:32
Corey Burke 23:56
Mike Jerz 26:39

Wednesday, October 31
lacour barilone at NV
Three undefeated teams met at Norte Vista to dual the last contest before league finals. There were close races and runaways, but in the end, King competed with great effort, drive and determination.

Conceding the win to Rubidoux's talented seven, the boys varsity went after Norte Vista and ran true to form. Jon MacLaughlin led the way with a fine effort, and was followed by Albert Watson who turned in an incredible second half of the race going from near-last to second man. Garret Allen and the fast-improving Grant Carter were right on his heals. King won by a score of 24-35.

The JV boys contest was quite close, despite Rubidoux taking 1-2. King's pack kept the race tight, as we were able to put seven runners in before the Falcon's fifth. Shamari LaCour, Jon Barilone and David Lee went 3,4,6. The great effort was still not enough on this day, and Rubidoux nipped King by a score of 27-30.

The JV Girls had the best race of the afternoon, sweeping both NOVI and Rubidoux by placing 1-5. Erin Fitzgerald and Rachael Harms were first and second, followed by the Fairley sisters and Laura Moore.

The girls varsity found themselves on the heels of Norte Vista right from the start and had to play catch up for 2.75 miles. Despite strong efforts by Kristen McHugh, Mara Stepe and Angella Nanyonyi, Norte Vista's 3-5 runners came through for them and went home with a narrow win of 26-29. King beat Rubidoux, the defending league champion by a score of 17-40.

Weather: Nice
Course: Rolling hills, one very long, steep hill
Distance: 3 miles
Scores: JV Girls: King 15, Novi 50 and King 15 Rubidoux 50
JV Boys: Rubidoux 27, King 30 and King 19, Novi 47
Varsity Girls: King 17, Rubidoux 40 and Novi 26, King 29
Varsity Boys: Rubidoux 15, King 50 and King 24, Novi 35

Individual Results:
Girls JV
Erin Fitzgerald 22:40
Rachael Harms 23:08
Megan Fairley 23:59
Laura Fairley 24:38
Laura Moore 24:38
Adriana Gonzalez 25:26
Jennifer Tam 25:42
Evelyn Job 26:04
Lindsay Vitort 26:10
Katie Chouinard 26:22
Lavina Martinez 26:25
Diane Griesinger 27:23

Varsity Girls
Angela Nanyonyi 20:56
Tawny Odekirk 21:00
Kristen McHugh 21:20
Mara Stepe 21:56
Sarah Moore 21:59
Lauren Wilson 22:56
Stephanie Fematt 23:18

Boys JV
Shamari LaCour 18:17
Jon Barilone 18:19
David Lee 18:31
Steve Griesinger 18:50
Eric Stevens 18:54
Glenn Carter 19:02
Robert Fletcher 19:14
Steven Vance 19:15
Kevin Marquardt 19:20
Keith Hitch 19:37
Steven Knudsen 19:53
Kevin Mihalyi 20:24
Chris Lugo 20:25
Jason Patterson 20:34
Ian Geant 20:38
Adam Pritchard 20:40
Corey Simmons 20:50
Travis Cambell 21:02
Alex Sevey 21:09
Kyle Grey 21:35
Tim Boyd 21:36
Tom Gerdes 21:39
Kevin Rodgers 21:47
Mike Luna 21:52
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 22:51
Harry Agustin 22:51
Adam Schwarz 23:10
Levi Bailey 23:24
Daniel Job 23:28
Brandon Trout 23:39
Corey Burke 23:57

Varsity Boys
Jon MacLaughlin 17:20
Albert Watson 17:44
Garret Allen 17:58
Grant Carter 18:10
Donald Hartness 18:15
Daniel Beld 18:17
Brian Brierly 18:47

Sunday, October 21
The JV boys ran a great team effort at the 54th Annual Mt.SAC Invitational to finish in second, scoring 53 points behind Don Bosco Tech's 27. Robert Fletcher dipped under 18:00 for the first time ever on the course to lead the Wolves, while Steve Vance was right on his heels with an 18:05 time. Adam Pritchard ran his usual well-timed race with a last half surge that brought him in at 18:23, and Chris Lugo ran one of the better races of his season to finish fourth for King. Keith Hitch rounded out the scoring five.

Sarah Moore and Erin Fitzgeral assumed their normal positions at the front end of the race with a 2-3 finish in the 9th grade race. Megan Fairley and Rachel Harms had a great second half as well to work themselves into the medal count with a 13-14 combo finish.

Grant Carter exploded for the third fastest 10th grade time at MSAC for King with a 17:19 finish. Glenn Carter PR'd by over a minute on the course with an 18:00 mark. Jake Peirce had maybe his best race of the season with a 19:08 time. Kevin Marquardt ran 18:13 to finish in 6th in the 9th grade race.

The varsity teams were missing several of the normal top five finishers due to the PSAT test, but still ran well. Albert Watson had a lifetime PR of 17:11 to lead the way for the boys. Donald Hartness had a second successive good weekend of racing with a 17:22 PR. David Lee improved by over a minute on the course, and Eric Stevens also had a lifetime best of 17:45.

The girls were led by Tawny Odekirk who ran one second off her course PR and looked great doing so. Lauren Wilson had another solid race, as did Laura Fairley who was returning from injury. Kristen McHugh toured the course for the first time and ran sub-21.

Weather: Nice, comfortable
Course: 2.91 miles with hills
Varsity Girls
1. Woodbridge 37
2. Brea Olinda 64
3. Simi Valley 97
4. Villa Park 105
5. Mater Dei 138
6. Laguna Hills 164
7. Claremont 169
8. King 189
Four more teams
Boys Varsity:
13. King

9th Grade Girls:
2 Sarah Moore 21:29
3 Erin Fitzgerald 21:50
26 Lindesey Vitort 23:56

9th Grade Boys
6 Kevin Maquardt 18:13
82 Mike Luna 21:44
90 Adam schwartz 22:12
114 David Knudsen 23:44
116 Adam Currie 24:12

10th Grade Girls
13 Megan Fairley 22:26
14 Rachel Harms 22:28
35 Adriana Gonzalez 24:03

10th Grade Boys
4 Grant Carter 17:19
11 Glenn Carter 18:02
31 Jake Peirce 19:08
43 Kyle Grey 19:48
48 Kevin Rodgers 20:07
53 James Jacobsmeyer 20:36
61 Rudy Sochan 21:04
81 Brandon Trout 22:22

JV Boys
6 Robert Fletcher 17:59
7 Steven Vance 18:05
14 Adam Pritchard 18:23
15 Chris Lugo 18:28
26 Keith Hitch 18:49
27 Jason Patterson 18:52
31 Corey Simmons 19:10
36 Kevin Mihalyi 19:21
48 Travis Cambell 19:49
60 Tim Boyd 20:43
87 Jason Carpenter 23:40

Boys Varsity
48 Albert Watson 17:11
57 Donald Hartness 17:22
63 Jon Barilone 17:30
64 David Lee 17:34
69 Shamari Lacour 17:37
75 Eric Stevens 17:45
85 Steve Griesinger 17:56

Girls Varsity
10 Tawny Odekirk 19:51
27 Kristen Mchugh 20:40
47 Lauren Wilson 21:12
51 Stephanie Fematt 21:30
67 Laura Fairley 22:20
73 Laura Moore 22:53
86 Evelyn Job 24:35

Tuesday, October 16
The challenge was set. Compete. Go after the big boys and the fast girls. Run with the best. The Bell Gardens Invitational was the setting, and despite grade level races and no "official" team champion of the meet, it was clear: The team to aim for was Ayala. In race after race, King competed with great passion and enthusiasm, surprising many, if not foremost ourselves. As personal and school records began to fall, the mindset we've carried for two-plus years began to visibly change. We CAN compete!

In the end, though Ayala's highly ranked and talented girls' team was the class of the field, King's girls did battle valiently to run at the front of every race, often times shoulder to shoulder with Ayala's talented team. The effort was capped off with a 1-2 finish in the 9th grade race, as Sarah Moore won her first race ever and Erin Fitzgerald finished in second. For the boys, the King crew ran to a school record 82:03 team time, unofficially second to Ayala's 81:42, and just ahead of Glendora's 82:14. Had the meet been scored as a dual meet, the boys would have lost to Ayala by a mere 3 points, and only one point to Glendora. The King performance was the first time in our history we had 8 runners at 17:00 or under, and was punctuated by Jon MacLaughlin's new school record of 16:10. It was a huge day.

Many athletes came home with medals around their necks and a new understanding of what they can do. Four girls dipped under 20:00 for the first time in history, running a school record of 98:56. Megan Fairley ran a PR for the season, Stephanie Fematt closed out week with a lifetime best of 20:41, driving hard to the line. Lauren Wilson ran a lifetime PR of 20:25 and Diane Griesinger followed suit with a 24:02 clocking. Sarah Moore's time broke the 9th grader school record.

The boys were cranking all morning long. Robert Fletcher ran a lifetime best, Kevin Mihalyi went sub-19 for the first time and Jason Carpenter broke 23:00. Brian Brierly went lifetime with a 16:19 mark, Chris Lugo broke 18:00 and Donald Hartness returned to the form he showed in 2000 with a 16:46 time. Kevin Marquardt ran the fourth fastest frosh time in school history, while Grant Carter ran the fifth fastest sophomore time with a 17:00 time. Kevin Rodgers went huge with a 18:56 time, well under his 20+ times he normally runs.

In all, a coach couldn't have asked for a more passionate response to the challenge of great competition than what the Wolfpack laid out on the course today. Records fell, minds were changed, and many were left asking, "Where is King from?"

Weather: Nice
Course: Flat, dirt paths
Distance: 3 miles

Senior Boys
Albert Watson 16:35
Jon Barilone 17:05
Steve Griesinger 17:06
Robert Fletcher 17:15
Jason Patterson 17:30
Kevin Mihalyi 18:29
Tim Boyd 19:21
G.W. Rodriguez 21:05
Jason Carpenter 22:51

Junior Girls
Tawny Odekirk 19:21
Angela Nanyonyi 19:38
Mara Stepe 19:52
Laura Moore 22:03
Jennifer Tam 23:51
Lavina Martinez 23:44
Diane Griesinger 24:02

Sophomore Girls
Kristen McHugh 19:51
Stephanie Fematt 20:41
Megan Fairley 21:30
Adriana Gonzalez 22:54

Senior Girls
Lauren 20:25

Freshmen Girls
Sarah Moore 20:14
Erin Fitzgerald 20:57
Lindsay Vitort 22:23

Sophomore Boys
Grant Carter 17:00
Glenn Carter 17:32
Alex Sevey 18:47
Kevin Rodgers 18:56
Jake Peirce 19:05
Kyle Grey 19:33
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 20:05
Harry Agustin 21:47
Brandon Trout 21:46

Junior Boys
Jon MacLaughlin 16:10*
*school record
Brian Brierly 16:19
Daniel Beld 16:25
Garret Allen 16:36
Donald Hartness 16:46
David Lee 16:55
Eric Stevens 17:00
Steven Knudsen 17:38
Ian Geant 17:43
Chris Lugo 17:50
Corey Simmons 18:20
Keith Hitch 18:35
Thom Gerdes 20:16
Levi Baily 20:41

Freshmen Boys
Kevin Marquardt 17:26
Mike Luna 19:54
James Griesinger 20:40
Daniel Job 22:25
David Knudsen 23:03

Thursday, October 11
Bloomington's small but competitive teams put together an effort Wednesday that if not creating close races were nonetheless entertaining to watch. Nick Ramirez, Bloomington's fine number one runner paced himself to the win in the varsity race, while their number one girl was able to split King's normal tight pack at the front end of the girls' contest.

Tawny Odekirk breezed effortlessly to another victory in her career, but she was closely trailed by Angella Nanyonyi and Sarah Moore. Lauren Wilson and Rachel Harms had outstanding efforts in the winning cause, with Rachel running in the mid-22's.

The boys were led by Jon MacLaughlin who is showing his form again after a September of struggle. Daniel Beld, Garret Allen, and Brian Brierly did the packing honors this time around to seal the win.

The JV boys had another typical showing of dominance, both in numbers and in quality. Five of King's runners raced times that were faster than Bloomington's fifth varsity runner, and 18 King racers would have beaten Bloomington's seventh varsity runner. Glenn Carter had a strong effort to finish fourth, while Keith Hitch ran a solid race to finish sixth. Tim Boyd had a couple-minute improvement over his time on the course. James Griesinger ran 22:11 with Mike Luna right on his heals at 22:14.

JV's - Bloomington forfeit
Varsity Boys - King 22, Bloomington 36. Varsity Girls - King 18, Bloomington 41.
Weather: Low 80's
Distance: 3 miles, 34 yards
Course: Flat, with two moderate hills

Boys Varsity:
2. Jon MacLaughlin    17:38
3. Daniel Beld       17:40
4. Garret Allen       17:45
5. Brian Brierly      17:54
8. Steve Griesinger   18:23
9. Shamari LaCour    18:32
11. Jon Barilone      18:58

Girls Varsity:
1. Tawney Odekirk    21:11
2. Angela Nanyonyi    21:25
4. Sarah Moore       21:54
5. Kristen McHugh    22:00
6. Lauren Wilson      22:07
7. Mara Stepe         22:08
9. Rachel Harms       22:32
10.Erin Fitzgerald    23:00
11.Stephanie Fematt   23:07
12.Laura Moore       23:18
14.Megan Fairly       24:50
15.Jennifer Tam       25:21
16.Adriana Gonzalez   25:26
18.Katie Chouinard    25:37
19.Evelyn Job         25:46
20.Lavina Martinez    26:10
21.Lindsay Vitort    26:20
22.Diane Griesinger   26:51

Boys Junior Varsity
1. Grant Carter       18:30
2. Donald Hartness    18:40
3. Eric Stevens       18:54
4. Glenn Carter       18:55
5. Robert Fletcher    19:00
6. Keith Hitch       19:09
7. Steve Knudsen      19:22
8. Chris Lugo         19:27
9. Ian Geant          19:51
10.Kevin Marquart    20:02
11.Jason Patterson    20:16
12.Travis Campbell    20:32
13.Kevin Mihayi       20:53
14.Kyle Grey          20:59
15.Tim Boyd          20:59
16.Alex Sevey         21:00
17.Corey Simmonds    21:00
18.Kevin Rodgers      21:05
20.Thoams Gerdes      21:43
21.Jake Pierce       21:55
22.Rudy Sochqan       22:04
23.James Jacobsmeyer 22:08
24.James Griesinger   22:11
25.Micheal Luna       22:14
27.Levi Bailey       22:28
28.Harry Austin       23:13
29.G.W. Rodrigez      23:14
30.Adam Schwarz       23:28
32.Brandon Trout      23:42
33.Daniel Job         24:10
34.Corey Burke       24:30
35.Adam Currie       25:19
36.Jason Carpenter    25:21
38.Cameron Diete      28:08
39.Mike Jerz          29:27

Friday, October 5
King discovered again how hard work gets results. Kaiser, a sister-school of sorts that started the same year as King, could not, or chose not, to compete with the Wolfpack. In a heavily lopsided event, King swept all four races against their Sunkist league opponent, and were unpushed save a lone runner from Kaiser who made a valient effort to finish with the top group in the boys varsity race.

Due to the little competition in the varsity races, the true races were to be found in the JV events, thanks to upstart Chino Hills High, a new school of only ninth graders. The Huskies came to run and though rookies-all, they battled every step of the way, despite not figuring in the score. Their efforts pushed the King JV runners to times that in some cases were faster than the varsity times, and in another case put ALL of the King JV Girl runners ahead of the first place Kaiser VARSITY! runner. Lauren Wilson, Rachel Harms and Stephanie Fematt finished up front for the Wolves, while Jennifer Tam had a good effort and Katie Chouinard ran her first race after a lengthy battle with injury.

The boys JV saw Steve Griesinger, David Lee, Jon Barilone and Donald Hartness do battle with a plucky 9th grader from Chino Hills who refused to give in. Kevin Rodgers continued to improve to finish 14th overall with a 21:16 mark. Jason Carpenter also had a great effort with a 26:11 clocking. In all, twenty King runners finished before Kaiser's first.

Hard work indeed gets results, and the reason for King's success in these first two seasons of our existence has been because of the hard work that many of our athletes have devoted themselves to. From faster to slower, the responsibility of all runners is to try and give it one's best effort. Among the ringing cowbells, this is becoming a King trademark. Good for us.

Course: Orange Terrace Park
Weather: Nice, low 80's
Distance: 3 miles, 34 yards

Boys Varsity: King 15, Kaiser 49
Girls Varsity: King 15, Kaiser 50
Boys JV: Kaiser forfeit
Girls JV: Kaiser forfeit

Boys Varsity
1 Daniel Beld 18:01
2 Albert Watson 18:05
3 Garret Allen 18:07
4 Brian Brierly 18:14
5 Shamari LaCour 18:15
6 Grant Carter 18:21
8 Jonathon MacLaughlin 18:47

Girls Varsity
1 Erin Fitzgerald 23:56
2 Sarah Moore 23:56
3 Mara Stepe 23:58
4 Laura Fairley 23:58
5 Tawny Odekirk 23:59
6 Kristen McHugh 23:59
7 Angella Nanyonyi 23:59

Girls Junior Varsity
1 Lauren Wilson 22:41
2 Racheal Harms 23:51
3 Stephanie Fematt 24:04
4 Megan Fairley 24:21
5 Laura Moore 25:08
6 Jennifer Tam 25:12
7 Lindsay Vitort 25:39
8 Adriana Gonzalez 25:40
9 Evelyn Job 26:00
10 Samantha Johnson 26:00
11 Katie Chouinard 26:02
12 Lavina Martienez 26:30
13 Diane Griesinger 26:44

Boys Junior Varsity
1 Steven Griesinger 18:46
2 Jonathan Barilone 18:51
3 David Lee 18:55
4 Donald Hartness 18:58
5 Glenn Carter 19:01
6 Robert Fletcher 19:11
7 Steven Vance 19:15
8 Eric Stevens 19:24
9 Steven Knudsen 19:57
10 Christopher Lugo 20:07
11 Kevin Marquardt 20:08
12 Jake Peirce 20:32
13 Travis Cambell 20:49
14 Kevin Rodgers 21:16
15 Corey Simmons 21:18
16 Adam Pritchard 21:30
17 Kevin Mihalyi 21:33
18 Micheal Luna 21:45
19 Thom Gerdes 22:10
20 James Griesinger 22:32
22 Timothy Boyd 23:10
23 G.W. Rodrigez 23:12
24 James Jacobsmeyer 23:24
25 Daniel Job 23:26
26 Corey Burke 23:49
27 Brandon Trout 23:52
28 Adam Schwarz 23:57
29 Harry Agustin 23:58
31 Jason Carpenter 26:11
32 Adam Currie 26:49
34 Cameron Dietz 28:46
35 Michael Jerz 29:19

Monday, October 1
We traveled to the 13th annual Brea Invitational for the first time, and experienced their 5000 meter, "run through the jungle" course and less-than-traditional race format with teams being split into thirds with combined times creating team scores. It was unusual at best, and in that little of the race course could be viewed, it made for a mixed-result morning.

The boys frosh/soph team ended up finishing in 6th of over 20 schools, while the frosh/soph girls finished in 5th. David Knudsen had a fine race in his second effort ever, with a 22:41 3-mile conversion. Jake Peirce broke 20 and scored for the first time. Grant and Glenn Carter with Kevin Marquardt were solid up front , with Kevin dropping under 18 (converted) for the first time. Sarah Moore maintained her consistency with a mid-21 effort, while Erin Fitzgerald was right on her heels.

In the varsity races, several of the normal crew rested while their teammates picked up the slack. Albert Watson race hard for a 17:11 converted time. Shamari LaCour ran 17:42 for the 5K. Laura Fairley and Mara Stepe had great races. Lavina Martinez found herself scoring for the first time, and ran a PR as well.

Boys Frosh/Soph 6+Other
16 Jake Peirce 20:28
20 Mike Luna 21:01
24 Daniel Job 22:26
26 David Knudsen 23:27
27 Rudy Sochan 23:35
28 Brandon Trout 23:39
29 Adam Currie 23:43
30 Harry Agustin 24:14
32 Cameron Dietz 24:28

Girls Frosh/Soph 1-5
2 Sarah Moore 22:11
5 Erin Fritzgerald 22:33
7 Megan Fairley 23:39
8 Stephanie Fematt 23:48
9 Lindsey Vitort 24:35

Girls Var 1-2
8 Angela Nanyonyi 20:56
27 Mara Stepe 22:17

Boys Var 1-2
Shamari LaCour 17:42
Jon MacLaughlin 18:21

Girls Frosh/Soph 6+
Adriana Gonzalez 25:29
Racheal Harms 25:31

Boys Frosh/Soph 3-5
Glenn Carter 18:44
James Griesinger 20:46
Kevin Rodgers 20:53

Boys Frosh/Soph 1-2
Grant Carter 18:09
Kevin Marquardt 18:18

Girls Var 3-5
Laura Fairley 22:31
Lauren Wilson 22:50
Laura Moore 26:20

Boys Var 3-5
Albert Watson 17:46
Steven Vance 18:15
David Lee 18:18

Girls Var 6+
Lavina Martinez 25:36
Jennifer Tam 26:41
Evalyn Job 27:01

Boys Var 6+
Eric Stevens 18:31
Steve Griesinger 18:49
Donald Hartness 18:52
Adam Pritchard 18:58
Kieth Hitch 19:25
Steve Knudsen 19:26
Chris Lugo 20:15
Corey Simmons 20:41
Travis Cambell 21:36
Kevin Mihalyi 21:42
Tim Boyd 21:45
Thom Gerdes 23:02
G.W. Rodriguez 24:17
Jason Carpenter 25:33

Thursday, September 27
With many athletes descending upon Ramona's super-flat course with expectations of running fast times, the weather had other plans in mind. With temperatures in the high 90's by the first race, and low 90's by the last one, fast times went out the window.

But the overall purpose of the meet was to kick off the Sunkist league competition, and for King, it was to kick it off with a win. Win they did. The Wolf Pack was able to shut out Ramona High in all three races contested with scores of 15-50, 15-49 and 17-44. (The JV girls combined with the Varsity)

Garret Allen won his first-ever varsity race with a fine 16:47 effort, running almost perfectly even splits throughout the hot day. Shamari LaCour was right on his heels, and the varsity 1-5 pack was only 20 seconds apart! The girls saw Angella, Tawny and Kristen up front, with a great race turned in by Laura Fairley who finished fourth, and Laura Moore who ran like she is capable for a lifetime PR in the mid-22's. Her little sister, Sarah, also had a quality day with a top-five finish for King.

On the JV boys side, Grant Carter won his first race with a solid 17:24 effort. Kevin Rodgers had a sub 21 mark, while Chris Lugo dipped under 20:00. The sight to see was the long string of King runners crossing the line before the first Ramona runner finished.

Weather: Think Arizona in August!
Course: Flat three miles
JV Boys - King 15, Ramona 50
Varsity Boys - King 15, Ramona 49
Varsity Girls - King 17, Ramona 44

GIRLS VARSITY AND JV                     
Angela Nanyoyi-20:53
Tawny Odekirk-21:00
Kristen McHugh-21:01
Laura Fairley -21:03
Sarah Moore -21:35
Lauren Wilson-21:53
Mara Stepe-21:55
Erin Fitzgerald -22:08
Laura Moore -22:20
Megan Fairley -22:40
Stephanie Fematt -22:49
Lindsey Vitort -23:51
Rachel Harms -24:00
Jennifer Tam -24:50
Adriana Gonzalez -25:27
Samantha Johnson -25:49
Evelyn Job-26:03
Lavina Martinez -26:24
Diane Griesinger -27:09
Lisa Sanchez-30:32

Grant Carter-17:24
Donald Hartness -17:36
Jon Barilone-17:54
Regis Riley-17:59
Steve Griesinger -18:21
Jason Patterson-18:23
Robert Fletcher-18:31
Eric Stevens -18:35
Glen Carter -18:44
Steve Knudsen -18:55
Adam Pritchard-19:24
Kevin Marquardt -19:30
Corey Simmons -19:36
Keith Hitch -19:49
Travis Campbell -19:50
Chris Lugo -19:51
Alex Sevey -20:07
Jake Peirce -20:22
Kevin Mihalyi -20:36
Tim Boyd-20:45
Kevin Rodgers -20:46
Tom Gerdes -21:55
James Griesinger -22:00
Levi Bailey -22:01
Daniel Job -22:21
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer -22:46
Rudy Sochan -22:57
Mike Luna -23:43
Harry Agustin -23:46
Brandon Trout -23:59
GW Rodriguez -24:40
Jason Carpenter -25:01

Garret Allen -16:47
Shamari LaCour-16:50
Daniel Beld-17:01
Brian Brierly-17:04
David Lee-17:06
Albert Watson-17:08
Steve Vance-17:32

Tuesday, September 18
American flags were evident and a moment of silence was held before the first race to pause and remember the fallen Americans in the past week's tragic events. It was a somber and sad week, but the weekend's event helped bring needed distraction and a healthy, athletic release from the emotional burden created by the terrorist attacks on September 11.

Running grade level races without the "pressure" of team scoring, the Wolves had good individual performances throughout the morning at Craig Park in Fullerton. A hilly course greeted the athletes, as well as numerous ranked teams in several CIF divisions, including Norwalk, Corona Del Mar, Barstow and Brea. It was a good meet.

Despite a number of athletes sitting out the contest for rest and recuperation, those who did compete had good performances. Erin Fitzgerald and Sarah Moore continued to impress in the freshman race, while Kevin Marquardt took off aggressively into the lead of his footrace, eventually finishing in third. James Griesinger also had a solid day, dropping a couple of minutes off of his time from last week.

Shamari LaCour, Jon MacLaughlin and Daniel Beld led the boys charge with sub 17 performances, while Garret Allen was just one second off that pace. Adam Pritchard had a fine sub-18 effort, while Chris Lugo ran just a tick over 19:00 for the first time. Harry Agustin gave it his all in a dehydrated state to finish with a heroic (if not frightening) 24:07. Harry is doing well as of this writing.

On the girls' side, Angella Nanyonyi set the tempo for the girls with a "hilly-course" lifetime best, while the Fairley sisters continued their improvement. Lisa Sanchez had a great first-ever race runnig 24:58. Evelyn Job took over a minute off her PR in just one week.
Weather: Cool, then warmer by meet's end.
Course: 3 miles, concrete/grass, with hills.

Senior Girls
Lauren Wilson 21:03
Evelyn Job 24:34

Senior Boys
Shamari LaCour 16:37
Albert Watson 17:10
Jason Patterson 17:36
Steve Griesinger 17:36
Kevin Mihalyi 20:18
Jason Carpenter 26:06

Freshman Girls
Erin Fritzgerald 21:25
Sarah Moore 21:33

Freshman Boys
Kevin Marquardt 18:05
James Griesinger 19:38
Daniel Job 20:52
Mike Luna 21:53

Junior Girls
Angela Nanyonyi 20:00
Laura Fairley 21:52
Jennifer Tam 24:48
Lisa Sanchez 24:58
Lavina Martinez 26:03
Laura Moore 27:20

Junior Boys
Jon MacLaughlin 16:45
Daniel Beld 16:54
Garret Allen 17:01
Brian Brierly 17:09
David Lee 17:16
Steven Vance 17:30
Eric Stevens 17:33
Donald Hartness 17:34
Adam Pritchard 17:58
Steven Knudsen 18:07
Kieth Hitch 18:36
Chris Lugo 19:01
Corey Simmons 19:23
Travis Cambell 19:43
Thom Gerdes 22:29

Sophomore Girls
Megan Fairley 22:37
Rachel Harms 22:55
Adriana Gonzalez 25:55

Sophomore Boys
Grant Carter 17:35
Glen Carter 18:00
Alex Sevey 19:38
Jake Peirce 20:17
Kevin Rodgers 21:17
Jimmy    22:36
Brandon Trout 23:25
Harry Agustin 24:07

Monday, September 24
For those who still think cross country is just a bunch of individuals headin' out for a run, they should have been at the 2nd Annual Huntington Beach Invitational on Saturday. From the Frosh/soph race through the JV's to the Varsity contests, King High experienced both the highs and the lows of team running. Despite some miscues and holes that need filling, we showed the strength of our teams by finishing in the top three team places in each of our five races.

The JV girls simply stole the show. In a battle with the highly-esteemed Santa Margarita program, our young (all five scorers were 9th and 10th graders) racers fought all the way to the finish line. Sarah Moore and Erin Fitzgerald timed their effort beautifully, pulling away from SM's number one in the final mile to take 1-2 easily. But the team battle was waging in the 3-5 spots with Stephanie Fematt, Megan Fairley and Lindsey Vitort jockeying with SM's runners for position. Each girl played a huge role, but Lindsey's move ahead of three racers in the final half-mile may have sealed it.

The frosh-soph boys saw first-hand how 1st place teams need five runners in the top grouping. A big gap between our third and fourth/fifth runners kept King off the victory stand. Regardless, the team still managed to finish in third. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer had an outstanding day, finishing sixth for the team and almost seven minutes faster on the course from last season.

The JV boys narrowly missed a first-place finish, missing by 2 points behind West Torrance. Their efforts were again stellar with a fine team effort. Donald Hartness and Eric Stevens led the charge, with Donald closing in on the win in the final steps but settling for second. Adam Pritchard had a fine day to finish in the scoring five, as did Robert Fletcher.

The varsity teams also ran well. The girls finished in third with only five girls finishing the race. Kristen McHugh had a huge day to set the pace for the squad. Tawny Odekirk was right on her heels, followed by Mara Stepe.

The boys' pack was again the difference in their third place finish, allowing them to also finish that high even without a runner in the top 15 places of the race. The gap between runners 1-5 was a mere 30 seconds. Shamari LaCour, Brian Brierly, Daniel Beld, Garret Allen and Steven Vance all scored for the Wolves.

Weather: Cool, nice
Course: Mainly grass, a couple of hills
Boys JV
1 West Torrance 38 3 6 8 9 12 14 18
Total time: 1:30:58.71
Average: 18:11.74
2 Martin Luther King 40 2 4 10 11 13 16 19
Total time: 1:31:09.18
Average: 18:13.84
3 Estancia 87 5 7 20 24 31
Total time: 1:34:03.10
Average: 18:48.62
4 Santa Margarita 113 15 21 22 23 32 44 51
Total time: 1:35:38.80
Average: 19:07.76
5 Newport Harbor 183 25 36 39 40 43 45 53
Total time: 1:41:31.50
Average: 20:18.30
6 other teams

Girls JV
1 Martin Luther King 30 1 2 5 7 15 32 40
Total time: 1:51:05.83
Average: 22:13.17
2 Santa Margarita 41 3 4 6 10 18 34 39
Total time: 1:53:04.28
Average: 22:36.86
3 Long Beach Poly 76 11 12 13 19 21 24 28
Total time: 1:56:22.89
Average: 23:16.58
4 El Modena 76 8 9 16 20 23 36 58
Total time: 1:56:12.85
Average: 23:14.57
5 St. Paul 178 27 31 35 42 43 44 49
Total time: 2:08:30.22
4 other teams

Boys FS
1 Huntington Beach 42 5 6 7 8 16 18 20
Total time: 1:30:41.00
Average: 18:08.20
2 Santa Margarita 109 10 15 23 30 31 45 49
Total time: 1:34:11.40
Average: 18:50.28
3 Martin Luther King 126 2 11 13 44 56 67 69
Total time: 1:34:55.51
Average: 18:59.10
4 West Torrance 135 19 22 26 33 35 46 53
Total time: 1:35:42.37
Average: 19:08.47
5 Crescenta Valley 139 12 14 27 36 50 55 72
Total time: 1:35:38.52
Average: 19:07.70
9 other schools

Girls Varsity
1 Long Beach Poly 58 3 4 5 17 29 39 52
Total time: 1:44:30.50
Average: 20:54.10
2 El Modena 81 9 12 19 20 21 31 35
Total time: 1:46:40.31
Average: 21:20.06
3 Martin Luther King 119 6 8 25 27 53
Total time: 1:47:36.84
Average: 21:31.37
4 Mira Costa 155 2 13 40 41 59
Total time: 1:48:33.32
Average: 21:42.66
5 St. Paul 162 7 10 26 43 76 77 86
Total time: 1:50:24.85
Average: 22:04.97
6 Estancia 178 1 15 50 54 58
Total time: 1:49:17.82
Average: 21:51.56

Boys Varsity
1 Estancia 103 3 10 18 24 48 54
Total time: 1:24:58.74
Average: 16:59.75
2 Santa Margarita 120 5 15 30 31 39 43 61
Total time: 1:25:52.99
Average: 17:10.60
3 Martin Luther King 123 16 21 23 26 37 46 56
Total time: 1:26:27.79
Average: 17:17.56
4 Crescenta Valley 126 4 9 11 38 64 91 104
Total time: 1:25:35.77
Average: 17:07.15
5 Newport Harbor 155 12 13 17 50 63 67 79
Total time: 1:26:55.06
15 other schools

JV Boys
2. Donald Hartness 17:49
4 Eric Stevens 18:00
10 Adam Pritchard 18:22
11 Jon Barilone 18:23
13 Robert Fletcher 18:32
16 Kieth Hitch 18:40
19 Steve Griesinger 18:54
33 Corey Simmons 19:30
42 Travis Campbell 19:56
53 Tim Boyd 20:34
65 Kevin Mahali 21:10
77 Thomas Gerdes 22:30
85 G.W. Rodriguez 22:59
96 Jason Carpenter 24:14

JV Girls
1 Sarah Moore 21:31
2 Erin Fritzgerald 21:32
5 Stephanie Fematt 22:16
7 Megan Fairly 22:34
15 Lindsey Vitort 23:32
37 Adriana Gonzalez 25:16
48 Lavina Martinez 26:13
56 Diane Griesinger 26:45
79 Laura Moore 33:56

Frosh/Soph Boys
2 Grant Carter 17:49
11 Glenn Carter 18:19
13 Kevin Mardquart 18:19
47 James Griesinger 20:03
61 Kevin Rodgers 20:38
84 James Jacobsmeyer 21:40
88 Daniel Job 21:43
101 Michael Luna 22:00
140 Brandon Trout 23:44
141 Corey Burke 23:44

Varsity Boys
16 Shamari Lacour 17:02
21 Brian Brierly 17:11
23 Daniel Beld 17:14
26 Garret Allen 17:20
37 Steven Vance 17:32
46 Albert Watson 17:39
56 Jason Patterson 18:00

Varsity Girls
6 Kristen McHugh 20:30
8 Tawny Odekirk 20:53
26 Mara Stepe 21:41
28 Lauren Wilson 21:48
54 Laura Fairly 22:33
DNF Angella Nanyonyi

Monday, September 10

Friday, June 30


Monday, September 16
King High got it's season rolling Saturday at the 1st Annual Fastback Invite, held at MSAC on a shortened, 1.92 mile course. Gone was one of the Valley loops and the Reservoir hill, but in their place was a good experience for our many rookies and a bit of a tune up for the returners. Running grade-level races, we were able to finally get to racing after almost two solid months of preparation.

Megan Fairley started things in good fashion by finishing third in the junior race and showing that her comeback from a hard year is now in motion. She would post the fastest time of the day for King. Morgan Sjogren impressed in her debut in a King uniform with a 3rd place finish in the 10th grade race. Her little sister, Carly was very solid in her first-ever CC race, going 7th in the freshman race, closely followed by a quickly-improving Bridgett Gonzalez (who, by the way, ran a text-book paced race!) Mary Griesinger and Shawna Brierly, all of whom medaled! What a way to start.

The freshman boys also got off to a solid beginning, with Chris Norris leading the way, Ivan Guevara right behind him and always-consistent Matt Sheppard taking home the last medal in the race! Zed Deanda was right on Matt's heels, showing a good front four for the Wolves.

Michael Luna had a breakthrough performance in the soph race, going 12:01, Grant Carter took third in the 11th grade contest and Kevin Marquardt finished top-10 in his race. The senior boys who make up the bulk of our varsity team, dominated their race with an incredibly tight pack, finishing with the top five guys a slim 10 seconds apart! This, after already having run the 3 mile course for a "warmup". David Lee showed what summer miles and confidence can do, leading the King charge for the first time in his career.

Junior Girls:
3. Megan Fairley 12:42
5. Stephanie Fematt 13:25
45. Krystle Ruiz 16:45
54. Rebecca Lane 17:41

Junior Boys:
3. Grant Carter 10:41
23. Glenn Carter 11:38
39. Kevin Rodgers 12:49
49. Kyle Gray 13:15
Harry Agustin NT

Soph Girls:
3. Morgan Sjogren 12:52
8. Sarah Moore 13:35
18. Erin Fitzgerald 14:11
22. Ashley Esterberg 14:43
43. Caroline Stark 17:21

Soph Boys:
9. Kevin Marquart 11:21
21. Michael Luna 12:01
25. Adam Schwarz 12:06
30. James Griesinger 12:31
35. David Knudsen 13:06
57. Eric Padilla 14:38

Freshmen Girls:
7. Carly Sjogren 14:06
13. Bridget Gonzalez 15:02
16. Mary Griesinger 15:25
10. Shawna Brierly 15:31
33. Kristen Beal 17:15
41. Lauren Antrim 17:47
42. Brittney Haynes 17:47
50. Michelle Timmons 18:32
52. Khrista Fematt 18:36
57. Kathryn Lusung 19:05

Freshman Boys:
20. Chris Norris 12:28
Ivan Guevara 12:30
25. Matt Sheppard 12:44
26. Zed Deanda 13:23
Ryan Euker 13:26
Jeremy Baugas 13:28
Daniel McCloud 13:28
Nick Strasbaugh 13:55
David Hoffert 14:50
Adam Weiss 15:05
Matt Parks 15:34
Brian 15:59
Jon Hidalgo 16:52
Mark Doiron 18:04
Tyler Jackson 18:24

Senior Girls:
4. Angella Nanyonyi 13:35
8. Tawny Odekirk 13:56
9. Laura Fairly 14:08
16. Laura Moore 14:44
22. Diane Griesinger 15:57
25. Jennifer Tam 16:22
29. Christina Citi 17:03
30. Erica Winters 18:01

Senior Boys:
4. David Lee 10:40
7. Garret Allen 10:46
9. Jon MacLaughlin 10:48
10. Brian Brierly 10:49
11. Steve Vance 10:50
14. Eric Stevens 11:07
19. Steve Knudsen 11:23
20. Daniel Beld 11:28
Tom Gerdes 14:10

Saturday, September 21
An overnight trip to the Ventura area of Southern California was the setting for a fun weekend of team bonding, running, eating and hangin' at the beach. The Ojai (pronounced, "Oh Hi!") Invitational Saturday morning was the setting for some truly remarkable early-season racing. Oh my, what a start we're off to!

In a unique format in which all athletes ran one combined race (no frosh/soph, jv, varsity), the fields were rather large with numbers in excess of 250 in both girls' and boys' races; resembling a public road race at the start. The size didn't matter though, as King rolled to some solid performances and times. The boys varsity team was the "unofficial" winner of the meet (no official scores were kept) with the top five scorers going 6, 7, 9, 13 and 15. David Lee led the charge with Grant Carter, Jon MacLaughlin, Garret Allen and Brian Brierly right on his heels. Adam Schwarz continued his hot racing, and Adam Pritchard got his season off in fine fashion with a very strong race. Chris Norris was the first King freshman to cross the line with a good race on the rolling course. James Griesinger and Matt Sheppard were right on his heels. Nick Strasbaugh ran a good race, finishing in 21:02.

The girls looked strong from top to bottom. A solid pack of Morgan Sjogren, Megan Fairley, Tawny Odekirk and Angella Nanyonyi ran side-by-side for more than half the race. They separated a bit near the end, but Sarah Moore moved up to keep the "scoring" group somewhat tight. Our goal was to place in the top three teams had a score been kept, but when the results were tallied, the King girls would have scored 64 points to "win", more than 20 ahead of their nearest opponent, Buena High School!

Morgan Sjogren truly shined, running 20:00 and finishing 6th overall. That mark tied for third on the all-time sophomore list at King. Erin Fitzgerald continued her impressive comeback from surgery by finishing 8th of King's kids. Kristina Moore had an impressive debut, while Stephanie Fematt ran as King's 6th girl with a strong 21:12 clocking - good for 7th on King's all-time Junior list. Mary Griesinger and Bridgett Gonzalez, both 9th graders, ran well, a good sign for King's future and present.

Course: 3 miles, rolling hills, dirt and concrete surfaces.
Weather: Comfortable mid-80's

Results: Place, Time, Name, School, Grade
1 15:59 Kyle Ivie Burbank 12
6 16:42 David Lee King 12
7 16:49 Grant Carter King 11
9 16:49 Jon MacLaughlin King 12
13 16:59 Garrett Allen King 12
15 17:04 Brian Brierly King 12
21 17:19 Eric Stevens King 12
33 17:33 Steven Vance King 12
35 17:38 Daniel Beld King 12
44 17:53 Glenn Carter King 11
48 17:59 Steve Knudsen King 12
56 18:05 Kevin Marquardt King 10
62 18:11 Adam Pritchard King 12
87 18:48 Adam Schwarz King 10
97 19:08 Chris Norris King 9
105 19:29 James Griesinger King 10
111 19:34 Matt Sheppard King 9
148 20:31 Kyle Gray King 11
159 20:49 Ryan Euker King 9
169 21:03 Nicholas Strasbaugh King 9
171 21:09 Jeremy Baugas King 9
186 21:40 Thomas Gerdes King 12
188 21:44 David Knudsen King 10
211 22:18 Daniel McCloud King 9
213 22:20 James Jacobsmeyer King 11
229 23:00 David Hoffert King 9
237 23:47 Marc Doiron King 9
239 23:50 Matt McMoran King 9
250 25:01:00 Brian Lane King 9
261 27:20:00 Jonathon Hildago King 9

Large School Girls Results Ojai Invitational 9/21/02
Place Time First_Name Last_Name School Grade
1 19:07 Tiare Ferguson San Marcos 11
6 20:00 Morgan Sjogren King 10
8 20:11 Megan Fairley King 11
14 20:53 Sarah Moore King 10
16 21:00 Tawny Odekirk King 12
20 21:09 Angela Nanyonyi King 12
22 21:12 Stephanie Fematt King 11
28 21:44 Carly Sjogren King 9
42 22:14 Erin Fitzgerald King 10
48 22:31 Laura Fairley King 12
49 22:33 Kristin McHugh King 11
50 22:34 Kristina Moore King 10
54 22:49 Ashley Johnson King 11
60 23:29 Laura Moore King 11
64 23:40 Mary Griesinger King 9
66 23:45 Bridget Gonzalez King 9
75 24:09:00 Mara Stepe King 12
95 25:00:00 Katie Choinard King 12
105 25:27:00 Diane Griesinger King 12
114 25:54:00 Lindsey Vitort King 10
119 26:04:00 Kristina Citi King 12
124 26:13:00 Kristen Beal King 9
129 26:40:00 Rebecca Lane King 9
133 27:01:00 Krystle Ruiz King 11
141 27:25:00 Samantha Johnson King 11
151 28:06:00 Brittany Haynes King 9
169 30:22:00 Kelsey Peters King 9

King High got off to a roaring start in the Sunkist League on Wednesday with nothing short of totally inspired racing and teamwork. The JV girls got things rolling by taking the first ten places at the finish line! Laura Moore led the entire race and finished with the win in a fine 21:29 time. Kristina Moore continued her amazing comeback from a serious ankle sprain in August to run 4th, while Mara Stepe and Jennifer Tam closed out the ten-spot sweep. Ashley Hassoun ran her first race of the year with a solid effort finishing 29th overall. Brittany Haynes continued to improve by finishing 23rd overall in a time of 25:33. Kristen Beal PR'd at 27:11.

The Boys JV continued the inspired racing by running a great team effort to defeat the Rubidoux Falcons for the first time in two years! Daniel Beld played a bit of see-saw with Rudy Palacios of Rubidoux, but was able to pull away in the middle mile to take the win in 16:43. Adam Pritchard, the master of the last mile, did his thing again with a steady devouring of opponents over the last 2000 meters. His moves brought him all the way to second overall. Kevin Marquardt, Glenn Carter and Steve Knudsen rounded out the scoring five. Jeremy Baugus had a gread race going under 20:00 for the first time! Mike Luna had a lifetime PR, as did Daniel Job, running 19:19. In all, King took 8 of the top 12 spots!

The girls varsity hit the line next, and showed quickly that they are serious about defending their league title. With a strong pack at the mile, only Bloomington and Novi had a couple of runners sprinkled into the mix. Things separated a bit in the middle, but with 1000 meters to go, Megan Fairley ran side-by-side with Novi's top runner and Bloomington's. But showing her trademark determination, she accelerated through the last half to pull away with a new school record of 19:05! What a difference a year makes, just last season on the same course she ran 22:40 and was King's tenth runner! Morgan Sjogren, Angella Nanyonyi, Sarah Moore and Tawny Odekirk finished off the scoring drive.

The boys varsity ran one incredible race despite taking second behind Rubidoux! For the first time, the Wolves cracked the top six of Rubidoux, by placing two runners in their top four and three in their top five. Jon MacLaughlin ran one of the most incredible races of his career, screaming into the finish line to outlean a Rubidoux opponent and setting a new school record in the process. David lee ran exactly 61 seconds faster on this course than he did last season, to run a time that would have been the school record had not Jon been in front. Garret Allen, Grant Carter and Steve Vance rounded out the scoring five and set a new school record team time of 81:32. What a day! Norte Vista was third 23 points behind King's 42 points.

Course: Ramona High School. Flat
Weather: High 80's - Low 90's

Boys Varsity:
1. Rubidoux 24
2. King 42
3. Novi 65
4. Ramona 117
5. Kaiser 155
6. Bloomington 166

3. Jon MacLaughlin 16:03
6. David Lee 16:05
9. Garret Allen 16:22
11. Grant Carter 16:27
13. Steve Vance 16:35
15. Eric Stevens 16:57
16. Brian Brierly 17:08

Girls Varsity:
1. King 32
2. Norte Vista 50
3. Bloomington 65
4. Ramona 121
5. Rubidoux 131
6. Kaiser 141

1. Megan Fairley 19:05
6. Morgan Sjogren 19:48
7. Angella Nanyoni 19:53
8. Sarah Moore 20:05
10. Tawny Odekirk 20:34
11. Stephanie Fematt 20:38
14. Carly Sjogren 21:01

Boys J.V.:
1. King 22
2. Rubidoux 38
3. Norte Vista 136
4. Ramona 268

1. Daniel Beld 16:43
3. Adam Pritchard 17:17
4. Kevin Marquardt 17:20
6. Glenn Carter 17:38
8. Steve Knudsen 17:56
9. Adam Schwarz 18:20
10. Chris Norris 18:23
12. Mike Luna 18:34
20. James Griesinger 18:58
22. Matt Sheppard 19:00
23. Kyle Gray 19:01
25. Kevin Rodgers 19:19
26. Daniel Job 19:19
31. Jeremy Baugus 19:44
39. Ryan Euker 20:09
40. David Knudsen 20:11
46. Zed Deanda 20:40
48. Jake Pierce 20:44
52. Thom Gerdes 21:10
53. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 21:11
56. Levi Bailey 21:37
57. Daniel McCloud 21:40
59. David Hoffert 21:54
61. Eric Padilla 22:01
62. Nick Strasbaugh 22:02
65. Chong Ding 22:16
67. Adam Weiss 22:33
68. Harry Agustin 22:39
69. Steve Florez 22:47
72. Matt McMoran 23:40
74. Brian Lane 24:09
75. Joey Reynoso 24:44
76. Jon Hildago 25:00
78. Matt Parks 27:15
79. Tyler Jackson 27:39

Girls J.V.:
1. King 15
2. Norte Vista 65
3. Kaiser 201
4. Bloomington 220

1. Laura Moore 21:29
2. Kristin McHugh 21:43
3. Laura Fairley 21:43
4. Kristina Moore 21:48
5. Ashley Johnson 22:20
6. Bridgett Gonzalez 22:28
7. Erin Fitzgerald 22:36
8. Mary Griesinger 23:20
9. Mara Stepe 23:38
10. Jennifer Tam 23:42
16. Diane Griesinger 24:32
17. Katie Chouinard 24:39
18. Racheal Harms 24:28
19. Krystal Ruiz 24:51
22. Lindsay Vitort 25:04
23. Brittany Haynes 25:33
26. Lauren Antrim 26:22
29. Ashley Hassoun 26:57
30. Rebecca Lane 27:10
31. Kristen Beal 27:11
32. Kathryn Lusung 27:23
36. Caroline Stark 28:23
45. Kelsey Peters 29:59
47. Michelle Timmons 30:23
48. Chauntel Riser 30:42
51. Christa Fematt 31:13
55. Jaimie Moyer 33:00

Third time's the charm ... so the saying goes. In the third annual Huntington Beach Invitational at Central Park East, the King Wolves finally ended up on top. The inaugural event in 2000 saw King taking several third places in the meet. Last year it was several seconds, a first and a third. This year, well, it was a charmed day. King went home with five firsts and a second (by only 7 points) with the girls varsity having the fastest team performance of the day!

The girls frosh-soph team showed what is in store for King over the next couple of years with a dominating performance. Carly Sjogren and Kristina Moore paced it up front with a 2-3 finish. Erin Fitzgerald, Bridget Gonzalez and Ashley Johnson finished out the scoring. Mary Griesinger had a PR on the course, as did Lauren Antrim, Kristen Beal and Caroline Stark. The team won with 30 points.

King continued to make strides on our goal to field a strong F/S team this season. That grouping ran a great race at HB despite taking second to Mira Costa High who took the 1-2 places in the race. Kevin Marquardt finished off his fine week with a 3rd place finish. Adam Schwarz ran tough in 6th place. James Griesinger had his best race of the season to run 14th. Jeremy Baugus continued to show improvement as did Ryan Euker. Nick Strasbaugh ran real tough, earning a medal and a 20:46 time. Eric Padilla also had a fine day finishing 73rd overall.

Brian Brierly and Kristin McHugh both set JV meet records by winning their races. Their efforts also lead their squads to victory. Katie Chouinard scored fifth for King's win in that race, with strong efforts by Laura Fairley and a healing Mara Stepe. The boys went 1,3,5,6,7 to dominate by over 60 points to second place. Donald Hartness, also coming back from injury finished out the scoring five for that team.

The girls' varsity had a close battle going with Orange Lutheran's state-ranked Division 4 team. Sarah Moore ran a great race, leading her teammates through 2.5 miles before finishing right on Megan Fairley's heals. Morgan Sjogren was right there with them at 20:09 for the tough course. Stephanie Fematt and Tawny Odekirk rounded out the winning effort.

The boys' varsity pack hung together through a torid pace in the early going and slowly reeled in the fast starters. With Garret Allen leading, the pack took 8,9,10,11 and 20 to win a one-point victory over state-ranked Division 3 Estancia. Six of the seven guys ran PR's for the course.

Course: Grass and dirt, three small but steep hills. 3 miles
Weather: Cool, great for racing.

Girls Frosh/Soph
Team Scores:
1 Martin Luther King 30 2 3 6 9 10 11 40
Total Time: 1:51:16.50
Average: 22:15.30
2 Rialto 43 1 5 8 14 15 20 39
Total Time: 1:52:38.30
3 Mira Costa 69 4 12 13 16 24 30 34
Total Time: 1:55:40.80
Six other schools

Place, Name, School, Pace, Time
1 Jessica Hogan 10 Rialto 7:05.4 21:16.0
2 Carly Sjogren 9 Martin Luther King 7:16.7 21:49.9 2
3 Kristina Moore 10 Martin Luther King 7:16.8 21:50.5 3
6 Erin Fitzgerald 10 Martin Luther King 7:23.9 22:11.5 6
9 Bridget Gonzalez 9 Martin Luther King 7:31.2 22:33.6 9
10 Ashley Johnson 10 Martin Luther King 7:37.0 22:51.0 10
11 Mary Griesinger 9 Martin Luther King 7:42.9 23:08.7 11
43 Ashley Hassoun 10 Martin Luther King 8:32.4 25:37.0 40
52 Lauren Antrim 9 Martin Luther King 8:43.4 26:10
54 Brittany Haynes 9 Martin Luther King 8:45.7 26:17.0
55 Kristen Beal 9 Martin Luther King 8:47.0 26:21.0
56 Caroline Stark 10 Martin Luther King 8:51.0 26:33.0
69 Christa Fematt 9 Martin Luther King 9:02.3 27:06.8
72 Michelle Timmons 9 Martin Luther King 9:12.7 27:38.0
88 Jaime Moyer 9 Martin Luther King 10:20.4 31:01.0

Girls JV

Team Scores:
1 Martin Luther King 25 1 4 5 7 8 10 12
Total Time: 1:54:39.40
Average: 22:55.88
2 Mira Costa 36 2 3 6 11 14
Total Time: 1:58:27.90
Average: 23:41.58
3 Ganesha 70 9 13 15 16 17 18 19
Total Time: 2:12:58.90

1 Kristin McHugh 11 Martin Luther King 7:10.4 21:31.1
4 Laura Moore 12 Martin Luther King 7:27.9 22:23.7
5 Laura Fairely 12 Martin Luther King 7:40.5 23:01.4
8 Mara Stepe 12 Martin Luther King 7:50.9 23:32.7 7
11 Katie Chouinard 12 Martin Luther King 8:03.5 24:10.5 8
16 Diane Griesinger 12 Martin Luther King 8:26.1 25:18.1
19 Krystle Ruiz 11 Martin Luther King 8:33.5 25:40.3
22 Jennifer Tam 12 Martin Luther King 8:43.1 26:09.1

Team Scores:
1 Martin Luther King 46 5 6 7 11 17
Total Time: 1:42:04.80
Average: 20:24.96
2 Orange Lutheran 60 2 3 14 15 26 33 36
Total Time: 1:43:37.10
3 Mira Costa 76 8 10 13 18 27 30 37
Total Time: 1:45:27.70
Six other schools

1 Diane Rosete 12 Estancia 6:21.7 19:04.9
5 Megan Fairley 11 Martin Luther King 6:39.7 19:58.9
6 Sarah Moore 10 Martin Luther King 6:40.8 20:02.2
7 Morgan Sjogren 10 Martin Luther King 6:43.2 20:09.7
12 Stephanie Fematt 11 Martin Luther King 6:52.4 20:37.0
18 Tawny Odekirk 12 Martin Luther King 7:05.7 21:17.0

Team Scores:
1 Mira Costa 41 1 2 7 12 19 25 28
Total Time: 1:32:07.10
Average: 18:25.42
2 Martin Luther King 48 3 6 10 13 16 18 22
Total Time: 1:33:23.70
Average: 18:40.74
3 Los Alamitos 66 9 11 14 15 17 23 26
Total Time: 1:35:23.10
Average: 19:04.62
4 Huntington Beach 152 4 21 32 39 56 65
Total Time: 1:42:06.50
Average: 20:25.30
Six other schools

1 Daniel Villanueva 10 Mira Costa 5:43.2 17:09
3 Kevin Marquardt 10 Martin Luther King 5:56.8 17:50
6 Adam Schwarz 10 Martin Luther King 6:09.7 18:29
11 Mike Luna 10 Martin Luther King 6:14.7 18:44
14 James Griesinger 10 Martin Luther King 6:20.6 19:01
17 Chris Norris 9 Martin Luther King 6:26.3 19:18
19 Mathew Sheppard 9 Martin Luther King 6:32.0 19:35
23 David Knudsen 9 Martin Luther King 6:40.0 19:59
28 Daniel Job 10 Martin Luther King 6:41.8 20:05
31 Jeremy Baugus 9 Martin Luther King 6:43.2 20:09
33 Ryan Euker 9 Martin Luther King 6:44.9 20:14
46 Nicholas Strasbaugh 9 Martin Luther King 6:55.5 20:46
56 Zed Deanda 9 Martin Luther King 7:05.5 21:16
63 David Hoffert 9 Martin Luther King 7:10.8 21:32
73 Eric Padilla 10 Martin Luther King 7:19.7 21:59
82 Adam Weiss 9 Martin Luther King 7:29.1 22:27
90 Matt McMoran 9 Martin Luther King 7:33.8 22:41
99 Paval Minenkov 9 Martin Luther King 7:43.8 23:11
108 Jonathon Hidalgo 9 Martin Luther King 7:47.7 23:23
115 Brian Lane 9 Martin Luther King 7:57.4 23:52
118 Marc Doiron 9 Martin Luther King 8:01.6 24:04.7
119 Tyler Jackson 9 Martin Luther King 8:02.3 24:06.
136 Joe Chen Martin Luther King 8:42.7 26:08.0

Team Scores:
1 Martin Luther King 18 1 2 4 5 6 12 16
Total Time: 1:30:42.50
Average: 18:08.50
2 Estancia 80 3 7 9 17 44
Total Time: 1:40:52.90
Average: 20:10.58
3 Anaheim 83 8 14 15 18 28 29
Total Time: 1:38:32.40
Four other schools

1 Brian Brierly 12 Martin Luther King 5:40.8 17:02
3 Adam Pritchard 12 Martin Luther King 6:00.7 18:01
5 Steve Knudsen 12 Martin Luther King 6:07.7 18:23
6 Glenn Carter 11 Martin Luther King 6:10.3 18:30
7 Donald Hartness 12 Martin Luther King 6:14.8 18:44
13 Kevin Rodgers 11 Martin Luther King 6:29.1 19:27
17 Kyle Gray 11 Martin Luther King 6:34.7 19:44
30 Jake Peirce 11 Martin Luther King 6:49.1 20:27
36 James Jacobsmeyer 11 Martin Luther King 7:10.6 21:31
39 Levi Bailey 12 Martin Luther King 7:16.3 21:48
41 Thomas Gerdes 12 Martin Luther King 7:17.4 21:52
43 Chong Ding 11 Martin Luther King 7:20.6 22:01
52 Harry Agustin 11 Martin Luther King 7:41.1 23:03.2

Team Scores:
1 Martin Luther King 58 8 9 10 11 20 21 33
Total Time: 1:24:50.10
Average: 16:58.02
2 Estancia 59 1 4 15 16 23 25 29
Total Time: 1:24:17.50
Average: 16:51.50
3 Rialto 92 3 5 7 28 49
Total Time: 1:26:15.80
Average: 17:15.16
4 Orange Lutheran 137 2 27 32 34 42 57 64
Total Time: 1:27:48.10
Seven other schools

1 Humberto Rojas 12 Estancia 5:15.9 15:47
8 Garret Allen 12 Martin Luther King 5:35.9 16:47
9 Jon MacLaughlin 12 Martin Luther King 5:37.0 16:51
10 David Lee 12 Martin Luther King 5:38.2 16:54
11 Grant Carter 11 Martin Luther King 5:38.3 16:54
21 Steven Vance 12 Martin Luther King 5:47.4 17:22.0 20
22 Eric Stevens 12 Martin Luther King 5:47.7 17:23
34 Daniel Beld 12 Martin Luther King 5:56.8 17:50.2 33

The intended purpose of entering the Clovis Invitational was to be challenged. The 24th Annual event, held on the State Championship course, annually draws many of the best cross country programs from across California, with most seeking a "pre-state tour" of the course. The setting is a breeding ground for high-level cross country action. King entered the fray and emerged emboldened, toughened, and ready for the next level.

The girls varsity raced in a way they never have before. Meeting the challenge head on, the Queens of King aggressively went out and raced above themselves, finishing third in the Large Schools Varsity race and with the 8th fastest team time of the entire day! (Team time was 99:52, just 27 seconds off of the record of 99:25 set on a shorter, 3 mile course!)

Led by a hard-charging Megan Fairley and Morgan Sjogren, the Lady Wolves showed grit and determination the entire 5000 meter course. Kristin McHugh emerged from the shadows of injury to run third for the team, and Sarah Moore and Angella Nanyonyi ran stellar efforts to finish the scoring drive in a span of just 5 places. Carly Sjogren and Stephanie Fematt both had lifetime PR's, and taking into account a conversion formula for a three-mile race, all seven girls eclipsed the 20-minute mark! Incredible! The gap between 1-5 was 41 seconds, under the team goal of 45 seconds.

The boys varsity entered the Championship race, a combined divisional race with many of the top teams in the state on the line at the same time. Though illnesses dulled the sharpness of our attack, the boys ran valiently and still finished only two spots off of our pre-race goal of a top-10 finish. Jon MacLaughlin and Grant Carter both ran lifetime PR's at the front, clocking 16:34 and 16:36 respectively. Every team that finished in front of the Wolfpack was ranked highly in the State within their CIF division!

The JV teams were not to be outdown. The boys, led by a stellar efforts by Daniel Beld (4th), Glenn Carter (5th) and Kevin Marquardt (9th) beat out Thousand Oaks, St.John Bosco and Ayala for the victory. Michael Luna had a huge race to finish 20th, King's final scorer of the day.

The JV Girls were beaten by Ayala, but still ran inspired to finish second. Bridgett Gonzalez (aka "Speedy" Gonzalez) continued her remarkable weekly improvement by leading the charge with a lifetime PR and a 7th place finish. Tawny Odekirk was right behind her, while Laura Fairley, (had a huge PR for the season!) Kristina Moore and Erin Fitzgerald rounded out the scoring five.

It was a challenging, tough meet on a great course. In many respects, it was one of King's greatest challenges in our young history. The challenge was met, however, and the teams now head into the final leg of the season, ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

1 Long Beach Poly 93 1:20:33
2 Canyon 163 1:20:51
3 Jesuit 184 1:21:33
4 Vista 214 1:22:15
5 Royal 215 1:22:02
6 Dana Hills 247 1:22:37
7 Madera 251 1:22:43
8 San Ramon Valley 302 1:23:21
9 McFarland 309 1:23:28
10 St. John Bosco 341 1:23:40
11 Moreau Catholic H.S. 349 1:23:44
12 King High 351 1:24:01
13 Indio 371 1:24:08
14 Esperanza 387 1:23:46
15 other schools

54 MacLaughlin, Jon King High 16:34
58 Carter, Grant King High 16:36
78 Lee, David King High 16:54
84 Allen, Garret King High 16:58
87 Brierly, Brian King High 16:59
113 Vance, Steven King High 17:10
123 Stevens, Eric King High 17:17

1 Ventura 65 1:37:51
2 Highland 127 1:39:22
3 King High 134 1:39:52
4 Monte Vista 185 1:40:46
5 Rio Mesa 189 1:41:11
23 other schools

15 Fairley, Megan King High 19:34
18 Sjogren, Morgan King High 19:41
30 McHugh, Kristin King High 20:10
35 Moore, Sarah King High 20:12
38 Nanyonyi, Angella King High 20:15
41 Sjogren, Carly King High 20:19
57 Fematt, Stephanie King High 20:41

1 Ayala 32 1:46:55
2 King High 63 1:49:09
3 Santa Margarita Catholic 85 1:49:52
4 El Toro 148 1:53:39
12 other schools

7 Gonzalez, Bridgett King High 21:19
14 Odekirk, Tawny King High 21:37
21 Fairly, Laura King High 21:58
22 Moore, Kristina King High 22:06
25 Fitzgerald, Erin King High 22:09
30 Stepe, Mara King High 22:22
39 Esterberg, Ashley King High 22:40
44 Moore, Laura King High 22:55

1 King High 41 1:28:45
2 Thousand Oaks 55 1:29:17
3 St. John Bosco 60 1:28:58
4 Ayala 112 1:31:22
10 other schools

4 Beld, Daniel King High 17:32
5 Carter, Glenn King High 17:33
9 Marquardt, Kevin King High 17:43
14 Pritchard, Adam King High 17:53
20 Luna, Mike King High 18:04
23 Hartness, Donald King High 18:08
36 Knudsen, Steven King High 18:31
37 Schwarz, Adam King High 18:36
60 Griesinger, James King High 19:08
89 Norris, Chris King High 20:34

With the luxury of five coaches, King Cross Country was able to split our squads this past weekend, sending half to Fresno for the Clovis Invitational and the other half to Ontario for the Inland Empire Championships. It was double-fun for our teams!

The IEC produced some remarkable results for the Wolves. A large group of the kids who took the opportunity came home with times faster than they had ever run before. Jeremy Baugus continued his hot improvement, with an 18:36 PR, right on the heels of an equally rising Matt Sheppard who dropped his PR by :28 seconds to 18:32! Adam Weiss improved by almost two minutes, Kevin Rodgers by :45 seconds, and Daniel McCloud went from 21:40 to 20:50! Erik Padilla fell right in line with an almost 1:30 drop in his seasonal best.

The girls were also rolling. Jamie Moyer took 3:00 off of her best, Michelle Timmons took 1:30 off of her best with a 25:40 PR. Kelsey Peters’ PR dropped over 3:00 with a 26:46 mark! Lauren Antrim also set a new standard for herself with a time under 25:00 for the first time in her young career!

The improvements come as a result of a lot of hard work by the future stars of King Cross Country. Way to go guys!

51. Matt Sheppard 18:32.
56. Jeremy Baugus 18:36.7
69. Ivan Guevara   18:49.4   
116. Daniel Job    19:33.9   
126. Ryan Euker    19:53.2   
132. Nicholas Strasbaugh 19:57.2         
143. David Knudsen 20:16.0   
148. Eric Padilla   20:21.0
160. David Hoffert 20:40.4   
166. Adam Weiss    20:46.8   
171. Daniel McCloud 20:50.5   
195. Joe Chen       22:07.2
197. Matt McMoran   22:24.2   
198. Matt Parks    22:30.3   
199. Paval Minenkov 22:31.0
205. Joey Reynoso   23:22.9
212. Marc Doiron    24:26.7   
214. Tyler Jackson 26:22.2   

Girls Frosh/Soph:

61. Lauren Ramirez 23:50.6
96. Lauren Antrim 24:57.0
105. Ashley Hassoun 25:09.9   
109. Lindsay Vitort 25:24.7
117. Michelle Timmons 25:40.1
126. Brittany Haynes 26:08.1   
133. Kelsey Peters    26:46.1   
138. Jaime Moyer      27:52.5

Boys J.V.:
71. Kevin Rodgers 18:45.5
77. Jake Peirce    18:52.0
87. Kyle Gray      19:01.6   
146. James Jacobsmeyer 21:00.8
153. Chong Ding    21:32.8
156. Levi Bailey   21:35.0
168. Harry Agustin 22:22.1

Girls J.V.:
39. Krystle Ruiz   24:45.8
75. Kristina Citi 27:36.1  has complete results.

The Sunkist League met for the second time this season, and the result mimicked the first. King came away with wins in both JV races, and the varsity girls, while the varsity boys took second again to Rubidoux.

The race of the day was the JV Boys contest. The Falcons of Rubidoux came out charging, and led with five guys coming by the mile. A small pack of Daniel Beld, Kevin Marquardt and Glenn Carter gave chase, and as the race wore on, the group edged closer. By a half-mile out, King's three were side-by-side with Rubidoux's top three. Daniel Beld outkicked an opponent for the win, with Kevin and Glenn taking the 3-4 spots. Adam Pritchard played a key role with another late mile surge to finish sixth, and Adam Schwarz ran incredibly tough to take home the last scoring spot in 11th. A come from behind victory, with King taking it by six points, 25-31. James Griesinger also had a fine day, running a seasonal PR of 18:23, as did Matt Sheppard who ran exceptionally well to finish in 24th overall. Daniel Job broke 20:00, as did Kyle Gray with a 19:23 finish.

The girls JV team was not seriously challenged, despite a couple of Norte Vista runners racing in the top group for most of the race. Tawny Odekirk led from wire-to-wire with a 21:03 finish. Ashley Johnson had an incredible race to finish 2nd, while Bridget Gonzalez ran third in 21:28. Laura Moore was fifth overall. Rebecca Lane had a good day, running 25:24.

The girls varsity team took home their second victory with a 28-50 win over Norte Vista. Megan Fairley led the way in 2nd, followed by Morgan Sjogren, Sarah Moore and Angella Nanyonyi who ran a close pack of 4-6-7. Kristin McHugh rounded out the scoring, making a :55 second gap between 1-5.

Rubidoux's boys' varsity team took control early on and so King and Novi were left to battle for second. Much improved Norte Vista put their number one in front of King's, bringing the point gap a little closer than last time out. The varsity boys appeared a little off after their big race last weekend at Clovis, but were still able to secure second place, (a mere 9 points ahead of Novi) and in a respectable team time. Garret Allen, coming off an illness, led the charge, and the always-consistent Grant Carter was a couple of steps behind him. The team time for King was 83:09, second on the all-time list, and 59 seconds ahead of the team time from 2001 at Rubidoux's course.

Course: 3 miles, dirt, hilly
Weather: Cool

JV Boys Team Results:
King 25
Rubidoux 31
Norte Vista 143
Bloomington ?
Ramona 328

JV Girls Team Results:
King 17
Norte Vista 47
Bloomington 283
Kaiser 224
Rubidoux NS
Ramona NS

Varsity Boys Team Results:
Rubidoux 15
King 56
Norte Vista 64
Ramona 114
Kaiser NS
Bloomington NS

Varsity Girls Team Results:
King 28
Norte Vista 50
Bloomington 61
Ramona 127
Rubidoux 136
Kaiser 148

JV Boys Individual Results:
1 Daniel Beld 16:57
3 Kevin Marquart 17:05
4 Glenn Carter 17:06
6 Adam Pritchard 17:15
11 Adam Shwartz 17:36
12 Donald 17:48
13 Steve Knudsen 17:51
16 Michael Luna 17:58
20 James Griesinger 18:23(18:24)
24 Matt Shepard 18:48
25 Kevin Rodgers 18:57
27 Jeremy Baugus 19:07(19:06)
31 Kyle Gray 19:23
37 Daniel Job 19:43
40 Ryan Euker 19:58
47 Nick Strasbaugh 20:24
48 David Knudsen 20:28
49 Thom Gerdes 20:32
51 Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 20:34
52 Zed Deanda 20:46
53 Levi Bailey 21:03 (21:02)
55 Eric Padilla 21:12 (21:11)
56 David Hoffert 21:12 (21:13)
57 Daniel McCloud 21:18
68 Adam Weiss 21:46
69 Harry Agustin 21:58 (21:59)
72 Chong Ding 22:14
74 Pavel Minenkov 22:27 (22:26)
75 Jonathan Hidalgo 22:28
76 Matt McMoran 28:23 (22:59)
77 Brian Lane 23:24
78 Joe Chen 23:57 (23:58)
79 Matt Parks 24:25 (24:24)
80 Joey Reynoso 23:57 (24:27)
84 Tyler Jackson 27:07 (23:06)

JV Girls Individual Results:
1 Tawny Odekirk 21:03
2 Ashley Esterberg 21:18(21:19)
3 Bridget Gonzalez 21:29(21:28)
5 Laura Moore 22:05
6 Erin Fitzgerald 22:08
8 Laura Fairley 22:50
9 Mara Stepe 23:01
10 Rachael Harms 23:17
14 Jennifer Tam 24:33
17 Katie Chouinard 25:05
18 Lindsay Vitort 25:10
20 Diane Greisinger 25:18
21 Rebecca Lane 25:24
22 Caroline Stark 25:51
26 Krystle Ruiz 26:13
33 Lauren Ramirez 27:05
34 Brittney Haynes 27:07
36 Christa Fematt 27:09
37 Lauren Antrim 27:11
38 Michelle Timmons 27:18
41 Kristina Citi 28:02
43 Kristen Beal 28:07
45 Erica Winters 28:15
48 Kelsey Peters28:44
49 Jamie Moyer 29:42
50 Chantel Riser 29:44

Varsity Boys Individual Results:
8 Garret Allen 16:20
9 Grant Carter 16:23
11 Jon MacLaughlin 16:41
12 Brian Brierly 16:44
14 Steve Vance 17:01
17 Eric Stevens 17:16
18 David Lee 17:26

Girls Varsity Individual Results:
2 Megan Fairley 19:31
4 Morgan Sjogren 20:01
6 Sarah Moore 20:04
7 Angella Nanyonyi 20:15
9 Kristin McHugh 20:26
10 Stephanie Fematt 20:28
15 Carly Sjogren 21:23

The popular Bell Gardens Invitational worked it's magic once again by producing numerous fast time and great experiences. The super-fast flat 3-mile course helped a number of King's racers come home with medals and the experience of racing a 3-mile layout faster than they ever have before.

Many of KXC's lists were rearranged by the efforts shown throughout the 8 races. Kevin Marquardt PR'd in a huge way with a 16:34 effort, earning for himself a 10th grade frosh/soph race record! Adam Pritchard worked his way onto the top-15 all time list with a 16:44 PR. Mike Luna exploded for a gigantic PR, going 16:43!, the fourth-fastest sophomore time in King's history! Chris Norris ran the 7th fastest 9th grade time, while Matt Sheppard ran a PR and the 9th fastest frosh time in school history! Other record-breaking-list-making runners were Ashley Esterberg going #6 on the Soph list, Diane Griesinger #7 on the senior list and Laura Moore and Tawny Odekirk moving up on the senior list! Shawna Brierly ran the 7th fastest 9th grade time at 22:07. A record breaking day!

But the great races weren't confined to the leaders, as King's kids put forth incredible effort throughout. Kevin Rodgers ran a lifetime PR at 18:11, James Griesinger likewise ran 17:26 for a lifetime best. Lindsay Vitort PR'd at 21:47 with a super effort. Kristen Beal broke 25:00 for the first time this season, as did an improving Christa Fematt. Lauren Antrim dipped under 24:00, and Krystle Ruiz dropped her PR under 23:00 for the first time this season. Perhaps the story of the day was the remarkable race by Matt Parks, who earlier this season was racing in the 28:00 to 30:00 range, but Saturday pushed himself to a 20:56 PR! Incredible!!

A wonderful day for King Cross Country! Fast times abound!

Course: Flat, 3 miles, grass and dirt
Grade Level races, no team scores

Senior Boys:
Adam Pritchard 16:44
Donald Hartness 16:55
Steve Knudsen 17:11
Thom Gerdes 20:36
Levi Bailey 20:42

Senior Girls:
Tawny Odekirk 20:04
Laura Moore 20:26
Laura Fairley 20:46
Mara Stepe 20:51
Diane Griesinger 22:47
Jennifer Tam 23:21
Katie Chouinard 24:18
Erica Winters 26:32

Junior Boys:
Kevin Rodgers 18:12
Kyle Grey 18:32
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 20:23

Junior Girls:
Rachael Harms 20:52
Krystle Ruiz 22:56
Bekka Lane 23:42

Sophmore Boys:
Kevin Marquart 16:32
Mike Luna 16:43
Adam Schwarz 17:02
James Griesinger 17:26
David Knudsen 18:59
Eric Padilla 19:32

Sophmore Girls:
Ashley Esterberg 20:26
Erin Fitzgerald 20:44
Lindsay Vitort 21:47
Ashley Hassoun 23:16
Freshman Boys:
Chris Norris 17:52
Matt Sheppard 18:01
Ivan Guevara 18:17
Jeremy Baugus 18:34
Ryan Euker 19:00
Daniel Job 19:05
Zed Deanda 19:24
Nick Stausbaugh 19:41
David Hoffert 19:41
Adam Weiss 20:09
Jon Hidalgo 20:50
Matt McMoran 20:55
Matt Parks 20:56
Paval Minenkov 21:08
Brian Lane 22:15
Joey Reynoso 22:36

Freshman Girls:
Bridget Gonzalez 20:27
Carly Sjogren 20:32
Shawna Brierly 22:07
Lauren Antrim 23:30
Lauren Ramirez 24:01
Christa Fematt 24:19
Kristen Beal 24:25
Lyndsey Hutcherson 24:24
Michelle Timmons 24:34
Brittany Haynes 24:56
Jaime Moyer 26:35
Kelsey Peters 26:50
Kathryn Lusung 26:50

fematt S msac 02
The Wolves rolled into Walnut for the 55th running of the Mt.SAC Invitational, the largest of it's kind in the nation with a reported 16,000 runners in participation this year. When the day was complete for King, we saw our teams garner 3 first-place team finishes, and all scoring teams finishing in the top five of their races!

The boys JV team led off with a commanding win, taking the first six places in the field. Led by Steven Vance's fine PR of 16:44, the remaining scorers of Donald Hartness, Eric Stevens, Adam Pritchard and Glenn Carter ran the third-fastest team time for King on the course -- regardless of level! Impressive.

The boys varsity also won, with a SR of 81:46 team time, despite not looking 100% sharp throughout the scoring set. Daniel Beld had a huge day, racing King's 4th man, just a couple of weeks removed from a JV position! Great improvement. Grant Carter continued his dominence of the MSAC course, running 16:12, 2:23 faster than he ran there as a 9th grader! Garret Allen and Brian Brierly also had lifetime course PR's.

The freshmen boys ran a superb race to finish out King's winning ways. Led by Matt Sheppard (5th fastest 9th grader all time) Ivan Guevara, Jeremy Baugus, Daniel McCloud and Chris Norris scored 61 points to win. McCloud ran the race of his season, an exciting prospect of the future. Six 9th graders ran under 19:00!

The girls varsity ran well, despite not looking particulary focused throughout. Though greatly improved, their races left room for significant improvement in CIF. Megan Fairley continued to amaze with a gritty race, going 19:34. Tawny Odekirk ran well for a 3rd place score. Kristin McHugh ran second for King.

The girls JV finished in fourth, led by Laura Moore who PR'd by over a minute on the course. The freshen girls had a wonderful race, finishing in second. They were led by Bridget Gonzalez and Carly Sjogren. Shawna Brierly, Lauren Ramirez and Lauren Antrim rounded out the scoring group. Christa Fematt had a very good race, running 25:03. Kristen Beal finished just behind Michelle Timmons who crossed the line in 26:27.

Mike Luna continued to amaze with his impressive racing, moving himself into the All-Time list with a 17:25 mark. Adam Schwarz ran almost five minutes faster than in 2001, and Daniel Job ran a very respectable 19:14 effort despite nagging injuries. Kristina Moore had the sixth-fastest 10th grade (King) time to lead the sophomore girls, she was followed closely by Erin Fitzgerald and Lindsay Vitort who ran a PR for the course.

1. King 71
2. West Hills 96
3. Brea Olinda 110
4. Moorpark 134
20 more teams

7- Grant Carter 16:12
11- Garret Allen 16:17
14- Brian Brierly 16:22
19- Daniel Beld 16:27
20- Jon Maclaughlin 16:28
35- David Lee 16:42
38- Kevin Marquardt 18:43

23- Megan Fairley 19:34
24- Kristin McHugh 19:41
26- Tawny Odekirk 19:45
27- Morgan Sjogren 19:47
37- Sarah Moore 20:02
41- Angella Nanyonyi 20:23
48- Stephanie Fematt 20:29

1. King 15
2. Sultana 63
3. Mater Dei 78
4. Helix 118
5. Claremont 131
4 other teams

1- Steve Vance 16:44
2- Donald Hartness 17:19
3- Eric Stevens 17:20
4- Adam Pritchard 17:26
5- Glenn Carter 17:39
6- Steve Knudsen 17:43
17- Kyle Gray 18:53
35- Kevin Rodgers 20:03
38- Jake Peirce 20:24
40- Thom Gerdes 20:34
56- Levi Bailey 21:14
58- Ding Chong 21:36

1. Sultana 38
2. Carondolet 75
3. Woodbridge 85
4. King 134
12 more teams

12- Laura Moore 21:58
13- Mara Stepe 22:08
23- Rachael Harms 22:53
46- Diane Griesinger 24:18
49- Katie Chouinard 24:22
100- Krystle Ruiz 26:57

1. Mt.Whitney 74
2. La Sierra 96
3. Don Bosco Tech 96
4. Westlake 114
5. King 117
6 more teams

6- Mike Luna 17:25
12- Adam Schwarz 17:51
24- James Griesinger 18:23
51- Daniel Job 19:14
63- David Knudsen 19:50
73- Erik Padilla 20:17

8- Kristina Moore 20:58
9- Erin Fitzgerald 21:01
26- Lindsay Vitort 22:41
49- Ashley Hassoun 24:20

1. King 62
2. Norte Vista 78
3. Laguna Beach 93
4. Burroughs 138
6 more teams

15- Matt Sheppard 18:19
22- Ivan Guervera 18:36
23- Jeremy Baugus 18:37
25- Daniel McCloud 18:42
32- Chris Norris 18:58
33- Ryan Euker 18:59
47- Nick Strasbaugh 19:44
54- David Hoffert 19:59
62- Zed Deanda 20:35
69- Jon Hidalgo 20:59
81- Adam Weiss 21:23
82- Tyler Jackson 21:37
89- Paval Minenkov 22:02
102- Matt McMoran 22:53
108- Joey Reynoso 23:27
111- Matt Parks 24:24
115- Brian Lane 25:11

1. Norte Vista 38
2. King 58
3. Buena 68
2 more teams

3- Bridget Gonzalez 20:49
4- Carly Sjogren 21:09
14- Shawna Brierly 22:37
38- Lauren Ramirez 24:18
46- Lauren Antrim 24:53
48- Christa Fematt 25:03
56- Brittany Haynes 26:24
57- Michelle Timmons 26:27
60- Kristen Beal 26:36
63- Kelsey Peters 27:20
71- Jaime Moyer 28:45

Tuesday, November 5
fematt nanyonyi lf 02
The 2002 running of the Sunkist League Finals proved to be another exciting day in the history of King High School. The girls teams, JV and Varsity, took home undefeated titles on Bloomington's course, winning with a 15 point shutout for the JV's and a 26-51 margin for the varsity. The boys JV and Varsity teams were defeated by Rubidoux.

The JV girls got things rolling with a wire-to-wire win by the future stars of King CC! Carly Sjogren and Bridgett Gonzalez ran side-by-side almost to the finish line when Carly sprinted in for the JV league crown. Erin Fitzgerald completed her remarkable comeback season with a strong third place showing, while another of King's young talents, Kristina Moore took 4th despite an injury! Shawna Brierly had a good race to finish 10th of King's runners, and Lauren Antrim capped off her great first year in the top twenty and a medal. Lauren Ramirez likewise medaled! Christa Fematt ran a wonderful finale as well to finish at 26:14.

The boys JV was beaten by Rubidoux for the first time this season to take home a share of the league title. The Falcons needed a couple of varsity runners to do it however, and the tactic worked as Rubidoux dominated the early mile and then went on to win easily, 20-37. Kevin Marquardt ran a valient effort to stay with the top two, finishing in third overall. Donald Hartness finished his wonderful four years with a gutsy effort, leading early on and then finishing in 12th. The race belonged, perhaps, to a number of our freshmen, who wrapped up a great first year, and made dramatic steps to fill the varsity spots in a year or two. Matt Sheppard, Jeremy Baugus, Ryan Euker, Ivan Guevara, and Daniel McCloud were the first five 9th graders to cross the line ... a bright prospect for King's future.

The girls' varsity contest was quickly decided as the Seven from King went out to an early lead and ran pack-like through the remainder to win their second-straight league title. Kristin McHugh continued her surging racing by leading the Wolves, followed closely by a pack of Megan Fairley, Sarah Moore, and Morgan Sjogren. Stephanie Fematt ran a great race, moving from 13th in the first mile to 8th at the finish line.

The boys varsity race saw the familiar Rubidoux pack up front, followed by a gap and then all seven King runners. Norte Vista's usual 1-2 challengers were not present, as King was left to pick off any potential straggling Falcons. Daniel Beld impressed with the King lead (the sixth King runner this season to finish a race as #1)followed by Garret Allen, Grant Carter, Brian Brierly and Jon MacLaughlin. The ten-point gap between NOVI and King in the second league meet grew to 28 points in the Finals with the strong Wolfpack effort.

A great day for King and a long way from the early days of our program. Hard work gains results!

Boys Varsity
Daniel Beld 17:12
Garret Allen 17:13
Grant Carter 17:26
Brian Brierly 17:37
Jon Mac 17:41
Steve Vance 17:50
David Lee 17:57

Girls Varsity
Kristin McHugh 20:39
Megan Fairley 20:47
Sarah Moore 20:52
Morgan Sjogren 20:57
Stephanie Fematt 21:10
Tawny Odekirk 21:25
Angella Nanyonyi 21:43

Boys JV
Kevin Marquart 18:04
Eric Stevens 18:16
Adam Pritchard 18:18
Adam Shwartz 18:32
Glenn Carter 18:47
Donald Hartness 18:52
Mike Luna 18:58
Steven Knudsen 19:08
Matt Shepard 19:32
Kyle Gray 19:52
Jeremy Baugus 19:56
David Knudsen 20:21
Ryan Euker 20:22
Ivan Guevara 20:26
Daniel McCloud 20:27
Jose Rodgers 20:40
James Greisinger 20:49
Zed Deanda 21:04
Thom Gerdes 21:14
Eric Padilla 21:20
Nick Strausbaugh 21:22
Jake Peirce 21:34
Daniel Job 21:34
Hoffert 21:47
Chuck Norris 22:06
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 22:09
Adam M. 22:13
Levi Bailey 22:54
Paulov 23:04
Chong Ding 23:08
Harry 24:17
Matt P. 24:39
Harry Hidalgo 24:59
Joey 25:01

Girls JV
Carly Sjogren 22:03
Bridgett Gonzalez 22:05
Erin Fitzgerald 22:48
Christina Moore 23:07
Laura Moore 23:21
Ashley Esterberg 23:30
Mara Stepe 22:34
Laura Fairley 23:43
Rach Harms 24:24
Shawna Brierly 24:33
Lindsay Vitort 24:59
Jennifer Tam 26:02
Lauren Antrim 26:02
Lauren Ramirez 26:08
Christa Fematt 26:14
Diane Greisinger 26:42
Katie Chouinard 26:44
Kristen Beal 26:50
Caroline Stark 27:03
Ashley H. 27:15
Krystal Ruiz 27:58
Michelle Timmons 28:15
Kelsey Peters 28:30
Chantelle 30:56
Jamie Moyer 31:28

boys pack cif 02
Fulfilling a season-long goal (maybe even a year-long goal after the narrow miss at Prelims in 2001), the boys and girls teams qualified for CIF Finals in Division Two, taking one more step toward the ultimate goal of qualifying for the State Championships.

The boys led the way with a business-like approach, working their way into position as a solid group of seven by the mile and then hanging on to that place through the remaining 1.91 miles to finish third in their heat. The pack of Daniel Beld, Garret Allen, Grant Carter, David Lee, Steven Vance and Jon MacLaughlin ran much of the race almost literally within arms' reach of one another. Brian Brierly was just off the pace to finish as King's seventh runner. It was a tactical, conservative effort that brought the pack in across the line just 11 seconds apart!

The girls had a little more zaney experience, as the first mile saw Foothill, Ventura and Mater Dei go out extremely hard, leaving our seven to play catch up in the opening minutes. At one point, each of the above-mentioned teams had four and five runners ahead of our leader! But patience and packing proved to be the highly successful recipe for the girls, as a foursome of Morgan Sjogren, Megan Fairley, Kristin McHugh and Stephanie Fematt worked the switchbacks in tandem as the fast-charging Mater Dei and Foothill squads splintered and began to fade. Tawny Odekirk moved closer to the pack by Poop out Hill, and together with Carly Sjogren, the two rounded out the scoring drive and the second-place finish (top four qualified). Angella Nanyonyi ran seventh for the Wolfpack.

The teams now advance to CIF Finals, to be held November 23, back at Mt.SAC. The races will be in the morning, with more specific times to be announced. The top seven teams from Division Two will earn a spot at the State Championships, held in Fresno on November 30.

Boys Team Race Results
1: Orange, 29 points
2: Moorpark, 91 points
3: King, 95 points
4: Norwalk, 102 points

Individual Boys Results
15: Daniel Beld 16:47
18: Garret Allen 16:50
21: David Lee 16:54
22: Steve Vance 16:56
24: Grant Carter 16:58
27: Jon MacLaughlin 17:00
37: Brian Brierly 17:30

Girls Team Results
1: Ventura, 41 points
2: King, 55 points
3: Mater Dei, 81 points
4: Foothill, 115 points

Girls Individual Results
5: Morgan Sjogren 19:38
6: Megan Fairley 19:43
9: Kristin McHugh 20:12
13: Stephanie Fematt 20:25
29: Tawny Odekirk 21:11
34: Carly Sjogren 21:19
49: Angella Nanyonyi 22:02

sjogren mo cif finals 02
The remarkable season of 2002 came to a close on Saturday, as both the girls and boys teams finished 11th in CIF Finals, Division 2. It was a disappointing finish as both teams were aiming for a seventh and last spot to the State Meet, but several factors contributed to the finish, leaving the teams to reflect on the good that has taken place this season and the good that will come in the future.

The boys got things off with a 9:05 start time. The quick pace of the opening mile took it's toll on the pack by the top of the switchbacks. Daniel Beld continued to lead as he has done for the last month, with Steven Vance having a great day and going with him. A pack of Jon MacLaughlin, Grant Carter and Garret Allen were not far back at that point. By the infamous Poopout Hill, the Wolves were playing a catchup game and despite valiant efforts by all to make up ground the effort was for naught. The team finished 11th overall and just a few seconds off their own team-time school record set at the MSAC Invitational.

The girls race was equal to the boys in terms of pace and competition, as the 3rd ranked team in the nation (Sultana HS, whose top five girls would average 18:21 by the end and who were led by a freshman at 17:40!)took the pace out hard and left a couple of our girls running close to their mile PR at that point in the race. Morgan Sjogren and Megan Fairley exhibited their tough, gritty racing with exceptional performances, running 19:13 and 19:20 respectively. But it wasn't to be today for the Wolves, as a 31-place gap to our third girl opened up opportunities for other teams to sneak in and take advantage. Bridget Gonzalez ran the best race of her awesome season to score fifth for the Wolves, while Tawny Odekirk and Kristin McHugh went 4-3. The team finished 11th, just three points out of ninth, but 75 off of the seventh spot. Stephanie Fematt and Carly Sjogren rounded out the team at 6 and 7.

And so ends another season. It was a season marked by tremendous improvement both in terms of performance as well as understanding and acceptance of what "Championship Caliber" cross country is all about. The seniors, many of them forming the nucleus of the varsity boys team, have left a heritage of yearly improvement and growth. From Division 5 in 1999, division 4 in 2000, Division 2 in '02 and on into D1 next season, the growth and success of King Cross Country has been something to behold. With youth and an exciting sense of possibility and positivism returning for the girls, the sky is the limit. Should be exciting!

Thursday, May 8

Sunday, November 23
Season's Times

2003 Season's Times

Sunday, September 14
galante ashley fb 03
"New" seemed to be the operative word for the second-annual Fastback Shootout. New and unique brands of awards -- "Sheriff's badges" for the race winners and "Deputy badges" for the top ten finishers -- provided a distinctive touch to the meet. For King Cross Country, the meet was the opener for a new season, and a great introduction to the sport for our dozens of new runners.

Morgan Sjogren was sporting the only Sheriff's badge of the day for the Wolves after capturing the win in the girls 11th-grade race, but after kicking off the meet in such thrilling fashion, a posse was formed of hungry ahtletes looking for their own gold. Many found what they were looking for. Throughout the 8 races, King had runners in or near the top ten of all them. David Galante and John Ashley (both new to the sport this season) charged out in the sophomore race and finished in the top five overall while capturing the top two King times of the day. They led our exciting crop of 10th graders to a strong team performance. Matt Sheppard, Chris Norris, Austin Mathe, Jeremy Baugus and Ryan Euker ran solid races to pack well. This group is going to be one to reckon with down the line.

On the topic of youth, our ninth graders did especially well in their first-ever CC race. Monika Valenzuela and Brent Witt led the groups over the hilly 1.92 mile course with 13:31 and 11:28 efforts respectively. Jodi Mettler and Anna Duffy placed in the medals, while Brittnay Schuette and Michaela O'Malley made their debuts in strong, aggressive fashion. Kevin Fitzgerald ran a well-paced race, moving steadily through the field to catch over a dozen opponents by the end. Nick Ehret ran well in his first-ever race.

Lindsay Vitort ran exceptionally well, finishing with the 7th fastest King time of the day. The first five girls for King -- combined races, ran a full two minutes faster in team time than the first five of last season. These girls mean business!

Shawna Brierly ran consistently also, going 14:07 in the Sophomore race. Lauren Antrim trimmed three and a half minutes off the time she ran last season on the same course, and Kristen Beal's 15:00 time was 2:15 ahead of '02. Their summer training is already paying dividends!

In all, it was a positive beginning to the new season. Hard, aggressive and competitive racing by many, a firm first step for many others.

Click the link above for detailed results, including team scores per race, overall scores and top 100 runners from all races combined!

Course: 1.92 miles
Hilly terrain
Weather: Cool, overcast
1 Arroyo 0:52:15
2 Thousand Oaks 0:52:49
3 Huntington Beach 0:53:05
4 Mater Dei 0:54:22
5 King 0:55:00
6 Bishop Amat 0:56:15
7 Charter Oak 0:56:20
8 Laguna Beach 0:56:24
9 Temecula Valley 0:56:40
10 Woodcrest Christian 0:56:42
10 more schools...

Team Meet Results - Women - All races combined
1 Thousand Oaks 1:02:48
2 King 1:04:08
3 Mater Dei 1:04:15
4 Woodcrest Christian 1:06:32
5 Arroyo 1:06:52
6 Laguna Beach 1:07:06
7 Orange Lutheran 1:08:34
8 Yucca Valley 1:09:07
9 Charter Oak 1:09:43
10 Riverside Poly 1:11:31
six more schools

Team Race Results - Division HS Sophomore G
1 Thousand Oaks 23
2 King 82
3 Charter Oak 114
4 Arroyo 116 3
5 Riverside Poly 123
6 Yucca Valley 143
7 Mater Dei 174
8 L.A. Baptist 188
9 Temecula Valley 208

Team Race Results - Division HS Sophomore B
1 Thousand Oaks 59
2 King 67
3 Charter Oak 76
4 Laguna Beach 103
5 Arroyo 150
6 Orange Lutheran 169
7 Oaks Christian 190
8 Mater Dei 192
9 Riverside Poly 203
10 Temecula Valley 264

Team Race Results - Division HS Freshmen G
1 Thousand Oaks 54
2 King 73
3 Laguna Beach 80
4 Woodcrest Christian 100
5 Mater Dei 119
6 Yucca Valley 134
7 Orange Lutheran 135 4

Team Race Results - Division HS Freshmen B
1 Thousand Oaks 42
2 King 43
3 Laguna Beach 94
4 Orange Lutheran 113
5 Mater Dei 123
6 Arroyo 139
7 Nogales 180

Senior Boys
15. Grant Carter 11:15
23. Glenn Carter 11:29
29. Kevin Rodgers 11:37
67. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 14:15
69. Harry Agustin 14:57

Senior Girls
5. Meagn Fairley 12:40
11. Stephanie Fematt 13:57

Junior Boys
14. Kevin Marquardt 10:53
19. Adam Schwarz 11:10
29. James Griesinger 11:29
33. Mike Luna 11:43
41. Nick McCary 11:57
47. Chris Chapel 12:36
70. David Knudsen 14:04

Junior Girls
1. Morgan Sjogren 12:26
5. Kristina Moore 12:46
10. Erin Fitzgerald 13:27
14. Lindsay Vitort 13:34
25. Ashley Esterberg 14:14
58. Sydnee Helton 18:01
65. Sarah Gascon 20:05
67. Kaili Minn 20:10

Sophmore Boys
4. David Gallante 10:49
7. John Ashley 10:53
16. Matt Sheppard 11:18
22. Chris Norris 11:30
33. Austin Mathe 11:55
35. Jeremy Baugas 11:57
47. Ryan Euker 12:29
68. Nick Srtasbaugh 13:00
76. Jon Hidalgo 13:22
77. Joe Chen 13:26
87. Matt McMoran 13:47

Sophmore Girls
4. Carly Sjogren 12:49
27. Shawna Brierly 14:07
28. Mary Griesinger 14:08
30. Lauren Antrim 14:11
41. Kristen Beal 15:00
96. Jamie Moyer 18:42
100. CC Finch 19:01

Freshmen Boys
4. Brent Witt 11:29
12. Kevin Fitzgerald 12:07
15. Nich Ehret 12:19
18. Colton Underwood 12:28
22. Chris Wolf 12:34
26. Matt Cummins 12:41
28. Devin Azevedo 12:43
37. Alec Fillmore 12:58
43. Brett Meier 13:09
51. Jhon Clem 13:20
65. Matt Cook 13:41
71. David Gonzalez 14:05
74. Scott Hubbard 14:08
79. Ryan Sheehan 14:25
80. Eddie Willits 14:32
81. Nashatar Gill 14:36
86. Danny Stark 15:07
91. Nick Barlow 16:07
102. Bradley Yarbrough 17:41

Freshmen Girls
9. Monika Valenzuela 13:31
14. Jodi Mettler 14:08
16. Anna Duffy 14:17
29. Brittney Schuette 14:57
30. Michaela O'malley 14:57
51. Katlin Traver 15:57
58. Christina Holt 16:16
88. Amy Filakowsky 18:00

Monday, September 22
griesinger m sunny hills 03
The Sunny Hills Invitational was the setting for many of King Cross Country's younger runners to display their ability and shine a bright light on the future of our school's distance running teams. The many 9th and 10th grade runners that make up the depth of KXC 5.0 came ready to race ... and race they did.

The boys sophomore race saw our dynamic pack of young runners take out a hard pace, and though some faded a bit in the final mile, they all crossed the line with lifetime PR's. Two of those 10th graders are outright rookies, while the remaining group were well into the frosh-soph ranks just one season ago. On this day, six of the top eight King finishers were 10th graders! David Galante led the pack but was followed by Ivan Guevara, John Ashley, Matt Sheppard who were all within an arm's reach of each other, while Chris Norris and Jeremy Baugus were just a few ticks behind. Impressive showing.

While resting our girls' team top-five, 9th and 10th graders took over for the ladies. Monika Valenzuela, Jodi Mettler, Anna Duffy, Shawna Brierly, Mary Griesinger, Lauren Antrim, Britnay Schuette, Kaitlyn Traver and Kristen Beal were 9 of King's top 12 runners. Monika's time of 19:57 was good for second on the all time 9th grade list while Jodi finished just off the list with the 8th fastest time in our history. On the boys side, Brent Witt, Kevin Fitzgerald, Colton Underwood and Matt Cummins were King's top four 9th graders (Witt's time was one second off the all-time 9th grade list) while David Gonzalez ran a very tough race TO finish in 19:34.

The underclassmen did not overwhelm the veterans however, as strong races were turned in there as well. Lindsay Vitort continued her solid season with a 20:49 (7th on 11th grade list) mark and Stephanie Fematt rebounded from an off-race last week to run 20:23 today. Kevin Rodgers had a good race, as did Daniel Job in the 11th grade race.

King's squads are young this year, but after just two races, it appears our future is bright!

Course: Rolling hills, grass and concrete
Weather: Cool, but warmer by later races

Individual Results
Senior girls:
14. Stephanie Fematt 20:23

Senior Boys:
46. Kevin Rodgers 18:19
96. Harry Agustin 22:16
97. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 22:23

Junior girls:
15. Lindsay Vitort 20:49
20. Ashley Esterburg 21:18
72. Sydnee Helton 25:59

Junior Boys:
10. Kevin Marquardt 17:08
15. Adam Schwarz 17:32
33. James Griesinger 18:05
34. Daniel Job 18:18
42. Nick McCary 18:32
63. Chris Chapel 18:46

Sophomore girls:
16. Shawna Brierly 21:43
19. Mary Griesinger 21:53
22. Lauren Antrim 22:02
23. Kristen Beal 23:38
68. Jaime Moyer 26:44
90. CC Finch 30:36

Sophomore boys:
8. David Galante 17:06
11. Ivan Guevara 17:34
12. Matt Sheppard 17:34
13. John Ashley 17:34
19. Jeremy Baugus 17:50
45. Ryan Euker 19:13
46. Austin Mathe 19:16
62. Nick Strasbaugh 19:43
63. Pavel Minenkov 19:43
80. Joe Chen 20:26
93. Jon Hildago 21:21
96. Matt McMoran 21:30

Freshmen girls:
7. Monika Valenzuela 19:57
20. Jody Metler 21:19
26. Anna Duffy 21:43
37. Brittany Schuette 23:00
60. Christina Holt 24:27
73. Kaitlyn Traver 23:32
77. Amy Filokowsky 25:21

Freshmen boys:
7. Brent Witt 17:53
11. Kevin Fitzgerald 18:04
18. Colton Underwood 18:44
25. Matt Cummins 19:09
30. Chris Wolf 19:19
35. Alec Fillmore 19:29
38. David Gonzalez 19:34
48. Brett Meier 19:55
57. Ryan Sheehan 20:26
63. Matt Cook 20:37
75. John Clem 21:04
90. Nashatar Gill 21:43
91. Scott Hubbard 21:46
93. Edward Willits 22:05
114. Danny Stark 22:59
134. Nick Barlow 24:59
142. Brad Yarbrough 26:27
149. Marcus Rabbit 28:20

Wednesday, September 24
Spectators had to peer into the distance and jump over piles of trash in order to see much of the course, but when the dust had settled, the Lady Wolves reigned victorious while the boys finished second behind Rubidoux in the first of three Sunkist League meetings. Despite less than appealing conditions, the results of the races were nothing to look away from.

The girls were unchallenged in both races. In the JV race, King took the first seven places, with Lindsay Vitort leading the way for her first-ever cross win. Mary Griesinger had a superb day to run third, as Jodi Mettler and Shawn Brierly rounded out the scoring five. Michaela O'Malley ran another tough race. In the varsity contest, the seven from King cruised through the challenging course, unpressed. Without a sense of urgency, the team finished 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11. Their aim for a third league title in three years and an ultimate push toward the State meet seems at this point to be quite focused.

Rubidoux has been the dominant boys team in the league over the last two years, (eventually winning State in 01 and State runners up in 02) but the '03 version of the Falcons wasn't quite as invincible as in years past. Still, they were able to fly home with a 12 point margin as King's youth seemed to be a factor in a second place finish. Four of the top five King finishers were all competing in their first-ever varsity race! Now that's a baptism by fire!
Still, some gritty performances were turned in by several of the young Wolves and a second-place finish by David Galante, was the highest King finish ever in races versus Rubidoux. Adam Schwarz showed a lot of heart and determination to finish 7th overall and as King's second runner. Ivan Guevara came back from a slow first mile to rebound and run 4th man by the line.

The JV boys battled well, but weren't able to break into Rubidoux's top three, despite a heroic effort by Kevin Rodgers who gave chase early. Austin Mathe had a good performance as well, taking the 12th spot in the race.

Team Results:
Boys JV
Rubidoux 19
King 38
Norte Vista 116

5. Kevin Rodgers 18:45
6. Chris Norris 18:48
7. Brent Witt 18:52
8. James Griesinger 19:05
10. Chris Chapel DQ
12. Autin Mathe 19:23
12. Kevin Fitzgerald 19:25
14. Ryan Euker 19:27
19. Jeremy Bauus 19:59
20. Nick McCary 20:06
21. Chris Wolf 20:10
22. Colton Underwood 20:10
23. Daniel Job 20:11
24. Glenn Carter 20:50
29. Nick Strasbaugh 20:56
30. Devon Azevedo 20:58
31. Matt Cummins 20:59
32. Alec Fillmore 21:03
33. Mike Luna 31:03
34. Brett Merir 21:18
40. John Hildalgo 21:56
41. Joe Chen 21:58
43. Eric Padilla 22:02
47. Matt McMoran 22:32
48. Ed Sundy 22:37
54. Harry Agustin 23:28
55. Ryan Sheehan 23:29
56. Matt Cook 23:29
58. Danny Stark 23:39
60. David Gonzalez 24:03
63. Nashatar Gill 24:22
66. Scott Hubbard 24:43
67. John Clem 25:15
68. Travis Beverage 25:22

Girls JV
King 15
Rubidoux 73
Norte Vista 100

1. Lindsay Vitort 22:49
2. Ashley Esterberg 23:01
3. Mary Griesinger 23:05
4. Jodi Mettler 23:05
5. Shawna Brierly 23:13
6. Lauren Anrim 23:45
7. Anna Duffy 23:46
10. Michaela O'Malley 25:10
11. Kristen Beal 25:28
12. Brittany Schutte 25:28
13. Amy Filakowsky 25:29
27. Jaime Moyer 28:18
29. Christina Holt 28:43
31. Sydnee Helton 28:46
48. CC Finch 31:01

Boys Varsity
Rubidoux 31
King 43
Norte Vista 79

2. David Galante 17:22
7. Adam Schwarz 17:45
9. Kevin Marquardt 17:51
12. Ivan Guevara 18:23
13 Matt Sheppard 18:29
14. John Ashley 18:32
15. Grant Carter 18:40

Girls Varsity
King 27
Norte Vista 47
Rubidoux 91

3. Kristina Moore 20:52
4. Morgan Sjogren 20:48
5. Megan Fairley 21:05
7. Carly Sjogren 21:13
8. Monika Valenzuela 21:56
9. Erin Fitzgerald 22:04
11. Stephanie Fematt 23:37

valenzuela stanford2003
One of the primary objectives in taking a three-day trip to the Stanford University Invitational was to expose our teams to high-level competition. Gathering 35 or more teams in each of the varsity and JV races from across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, the Stanford Invitational posed quite a test: Could our teams handle the competition, large fields and intensity of one the largest mid-season contests? When the results were tallied it was clear ... King Cross Country passed the test.

Our girls team is stocked with talent and purpose this season, and so this race was a chance to see where we stood with other top teams in the state. Toeing the line with no-less than two nationally ranked powers and four state-ranked teams, our girls were immediately handed the challenge of playing catchup. A poor start left our first runners looking at 90 or more runners ahead of them inside of just one minute of racing. But with the poise and patience of more seasoned teams, the seven girls methodically went about working themselves back into contention, and by two miles of determined effort, were back in the hunt. The last mile saw the Lady Wolves passing even more runners, and by the finish line, the team had knocked off the #5 and #9 ranked teams statewide to finish sixth overall. Of the five teams in front of King, two were from out-of-state and four were nationally or California state ranked. Quite a performance for the Ladies of Riverside!

King's young Wolves entered the boys race with a lot of questions, foremost being, "could our youth withstand the rigors of high-level competition?" With only two of the seven starters having raced at the varsity level prior to 2003, the test was going to be huge. 35 teams lined up and despite being outdone in experience, King's young varsity team held their own in resolve and determination, ultimately finishing 10th. David Galante ran an oustanding race to lead, but was followed by Kevin Marquardt who had his best race of the season. Another rookie John Ashley was close behind him. Matt Sheppard ran well to be King's last scorer, while Chris Norris logged his first-ever varsity race in fine fashion.

The JV's also had a good day, with the girls racing extremely tight (a 32 second gap separated the top five) to finish fourth. Jodi Mettler paced the ladies, while Mary Griesinger finished out her strong week of racing and Anna Duffy had a very good outing. On the boys' side, the Wolves were led by James Griesinger and Jeremy Baugus to finish in 9th overall.

Earlier in the day and up the road a bit in Daly City, King's remaining travelers were competing in the Westmore High School Invitational, where the 9th grade boys took second overall in their grade level race, led by Nick Ehret.

The second objective of the weekend was to enjoy the experience of traveling and have some fun. After the races, the teams took a night on the town ... San Francisco style. They crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge for pictures and dined at the Hard Rock Cafe on Pier 39 while taking in the sights of the famed city. All in all, the weekend scored a perfect 10.

26 David Galante SO KING 16:46 5:24
51 Kevin Marquardt JR KING 17:23 5:36
67 John Ashley SO KING 17:38 5:41
73 Adam Schwarz JR KING 17:42 5:42
107 Matt Sheppard SO KING 18:09 5:51
119 Chris Norris SO KING 18:14 5:52
128 Grant Carter SR KING 18:20 5:54

34 Megan Fairley SR KING 19:52 6:24
38 Kristina Moore JR KING 19:56 6:25
45 Morgan Sjogren JR KING 20:04 6:28
58 Carly Sjogren SO KING 20:20 6:33
88 Monika Valenzuela FR KING 21:07 6:48
90 Erin Fitzgerald JR KING 21:13 6:50
110 Stephanie Fematt SR KING 21:50 7:02

28 James Griesinger JR KING 10:22 5:34
45 Jeremy Baugus SO KING 10:34 5:40
48 Brent Witt FR KING 10:37 5:42
81 Austin Mathe SO KING 10:56 5:52
87 Kevin Fitzgerald FR KING 11:01 5:55
96 Nick McCary JR KING 11:09 5:59
160 Chris Wolf FR KING 11:45 6:18

18 Jodi Mettler FR KING 12:17 6:35
26 Mary Griesinger SO KING 12:24 6:39
28 Anna Duffy FR KING 12:30 6:43
34 Shawna Brierly SO KING 12:38 6:47
40 Lauren Antrim SO KING 12:45 6:51
106 Kristen Beal FR KING 13:45 7:23

Boys Varsity Team Results
1. 87 RENO (16:30 82:28)
2. 115 COLLEGE PARK (16:40 83:16)
3. 169 JESUIT - CA (16:54 84:29)
4. 194 SERRA (17:05 85:22)
5. 210 SULTANA (17:10 85:48)
6. 221 ST. IGNATIUS-BOYS (17:12 85:57)
7. 251 SAN RAMON VALLEY (17:01 85:02)
8. 280 HENRY M. GUNN (17:22 86:48)
9. 314 SANTA ROSA (17:25 87:05)
10. 324 KING (17:32 87:38)
25 more schools

Girls Varsity Team Results
1. 71 COLLEGE PARK (18:58 94:50)
2. 83 RENO (18:46 93:47)
3. 84 SULTANA (19:11 95:54)
4. 110 SAN PASQUAL (19:15 96:14)
5. 246 BELLARMINE PREP-WA (20:12 100:57)
6. 249 KING (20:16 101:19)
27 more schools

Boys JV Team Results
1. 71 JESUIT-OR (10:07 50:34)
2. 80 ROYAL (10:09 50:41)
3. 86 MEAD (10:10 50:50)
4. 130 UPLAND (10:20 51:39)
5. 131 JESUIT - CA (10:22 51:50)
6. 152 AUCKLAND (10:15 51:14)
7. 217 DE LA SALLE (10:35 52:54)
8. 247 COLLEGE PARK (10:42 53:27)
9. 261 KING (10:42 53:30)
22 more schools

Girls JV Team Results
1. 15 JESUIT-OR (11:39 58:15)
2. 64 TORREY PINES (12:13 61:04)
3. 105 COLLEGE PARK (12:26 62:09)
4. 124 KING (12:31 62:34)
35 more schools

gonzalez mettler start 03
High fives and whoops of joy could be heard echoing across the King camp as the results were posted following the boys varsity race. Unheralded and youthful King, minus one key member, had finished 3rd overall and earned a fistful of medals and a glistening plaque to take home commemorating their huge accomplishment. This group, somewhat uncertain of themselves and their future just four weeks ago, had raced with some of the best in the state and managed to put together a collective effort that was truly remarkable.

The 25th Annual Clovis Invitational, held each year on the hallowed Woodward Park 5K course in Fresno, -- home to the California State Championship -- drew many of the top programs from across California. For King, the seven starters stepped up and ran aggressively to post their best race of the season. John Ashley had a huge day, to run 16:53, while Kevin Marquardt and Adam Schwarz were right behind him to form a tough front three scoring group. Grant Carter and Matt Sheppard rounded out the five scorers, who finished with 178 points, just behind Peninisula and Hart High Schools. It was quite a feat!

The girls varsity ran in the marquee "Championship Race" which included a number of the top Division One and Two teams in the state. Despite a second-straight poor start thereby making it a race of catch-up, the girls worked their way to a 6th place finish, behind 5 state ranked teams, 3 of whom are a part of Division One. Kristina Moore had a stellar performance, running the fastest time in King history, 19:13. Megan Fairley also had a lifetime best, while Carly Sjogren ran 3rd for King for the first time ever - also with a LTPR. Erin Fitzgerald followed their lead running her fastest ever as well.

The girls frosh-soph copied the boys varsity by taking home medals and a third-place plaque. They ran an aggressive team attack. Jodi Mettler led the way for the Wolves, running in 2nd overall for more than half of the race, eventually finishing in 10th. Her time of 20:45 was King's sixth fastest of the day, and the third fastest 9th grade time ever for King! Bridget Gonzalez continued her comeback with a solid 21:03 15th place finish, while Mary Griesinger, Anna Duffy and Lauren Antrim finished the scoring set with great performances. Kristen Beal followed with best ever finishing time, and Shawna Brierly struggled valiantly through a touch of the flu for a 22:45 finish.

The frosh-soph boys finished 5th overall. Brent Witt had a spectacular effort to cross the line with a 17:37 time, when converted to three miles, just 1 second off of the school 9th grade record set in 1999. Jeremy Baugus had the best race of his career with a 17:54 mark. Austin Mathe and Kevin Fitzgerald had great races as well to complete the scoring.

The afternoon was finished with a great race by Stephanie Fematt and Ashley Esterberg. Running teamless in the JV race, the two upperclassmen dualed throughout the last 2.5 miles for the lead and the win, eventually finishing 2nd (Stephanie) and 4th (Ashley) overall. Theirs was a gutsy all-out effort that was a fun spectacle to watch. The boys JV was also lacking the required five runners to score, but still managed some good individual performances. James Griesinger clipped almost a minute off his PR from Woodward Park in '02, while Daniel Job completed his first travel meet with King in fine fashion as well.

In all there were a host of new records set this day. Kristina Moore set a new girls' school record, Megan Fairley set a new senior record, Ashley Esterberg set a new JV 11th grade record, Stephanie Fematt broke the 12th grade JV record and Brent Witt set a new 9th graders' frosh soph record.

Varsity Girls Championship Race
1.Miramonte 112
2.Ayala 132
3.Canyon 137
4.Upland 210
5.Ventura 214
6.King 218
15 other schools

13.Kristina Moore 19:13
21.Megan Fairley 19:27
54.Carly Sjogren 20:07
56.Moragn Sjogren 20:11
77.Erin Fitzgerald 20:35
96.Monika Valenzuela 20:50

Varsity Boys
1.Palos Verdes Peninsula 120
2.Hart 146
3.King 178
22 other schools

19.John Ashley 16:53
23.Kevin Marquardt 16:56
28.Adam Shwarz 17:04
48.Grant Carter 17:22
66.Matt Sheppard 17:40
71.Ivan Guevara 17:47
105.Kevin Rodgers 18:19

Girls Frosh/Soph
1.Canyon 33
2.Thousand Oaks 84
3.King 116
21 other schools

10.Jodi Mettler 20:45
15.Bridget Gonzalez 21:03
26.Mary Griesinger 21:15
33.Anna Duffy 21:25
44.Lauren Antrim 21:43
73.Kristen Beal 22:40
76.Shawna Brierly 22:45

Boys Frosh/Soph
1.Canyon 65
2.Madera 112
3.El Torro 117
4.Royal 158
5.King 171

19.Brent Witt 17:37
31.Chris Norris 17:53
32.Jeremy Baugus 17:54
51.Austin Mathe 18:21
60.Kevin Fitzgerald 18:27

Girls JV
2.Stephanie Fematt 21:14
4.Ashley Esterberg 21:26

Boys JV
11.James Griesinger 18:11
17.Glenn Carter 18:23
40.Daniel Job 19:12

Thursday, October 16
The second of three Sunkist League meets proved to be a victorious affair for the Wolves, as King won three of the four races and ran valiantly in the single loss.

The race of the day fell to the JV boys, however, as they ran a textbook effort to knock off the Falcons of Rubidoux for the first time in a season. Packing tightly and early, a group made of Ivan Guevara, James Griesinger, Jeremy Baugus, Kevin Rodgers and Glenn Carter, gave chase right from the gun, while Rubidoux's scorers splintered and drifted. Ivan continued to run with the leader, while 9th graders Kevin Fitzgerald and Nick Ehret moved into the pack by mid-race. Both Kevin and Nick would end up with times on the all-time 9th grade list! When the dust had settle, the JV team had won, 25-33, with Norte Vista another 100 points behind that in third. Ryan Euker had a lifetime best, as did Devin Azevedo. Matt Cummins ran 18:36 for his seasonal best, while Edwin Sung broke 20:00 for the first time, along with Ryan Sheehan (19:39), David Gonzalez (19:36) and Nick Strasbaugh (19:25). All fine performances.

The girls JV had the second sweep of the year for the Lady Wolves, as Lindsay Vitort, Anna Duffy, Ashley Esterberg, Shawna Brierly and Lauren Antrim did the scoring honors. However, a remarkable effort was turned in by Christian Holt who ran an incredible third mile to pass a number of runners and finish 7th overall in the race, her highest placement of the season. Her time of 22:53 was also a PR. Anna Duffy's 20:56 time was good for #6 on the 9th grade all-time list for King. Michaela O'Malley had her PR for the year, racing 23:31.

The girls varsity race saw the first varsity-level contest for three young ladies; Jodi Mettler, Bridget Gonzalez and Mary Griesinger, all of whom made the most of their opportunity. Jodi continued her hot racing of late, with another PR and a 5th place overall finish -- third for King. Her 19:53 time moved her to #2 on the 9th grade all-time list. Bridget, who scored for King in CIF Finals last season, continued her comeback from an early season injury to run 5th for the team and a lifetime best of 20:08. Mary ran her first varsity race very tough, coming across the line in 20:29, the first time under 21:00 for the sophomore! Even with the rookies in the fray, the girls' top-five finishers (K.Moore, Fairley, Mettler, Sjogren and Gonzalez) set a new school record team time, running a wonderful 98:47 in less-than-adrenaline-filled circumstances!

The boys varsity race ran an inspired effort, but came up short behind an improved Rubidoux squad who continued to maintain their hold on league competition. An extremely tight pack held together for the Wolves, who finished all five scorers just 26 seconds apart. The effort was the second-fastest team time in school history, impressive coming on the heels of the emotional racing that took place just four days earlier in Fresno. Kevin Marquardt had a very strong performance as did Grant Carter who continued his seasonal improvement.

JV Girls
1. King 15         
2. Rubidoux 62        
3. Norte Vista 67
4. Ramona 153        
5. Kaiser 162        
Bloomington NS

1. Lindsay Vitort 20:45
2. Anna Duffy 20:56.0
3. Ashley Esterburg 20:56.5
4. Shawna Brierly 21:39
5. Laura Antrim 21:48
7. Christina Holt 22:53.6
8. Kristen Beal 22:53.8
12. Michaela O’Malley 23:31
35. Kaitlin Traver 26:21
36. Sydnee Helton 26:23

JV Boys
1. King 25         
2. Rubidoux 33        
3. Norte Vista 123
4. Bloomington 254        
Kaiser NS        
Ramona NS

2. Ivan Guevera        16:56
3. Jeremy Baugus 17:10
5. James Griesinger 17:16
7. Kevin Rodgers 17:30
8. Kevin Fitzgerald 17:45
10. Nick Ehret        17:52
12. Glenn Carter 18:02
15. Daniel Job        18:06
16. Austin Mathe 18:09
17. Ryan Euker 18:12
20. Matt Cummins 18:36
21. Chris Chapel 18:42
22. Mike Luna 18:45
23. Devin Azevedo 18:54
27. Colton Underwood 19:03
30. Alec Filmore 19:18
31. Nick McCary        19:24
32. Nicholas Strasbaugh        19:25
33. Chris Wolf        19:26
35. David Gonzalez 19:35
36. Ryan Sheehan 19:39
37. Brett Meier        19:39
41. Edwin Sung 19:50
45. Joe Chen 20:21
48. Eric Padilla 20:31.0
49. Matt McMaron 20:31.8
53. Johnathan Hidalgo 20:56
55. Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 21:21
56. Pavel Minekov 21:22        
58. Matt Cook 21:31.5
60. John Clem 21:39
64. Harry Augustin 22:11
69. Nashatar Gill 22:40
71. Danny Stark        23:19
72. Scott Hubbard 23:22
77. Ed Willits        24:29
78. Marcus Rabbit 27:04

Varsity Girls
1. King 28         
2. Norte Vista 48        
3. Rubidoux 87
4. Ramona 105        
5. Kaiser 137        
Bloomington NS

3.Kristina Moore 19:24
4.Megan Fairley 19:25        
6.Jody Mettler 19:52
7.Carley Sjogren 19:55
8.Bridget Gonzalez 20:08
9.Erin Fitzgerald 20:14
11.Mary Greisinger 20:28

Varsity Boys
1. Rubidoux 27         
2. King 47        
3. Norte Vista 97
4. Ramona 103        
5. Bloomington 137        
6. Kaiser 158

7.David Galante 16:20
8.Kevin Marquardt 16:23
9.John Ashley 16:25
10.AdamSchwarz 16:26
13.Grant Carter 16:42
15.Matthew Sheppard 16:48
19.Brent Witt 17:17

Saturday, October 18
The superfast 3.0-mile course around two of the three Legg Lakes in El Monte was the setting for another inspired set of races for King Cross Country. The fifth trip for King to the meet once again saw numerous members of the teams coming home with PR's and-or medals and trophies. It was a day to stand up and be proud of the work that has brought us to this moment.

Megan Fairley scorched the earth with a huge lifetime PR, going 18:08, one of the top 15 times ever run on the course. Her effort was more than 30 seconds faster than she's ever run three miles before. She was the first King racer to gain a trophy for finishing a race in 1st, 2nd, or third. Following on her heels would be Kristina Moore and Morgan Sjogren who took first and third in the junior race, David Galante who won the sophomore race, John Ashley who finished third behind David, Carly Sjogren placed second in the soph race, and Brent Witt trophied in the 9th grade race going second as well. King was at the front of just about every race we entered!

There were a lot of medals hanging around necks by meet's end, testimony to the inspired racing many of King's athletes did. Lauren Antrim ran a lifetime PR of 20:58. Scott Hubbard broke 22:00, as did Travis Beverage. Matt Cummins had a superb race to run 18:26, while Kevin Fitzgerald broke 18:00. Joe Chen ran a PR of 19:07. Lindsay Vitort ran the 7th fastest King 11th grade mark in our history with a wonderful 19:50 effort and medal. Stephanie Fematt also dipped under 20:00, one of the seven girls to do so. Jodi Mettler had another fine performance in the 9th grade race to finish in the top five. Anna Duffy was close behind her with a PR of 20:45, the 6th fastest 9th grade time ever for King. Britnay Schuette displayed her latent talent with a 21:07 finish.

The efforts throughout the eight races were truly exemplary. It's a long drive from Riverside to East Los Angeles, but for half a decade, the medals, PR's and trophies make it worth it.

Click the photo above to see more pictures of the races on!

Course: Flat
Weather: Cool, then warmer by late races

Senior Girls
Megan Fairley-18:08
Stephanie Fematt-19:59

Junior Girls
Kristina Moore-19:43
Morgan Sjorgen-19:14
Lindsay Vitort-19:50
Erin Fitzgerald-19:53
Ashley Esterburg-21:05

Sophmore Girls
Carly Sjorgren-19:37
Bridget Gonzalez-20:19
Mary Griesinger-20:44
Lauren Antrim-20:58
Shawna Brierly-20:25

Freshmen Girls
Jodi Mettler-20:24
Anna Duffy-20:45
Brittany Schuette-21:07
Katlin Traver-22:52
Christina Holt-22:52

Senior Boys
Grant Carter-17:01
Glenn Carter-17:27
Harry Augustin-21:36
Jimmy Jacobsmeyer-21:37

Junior Boys
Adam Schwarz-16:21
James Griesinger-17:08
Chris Chappel-17:42
Nick McCary-19:20
David Knudsen-22:34

Sophmore Boys
David Galante-16:21
John Ashley-16:36
Matt Sheppard-17:04
Jeremy Baugus-17:11
Ryan Euker-17:18
Joe Chen-18:07
Nick Strasbaugh-19:17
Matt McMaron-20:06

Freshmen Boys
Brent Witt-17:10
Kevin Fitzgerald-17:55
Matt Cummins-18:26
Nick Ehert-18:39
Chris Wolf-18:57
Alec Filmore-18:59
Brett Meier-19:29
Ryan Sheehan-19:32
David Gonzalaz-19:35
Matt Cook-20:41
Travis Beverage-21:29
Scott Hubbard-21:52
Nash Gill-22:20
Nick Barlow-24:18
Brad Yarbrow-24:53
Marcus Rabbit-25:21

Saturday, October 25
The raging wildfires that swept over Southern California in recent days won the 56th Mt.SAC Invitational on Saturday, as descending smoke and ash combined with temperatures in the mid-90's forced the meet directors to abruptly end the meet after weary runners braved rising mid-day temperatures to run less-than optimal races. With a busy medical staff on duty, it was the right call.

For King, only three of the scheduled eight races went off; the third was shortened to two miles in deference to the near triple-digit temps. The boys and girls varsity races, run at mid-day, ran the full 2.91 mile course, but the racers' times reflected the poor conditions. The girls varsity ran well as a group, winning their varsity heat handily, with a trio of Megan Fairley, Kristina Moore, and Morgan Sjogren scoring in the top 10 of the race. Carly Sjogren was 14th overall and Erin Fitzgerald finished the scoring five. Jodi Mettler and Lyndsay Vitort complemented the team with fine efforts, though Lyndsay had a freightening collapse 40 meters before the finish due to the heat. Fortunately, she recovered in time to recieve her medal with the rest of her team on the victory stand. The boys varsity finished fourth overall, and struggled under the sun to run well. Despite the conditions however, David Galante ran 16:26 and Adam Schwarz, Matt Sheppard and Jeremy Baugus ran considerably faster times than they had as underclassmen last season.

The freshman boys ran a superb effort and team race, putting all five scorers in the top 18! Their score of 53 points however, was just behind Torrance High's 49 thereby just missing the victory. Brent Witt, Kevin Fitzgerald, Matt Cummins, Alec Fillmore, Nick Ehret, Chris Wolf, and Ryan Sheehan finished as the first 7 runners for King. David Gonzalez had a good race, just one second behind Ryan.

A rough day for all who braved the earth, heat and fire.

Weather: Hot, mid-90's, some smoke in the air
Course: 2.91 miles, dirt and hilly
Boys Varsity:

1. West Torrance   103
2. Brea Olinda   104
3. Mira Costa   112
4. King   187
5. Antelope Valley 200
19 more teams

14. David Galante 16:26
38. John Ashley 17:09
40. Adam Schwarz 17:11
46. Matt Shepard 17:17
51. Kevin Marquardt 17: 22
70. Jeremy Baugus 17:48
98. Grant Carter 18:09

Girls Varsity
1. King 49
2. West Hills 83
3. San Marcos 160
4. Foothill 163
5. Westlake 174
17 more teams

4. Megan Fairley 19:33
8. Kristina Moore 19:49
9. Morgan Sjogren 20:01
13. Carly Sjogren 20:26
21. Erin Fitzgerald 20:52
23. Jodi Mettler 21:10
DNF. Lindsay Vitort

Freshman Boys (Shortened 2 mile race due to heat)

1. Torrence 49
2. King 53
3. Edison 82
4. Hesperia 113
5. Bosco Tec 129
13 more schools

4. Brent Witt 12:25
9. Kevin Fitzgerald 12:39
11. Matt Cummins 12:43
14. Alec Fillmore 12:53
19. Nick Ehret 13:01
26. Chris Wolf 13:29
29. Ryan Sheehan 13:40
30. David Gonzalez 13:41
32. Brett Meier 14:03
35. John Clem 14:05
61. Scott Hubbard 14:50
76. Nashatar Gill 15:55
79. Brad Yarbrough 16:17
92. Marcus Rabbit 19:08

Wednesday, November 5
marquardt lf 03
Kevin Marquardt nears the finish in strong fashion
In the last two versions of the Sunkist League Finals, the Rubidoux Falcons controlled all aspects of the finale. Placing all seven runners in front of King's first finisher in 2001 and four in front of King in 2002, some might very well have wondered, "how many will they stack up front this year?"

With a youth movement underway in both the Rubidoux and King camps (10th graders led each team) in '03, tradition got thrown to the wind, and with inspired gutsy performances the kids from King raced their way to yet another second place finish ... but just nine points behind. Both teams crowded the top 10 finishing spots, as no other team could squeeze one in. David Galante ran another great race to finish second overall, while Adam Schwarz dazzled for a 5th place run -- this the same JV runner of last season! Kevin Marquardt ran one of his lifetime efforts to go third for King and 7th overall, while Grant Carter showed his mettle to run 4th/8th. John Ashley concluded the scoring set and snagged the last "all-league" patch given away on the evening. Matt Sheppard and Ivan Guevara ran well in 13th and 15th places. The final score was Rubidoux 24, King 33. A total group effort, and the closest King has come to the legendary Rubidoux tradition of success. A wonderful way to part company as King heads into the Ivy League in 2004.

The JV boys had a championship on the line, as both Rubidoux and King has split the first two league contests. The winner of this race took home the crown. Kevin Rodgers gave his usual valiant effort to lead the Wolves early on, but traded spots with Brent Witt who moved his way through the crowd from a conservative spot to ultimately finish third overall. Jeremy Baugus also ran tough to finish 6th overall, while Chris Norris and Chris Chapel completed the scoring. Devon Azevedo showed he could be a varsity runner of the future by saving his best race for the last race, going 18:35 and a solid, top 15 finish. Alec Fillmore also had a strong race, going 19:08. Nick Strasbaugh finished in 19:35, Jon Hidalgo had a good effort to run 20:20, while Matt McMoran went 20:46.

All-in-all, it was the type of League Finals coaches and spectators love to watch. Competitive, fast and furious, the 2003 Sunkist League Finals captured the true spirit of the great sport of cross country.

Boys JV
3.Brent Witt 17:42
6.Jeremy Baugus 18:03
7.Kevin Rodgers 18:11
11.Chris Chapel 18:26
12.Chris Norris 18:06
15.Devon Azevedo 18:34
17.Kevin Fitzgerald 18:44
19.Ryan Euker 18:50
21.Glenn Carter 18:51
22.Austin Mathe 18:58
23.Michael Luna 19:02
24.Alec Filmore 19:08
25.James Griesinger 19:12
26.Nick Ehret 19:16
28.Daniel Job 19:17
30.Matt Cummins 19:23
32.Nick Strasbaugh 19:35
33.Chris Wolf 19:37
39.Nick McCary 20:08
40.David Gonzalez 20:10
42.Ryan Sheehan 20:18
43.Brett Meier 20:20:17
44.Jonathan Hildalgo 20:20:48
46.Eric Padilla 20:38
47.Matt McMoran 20:46
49.John Clem 20:58
52.Edwin Sung 21:10
53.Andy Dakin 21:14
55.Colton Underwood 21:34
56.Travis Beverage 21:35:36
57.Pavel Minekov 21:35:86
61.Jimmy Jacobsmeyer 21:45
62.Harry Agustine 21:51
64.David Knudsen 22:00
65.Joe Chen 22:02
67.Scott Hubbard 22:09
68.Nashatar Gill 22:10
71.Matt Cook 22:37
79.Daniel Stark 23:45
80.Brad Yarbrough 23:56
83.Marcus Rabbitt 25:44

Rubidoux 20
King 39
Norte Vist 155

Varsity Boys
2.David Galante 16:22
5.Adam Shwarz 16:50
7.Kevin Marquardt 17:01
8.Grant Carter 17:05
10.John Ashley 17:14
13.Matt Sheppard 17:35
15.Ivan Guevara 17:49

Rubidoux 23
King 32
Norte Vista 92

league champs girls pose03
Wednesday, November 5
The girls varsity and JV teams let go of the reigns on Wednesday in what was the final Sunkist race King will run. The League Finals, hosted by Kaiser High, was the setting for what was perhaps the most impressive, dominating performance from a King girls team in our history -- fitting for a grand finale of King's three-year stay in the Sunkist League. The girls JV finished in the first 10 places of the race and with 13 in the top 20. The varsity squad relinquished only one of the first 8 spots to an opposing runner.

The junior varsity race went off quickly, with a group of young King harriers taking the pace out hard. Jodi Mettler, Bridget Gonzalez and Lindsay Vitort all shared the lead in the early going, with Ashley Esterberg, Lauren Antrim and Mary Griesinger in tow. But as the race wore on, Jodi and Bridget separated a bit, with Jodi's long, smooth stride taking her through the finish in first. The procession of King runners was soon to follow. Lauren Antrim had her finest hour with a gritty, all-out effort to run 4th for the team, while freshmen Anna Duffy and Brittnay Schuette finished 7-8 with very strong performances. Kristen Beal capped off her incredible season with a medal in 9th place, while Shawna Brierly captured the final spot of the "top 10". Christina Holt was in position late to finish as the 11th successive King runner, but an errant turn lost her a spot, dropping her to 12th. A long blue line by race's end, it was an impressive display.

Entering into the "championship season", the girls varsity showed off it's true colors, running a dominating team performance while scoring a mere 17 points. The girls were able to put all seven runners in the top 8 places. Kristina Moore and Megan Fairley shared the lead for over two miles before Megan pulled away to capture the individual title and League MVP honors. It is the second such victory for King. Morgan Sjogren ran very well in third, followed by a tightly bunched pack of Carly Sjogren, Stephanie Fematt and Monika Valenzuela. Erin Fitzgerald was only 10 seconds back in 8th. All seven runners finished "first-team all-league." Including the co-championship of 2001, this third-straight title was the result of a team performance unheralded at King High!

Girls JV
1.Jodi Mettler 21:04
2.Bridget Gonzalez 21:10
3.Lindsay Vitort 21:23
4.Lauren Antrim 21:49
5.Mary Griesinger 21:57
6.Ashley Esterberg 21:59
7.Anna Duffy 22:10
8.Brittany Schuette 22:16
9.Kristen Beal 22:51
10.Shawna Brierly 23:04
12.Christina Holt 24:05
14.Kaitlin Traver 24:19
19.Amy Filokowsky 24:47
28.Sydnee Helton 26:17
41.Jaime Moyer 27:39
50.Natalie Simmons 33:10

King 15
Norte Vista 75
Rubidoux 75

Girls Varsity
1.Megan Fairley 19:25
2.Kristina Moore 19:40
3.Morgan Sjogren 20:05
5.Carly Sjogren 20:47
6.Stephanie Fematt 20:54
7.Monika Valenzuela 21:01
8.Erin Fitzgerald 21:11

King 17
Norte Vista 52
Rubidoux 84

Saturday, November 15
schwarz cif prelims 03
Adam Schwarz takes it out
Adam Schwarz led the charge for the boys in what was to be the final race of a good season. Like so many of the boys on this year's varsity squad, during the CIF season of 2002, Adam was at home, a result of being down a-ways on the JV list. But hard work and a lot of miles paid huge dividends for the Junior, and a number of his teammates followed him out from the ranks of frosh-soph to race to a respectable varsity finish at the CIF Preliminaries on Saturday. Sophomores John Ashley and Matt Sheppard ran well to race a 2-3 combo, with John dipping under the 17:00 mark for the first time at 16:53. Grant Carter concluded his career with a fourth place finish for the team, as Kevin Marquardt finished just behind him in 5th, 51st overall. Jeremy Baugus wrapped up his remarkable season of improvement with a passionate race and a PR of 17:35. Ivan Guevara rounded out the team in 7th. The team finished a surprising 8th place, as many observors felt that statistically King could finish as high as fourth. But what turned out to be a rather deceptive heat, the three teams vieing for the final qualifying spot (King, Damien and Laguna Hills) came up short with unheralded Anaheim HS slipping through the cracks in the rankings to snag the last ticket to the big dance.

The boys had high hopes of qualifying for the CIF Finals, but it wasn't to be this year, despite strong efforts and great races throughout the latter half of the season. With Grant Carter the only graduating senior from this group, the horizon looks to be full of hope and promise as the team matures and adds depth from the list of quality (and hungry) JV and Frosh athletes that made up King XC in 2003.

The girls experienced a similar heat to the boys in that the pre-race-on-paper "expectations" fell flat amid the adrenaline-packed setting of CIF. Rio Mesa, the "Anaheim" of the girls' race, shocked many people with a second-place finish behind the dominant Cypress crew. Sunny Hills, whom many thought would move on, missed the last spot by two points. The King girls found themselves in the mix after a strong performance by the 4-5 runners, Jodi Mettler and Stephanie Fematt, both of whom ran perhaps their best races of the year. Megan Fairley and Kristina Moore provided a solid 1-2 punch up front, while Morgan Sjogren looked good in a strong 3rd-runner effort. Monika Valenzuela and Carly Sjogren rounded out the squad. The team finished with 105 points and a new school record team time of 98:23.

The girls now move on to CIF Finals, the third trip in five years for the ladies of Riverside.

1.Arroyo 59
2. West Torrance 61
3. Hemet 71
4. Anaheim 134
5. Laguna Hills 152
6. Tustin 154
7. Damien 186
8. King 191
4 more teams

24. Adam Schwarz 16:39
30. John Ashley 16:53
47. Matt Sheppard 17:17
49. Grant Carter 17:22
51. Kevin Marquardt 17:26
55. Jeremy Baugus 17:35
67. Ivan Guevara 18:10

Cypress 63
Rio Mesa 105
King 105
San Marcos 121
11 more teams

9. Megan Fairley 19:08
11. Kristina Moore 19:13
22. Morgan Sjogren 19:43
36. Jodi Mettler 20:09
38. Stephanie Fematt 20:10
72. Carly Sjogren 21:42
76. Monika Valenzuela 21:48

Saturday, November 22
moore fairley cif finals03
It was a great season for the girls cross country team of King High. Fielding the fastest team in school history and earning top-10 mid-season rankings in both the Southern Section and the State, the team performed well and - more importantly - grew into a team of mutual respect and understanding by season's end. It was a run marked by an undefeated league championhsip campaign, and high-finishes at big invitationals such as Stanford, Mt.SAC and Clovis. However, the dream of an equally high finish at CIF Finals wasn't to be this day, as the team finished a disappointing 13th place.

Kristina Moore and Megan Fairley shadowed each other each step of the way to become the first two King girls to break 19:00 on the Mt.SAC course, going 18:58 and 18:59 respectively. Their efforts earned them finishing places in the top 20, also the highest placement of any King runner at CIF Finals. Jodi Mettler gave great chase to the front two, running King's third girl to just past two miles when she was passed by Morgan Sjogren. Stephanie Fematt finished out her career of improvement by finishing 5th for the Lady Wolves. Erin Fitzgerald and Carly Sjogren rounded out the team.

With only two seniors in the group and a very deep JV squad returning, the silver lining is bright with hope for the next chance this group gets, 2004.

Megan Fairley and Stephanie Fematt exit their four-year careers gracefully and triumphantly. Megan ended with a PR for the Mt.SAC course, more than three minutes faster than she ran there back in 2000. Stephanie improved on the same course over four minutes from her first attempt. The two provided leadership and inspiration, especially in this last season, and now look forward to track and continuing their running and competing at the college level. Stephanie is being courted by Cal State Fullerton, while UCI and Azusa Pacific have shown keen interest in Megan.

Sultana 49
Cypress 123
Newport Harbor134
Woodbridge 146
West Torrance 152
Mater Dei 153
Buena 183
San Marcos 191
Rio Mesa 208
Santiago 215
Whittier 217
Brea Olinda 228
King 240

26. Kristina Moore 18:58
27. Megan Fairley 18:59
71. Morgan Sjogren 20:12
75. Jodi Mettler 20:20
79. Stephanie Fematt 20:28
81. Erin Fitzgerald 20:40
87. Carly Sjogren 21:03

Monday, May 25

Sunday, November 28

2004 Season's Times   

Sunday, November 7

Finishing well is the goal of most athletes. We work hard to get to the finish line and then go out big.

Well, King XC did just that on Thursday at the Ivy League Finals. Click here to see a chart of the improvements made throughout the season. The red squares are the PR's for 3.0 miles for the season. The yellow squares are the two times we ran the Poly High course.

Of the 69 runners who competed at league finals, 78% of them ran their fastest time of the year for a 3 mile course on the last (varsity runners who will run in CIF included) race of the season!

Of those who were running the Poly High course for the second time this season (58 runners), 98% of them ran faster this time around than they did the first. Well done!

The Varsity teams will now have that same opportunity in CIF to better their previous bests on Mt.SAC's 2.91 mile course.

Sunday, November 21
King’s first ever CIF Division One Finals race was a baptism by fire as the girls competed in what was being billed as the “fastest and deepest race in the country.” With multiple State, National and Section-ranked teams on the line, the last race of the 2004 Southern Section Finals brought new meaning to “saving the best for last.” It was the "fastest girls' day in CA history as 95:10 did not make the State meet! The Ventura girls (90:44) destroyed the Mt.SAC course record, and by the time the dust settled and the girls’ 12th place finish was announced, the 9 minute gap in team times between King and Ventura illustrated in very clear fashion both the “deep” and “fast.”

For the Ladies of King High, their best race of the year came one week too early, as the seven harriers couldn’t muster up the emotional or physical energy displayed seven days prior at Prelims (where they notched a school record team time) and finished 12th of 16 teams. Despite some disappointment following a less than “A-game” performance, the finish was a culmination of a season of growth, success and accomplishment.

A blistering start marked the first minute of the race as no less than 6 state-ranked teams gunned it down the “airstrip” and into the first lower loop, crowding the Lady Wolves from mid-pack to the tail of the field. By the bottom of the infamous “Poopout Hill”, the finish places were nearly set and it would be a matter of the computer calculating the miniscule differences separating the talented teams.

Freshman Carissa Bowman, who had such a tremendous impact on the success of the fastest team in King’s six-year history, was the first to cross the line in 32nd overall and with a PR of 18:50. Kristina Moore was right on her heels in 34th. Jodi Mettler and Larissa Davis were side-by-side throughout the course and finished 3-4 for King. Morgan Sjogren Mary Griesinger and Carly Sjogren completed the team.

Seven of the nine CIF runners are potentially returning next Fall, making the 2005 campaign one to look forward to. Kristina and Morgan finish their high school careers the first King runners to compete in three CIF Championship races.

1. Ventura 41 1:30:44
2. Fountain Valley 120 1:33:58
3. Thousand Oaks 144 1:34:32
4. Murrieta Valley 150 1:35:21
5. Royal 166 1:35:39
6. Ayala 183 1:35:49
7. Dana Hills 188 1:36:15
8. Peninsula 189 1:35:10
9. Canyon (CC) 217 1:36:50
10. Saugus 226 1:36:49
11. Warren 291 1:38:03
12. King 302 1:39:01
13. Corona 312 1:38:05
14. Wilson 317 1:39:15
15. Esperanza 338 1:39:43
16. Crescenta Valley 376 1:41:13

30. Carissa Bowman 18:52
32. Kristina Moore 18:54
91. Jodi Mettler 20:17
92. Larissa Davis 20:17
109. Morgan Sjogren 20:41
118. Mary Griesinger 21:24
122. Carly Sjogren 22:20

girls group picture 2004
Saturday, November 13
Davis Mettler CIF prelims 04
CIF is divided into five divisions of basically equal numbers of schools all based on enrollment. As King High has grown over the first six years, it has naturally moved up through each of the divisions. It has been a yearly challenge, graduating to higher levels of competition with almost each passing season. From D5, to D4, to D2, and finally to D1. The question posed in July was, "Would the girls adjust again to yet another level of competition?" At the CIF D1 Prelims on Saturday, their answer was a definitive "yes!"

After qualifying for CIF Finals in D4 (2000) and in D2 ('02 & '03) the team's first CIF D1 race was handled smoothly as the girls clocked a team time school record (97:40) for the Mt.SAC course, eclipsing the previous mark by 43 seconds. With a determined focus seen only sporadically this season, the race was marked with PR's and breakthroughs by key members. Kristina Moore shattered her own SR for the course by running 18:43 and finishing in an impressive and needed top 10 spot (7th). Carissa Bowman, who boldly took the field lead at 1200 meters settled for 12th overall and a 19:10 personal record from her invitational experience. Morgan Sjogren ran solidly in third while Jodi Mettler put together a truly fine effort to run under 20:00 for the first time. 9th grader Larissa Davis continued to amaze in King's 5th-spot scoring a 20:02 finish. It was King's second fastest 9th grade MtSAC time in our history -- second only to fellow frosh Carissa Bowman and a full 1:05 ahead of her Mt.SAC Invite time run three weeks ago! Incredible! Mary Griesinger and Carly Sjogren ran well to finish out the squad.

It was truly a remarkable team effort, good for fourth place in the heat and the last qualifying spot into the CIF Finals next week. With the depth of talent that is throughout CIF D1, the girls' race today was one of King's finest hours. One division at a time, they've now arrived. It's on to Finals.

1. Ventura 51
2. Royal 79
3. Warren 88
4. King 108
5. Glendora 124
10 more schools

7. Kristina Moore 18:43
12. Carissa Bowman 19:10
29. Morgan Sjogren 19:46
32. Jodi Mettler 19:59
35. Larissa Davis 20:02
52. Mary Griesinger 20:24
58. Carly Sjogren 20:45

boys group cif pre 04
Saturday, November 13
At the team dinner Friday night before CIF Prelims, Coach Janes asked guest speaker Steve Smith about the role emotion played in racing well. The give and take between the two brought home the point that high-level racing performance is an emotional effort, perhaps even more than it is a physical one.

Hard telling, but that dialogue may have been part of the difference Saturday morning at the Division One Preliminaries, as King's boys team put together a truly emotional AND physical effort to finish their season with honor. Though the 7th place finish wasn't enough to advance to the Finals (top 4 was needed), it was pretty much everything this group had and as Kevin Marquardt said following the race, "we left it all out there." Indeed. A foursome of Marquardt, Adam Schwarz, John Ashley and Ivan Guevara formed quickly mid-field before the storied hills began. It was a strong start but made some wonder, "would it hold?". It did.

As the group crested the grueling switchbacks, facial expressions indicating a seriousness with which they were taking the race, only an arm's reach separated them. Matt Sheppard ran a few seconds back in 5th. Still together, the group ascended Poopout and then only gapped slightly on Reservoir, the final climb of the course. Sheppard held on nobly only to be passed by Matt Cummins in the final 400. Both guys ran gigantic PR's and were sub-17:00! Kevin Marquardt and Adam Schwarz finished their careers going 1-2 for the Wolves, with Guevara and Ashley only 2 seconds behind them. Jeremy Baugus as King's seventh man was 17:23.

The team time of 82:56 was King's 3rd fastest in our six-year history. With seven of the nine   guys from the CIF squad this year returning next season, the future is once again bright with opportunity if the work ethic, commitment and tenacity necessary to achieve competitive status in Division One is accepted by all. Only time will tell, but today, the time told a pleasing story despite the season ending one race short of complete.

1. Dana Hills 54
2. Rancho Cucamonga 58
3. Marina 105
4. Ayala 130
5. Ventura 187
6. Corona 207
7. King 213
eight more schools

39. Kevin Marquardt 16:29
41. Adam Schwarz 16:32
43. Ivan Guevara 16:33
44. John Ashley 16:33
56. Matt Cummins 16:49
64. Matt Sheppard 16:53
87. Jeremy Baugus 17:23

Sunday, October 24
The major financial sponsor of the largest high school meet in the nation, Mt.SAC, is Nike, the giant footwear and sports apparel company. One of the added features of such sponsorship and allure of a meet that boasts 17,000 runners and 88 races over two days was a jumbo-tron big screen placed prominently in the center of the cross country universe that Mt.SAC is this time every year. On the screen were images broadcast from the action of the races, interviews with race winners and an occasional promotional piece for Nike. One of those ads was a moving display of runners working hard in a variety of locations, checking their splits, sweating, racing and gasping for air. It was a video montage runners could appreciate. A moving musical score added to the drama. The final scene captured an exhausted runner, bent over and breathing heavily from effort. The words "To Win" faded into view ... a pointed reminder of why many runners run. It was an effective ad.

Similar scenes were being played out in the real world on the trails and hills surrounding the big screen as thousands of runners toiled under pleasant conditions doing their best "to win." For King, the plaques and "hardware" earned for winning races at Mt.SAC as the program has in years' past, wasn't to be in 2004, as the teams collectively turned in performances below what they've grown accustomed to. The highest team finish of the day was 4th, most were mid-field and a couple of squads were short the minimum of five racers needed to score as important team members didn't make the bus.

So "winning" took on new meaning this day for the Wolves. For some, "winning" was earning one of the coveted medals that Mt.SAC sparingly hands out (top 15 per race). Larissa Davis, Kristina Moore, Carissa Bowman, Ashley Esterberg and Patrick Gonzalez all came home with the handsome disc hanging from their necks. Others had to find satisfaction in running a PR, or opening their experience on the storied hills with a solid effort.

The girls' JV team had that highest finish of the day, (4th) indeed saving the best for last as it was the 88th of 88 races to be contended. Ashley Esterberg ran a great race to lead the team and set an individual PR, with Lauren Antrim and Lindsay Vitort running PR's and side-by-side throughout to finish 20 and 21. Shawna Brierly ran valiantly to score 4th for the team while Becky Esparza finished out the scoring in a good run for her first time on the course.

Some significant PR's were turned in by a number of King's kids. John Ashley led the Wolves in the varsity race, running 16:27 -- 26 seconds ahead of his best from 2003. Ivan Guevara ran 16:59, 14th best for King all time. Larissa Davis's 21:07 is in the top 8 of King's 9th graders on the the course, while Carissa Bowman shattered the King frosh record of 20:06, by running 19:16! Patrick Gonzalez missed the top 5 9th grader list by a mere six seconds, running 18:25 and Nick Ehret missed the sophomore list by 3 seconds, at 17:10. All good efforts. Another indicator of quality, the varsity boys and girls both recorded team times (combined times of the first five runners) that were the fifth fastest in school history, an adequate showing for this time of the season.

To win; that's the goal of most teams. It didn't happen for King this go around of the hills in Walnut, but we'll return to the daily sweaty, split-checking effort and exhaustion that makes us runners, committed once again to the goal of winning.

Girls JV:
1. Dana Hills 25
2. Royal 65
3. Peninsula 133
4. King 144
13 more schools

10. Ashley Johnson 21:29
20. Lauren Antrim 21:59
21. Lindsay Vitort 22:00
58. Shawna Brierly 23:30
71. Becky Esperanza 24:00

Boys JV:
1. Dana Hills 60
2. Fountain Valley 70
3. Santa Ana Valley 124
15. King 346
4 more schools

28. James Griesinger 18:16
70. Chris Norris 19:20
102. Mark Johnson 19:50
103. Joe Chen 19:51
110. Jacoub Hanna 20:15
119. Matt McMoran 20:32
138. Cameron Dietz 21:13

Girls Soph.
19. Kaitlin Traver 21:50
39. Kylie Dale 22:51
53. Anna Duffy 23:30
60. Amy Filakousky 23:56

Boys Soph.
1. Fountain Valley 38
2. Canyon 69
3. Arcadia 80
4. Lakewood 135
5. King 172
9 more schools

29. Jacoub Albrechtson 18:18
36. Alec Fillmore 18:29
50. Brett Meier 18:49
57. Nashatar Gill 18:57
64. Taichi Murata 19:06
89. Jon Delong 19:39
105. David Gonzales 20:06
127. Greg Smith 20:43
161. Derric Devin 22:12
170. Edward Willits 22:42
172. Marcus Rabbitt 22:48

Girls 9th
1. Fountain Valley 24
2. Dana Hills 79
3. Redlands East Valley 113
4. El Camino 119
5. King 176
8 more schools

12. Larissa Davis 21:07
19. Danielle Delong 21:42
53. Brittani Ciupek 23:27
55. Jaime Steffin 23:29
75. Tifinni Baumann 24:02
112. Tatianna Balcazar 25:46
139. Brianna Gamo 27:25

Boys 9th
1. Ayala 109
2. Walnut 121
3. Mira Costa 127
15. King 334
3 more schools

15. Patrick Gonzales 18:25
63. Chris Hatzl 19:59
75. DJ Adragna 26:26
110. Ethan Park 21:49
124. Michael Gardner 22:11
156. Brenden Romero 24:00

Boys Varsity
1. Mission Viejo 99
2. Los Alamito 136
3. Etiwanda 176
11. King 288
13 more schools

17. John Ashley 16:27
59. Ivan Guevara 16:59
67. Adam Schwarz 17:06
71. Nick Ehret 17:10
82. Kevin Marquardt 17:17
83. Matt Cummins 17:17
93. Jeremy Baugus 17:24

Girls Varsity Sweepstakes Race
1. Murrieta Valley 122
2. Ayala 138
3. Canyon 153
4. Dana Hills 177
13. King 272
5 more schools

22. Kristina Moore 19:02
26. Carissa Bowman 19:16
54. Morgan Sjogren 19:50
82. Jodi Mettler 20:36
88. Mary Griesinger 20:39
106. Addy Odekirk 21:24
107. Carly Sjogren 21:25

Thursday, November 4
norris ivy league 04
After emotional defeats in the season opener against King, the Eagles of La Sierra spent the next month sharpening their talons with perhaps a prominent goal of avenging the losses of October. The plan worked almost to perfection as La Sierra came out storming in the frosh-soph race by opening up an early lead and never relinquishing it, winning 37-46. King was able to control handily the JV race, but the marquee varsity matchup wasn't close as La Sierra dominated to win by 28 points. Despite the two losses however, King finished well this day.

Alec Fillmore gave great chase in the opener, ultimately ending up 3rd overall despite running 10th at one point early on. Patrick Gonzalez closed out his strong freshman season with a 17:44 6th place finish and Jacob Albrechtsen ran 8th in 18:14. Many guys had big course PR's, including Josh Severson at 18:34, Taichi Murata 18:44, Chris Hatzl at 20:26, and Ed Willits at 20:58. Brad Yarbrough also PR'd at 21:39.

The JV's had little trouble getting away from the crowd, as Matt Sheppard, the eventual race winner, pulled Colton Underwood and Chris Norris along for a fast ride. All three guys went under 18:00, with James Griesinger closing out his career with an 18:13 finish. Nashatar Gill did the honors of finishing the sweep in fifth and well under his pre-season goal of 19:00 -- running 18:17. Eric Padilla "the captain of the year" as he's been dubbed, finished his wonderful career with a 19:23 mark, while Mark Johnston closed out his only season in 20:04. Both seniors provided invaluable leadership and maturity all year long and will be missed. Jacoub Hanna came in 28th in 20:13, well ahead of where he started this, his first season in September. Matt McMoran was King's final runner of the race, coming in 30th overall out of 52 finishers.

La Sierra's tough and talented trio of the Knight twins and Adam Sidoti put the hurt on right away in the varsity race as the three buried the field early on. The race was behind them as King tried in vain to align the stars once again. Despite failing in the scoring column, all seven of King's runners ran personal bests for the course, led by John Ashley and Kevin Marquardt who crossed the line in 6-7. Adam Schwarz finished 10th with Ivan Guevara and Matt Cummins rounding out the top five for King. Nick Ehret and Jeremy Baugus ran well but finished out of the medals.

The race was bittersweet. A 28 point deficit is reminiscent of the gaps Rubidoux High was able to put on the Wolves in 2001, 2002 and parts of 2003, but the early season win against La Sierra, coupled with a second place finish today brings home a share of the League crown to King ... the first time the guys have been atop the podium since 1999.

moore k ivy league 04
The girls exited the Sunkist league in 2003 riding a win streak of three seasons and carried that momentum into the Ivy League winning easily all three races contested and doing it with PR's, in packs and perfectly timed peaks.

With an added frosh-soph race, it gave a third set of King's kids the chance to shine at the front of the race and individually offered up the chance for three individual league champions. Kristina Moore took the honors in the varsity race, Lauren Antrim in the JV and Addy Odekirk in the Frosh/soph. It was a resounding day of success for the girls.

Addy's race was led from wire to wire as the 9th grader scampered off, seeking occasional directions at given intersections but nonetheless running away with the victory right from the gun. Kylie Dale saved her best race of the season for last, moving steadily upward to finish in second. Always consistent Kasie Shaw finished third and Kaitlin Traver finished fourth. Danielle Delong ran some three minutes ahead of her previous best on the course in 5th. Rebekah Fairley returned from a season-long injury to race unimpeded and finished a respectable 13th, while Stacey Yarbrough ran well to run a course PR of 24:40 in 26th. Tatiana Balcazar also ran a PR in 25:23.

The JV Girls led 1-4 for the first half of the race before being halved by La Sierra's number one, but Antrim and Lindsay Vitort locked themselves into an exciting dual over the course, finishing 1-2 and only one second apart. It was great racing by the both of them, and Lauren's first championship. Ashley Esterberg and Erin Fitzgerald completed their fine careers with wonderful efforts at 4th and 5th. Both girls contributed greatly to King's success this season. Shawna Brierly ran King's 5th and final scorer this day, passing strong-running Becky Esparza in the closing straight, finishing in 23:08. Lorie Carrol and Sydney Helton, both seniors, completed their final go-around in 24:34 and 23:54 respectively. King won the race 29 to La Sierra's 52.

Kristina's individual league title was pushed along by Carissa Bowman, as both girls eclipsed the 19:00 barrier, running 18:54. Morgan Sjogren ran a strong effort, moving from mid-pack to ultimately finish in fourth, once again competing in the league she did as a 9th grader while at North High. King's five scorers were all under 20:00, with Carly Sjogren and Jodi Mettler closing the gap between 1 and 5 a bit more than usual. Larissa Davis, another talented 9th grader, earned All-League honors by finishing 8th overall and 7th runner Mary Griesinger came through in 9th to put all seven in the top 10.

With four league titles and improvement regardless of league or competition over the last three seasons, the girls from King High are beginning to build the foundation of success that will only grow with time and a continued commitment to excellence in training and racing. Today, once again, that dedication paid off with stirring wins on three different levels. The future is bright with opportunity!

Thursday, October 28
griesinger underwood 04
In a double-dual meet against Arlington and North, King found little competition on its home course and ran away with easy wins. 12 of King's JV girls crossed the line before the first North runner, all seven of King's varsity harriers finished well ahead of their first opponent. The boys combined varsity and JV runners and only a solitary North runner was able to crack the top 15, finishing seventh overall.

So the challenge was set to run hard and faster ... faster than the times each runner posted a week earlier against a more competitive Canyon Springs crew. Hard and faster they ran. It was a pleasing effort across the board as 93% of the runners who could potentially run a PR on the course, did.

Carly Sjogren got the long blue line of PR running people rolling in the JV race dipping almost a minute under last week's time. Lindsay Vitort was 1:28 faster, Kaitlin Traver :34 faster, and Lauren Antrim over 1:45 faster all followed. Jennifer Just also PR'd, as did Lorrie Carroll and Jaime Steffin. All seven of the varsity runners improved, including Jodi Mettler's 33 second PR from just a week ago. She finished fourth for the team. Kristina Moore won by a large margin and also improved dramatically, improving by 50 seconds. Larissa Davis ran her first ever varsity race and finished fifth in 20:51.

The boys were grouped into one race due to small numbers of runners from both Arlington and North. The throng made for a scene reminiscent of some 5K's and gave most runners a person to contend with throughout the race. The lead pack developed early and stayed late; only by the last mile did they string out, led by Ivan Guevara, who became King's third meet-winner of the season. Nick Ehret PR'd by 30 seconds in sixth, and Matt Sheppard ran a fine race to finish 8th. Colton Underwood was King's 9th man, running a solid effort. James Griesinger looked strong; Josh Severson displayed a terrific kick in the closing yards to help put him 45 seconds ahead of last week. Our two towers, Chris Hatzl and Jacoub Hanna (both guys sky well above 6 feet) ran much faster than last week, with the latter over a minute below. Ethan Park was 2:02 below last week's time, and Marcus Rabbitt was a 1:30 or so ahead. Solid efforts throughout made for a good and exciting meet, even if the outcomes were foregone conclusions even before the races were underfoot.

The teams now head into League Finals undefeated, marking a goal set last summer.

JV Girls
King 15, North 50
King 15, Arlington Forfeit

1. Carly Sjogren 20:47
2. Kaitlin Traver 21:30
3. Lauren Antrim 21:32
4. Kasie Shaw 21:33
5. Kylie Dale 21:34
6. Lindsay Vitort 21:38
7. Erin Fitzgerald 22:45
8. Ashley Esterberg 22:52
9. Danielle Delong 22:54
10. Brittani Ciupek 22:57
11. Jaime Steffin 23:04
12. Tiffinie Bauman 23:28
15. Anna Duffy 23:58
16. Amy Filakowsky 24:25
17. Bridget Gonzales 24:39
20. Jennifer Just 24:48
21. Lorie Caroll 25:02
23. Tatiana Balcazar 25:21
24. Sydnee Helton 25:43
25. Stacy Yarbrough 25:43
28. Brianna Gamo 27:25

Girls Varsity
King 15, North 50 
King 15, Arlington Forfeit
1. Kristina Moore 19:28
2. Morgan Sjogren 20:04
3. Carissa Bowman 20:05
4. Jodi Mettler 20:47
5. Larissa Davis 20:52
6. Mary Greisinger 21:21
7. Addie Odekirk 21:24

"Home Improvement" chart of PR's.

Friday, October 22
traver cs 04

King High put together it's first "home meet" in four years, hosting the Cougars of Canyon Springs on a far-spread layout of undulating hills, soft dirt and a main road that stretched for 800 meters to the course's conclusion. It was an auspicious beginning, as King was able to sweep their opponents in the inaugural running of the course, winning handily at both the JV and Varsity levels. 9th graders led the way for the two girls races, as Larissa Davis was able to pull away midrace from fellow frosh Danielle Delong and Kasie Shaw to win by a comfortable margin. Danielle and Kasie held form, while Kaitlin Traver ran a very strong second half to move from 7th to 2nd by the finish line.

Canyon Springs was able to put only one runner (5th) in King's top 8. Anna Duffy, Lindsay Vitort, Lauren Antrim and Ashley Esterberg rounded out that front group for King. The other 9th grader was Carissa Bowman who skirted away from Morgan Sjogren and Kristina Moore in the final meters of the varsity race to notch her first ever victory. It was an easy race for all three ladies after working for 10 minutes to pull away from CS's Alana Currie in the second mile. Jodi Mettler, Mary Griesinger, Carly Sjogren and Addy Odekirk ran together for the final mile and finished comfortably together.

As they've done all season in league action, the JV boys ran away early and never looked back, with Kevin Marquardt and Matt Sheppard sharing leading duties throughout. Colton Underwood finished well to end in third, while Jacob Albrechtsen overcame a fall in the first half-mile to finish in 7th; Nash Gill was right on his heels. Mark Johnston had a good race to run the 3 miles in 20:23, while Matt McMoran ran 21:20 to finish in 32nd. Ryan Falsetti was 43rd and 22:44, in a race he looked forward to as he faced his uncle's team in fine fashion!

Adam Schwarz came off an extended period of illness to run exceptionally well, leading from before the mile to the line. John Ashley eclipsed the Cougars first runner by 9 seconds to finish in second and notch another fine performance. Matt Cummins ran tough as well to finish fourth overall and help seal the deal as King won 21-37. With the victories, the four teams kept alive their undefeated league record, heading into the final weeks of the season with discernable momentum.

JV Girls: King 16, Canyon Springs 59

1 Larissa Davis 21.44 2 Kaitlin Traver 22.04 3 Danielle Delong 22.16 4 Cassie Shaw 22.16 6 Anna Duffy 23.06 7 Lindsay Vitort 23.10 8 Lauren Antrim 23.51 9 A. Esterburg 23.54 11 Jaime Steffin 24.02 12 T. Baumann 24.33 14 Becky Esparza 24.50 17 Amy Filakousky 25.23 18 Brittany Ciupek 25.26 20 Sydnee Helton 25.54 21 Lorie Carroll 25.56 23 Jennifer Just 26.01 24 Tatiana Balcazar 26.10 JV Boys King 17, Canyon Springs 45 1 Kevin Marquardt 17.59 2 Matt Sheppard 18.31 3 Colton Underwood 18.47 4 James Griesinger 19.02 7 Jacob Albrectson 19.24 8 Nashatar Gill 19.27 10 Chris Norris 19.38 12 Taichi Murata 19.47 13 Brett Meier 19.49 16 Eric Padilla 20.02 18 Josh Severson 20.09 21 Mark Johnston 20.23 26 Chris Hatzl 20.50 27 Jonathan Clem 20.56 28 John Delong 21.02 31 Gregory Smith 21.14 32 Matt McMoran 21.20 34 Danny Stark 21.21 36 Joe Chen 21.46 38 Jacoub Hanna 21.57 39 Cameron Dietz 22.02 41 Nick Hernandez 22.03 42 David Adragna 22.20 43 Mike Falsetti 22.44 44 Marcus Rabbitt 22.51 45 Ethan Park 22.57 49 Adam Aquino 23.34 50 Edward Willits 23.34 51 Derrick Devine 23.43 53 Brenden Romero 23.57 Girls Varsity: King 19, Canyon Springs 38 1 Carissa Bowman 20.14 2 Morgan Sjogren 20.17 3 Kristina Moore 20.18 6 Jodi Mettler 21.20 7 Mary Griesinger 21.38 8 Carly Sjogren 21.40 9 Addie Odekirk 21.40 Boys Varsity: King 21, Canyon Springs 37 1 Adam Schwarz 17.18 2 John Ashley 17.33 4 Matt Cummins 17.47 6 Jeremy Baugas 18.01 8 Ivan Guevara 18.07 9 Nick Ehret 18.21 11 Alec Fillmore 18.43

Thursday, October 14
The second Ivy League contest of the season unfolded with a bold move by Poly's top JV girl who scampered to the fore in the early going and tenaciously held on for more than half the race before Mary Griesinger was able to reel her back in. The effort was a precursor of things to come as in each of the remaining three races, the Bears made spirited efforts and challenged King at each turn. Though the final scores would show King winning handily, the victories were anything but easy.

Outside of the lone Poly JV runner, the King's JV girls team strung out into the long blue line they've become known for and won 19-46. Kylie Dale ran really well to finish third, with Kasie Shaw only 8 seconds back. Lauren Antrim had a great race as did Jamie Steffin who continues to improve in the standings. Kristen Beal was a few steps off of Jamie to finish 10th for King and Becky Esparza also made a good showing in only her second race.

The girls varsity struggled as Poly put six determined runners on the line, and except for a 1-2-3 finish by Kristina Moore, Morgan Sjogren and Carissa Bowman, the meet would have gone to Poly who placed 4-5-6 and 8-9. The "mathmatical victory" that comes in dual meets when a team secures the top three finish places was the needed cushion as the scoring was a struggle through the race. Addy Odekirk and Danielle Delong competed for the first time at the varsity level and did admirably.

Yet another sole Poly JV runner paced the JV boys race, pulling away from Chris Norris to take the victory. Behind Chris, Nashatar Gill was having one of the best races of his career to finish 3rd overall in 19:16. Jon Delong ran very well also, as did Chris Hatzl and Jacoub Hanna who both PR'd on the hot day. The boys won by a score of 20-53.

In the varsity edition, it wasn't one but three Poly runners who quickly went to the lead, with John Ashley the first to respond. Ashley and Poly's leader shadowed each other for more than two miles until John was able to pull away and record his first ever race win. It took a bit longer for King's pack to get into place, but by the third mile, Kevin Marquardt and Ivan Guevara had broken up the Poly leaders who were positioned at 2-3-4 for much of the race. In the final 1000, it was King's strength that ruled the race and the guys, donning throwback jerseys from 1999, worked to seal the win, 23-36.

Course: Poly High, flat with some grades, grass, dirt and concrete; 3.0 miles
Weather: Warm/hot

JV Girls:  King 19, Poly 46
1. Mary Griesinger 22:28
3. Kylie Dale 22:40
4. Kasie Shaw 22:48
5. Lauren Antrim 22:51
6. Larissa Davis 23:14
7. Lindsay Vitort 23:59
8. Anna Duffy 24:01
9. Jamie Steffin 24:53
10. Kristen Beal 25:20
11. Becky Esparza 25:50
12. Brittany Shuette 26:01
13. Lorrie Carroll 26:11
14. Amy Filakousky 26:23
15. Stacey Yarbrough 26:23
16. Sydnee Helton 16:32
17. Tatiana Balcazar 26:35
18. Brianna Gamo 27:24
19. Jennifer Just 27:40

JV Boys: King 20, Poly 53
2. Chris Norris 18:31
3. Nashatar Gill 19:16
4. Matt Cummins 19:16
5. James Griesinger 19:33
6. Taichi Murata 19:42
7. John Delong 20:11
8. Brett Meier 20:24
9. Patrick Gonzalez 20:32
10. Nick Hernandez 20:36
11. Josh Severson 20:39
12. Mark Johnston 20:49
13. Joe Chen 20:50
14. David Gonzalez 20:55
15. John Clem 20:56
16. Eric Padilla 20:58
17. Greg Smith 21:01
18. Danny Stark 21:06
19. Chris Hatzl 21:36
20. Jacoub Hanna 22:29
21. Matt McMoran 22:33
22. Mike Falsetti 23:18
23. Ed Willits 23:38
24. Adam Aquino 24:57
25. Ethan Park 26:28
26. Mike Gardner 26:58
27. Cameron Dietz 27:11
28. Brenden Romero 27:32

Girls Varsity: King 25, Poly 32
1. Kristina Moore 20:46
2. Morgan Sjogren 20:47
3. Carissa Bowman 20:49
7. Jodi Mettler 21:49
10. Addy Odekirk 22:45
11. Carly Sjogren 22:50
13. Danielle Delong 24:24

Boys Varsity: King 23, Poly 36
1. John Ashley 16:57
4. Kevin Marquardt 17:48
5. Ivan Guevara 17:51
6. Nick Ehret 17:57
7. Matt Sheppard 18:01
10. Jeremy Baugus 19:09
11. Jacob Albrechtsen 19:10

Sunday, October 10
mettler sjogren clovis 04
Photo by Erik Pedersen, published on

On a crisp clear day as the poplars began to change from summer to fall shades, the teams from King entered the hallowed grounds of the State Championship course to contest once again the famed and fun Clovis Invitational.

The day began early and successfully as the frosh-soph girls got things going with a great team effort to finish third behind Oak Park and  Pacifica, two programs that boast great success year in and year out. Addy Odekirk had a great performance to lead and finish in  the top 10, passing six opponents in the  last mile. Kaitlyn Traver had one of her best ever runs, working steadily through the crowd to medal along side freshman Larissa Davis who also ran well. Veterans Monika Valenzuela and Anna Duffy rounded out the scoring five with Brittani  Ciupek just off of them. Their 82 points was just three shy of second place.

With expectations of a plaque themselves, the frosh-soph boys entered the fray and got quickly  into a fast pace led by fast runners from Madera and Clovis who locked horns in a great battle that was ultimately separated by only 2 points. Jesuit-Sacramento was third with the  King harriers off of the plaques by 59 points. Alec Fillmore however had a terrific race to lead at 17:51, 20th all-time on the course for King. Colton Underwood gained valuable race experience in a solid effort as well, followed by Patrick Gonzalez and the ever-consistent Jacob Albrechtsen. Kevin Fitzgerald locked up the scoring to run fifth with David Gonzalez and Brett Meier on his heels.

The girls Championship race was billed as “the most talented field assembled this season” and included a number of nationally and state ranked teams, including two powerhouses from Nevada. The opening 200 meters passed in just 34 seconds, indicating the seriousness with which the ladies were taking the footrace. A rejuvenated Morgan Sjogren led  early for the Wolves with Kristina Moore shadowing her as both runners went by the mile in just over 6:00. Carly Sjogren and Jodi Mettler were making bold moves of their own further back with Bridget Gonzalez, Mary Griesinger and Erin Fitzgerlad in tow. That order held through the raining 2K and brought the team a 13th place finish in the talent-laden field with a 100:28 team time.

With weary legs and emotions from their big league win two days earlier the boys took the line in their own Championship race and paid a bit of a price.  Appearing flat and haggard, they fought valiantly however in the race that boasted many of the top teams in the State. They were led by Jeremy Baugus who turned in a fine race, running King’s third fastest time ever on the course. John Ashley gutted out a course PR right behind him and Kevin Marquardt continued his comeback with a strong third-man finish. The team finished a disappointing 17th place, but despite the week’s experiences were able to muster a team time that eclipsed the 2003 race.

In teamless efforts at the end of the day, Chris Norris Lindsay Vitort and Shawna Brierly ran PR’s for the course and notched “top 25” listings for Woodward Park.

King All Time List on Woodward Park course

Frosh/soph Girls
1. Oak park 40
2. Pacifica 79
3. King 82
4. Brea 105
9 more schools

9. Addy Odekirk 21:07
15. Kaitlin Traver 21:39
16. Larissa Davis 21:44
19. Monika Valenzuela 21:52
25. Anna Duffy 22:07
46. Brittani Ciupek 22:59

Frosh-Soph Boys
1. Madera 44
2. Clovis 46
3. Jesuit 73
4. King 132
10 more teams

18. Alec Fillmore 17:51
21. Colton Underwood 17:55
22. Patrick Gonzalez 17:56
31. Jacob Albrechtsen 18:19
44. Kevin Fitzgerald 18:36
45. David Gonzalez 18:37
56. Brett Meier 18:54

Varsity Girls Championship Race
1. Fountain Valley 87
2. South Tahoe 103
3. Reno High 128
4. Ayala 151
5. Ventura 166
6. Buchanana 202
13. King 271
6 more schools

34. Morgan Sjogren 19:38
36. Kristina Moore 19:42
54. Carly Sjogren 20:02
69. Jodi Mettler 20:17
93. Bridget Gonzalez 20:49
94. Mary Griesinger 20:51
110. Erin Fitzgerald 21:23

Girls JV
Lauren Antrim 21:46
Ashley Johnson 21:51
Shawn Brierly 22:13
Lindsay Vitort 22:28

Boys JV
Chris Norris 17:45
Matt Sheppard 17:55
James Griesinger 18:23

Varsity Boys Championship Race
1. Madera 91
2. Royal 94
3. Jesuit 157
17. King 366
3 more schools

50. Jeremy Baugus 16:46
53. John Ashley 16:51
83. Kevin Marquardt 17:15
92. Adam Schwarz 17:23
93. Nick Ehret 17:23
95. Matt Cummins 17:24
99. Ivan Guevara 17:28

Thursday, October 7

Monday, September 27
fs girls hb 2004

Huntington Beach has been a favorite venue for King Cross Country, and with the varsity team running at Stanford some very talented runners were able to move up to the varsity level.  However, it was the Frosh/Soph team stole the show at Huntington Beach.  


In the first race of the day, the Frosh/Soph girls showed how the strength of the pack can overcome individual effort, finishing 2nd to a strong Fountain Valley team (Girls team ranked #1 in the state) that swept all.  All of the top 5 teams other than King had runners in the top six, yet King prevailed with four runners in the top 15.  Finishing first in a breakout race for her was Adie Odekirk (10th place) in 21:45, followed closely by Cassie Shaw, Kylie Dale, and Larissa Davis running 13th, 14th, and 15th.  A strong finish by Britanny Ciupek to finish in 30th place helped the team to finish just one point ahead of Aliso Niguel, and two points ahead of Pacifica! 

Moving up against some very strong varsity teams such as Fountain Valley (#1 state girls) Valencia (ranked #14th state for boys), Orange Luthuran (#1 in Southern Section Div-IV boys and girls), Newport Harbor (ranked #18 in state girls), and a strong Torrey Pines (San Diego Section) our varsity and junior varsity and frosh/soph teams faced a tough challenge.  The boys varsity team was led by Matt Sheppard, running a strong 17:48 in very hot and humid conditions, followed by Patrick Gonzalez, Kevin Marquardt, Alec Fillmore, and Kevin Fitzgerald in the scoring positions.  The girls varsity was led by Erin Fitzgerald, running 21:18, followed by Shawna Brierly in 21:55.  Also making or improving their previous times on the top 30 list all-time for Huntington Beach for King High were Kaitlin Traver, Anna Duffy, Lauren Antrim, Monika Valenzuela, Lindsay Vitort, Jaime Steffin, Jacob Albrectson, James Griesinger, and Colton Underwood.  Over 20 athletes recorded personal bests, which is the real victory of the day. 

The strong performance against some of the best teams in the state serves notice that our program can only continue to improve.  On a personal note, Coach Peirce and Coach Janes want to thank the junior and senior leaders that helped to prepare the newcomers, set up the tent, and represented King High well.  Great Leadership!  Great Team!  Great Effort!!!

All time top 30 updated
Course: Grass, hills, many turns. 3.0 miles
Girls Varsity:

31 Erin Fitzgerald    21:18.7   
40 Shawna Brierly   21:56.1    
45 Ashley Johnson   22:01.2  
51 Kaitlyn Traver  22:09.3      
60 Anna Duffy   22:36.1   
62 Monika Valenzuela  22:41   
63 Lindsay Vitort  22:42.8     

1 Fountain Valley HS           26                                          
2 Aliso Niguel                 84                                             
3 Torrey Pines High School     95                                      
4 Newport Harbor High Schoo    98                                   
5 Orange Lutheran HS          138     
6 King Cross Country          220  
8 more schools

Boys Varsity
34 Matt Sheppard 17:50.0 
42 Patrick Gonzalez  18:00.6    
46 Kevin Marquardt 18:02.6   
50 Alec Fillmore   18:15.6    
52 Kevin Fitzgerald  18:17.9   
53 Jacob Albrechtsen  18:18.5    
61 James Griesinger 18:43.4   
1 Torrey Pines 31                                       
2 Valencia 38                                         
3 Newport Harbor 86                                 
4 Aliso Niguel  140                                            
5 Bloomington 142                                    
6 Stockdale  186                                     
7 Tustin  206                                         
8 King  209  
6 more schools

Boys JV
23 Eric Padilla 19:35.3    
28 Mark Johnston 19:56.3 
44 Matt McMoran  20:39.5 
48 Joe Chen 21:26.9 
62 Jacoub Hanna 22:35.0
75 Cameron Dietz 24:04.1    

1 Torrey Pines  39                                       
2 Valencia 41                                        
3 Los Alamitos104                                   
4 Ganesha 117                                       
5 Aliso Niguel  118                                           
6 King 148
3 more teams

Girls JV
20 Lauren Antrim  22:37.3  
104 total runners in the race

Boys Frosh/Soph
22 Colton Underwood 18:47.9
30 David Gonzalez 19:02.1
41 Josh Severson  19:13.0     
42 Taichi Murata 19:14.4     
43 Nashatar Gill  19:15.8
59 Jon Delong  19:44.6
63 Greg Smith  19:50.7
67 Spencer Brady  19:52.7          
114 Danny Stark  21:01.4       
129 Chris Hatzl  21:24.8         
131 Michael Gardner 21:26.1       
132 Nick Hernandez  21:27.6            
183 Ethan Park  23:18.8       
186 Scott Hubbard   23:35.3        
202 Markus Rabbitt   25:04.9        
213 Adam Aquino   26:00.7       

1 Valencia 44                                         
2 Orange Lutheran  75                                            
3 Los Alamitos 107                                     
4 Torrey Pines 157                                      
5 Hesperia 157                                              
6 Ganesha 161                                        
7 King 178
seven more schools

Girls Frosh/Soph
10 Addy Odekirk  21:48.9   
13 Kasie Shaw  21:58.2   
14 Kyle Dale 22:05.7     
15 Larissa Davis 22:09.3
31 Brittani Ciupek  23:03.2 
66 Jaime Steffin   24:40.9  
74 Tifinnie Baumann  24:52.9  
82 Amy Filakousky 25:11.1        
91 Jennifer Just 25:27.2     
103 Brianna Gamo 26:01.0       
117 Tatiana Balcazar   26:36.1       

1 Fountain Valley 39                                          
2 King 82                                          
3 Aliso Niguel 83                                                
4 Pacifica 84                                           
5 Los Alamitos 125 
Seven more schools  

Sunday, September 26
guevara stanford 2004
The boys and girls varsity teams traveled to the prestigious Stanford University Invitational on Saturday to compete with many of the best programs in the state and the nation. With several nationally-ranked teams on the line, an aire of heightened expectations and excitement kept the energetic crowd and competitors on their toes and vocally involved. For the Wolfpack, the setting was prime to make great things happen.

The boys were the first to toe the line, side-by-side with California's best. Ivan Guevara, in his season-opener, went out strong with Jeremy Baugus and John Ashley, scurrying by the mile at 5:11. It was then on to "the hill", the one element of the course that separates the contenders and the also-rans. All seven of King's harriers looked strong on the incline this day, passing runners caught in the hype of the fast first mile and who were now paying an anearobic price. Screaming down the long return descent, the front trio of Wolves held form, followed by Matt Cummins and Adam Schwarz 25 seconds back. Chris Norris and Nick Ehret ran PR's to finish 6th and 7th respectively for the team. In the last 800 however, it was all Ivan Guevara, as the talented junior pulled away from Ashley and Baugus who were on their own way to lifetime bests. Ivan finished in 17:06 for the 5K, and led the team to 5th place in the field of 38 teams.

Perhaps inspired by the boys success, the girls took the start with two nationally ranked teams and three Southern Section top ten teams, Murrietta Valley (#3), Royal (#7) and Warren (#9). The depth of ranked teams made the race a sliver of the CIF Finals, to be held at Mt.SAC in November. But this was a sunny September afternoon, and the unheralded Wolfpack threw the rankings to the wind and ran an even, smart race, capitalizing on the efforts of all seven racers. Seniors Kristina Moore and Morgan Sjogren sandwiched their freshman teammate Carissa Bowman through all 3.1 miles and the trio made a huge scoring impact storming to the finish in 21, 22 and 33. Carissa ended up with the fastest time of any freshman in both division one races combined. Carly Sjogren and Jodi Mettler ran very good races, battling to pass their opponents over the last two miles and stay in relative contact to the front three. Mary Griesinger and Bridget Gonzalez finished out the team for King.

The girls' 5th place finish (ahead of #9 ranked Warren) was one of the strongest performances for King in any race in our history. It surpassed the 2003 Stanford finish of 6th, and perhaps ranks higher than the 2002 CIF Finals team. Likewise, the boys made their debut in the toughest of all divisions one to be remembered, serving notice that yet another step up (and the last) for the five year old program will be handled in stride.

For full results click here.    King High's All Time Stanford List

1. Murrieta Valley (Murietta), 77 (98:27)
2. Jesuit (Portland, Or.) 118 (98:46)
3. Royal (Simi Valley), 118 (98:46)
4. Buchanan (Clovis), 158 (100:42)
5. King (Riverside), 183 (101:13)
6. Highland (Palmdale), 203 (101:04)
7. Warren (Downey), 210 (101:10)
8. Peninsula (Rolling Hills Estates), 237 (1:01:53)
19 more teams

1. Samantha Gaffney, Judge (Salt Lake City), 18:04 (Boys 15:10)
19. Kristina Moore, Sr., 19:43
20. Carissa Bowman, Fr., 19:47
31. Morgan Sjogren, Sr., 20:01
50. Carly Sjogren, Jr., 20;39
63. Jodi Mettler, So., 21:03
76. Mary Griesinger, Jr., 21:18
81. Bridget Gonzalez, Jr., 21:27
Team Time: 101:13/1:20 GAP

1. 123 SERRA (17:00 84:56)
2. 129 TRABUCO HILLS (17:03 85:12)
3. 221 BUCHANAN (17:17 86:21)
4. 225 SAN BENITO (17:24 86:56)
5. 236 KING (17:26 87:06)
33 more teams
1 25 Ivan Guevara JR 17:06
2 31 John Ashley JR 17:11
3 35 Jeremy Baugus JR 17:14
4 68 Matt Cummins SO 17:44
5 77 Adam Schwarz SR 17:51
6 ( 86) Chris Norris JR 17:57
7 ( 98) Nick Ehret SO 18:07

Monday, September 20
valenzuela mt carmel
One didn't have to work too hard at Saturday's Mt. Carmel Invitational to envision next December's Footlocker Cross Country National Championship to be held on the same storied pathways of Morley Field in Balboa Park, San Diego. On a pleasant September morning enthusiastic spectators hurried across green fields loudly exhorting their favorite harriers as the runners snaked their way through towering eucalyptus groves and over undulating hills beneath soft blue skies. Thousands filled the course and its boundaries making for a classic day of cross country racing and helping create a scene perhaps the near-equal of the National-class fireworks that will erupt here in 75 days.

The precocious 9th graders, most in only their second-ever footrace, took to the trails first and got things rolling in an exciting way. Carissa Bowman put herself in the lead pack for the second-straight week, finishing 5th overall and with King's fastest time of the day. Danielle Delong ran her first ever race in great fashion, doggedly hanging onto the pace to finish in 18:45 for the 2.7 mile course. Jaime Steffin ran really strong over the last 400 meters to close on a couple of competitors and Britney Ciupek had a wonderful race to cross the line in under 20:00. In the boys' race, Patrick Gonzalez kept up his hot racing with a top 10 finish in 17:38 for a hilly 2.95 miles. Mike Falsetti, Kyle Wright and Brenden Romero also ran well.

Jodi Mettler paced the sophomore girls with a good 17:57 effort, while Kaitlyn Traver worked her way through the huge field over the last half of the course to finish in 19:49. Matt Cummins and Nick Ehret both ran very aggressively near the front and finished in the top twenty overall, while Alec Fillmore was 30 seconds of his teammates to medal. Kevin Fitzgerald ran a very good race, while Josh Severson and Jon Delong improved off of their rookie efforts of a week ago.

Juniors make up a solid block of this year's varsity squads, so it wasn't surprising to see King at the front of both gender races. Mary Griesinger and Carly Sjogren ran in tandem for most of the way with Shawna Brierly only 13 seconds back in a very good race for her. Lauren Antrim finished in 19:30. John Ashley and Jeremy Baugus mimicked the girls' strategy with a shadowing effort through the course, ultimately finishing in the top 12 of the field, just two seconds apart.

Figuring a good thing shouldn't be wasted, Kristina Moore and Morgan Sjogren followed suit running side-by-side with Erin Fitzgerald looking very strong 40 seconds-or-so behind them. It was one of Erin better races in her career. James Griesinger and Mark Johnston finished off the day for the Wolves running "rehab" races of sorts as both guys come off injury.

The weekend saw more than just good racing however, as a Charter bus journey, dinner out, a trip to the famous Horton Plaza and a motel experience made the two days a fun time away from the ordinary. It may not have been on quite the same level as a National Championship, but if you closed your eyes and listened to the crowd, it wasn't too far off.

Weather: Nice, mid-70's
Course: Grass, hilly, many turns
Distance: Girls 2.7, Boys 2.95

Freshmen Girls:
Carissa Bowman 17:00
Danielle Delong 18:45
Larissa Davis 18:45
Kasie Shaw 18:52
Brittani Cuipek 19:47
Jamie Steffin 20:50
Breanna Gamo 21:20
Stacy Yarbrough 21:54
Tatiana Balcazar 22:23

Boys Freshmen
Patrick Gonzalez 17:38
Mike Falsetti 21:08
Kyle Wright 21:27
Brenden Romero 23:37

Girls Sophomore
Jodi Mettler 17:57
Anna Duffy 19:37
Monika Valenzuela 19:42
Kaitlyn Traver 19:49

Boys Sophomore
Matt Cummins 16:51
Nick Ehret 17:28
Alec Fillmore 18:02
Kevin Fitzgerald 18:16
Colton Underwood 18:27
Brett Meier 18:46
Taichi Murata 18:53
David Gonzalez 18:53
Josh Severson 18:56
Nashatar Gill 18:59
Jon Delong 19:11
Greg Smith 19:37
Spencer Brady 20:08

Girls Junior
Carly Sjogren 18:04
Mary Griesinger 18:14
Shawna Brierly 18:27
Lauren Antrim 19:30

Boys Junior
John Ashley 16:38
Jeremy Baugus 16:41
Joe Chen 21:02

Girls Senior
Kristina Moore 17:07
Morgan Sjogren 17:09
Erin Fitzgerald 17:48

Boys Senior
James Griesinger 18:23
Mark Johnston 20:02

Sunday, September 12

After weeks of accumulating miles, intervals and a strong base, the 2004 season opener at the Prado Regional park in Chino saw the Wolfpack show early signs that the hard work of summer is worth the sacrifice. In temperatures fitting a summer day and above-normal humidity, the teams got off to a solid start with high finishing places in each of the team races.

The JV Girls were victorious in their race, with Bridget Gonzalez finishing first for the team and Kristen Beal finishing up the scoring set in fifth. The frosh-soph boys ran a quality second place team effort, running an incredible second half of the course. By mid-way they appeared to be swallowed up in the crowd and dust, but patiently worked their way back into contention, showing the mettle of more seasoned racers. Patrick Gonzalez in his first-ever race ran an incredibly paced effort to lead for the Wolves, ultimately finishing 7th overall. Alec Fillmore ran solidly as well, with newcomer Jacob Albrechtsen running third, Kevin Fitzgerald 4th, and a mad-dashing Brett Meier snuck by Nashatar Gill in the closing meters to score 5th for King. Bradley Yarbrough had a breakthrough day running much faster than 12 months ago to finish at 21:32.

The Frosh-Soph girls ran very well, taking third in the race. They were led by great races out of Carissa Bowman who led much of the way before crossing the line in third, and Anna Duffy who ran tough throughout the 5K course and finished 11th overall. Kasie Shaw ran a spirited first-ever race to finish 36th followed by Kaitlyn Traver and Rebekah Fairly who both finished within three places of Kasie to form a tight scoring pack. Amy Filakousky, so much improved over her 9th grade season, was 42nd overall in her best ever race! The JV boys were a bit short-handed this day, but Matt Sheppard still was able to finish in the top 10 overall while Joe Chen had a fine effort to start his junior campaign.

The girls varsity team finished third in the Division one contest, with only two State-ranked teams ahead of them. Morgan Sjogren led the charge and finished 17th overall, while Mary Griesinger showed her Junior year is for real with a 20:17 PR. A JV runner in 2003, Mary's diligent miles and consistency has paid off big so far! The girls collectively ran 103:34 for the course.

In less than ideal conditions, the teams performed respectably and gave notice that the season should be a successful one. It's one week at a time however, but for now, the Saturday efforts made for a solid first try.

Varsity Girls
17. Morgan Sjogren 20:02
27. Mary Griesinger 20:17
43. Kristina Moore 21:00
45 Jodi Mettler 21:02
46. Carly Sjogren 21:13
54. Erin Fitzgerald 21:45
63. Ashley Esterberg 22:09

Frosh/Soph Girls
3. Carissa Bowman 20:34
11. Anna Duffy 21:49
36. Kasie Shaw 23:20
37. Kaitlyn Traver 23:41
38. Becca Fairley 23:47
42. Amy Filakousky 23:59
47. Alisson Mills 24:10
50. Brittani Cuipek 24:26
53. Tifinnie Baumann 24:31
58. Addy Odekirk 24:46
67. Jamie Steffin 25:59
69. Brianna Gamo 26:00
90. Stacey Yarbrough 26.14
105. Mary McGreevy 26:42
119. Tatiana Balcazar 27:55

Frosh/Soph Boys
7. Patrick Gonzalez 17:39
17. Alec Fillmore 18:13
22. Jacob Albrechtsen 18:25
25. Kevin Fitzgerald 18:32
Brett Meier 18:58
45. Nashatar Gill 19:00
54. Taichi Murata 19:08
56. Colten Underwood 19:11
69. DJ Adragna 19:42
81. David Gonzalez 20:03
91. John 20:27
105 Nick 20:49
Spencer Brady 21:24
Danny Stark 21:28
Bradley Yarbrough 21:32
Edward Willits 21:49
Scott Hubbard 21:59
Mike Falsetti 22:01
Michael Gardner 22:04
Kyle Wright 22:45
Derric Devine 22:53
Brenden Romero 23:09
Kevin Morris 23:22
Chris Hatzl 25:04
Ethan Park 25:08

JV Boys
Matt Sheppard 17:53
Joe Chen 19:55
Matt McMoran 20:42
Cameron Dietz 22:24
Jacoub Hanna NT

JV Girls
4. Bridget Gonzalez 21:24
5. Lindsay Vitort 21:25
Shawna Brierly 22:32
Lauren Antrim 24:02
Kristen Beal 24:58

Monday, April 5

Tuesday, November 22

Sunday, September 11
cummins baugus mb05

Beneath a big rock and atop soft sand, the 2005 cross country season began. At the Morro Bay Invitational, the seventh edition of the Wolf Pack participated in what was perhaps the single-most unique running course the program has experienced. After three loops on the campus of the high school, the runners entered a “tree tunnel”, a 100 meter-long path completely enveloped in trees and shadows.  From there it was into the brilliant sunshine and soft sand of the beach. An out-and-back layout took them near the base of the giant Morro Bay rock, which juts several hundred feet into the blue of ocean and sky. Doubling back, the racers dodged seaweed and the waving reach of foamy tide for over a half mile before heading back up and over dunes of soft sand to return to the campus and finish.

It was on this one-of-a-kind course that King’s newest XC teams found their way and made their mark.

The JV girls were laden with rookies, searching for a way through a race and sand for the first time, and making it a positive experience. Shawna Brierly, certainly no rookie, started her final campaign in strong fashion by finishing in the top ten, while freshman Sara Strasbaugh ran a good second half of the race to move up into the top 20. Kloey Glass and Allison Mills were nearly side-by-side as they crossed the line, with Holly Huss finishing in the top five racers for King. Brianna Whetstone, Este Arias, Megan Malcuit and Haley Hammar rounded out the team.

Patrick Gonzalez and Brett Meier ran tag-team through the course finishing ninth and tenth over the challenging terrain. Frosh Charlie Alvarez kicked off his career with a well-paced affair to finish in the top 20. A gap opened to the next scorer in fellow frosh Hayden Traver who raced nicely in his first-ever attempt. Joe Chen closed out the scoring and was followed by Ethan Park, Jason Schupp, Chris Power, Brian Luna and Chris Salas.

King’s varsity girls were given a pre-season Division One SS ranking of 11th and showed the potential to uphold that tag if not improve on it as the season progresses. With ninth grade Mission Prep phenom Jordon Hassey making her high school debut some 800 meters out in front of the field, the race was on among the mortals, and Carissa Bowman was showing herself as one of the better ones, cruising along effortlessly in third until just steps before the finish line where she would finish fourth. Carly Sjogren showed the results of good training all summer and ran to 16th place. Larissa Davis, Addy Odekirk and Mary Griesinger rounded out the scoring group with Kaitlin Traver only two seconds off. Amber Mooney, Bekah Fairley, and Monika Valenzuela completed the team.

The boy’s varsity tried to pack through the first mile, then splintered once on the beach. Matt Cummins led the charge for the guys, with Jeremy Baugus and Colton Underwood just behind. Cummins ultimately would cross the line in fifth, his highest invitational finish in his rocketing career. John Ashley and Alec Fillmore ran in each other’s shadow for the middle mile before gapping just a bit near the end. Bradley Yarbrough ran a great first-ever varsity effort to complete the team.  King Results
Full Results

Boys Varsity top teams
1. Cabrillo 61
2. King 88
3. Dos Pueblos 94
4. San Luis Obispo 114
5. Ventura 121
6. Centennial 122
Girls Varsity top teams
1. Ventura 24
2. King 69
3. Mission 138
4. Atascadero 161
5. Dos Pueblos 198
JV Girls Top Teams
1. Ventura 24
2. King 91
3. Morro Bay 128
4. Atascadero 132

JV Boys Top Teams
1. Ventura 28
2. Cabrillo 47
King 224 points

Saturday, September 17
bowman davis mtc2005
In the great ascents up the world's tallest peaks, many of the mountaineers use "Sherpas" as helpmates who carry gear and burden much of the weight necessary to get to the top. In cross country, there are no helpers in sight, and as the Wolf Pack competed in the 25th running of the Mt. Carmel Invitational in San Diego on Saturday, they carried their own burdens as they victoriously ascended the challenging course and competition.

The grade level races saw the 9th graders lead off, and lead off they did! Sara Strasbaugh played a great game of catch up, moving steadily through the field to finish in the top group and earn the first of King's medals for the day. Kloey Glass wasn't far behind her, with Robyn Wroblewski running and awesome first race of her life! Zoe Odien got her career off well with a good 20:40 mark. Kirsti Correa put her best foot forward as well, running to a first race effort of 20:28. On the boys side, Charlie Alvarez showed everyone he has talent to spare, cruising to a top-10 finish and ultimately posting the 7th fastest time for King throughout the day at 17:26. His time is a 9th grade King record all-time on the course. Brian Luna and Jason Schupp were close by each other throughout, and Hayden Traver and Chris Power concluded the team.

Patrick Gonzalez hammered the sophomore heat, running a truly remarkable effort and 3rd fastest Wolf on the day. Ethan Park had a strong outing about a minute off of Nick Hernandez's 19:29 mark.

Many of the varsity runners of the girls team are members of the sophomore class, so it was no surprise to see them purring along near the front. Carissa Bowman moved from 10th after 800 meters to 5th by the finish line, eclipsing her PR from last year by 27 seconds! Larissa Davis and Addy Odekirk ran strong in the top 25 of the large field. Jamie Steffin ran her first race of the year after struggling with injury in the early weeks. Brittany Schuette had a splendid effort in the junior race to run assertively all 2.7 miles. Kaitlin Traver was there too, running King's fifth fastest time of the day. By the time the seniors came along, the sun was high and warm, but the conditions didn't keep the vets from following in the success of their predecessors. Mary Griesinger seemed to cruise to a full minute PR from last year, Carly Sjogren also improved at 17:24, Bridget Gonzalez capped off a family celebration with a fine effort that mimicked her brother's and Shawna Brierly and Lauren Antrim finished out what was truly a great senior race with all six girls improving on their Mt. Carmel bests!

The upper classmen were also climbing the mountain. Matt Cummins and Alec Fillmore did the catch-up thing, picking off literally dozens of oppenents between them in the final two miles of the race, Cummins finishing 7th overall. Ed Willits kicked off his season in fine fashion, and Derrick Devine and Spencer Brady both ran in tandem to 20:24 and 20:26 finishes. Jeremy Baugus led the charge for the senior boys and finished in the top twelve. Ivan Guevara, Chris Norris and Matt Sheppard all got their seasons rolling with 17:28, 17:42 and 18:49 marks. In all it was another good day in San Diego, climbing the mountain of success and improvement known as Mt. Carmel. No Sherpas were anywhere, but most of the Pack did all right by themselves!
Official Results Link
King's Mt Carmel Top 40 All Time
King's results, 2005

Saturday, September 24
gonzalez show 05
King returned once again to the favored confines of Huntington Beach's Central Park East for the newly-named Fall Classic. Competing in the meet in all but one of it's five years of history, the setting has been a place in which the Wolfpack has achieved great success. The 2005 running - albeit on a new and faster course layout - proved to be no different.

Patrick and Bridget Gonzalez were a true highlight of the day, a day in which there were many. The brother and sister combo skirted out in their respective races to capture the victories -- a first for any set of King siblings. Both racers commanded dominating leads by the midway point and continued to pull away in the closing mile. Bridget's effort was special in that she was a last-minute addition to the JV squad, pulled from the varsity lineup to fill out the foursome (and therefore unable to score) of Shawna Brierly, Brittany Schuette, Lauren Antrim and Monika Valenzuela. With Bridget's addition and the team completed, they went on to all run outstanding races and win by 20 points over Esperanza.

Another killer combo played out in the boys JV race, as Colton Underwood and Nick Ehret pulled even in the lead at just before two miles then were able to hold on to the spots in the remaining third to go 1-2 and run personal bests in the process. Matt Sheppard, Brett Meier and Bradley Yarbrough rounded out the scoring for the closest race of the day. King was second, but just six points behind Valencai and two points ahead of Esperanza.

The girls frosh-soph team went out fast and paid for the quick first mile abit in the remaining miles, as a strong Buena/Ventura squad moved up and dominated. The scoring group of Sara Strasbaugh, Allison Mills, Rebekah Fairley, Amber Mooney and Kloey Glass -- bunched nicely together between the 10th and 24th spots was not able to hold off Westlake's team who snuck into second over King by a mere six points. Out of the scoring, yet still running well were Kirsti Correa who ran a good 22:38, Tiffinnie Baumann who went 22:55 and Zoe Odien who put together her best race of the year at 23:24.

The varsities both ran team times that were a record for the boys and second all-time for the girls. Carissa Bowman led the way again for the girls, placing 5th overall. Mary Griesinger had a strong performance, as did Addy Odekirk and Kaitlin Traver, all of whom broke 20:00.

Jeremy Baugus ran with authority and found the breakthrough day a year and a half of strong mileage accumulation will bring. The once self-described "slow" freshman and lower JV runner three years ago seemed to barely hit the ground with his training flats as he shattered the long-held school record (Jon MacLaughlin, '02)with a 15:37, 12th place finish. Behind him, Matt Cummins was busy claiming the 11th grade record and John Ashley, Ivan Guevara and Alec Fillmore were cleaning up the points for a sixth place team finish.

Full Results   King Results

Thursday, October 6
King's second year in the Ivy league opened at home against the Poly Bears and got off in winning fashion. The Wolves were able to win all four races on a hot, dry day at the Ben Clark Sheriff's Training Center.

Amber Mooney led right away in the JV girls, but a supporting cast of scorers Rebekah Fairley, Lauren Antrim, Monika Valenzuela and Tifinnie Baumann combined to take five of the first seven finishing places. Jamie Steffin, coming back from injury raced well in 11th place while Haley Hammar and Megan Malcuit had good days on a tough running day.

The JV boys were not pushed collectively, so Matt Sheppard, Brett Meier and Charlie Alvarez ran side by side for the final mile, crossing the line together. Nick Hernandez ran well in fourth and Bradley Yarbrough cruised in 5th to complete the sweep. Chris Power had a good day finishing 17th overall, while Matt Cook and Kyle Wright both came back from injury-plagued days to run good races. Ed Willits, in only his second race of the year finished in the top 10.

The varsity girls saw Allison Mills and Sara Strasbaugh get their first-ever varsity race under their belts. The threesome of Mary Griesinger, Carly Sjogren and Bridget Gonzalez flipped the dual meet "safety switch" by finishing in the first three places, mathmatically garuanteeing the win. The team did, 23-32. The boys varsity also won in a closer score of 25-32.

Sunday, October 9
Boys clovis champs 2005
Boys win varsity large school division. First major invite win in King history

Oh my, what a day. The teams traveled to the Clovis Invitational in Fresno to traverse the soil of the hallowed State Meet course and gain a great, competitive experience. For the first time this season, the teams came away with a clear picture of the progress they’ve made and the poise and performances they are capable of. Throughout the meet, King was firing on all cylinders with incredible individual and team efforts.  From new team-time records for both the boys and girls, to a new school record set by the precocious Carissa Bowman, and a freshman school record by Charlie Alvarez, the day culminated with a team victory in the large-school varsity race by the boys.  It was indeed, quite a day.

The frosh-soph girls got the early start time of 7:30 and made the most of the cooler temps to set the stage for the day it would become. Amber Mooney moved out quickly and was able to hold it together in the top group for most of the 3.1 miles as the ever-improving Allison Mills made up big ground in the last half to finish second for King. Rebekah Fairley and Kloey Glass were 1 and 2 seconds behind Allison to form the nucleus of the pack that would score 6th place in the large field of quality teams. Sara Strasbaugh, Tifinnie Baumann and Robyn Wroblewski rounded out the team and the curtain was raised.

Though minus the requisite five runners to score a team, Charlie Alvarez,  Nick Hernandez,  Jason Schupp and Brian  Luna ran very well in their race, with Charlie finishing strong at 17:27, to set a King 9th grade Woodward Park record and when converted to a 3.0 mile distance,  set a new 9th grade school record all-time.

The girls Championship race quickly became one of the spectacles of the day with four nationally ranked teams and enough State ranked teams to heighten the anticipation to extreme levels for a mid-season affair. Footlocker Nationalist Marie Lawrence of Reno, Nevada set the early pace and never relinquished it, towing along behind her 2004 Nike National qualifiers South Lake Tahoe and the girls of Corona Del Mar who last Spring set a national record for the 4 x mile relay in track. On this day, CdM would go on to break the all-time course record for Woodward Park, running an 18:16 average for five finishers and clocking 91:13! In their wake were a string of above-average mortals, trying to run their own races. In that mix were the Lady Wolves, who with poise unseen to date, settled into the pace by 1000 meters and then fought tenaciously to ultimately finish 8th overall and set a new team time 5K school record. Carissa Bowman ran one of the best races of her three-season career, moving from 20th at the half-mile to  11th by the finish line and shatter the school mark for the course.

In front of her were 10 All-State, Nike and Footlocker Nationalists and four members of CdM’s national record team. Behind her, a true Wolf Pack of teammates was forming as Addy Odekirk, Mary Griesinger, Larissa Davis, Carly Sjogren and Kaitlin Traver were motoring along and fighting for every spot they could gain. The 2nd-5th scorers finished just 10 seconds apart, and only 7 points behind 7th place. Bridget Gonzalez was  84th and  7th for the team. Collectively, the team set a new 5K school record of 99:31.

Shawna Brierly and Lauren Antrim competed in the large-school varsity contest and had good performances. Shawna was a minute ahead of her 2004 time at 21:18 and Lauren ran 22:44.

Early in the week, the boys varsity team predicted they’d win their race. To do so, would be to notch the first major invitational  victory in team history. With a bold early move to the lead pack by Jeremy Baugus, Matt Cummins and John Ashley, the effort to make the prediction  a reality was on. Ivan Guevara, Patrick Gonzalez and Alec Fillmore filled in the remaining scoring slots for the first two miles. Fillmore had an incredible last 1.1 miles, moving with Gonzalez steadily forward and running perhaps the best race of his career. His bold  move, and a PR by 1:00 on the course, was one of the deciding factors in the 7 point margin over second-place Hart High of Newhall. The last time King's boys won an invitational was in 2002 (Huntington Beach; a one point victory over Estancia), but this is the first major invitational of deep quality that the program has ever won.

To finish the great day, the boys JV finished third, with Chris Norris and Nick Ehret in charge, at 3rd and 4th overall. Brett Meier closed on 10 opponents in the last mile to finish 11th and Matt Sheppard and Bradley Yarbrough combined to score 96 points.

There have been many very good days in the seven seasons of King XC, and this one will rank as one of the best. Records, PR’s, but more than anything, TEAM efforts that could well be the start of even better days ahead.
Results/photos  King All Time Woodward Park List  King All Time Team Times 5K course

Frosh Soph Girls
1. Oak Park 80
2. Ventura 98
3. Clovis East 98
4. Quartz Hill 145
5. Orange Lutheran 146
6. King 151
11 other teams

1. Courtney Lightfoot, Oak Park, 18:43
17. Amber Mooney 21:01
31. Allison Mills 21:30
32. Rebekah Fairley 21:31
33. Kloey Glass 21:32
52. Sara Strasbaugh 22:22
61. Tifinnie Baumann 22:41
74. Robyn Wroblewski 22:57

Championship Girls
1. Corona Del Mar 36, 91:21 (Course team time record)
2. Buchanan 66, 93:58
3. South Tahoe, 157, 96:58
4. Royal, 158, 97:59
5. Fairfield, 169, 98:08
6. Reno High, 180, 97:18
7. Ayala 201, 99:15
8. King, 208, 99:30 (School Record)
19 schools

1. Mel Lawrence, Reno, 17:19
11. Carissa Bowman 18:46
44. Addy Odekirk 20:05
51. Mary Griesinger 20:10
53. Larissa Davis 20:14
54. Carly Sjogren 20:15
63. Kaitlin Traver 20:23
84. Bridget Gonzalez 20:55

Varsity Girls
77. Shawna Brierly 21:18
133. Lauren Antrim 22:44

Frosh Soph Boys
22. Charlie Alvarez 17:27
85. Nick Hernandez 19:00
104. Jason Schupp 19:32
111. Brian Luna 19:36

Varsity Boys
1. King, 70, 83:41
2. Hart, 77, 83:43
3. Mater Dei 147, 85:09
20 other schools

1. Alfedo Coronado, Hart 16:01
9. Jeremy Baugus 16:28
11. John Ashley 16:39
12. Matt Cummins 16:40
20. Patrick Gonzalez 16:56
22. Alec Fillmore 16:58
41. Ivan Guevara 17:18
97. Colton Underwood 18:00

JV Boys
1. Madera High, 53
2. Royal 91
3. King 96

1. Julio Moreno, Madera 16:41
3. Chris Norris, 17:33
4. Nick Ehret 17:38
12. Brett Meier 18:02
32. Matt Sheppard 18:41
63. Bradley Yarbrough 19:12

Thursday, October 13
Running perimeters is what keeps some from the Spring sport of track, but the cross country teams found themselves doing just that against North High at the AB Brown soccer complex in Riverside. Three of the four races lacked in strong competition, but the JV boys race became the one to watch.

With North moving several varsity runners down to the JV level and King moving several JV runners up to the varsity level, the two teams met in the middle for what proved to be an exciting affair. Nick Hernandez took an early lead with Spencer Brady in tow. They were challenged by North's top two harriers who by two miles had moved into the 1-2 spots. Spread out through King's top five were the Huskies' remaining three scorers. In the final mile, Brad Yarbrough took over the top spot for King and courageously tried to split the leading couple, but settled for third. Ed Willits finished in sixth, but only after a 100 meter dash to close out North's #3. With both teams having finished their top four through 8 places, the score was deadlocked 18-all. Jason Schupp, Nash Gill and Brian Luna all gutted out the last 800, with Luna outkicking North's #5 to seal the victory, 27-30.

Monika Valenzuela was the individual winner in the JV girls' contest, holding off a quick-closing North challenger in the final quarter-mile. Tifinnie Baumann had her highest finish ever in fourth. Tatianna Balcazar ran with purpose to finish 7th overall. Jenna Kordic completed her first race of the season despite injuries, as did Kristen Beal. The girls won easily, 19-39.

The varsities won by wide margins as well, doing it with split squads. For the boys, Charlie Alvarez and Brett Meier enjoyed their first-ever varsity races, and for the girls, Rebekah Fairley, Amber Mooney and Lauren Antrim all toed their inaugural varsity line and competed well. The girls won 21-37, while the boys won 17-42.

Boys Varsity: King 17, North 42
1. Matt Cummins 17:01
2. Patrick Gonzalez 17:30
3. Chris Norris 17:33
4. Nick Ehret 17:46
7. Charlie Alvarez 18:16
9. Coltin Uderwood 18:37
10. Brett Meier 18:45

Girls Varsity: King 21, North 37
1. Carissa Bowman 20:12
2. Amber Mooney 21:08
5. Addie Odekirk 21:44
6. Alison Mills 22:21
7. Lauren Antrim 22:28
8. Shawna Brierly 22:32
12. Bekah Fairley 23:35

Girls JV: King 19, North 39
1. Monica Valenzuela 22:35
3. Sarah Strasbaugh 22:45
4. Tifinnie Baumann 22:53
5. Brittany Schuett 23:08
6. Jamie Steffin 23:34
7. Tatianna Balcazar 24:12
8. Robyn Wroblewiski 24:36
9. Kloey Glass 24:44
10. Kristen Beal 24:53
11. Haley Hammar 25:12
12. Kirsti Correa 25:20
16. Megan Malcuit 26:32
19. Brittani Ciupek 26:44
21. Jena Kordic 27:36

Boys JV: King 27, North 30
3. Brad Yarbrough 19:19
4. Nick Hernadez 19:20
5. Spencer Brady 19:44
6. Ed Willits 20:13
9. Jason Schupp 20:36
10. Nashatar Gill 20:40
11. Brian Luna 20:44
14. Ethan Park 21:15
15. David Avina 21:25
17. Chris Salas 21:40
19. Jonnathan Clem 21:56
20. Dereik Devine 22:09
21. Hayden Traver 22:29
22. Chris Power 22 :36
23. Joe Chen 22:45
24. Kyle Coggins 22:46
25. Markess Rabbitt 22:55
27. Matt Cook 23:17
28. Kyle Wright 23:18

Thursday, October 20
JV boys arms raised
La Sierra's large and well-established program came to town and one couldn't help but think of the titanic clash the two varsity boys teams staged last season in the first ever meeting between the schools. The two newest members of the Ivy League shared the league title by the close of the 2004 campaign, so the Press Enterprise perhaps rightly billed today's contest as a "rematch".

But the JV girls got things rolling King's way with a commanding and easy win, notching the first eight spots in the race, with Lauren Antrim doing leading duties up front and winning in a mark of 22:11. Intermittent Eagles behind that initial Wolf Pack split up some mini-packs of Kristen Beal, Robyn Wroblewski and Tatiana Balcazar (10th-12th) and Brittani Ciupek, Kirsti Correa, and Megan Malcuit (16th-18th). Zoe Odien ran much improved over her first race on the course two weeks ago.

With two key scorers missing from the JV boys lineup, the race was extremely tight for the Wolves for a second week in a row. Matt Sheppard led from the gun, but was forced to work for the win as Matt Davis of La Sierra pressed the closing mile to move from third to only 2 seconds off the win by the line. Charlie Alvarez hung on for third with Brett Meier in fourth, but the Eagles packed the next five spots coming by the two mile marker. Bradley Yarbrough made a strong move in the closing 1000 meters to pass two, then a third opponent with a lean at the tape to snag 8th place from the clutches of the Eagle runner. With Spencer Brady, King's fifth and final scorer, finishing behind La Sierra's seventh man, little did Brad realize that the lean was enough to flip-flop two critical points in King's favor and grab victory from the jaws of defeat, 28-29. Off the scoring, but still running well were Chris Salas who improved on the course by well over a minute-thirty, Hayden Traver who PR'd by thirty seconds, and Matt Cook who was over two full minutes off the time run here two weeks ago.

The girls varsity was unpushed and cruised to a complete shutout, with all seven in front of the Lady Eagles' first.

In 2004, the boys varsity race exploded in fireworks, as King came with a powerful attack that caught some by surprise. Though the finishing places this season were identical to last season (King going 3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9) some of the euphoria of victory was dissipated as this year's squad races with a confidence in their preparation and potential that's been unseen in several seasons at King. Holding tightly together for the first mile before stretching into their typical 30 second spread from 1-5 by midway, the team raced well and in command throughout winning by a score of 25-36.

And so the teams head into the final stretch of the season with undefeated records and a feeling of momentum.

Varsity Girls: King 15, LS 50
1. Carissa Bowman 20:03
2. Larissa Davis 21:08
3. Shawna Brierly 21:18
4. Bridget Gonzalez 21:44
5. Kaitlin Traver 21:47
6. Amber Mooney 21:58
7. Allison Mills 21:58

Varsity Boys: King 25, LS 36
3. Matt Cummins 17:01
4. Jeremy Baugus 17:03
5. Patrick Gonzalez 17:11
6. Nick Ehret 17:19
7. John Ashley 17:31
8. Alec Fillmore 17:32
9. Ivan Guevara 17:42

Girls JV: King 15, LS 50
1. Lauren Antrim 22:11
2. Monika Valenzuela 22:19
3. Brittany Schuette 22:27
4. Tiffinnie Baumann 22:29
5. Sara Strasbaugh 22:44
6. Rebekah Fairley 22:56
7. Kloey Glass 23:00
8. Jamie Steffin 23:02
10. Kristen Beal 23:40
11. Robyn Wroblewski 23:53
12. Tatiana Balcazar 24:22
14. Haley Hammar 24:50
16. Brittani Ciupek 24:56
17. Kirsti Correa 25:13
18. Megan Malcuit 25:15
21. Holly Huss 26:00
22. Zoe Odien 26:20
32. Stacy Yarbrough 29:07

Boys JV: King 28, LS 29
1. Matt Sheppard 18:07
3. Charlie Alvarez 18:20
4. Brett Meier 18:51
8. Brad Yarbrough 19:17
12. Spencer Brady 19:45
14. David Avina 19:54
16. Ed Willits 20:18
18. NAsh Gill 20:33
19. Brian Luna 20:36
21. Jon Clem 20:42
23. Ethan Park 20:49
24. Nick Hernandez 20:59
26. Chris Salas 21:04
27. Jason Schupp 21:12
31. Joe Chen 21:34
35. Hayden Traver 21:49
36. Matt Cook 22:02
37. Derric Devin 22:11
38. Kyle Coggins 22:14
41. Markus Rabbitt 23:11

Saturday, October 22
varsity boys champs 05

A measuring stick of any cross country team or program is their performance on the famed and storied  trails of MtSAC. Legendary for it's tradition, it's championship-calibre course layout and it's famous (or infamous) three hills, the site beckons runners from across the nation to come and find out how strong, how tough, and how determined they really are. For King, the day brought a slew of huge performances and record changing efforts. Sloughing off the demons of 2004, in which the Wolfpack ran below themselves, the '05 squads came away with medals, plaques and PR's. It was a very good day.

The JV boys got the early gun, with a 7:05 race start, the first of the day. Colton Underwood cut through the early morning haze like a beam of sunshine, finishing 4th overall at 17:05. Matt Sheppard, Chris Norris -- who had a 1:50 drop in his course PR --  Brett Meier and Bradley Yarbrough combined to score 112 points to finish 4th, just 8 points away from a plaque. Derric Devine took two minutes off his course PR, racing well in 158th place. Ed Willits also PR'd in a big way, dropping his course-best from 22:42 to 19:08!

With no official team in the girls JV race, Brittany Schuette, Lauren Antrim and Monika Valenzuela worked together to finish in the top 25 of the 80 runner field.

The boys varsity continued on the rampage they've been making of late through the school records and their opponents. Throwing caution to the wind, the team has raced unlike any squad at King in several years, winning the Clovis Invitational two weeks ago and defeating La Sierra on Thursday. Today, the team was poised to again go out and see what could be accomplished with the propelant of a "can-do" attitude.  

Turning their 1-5 gap into something more like a sliver, the pack formed a 30 second spread for the third race in a row and notched the second ever varsity victory at Mt.SAC (the first was the 2002 team), and broke the three-year old team time SR in the process! Matt Cummins led a bunch of six teammates through the mile, then John Ashley joined him for the final two mile jaunt. The two finished in the top 10 and ran the #1 and #2 times ever for King on the course. Jeremy Baugus (:58 PR), Patrick Gonzalez (1:53 PR) and Nick Ehret also put their names in the Top 15 All time to finish out the scoring five. 6th-man Alec Fillmore had an almost full 2 minute PR to run 16:43!  Their score of 84 points distanced themselves from 1000 Oaks (118) and Rubidoux (128). The victory over the Falcons of Rubidoux would be the first ever for King, after doing battle with the well-coached and talented program while in the Sunkist League from 2000-2003

Carissa Bowman ...... oh my. Racing as she did in Clovis, the sophomore ran like a seasoned senior, gently biding her time in the opening mile, just off the leaders, only to consume 11 opponents in the last two miles, ultimately finishing in 4th. Her time was 18:22, a full 30 second drop from 2004. It was the second-fastest time of all Riverside County runners on the day, and in the top 10 of all Southern Section Division One runners! Incredible! Her low score helped move her team to 8th place in their race. Larissa Davis was King's second runner overall with a PR at 19:55 Bridget Gonzalez ran a terrific second-half to cross the line in 19:58, while Carly Sjogren, Shawna Brierly and Kaitlin Traver all had signficant improvements in their personal records for the course. Collectively, the team ran the fourth fastest team time at Mt.SAC (including CIF competition).

Freshmen and Sophomores filled out the remainder of the race schedule and the girls of both groups brought home plaques and the coveted medals. The sophomore girls got into a spirited battle with Royal, as Addy Odekirk dueled through 2 miles then broke away for a commanding victory. Allison Mills ran exceptionally for her first time on the course, as did Tifinnie Baumann who dropped over 3 minutes off of her time from 2004!! Amber Mooney and Rebekah Fairley finished out the scoring, while Tatianna Balcazar was running a 2:45 pr from one year ago. The freshmen girls also got into the action with a second-place effort, paced by Kloey Glass who ran her best race of the season and afterward pronounced, "that was fun!" Sara Strasbaugh ran under 22:00 despite nursing a bum knee, and Robyn Wroblewski and Zoe Odien put together truly fine efforts to score along with Kirsti Correa. Haley Hammar ran 23:35 and looked good doing it, while Megan Malcuit finished with a flourish at 23:40.

The ninth grade boys saw Charlie Alvarez notch his name in the top two 9th grade all-time marks. Unfortunately, his high finish place wasn't able to pull King out of tenth place overall. Brian Luna continued his good racing of late, with a sub-19:00 effort. Hayden Traver broke 20:00. The soph boys lacked a full-scoring team, but Ethan Park was still able to drop 2 minutes from his course-best. Nick Hernandez clocked 18:13, a fine time for his first go of the course.

So what began in the early morning dark, ended in the light of victory and success. It was three years ago that King was able to run as well over the hill and dale of Mt.SAC, and hopefully a sign of the prominence to come on the course that defines the sport.

King All Time MSAC List  Official Results (Division one)

Boys Varsity
1. King 84
2. Thousand Oaks 118
3. Rubidoux 128
4. Canyon (CC) 160
18 more teams

7. John Ashley 16:01 (School Course Record)
10. Matt Cummins 16:03
18. Jeremy Baugus 16:25
24. Patrick Gonzalez 16:32
25. Nick Ehret 16:34
37. Alec Fllmore 16:43
58. Ivan Guevara 17:01

Girls Varsity
1. Fountain Valley 74
2. Cardinal Gibbons 129
8. King 238
9. Ventura 241
17 total teams

4. Carissa Bowman 18:22 (school course record)
48. Larissa Davis 19:55
52. Bridget Gonzalez 19:58
69. Carly SJogren 20:15
73. Shawna Brierly 20:24
81. Kaitlin Traver 20:33
95. Mary Griesinger 21:04

Boys JV
1. Dana Hills 64
2. Madera 92
3. Los Alamitos 104
4. King 112
5. Royal 134
20 total teams

4. Colton Underwood 17:06
16. Matt Sheppard 17:30
18. Chris Norris 17:33
33. Brett Meier 17:56
48. Bradley Yarbrough 18:25
78. Ed Willits 19:08
85. Spencer Brady 19:15
115. Nash Gill 19:49
136. Jacoub Hanna 20:11
155. Jon Clem 20:44
158. Derric Devine 20:49
159. Matt Cook 21:02
161. Kyle Coggins 21:06

Girls JV
No team to score
17. Brittany Schuette 21:46
21. Lauren Antrim 22:01
22. Monika Valenzuela 22:02

Boys Sophomore
No team to score
64. Nick Hernandez 18:13
134. David Avina 19:30
141. Ethan Park 19:37
186. Chris Salas 20:33

Girls Sophomore
1. King 53
2. Royal 60
3. Aliso Niguel 64
4. Buena 81
5. Esperanza 127
13 total teams

1. Addy Odekirk 19:39
11. Allison Mills 20:43
13. Tifinnie Baumann 20:55
14. Amber Mooney 20:59
26. Rebekah Fairley 21:33
46. Jamie Steffin 22:27
67. Tatiana Balcazar 23:01
100. Brittani Ciupek 24:04

Boys Freshmen
1. Buchanan 31
2. Dana Hills 113
3. Marina 116
10. King
19 total teams

20. Charlie Alvarez 17:51
46. Brian Luna 18:58
73. Hayden Traver 19:47
77. Jason Schupp 19:51
99.. Chris Power 20:26

Girls Freshmen
1. Fountain Valley 23
2. King 98
3. El Rancho 120
4. Canyon CC 137
5. Alta Loma 156
13 total teams

13. Kloey Glass 21:13
27. Sara Strasbaugh 21:53
30. Robyn Wroblewski 22:02
33. Zoe Odien 22:06
40. Kirsti Correa 22:39
57. Haley Hammar 23:25
65. Holly Huss 23:39
67. Megan Malcuit 23:40

Thursday, October 27
griesinger mary cs 05
In the last dual meet of the season, King met up with Canyon Springs and Arlington. The Cougars of Canyon Springs weren't about to let King go into Finals with an undefeated season at all levels, and in two of the four races at least, made the Wolf pack work for every last point and narrow victories.

The JV boys found themselves locked up early-on with three Cougars who would ultimately crowd from 2nd through 4th by the finish line. Patrick Gonzalez cruised to the victory and Charlie Alvarez ran well in 5th, but it was collective depth that kept King from losing. Matt Sheppard, Nick Hernandez, Chris Norris and Brett Meier combined to finish ahead of the remaining CS scorers and seal a narrow, 27-30 victory. For three weeks in a row, the Wolves have had to go to the mat at the JV level to come out victorious, winning by 1, 3 and 3 points in the last trio of league meets. Some good marks were recorded in this second-to-last race of 2005, with Chris Power slipping under 20:00 along with David Avina. Ethan Park finished at 20:01 and Kyle Coggins had his PR set at 20:23.

The JV girls were not challenged and once again finished in the first 8 places and 14 of the first 16 places. Such was not the case however with the varsity girls as Canyon Springs put it to the Lady Wolves with a ferocious top-three attack that gave King their slimmest margin of victory in several years, 29-30! Jessi Jaech and Courtney DiNicola of CS drove the third mile in commanding fashion, passing Carissa Bowman to take 1-2 at the line. Carissa was able to hold off their third runner, and spoil CS's hopes of the mathmatical "can't lose" scenario of the top three finishers. It was King's depth that saved the day, as the remaining six Wolves were able to finish ahead of Canyon's fourth girl. As the two squads look to next week's League Finals, this close race, coupled with the possiblity of Canyon returning their injured star Tiffany Rojas, makes the last matchup next week very intriguing and anyone's guess who will come out on top!

With confidence coming in spades, the varsity boys took their jobs seriously and got busy winning their race by the first mile, with Jeremy Baugus chasing Jose Blanco of CS (they would finish 2nd and 1st respectively) and the pack forming nicely 10 seconds back. The pack held together in their now very typical 30-second spread, and never looked back, winning comfortably. The boys varsity heads into League Finals undefeated for the second year in a row.


Thursday, November 3
boys varsity group shot #3 2005
The Ivy League Finals gave King an opportunity to put together the collective efforts of over 30,900 miles run and 62 athletes doing their best to make a healthy team. With six races on tap - the two frosh soph races were exhibitions of sort - the chances to shine were multiplied six-fold. The teams came away with a girls frosh-soph race win and four league titles!

The girls frosh soph race turned into a nail-biter as King and Poly consumed 8 of the 9 top spots, and did it in streaks of Blue and Orange. With Amber Mooney running a truly fine wire-to-wire effort and leading by over 200 meters, Rebekah Fairley was second and running her finest effort of the season. Kloey Glass was in third, but not without having to put together a great last 100 meters to snag the spot from the first of four Poly Bears. Robyn Wroblewski was King's fourth scorer with a great 22:34 race and then it was all eyes on which squad would bring in their fifth and final scorer. True to form, the two teams emerged in the final straight side by side, as Tatianna Balcazar finishing just four seconds behind Poly's last scorer. But the trio up front was enough to seal the deal and win the race by six points. Haley Hammar PR'd on the course. Jenna Kordic, who finished 28th overall, displayed her character and tenacity, overcoming injury all season to finish valiantly. Stacy Yarbrough dropped her course PR, as did Holly Huss and Este Arias. A great finish for our young girls and future stars.

Charlie Alvarez gave chase in hopes of the individual win in the boys frosh soph race, but ultimately settled for 4th overall. The team was never close to La Sierra who put together a throng of underclassmen to win the event 26 to King's 67. However, there were some good performances by the Wolfpack on their final day. Nick Hernandez ran in the top 10, and David Avina showed what he is capable of doing by dropping over 30 seconds in the week and crossing in 13th. Brian Luna and Jason Schupp both scored while Ethan Park, Hayden Traver and Chris Salas all PR'd on the course. Chris Power came off the flu to run well in 42nd.

Undefeated streaks were on the line for the two JV squads and they didn't disappoint with a commanding win by the ladies and another close win (it's been that way for the last month!) for the boys. Brittany Schuette capped off her season that was plagued mid-way with illness with a great second-place showing and time of 20:31. Kailtin Traver and Allison Mills were 3 and 4 respectively with Tifinnie Baumann PR'ing on the course in 7th and Monika Valenzuela rounding out the scoring group in 8th. Kristen Beal and Lauren Antrim, both four-year runners for King, concluded their careers by running very well in 12th and 17th.

That habit of racing close scores the JV boys have had the last month reared it's pretty head again this day, despite having Chris Norris win the race and Colton Underwood go third. Matt Sheppard and Brett Meier finished next to each other in 5 and 6, but Canyon Springs put five in before Spencer Brady kicked furiously in at 13th to finish off the scoring and keep the Cougars at bay and off the victory stand. Brad Yarbrough dropped his course time from last week 45 seconds, and Nash Gill, sidelined for most of the season with illness, ran a wonderful closer at 19:20. Derric Devine and Jacoub Hanna also dropped their course marks significantly to finish on a high note.

One has to go back to 1999 to find the last time a King boys varsity squad ran away with the outright league title (It was the Arrowhead league and the first crown of any sport at King High) and also run this fast. Running a school record team time of 80:56, gapping 1-5 at only 24 seconds - and only 32 seconds 1-7! - the team has been clicking on all cylanders for the last six weeks. Sharing leading responsibilites and keeping the pack tight, the Seven followed Jeremy Baugus' lead through half-way when Matt Cummins and John Ashley moved to the fore with a surging Patrick Gonzalez, Nick Ehret, Ivan Guevara and Alec Fillmore all almost an arms reach from each other. La Sierra, a legitmate threat to repeat 2004 and earn the victory (and a share of the title) behind their talented twins up front were not as strong this time around and were not able to put even four runners in front of King's seventh. It was again a great display of team effort and team racing that brought home King's third league title in seven years.

Rebounding from an sub-par performance last week on the same course, the varsity girls put to rest by midway any doubts of the ability or their will to win. Carissa Bowman lead the way and waged a great dual with Canyon's Courtney DiNicola before going solo over the last half mile to win her first league title and MVP honors. Addy Odekirk and Larissa Davis were busy breaking up the trio of Cougars that nearly upset the Lady Wolves' undefeated season a week ago. The two sophs would ultimately finish 3 and 4, while Bridget Gonzalez was putting an exclamation mark on her league season with an outstanding race to finish 7th. Carly Sjogren eclipsed 20 minutes to finish in 12th and Shawna Brierly and Mary Griesinger rounded out the championship team, King's fifth straight!

Winning isn't easy and all four crowned squads had to battle throughout the season for the accolades they've achieved. On this one triumphant day, the King kid's effort, attitude and will were on display and they went home wearing four Ivy League crowns.

Girls Frosh Soph
1. King 28
2. Poly 34
3. La Sierra 75
4. North 121

1. Amber Mooney 20:30
2. Rebekah Fairley 21:15
3. Kloey Glass 21:19
9. Robyn Wroblewski 22:34
13. Tatiana Balcazar 22:54
14. Kirsti Correa 22:58
18. Jamie Steffin 23:17
19. Holly Huss 23:18
20. Haley Hammar 23:29
23. Brittani CIupek 23:53
28. Jenna Kordic 24:05
29. Este Arias 24:05
32. Briana Whetstone 24:24
33. Zoe Odien 25:07
34. Sara Strasbaugh 25:29
35. Megan Malcuit 25:35
37. Stacy Yarbrough 25:53

F/S Boys
1.La S-26

4. Charlie Alvarez 17:52
9. Nick Hernandez 18:47
13. David Avina 19:06
18. Brian Luna 19:22
23. Jason Schupp 19:46
25. Ethan Park 19:54
27. Hayden Traver 20:05
29. Chris Salas 20:22
42. Chris Power 21:57

JV Girls
5.La S-173

2. Brittany Schutte 20:31
3. Kaitlin Traver 20:44
4. Allison Mills 20:47
7. Tiffine Baumann 21:03
8. Monika Valenzuela 21:24
12. Lauren Antrim 21:53
17. Kristen Beal 23:01

JV Boys
4.La S-109

1. Chris Norris 17:09
3. Colton Underwood 17:17
5. Matt Sheppard 17:38
6. Brett Meier 17:38
13. Spencer Brady 18:30
14. Brad Yarbough 18:31
19. Ed Willits 19:00
23. Nash Gill 19:20
27. Derrick Devine 19:48
29. Jacoub Hanna 19:56
41. Markus Rabbitt 20:56

Varsity Girls
1. King-27
2. CSHS-49
3. POLY-65   
4. North-97
   La s-127

1. Carissa Bowman 18:33
3. Larissa Davis 19:25
4. Addy Odekirk 19:30
7. Bridget Gonzalez 19:36
12. Carly Sjogren 19:52
15. Shawna Brierly 19:59
17. Bary Griesinger 20:30

Varsity Boys
1. King 36
2. La S 51
3. CSHS 68
4. POLY 96
   North ns

5. Matt Cummins 16:01
6. John Ashley 16:13
7. Jeremy Baugus 16:17
8. Patrick Gonzalez 16:23
10. Nick Ehret 16:25
11. Ivan Guevara 16:28
13. Alec Fillmore 16:36

Saturday, November 12
cif girls collage 2005
16 seconds. It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it was enough to get the King girls into the CIF Finals for the fifth time in seven years (and the fourth in a row!) Saturday at the Southern Section CIF Division One Championships. With fourteen teams qualifing out of four heats, the top three finishing places in each race were guaranteed a ticket to the Big Dance, with the next two "fastest fourth place teams" based on team time getting the last two coveted spots. In a race that takes nearly 100 minutes collectively for a team to run, 16 seconds isn't much. Not until today. Today it was the difference between going home and going on.

A nail biting waiting game commenced as results from the final heat would dictate the outcome. Finishing fourth in the third heat, and faster than one of the two previous fourth place team, King had to wait for the final race to finish before punching their ticket. When it came, only 16 seconds separated Rancho Cucamonga Los Osos at 99:07 and King at 98:51. King is going on!

The automatic spot of third was out of reach by the top of the switchbacks, as Murrietta Valley, Sultana and Trabuco Hills all ran solid team efforts and put the race for fourth into the hands of those who dared. Highland, King and Long Beach Poly all battled for that lone spot. Carissa Bowman played a big role in the advancing effort of the girls, as she won the race, but more importantly won it in a fast 18:24. That time (17th fastest overall of all five divisions combined) ultimately give King a 50 second advantage over Los Osos by the time the Bears' first runner crossed the line in the subsequent race. Contributing to the successful team effort behind Carissa, were Addy Odekirk, Larissa Davis and Bridget Gonzalez who formed a nice pack and Carly Sjogren who finished fifth for the team and scored. Shawna Brierly and Mary Griesinger rounded out the team.

After a string of wonderful efforts and victories throughout October and early November, the boys' hopes for Finals were like tarnished coins in a wishing well as the group couldn't muster the required performances on a warm afternoon to advance. With a 1:30pm race time, the warmer temps kept all teams from headlining great times, so it quickly became a race for the top three spots. Despite Matt Cummins putting together perhaps his finest race of the year to finish 10th overall, the remaining six racers struggled on what would be the last race of a great season. John Ashley finished second for the team with Nick Ehret right on his heels, but the normal 30 second gap between the five scorers ballooned to almost a minute and it sounded the alarm that not all was right. The team finished fifth overall, a disappointment after the accolades earned over the previous six weeks.

The race did not take away from the efforts of the team that put together school record team times for both three miles and 5K and set the Mt.SAC team time school record and won the first outright League title for King since 1999. But the day belonged to the ladies who exulted in their sixteen seconds of glory.

1. Murrieta Valley 45
2. Sultana 80
3. Trabuco Hills 83
4. King 117
5. Highland 134
6. Poly Long Beach 156
17 total teams

1. Carissa Bowman 18:24
24. Addy Odekirk 19:57
25. Bridget Gonzalez 19:58
27. Larissa Davis 20:01
44. Carly Sjogren 20:31
56. Shawna Brierly 20:58
68. Mary Griesinger 21:30

1. Royal 62
2. Arcadia 86
3. Los Alamitos 131
4. Santa Ana Valley 134
5. King 161
17 total teams

10. Matt Cummins 16:09
23. John Ashley 16:35
26. Nick Ehret 16:41
50. Jeremy Baugus 17:08
57. Ivan Guevara 17:18
67. Patrick Gonzalez 17:30
74. Alec Fillmore 17:42

bowman cif finals 05
Carissa Bowman finished 18th overall -- the highest King finish at Finals ever!
Summer-like conditions warmed up the November skies to temperatures more commonly felt in July, and for the last race of the season it was like it had started ... hot. The low 80's temps under a bright sun melted the hopes of super-fast times, and so the teams of Division One were left to gut it out and make the best of less than ideal conditions.

For the King girls, making their fourth consecutive trip to the Southern Section Championship race, and fifth in seven years of racing, the race never really took flight as the Seven struggled throughout and ended up finishing 14th in the field. Carissa Bowman lurked in the top 10 for over a mile before slipping back to 18th by the finish line. It was the highest finish by a King runner at CIF Finals in our history and a wonderful step of progress for the talented sophomore. A large gap of nearly 60 places formed to the rest of the scorers Larissa Davis, Bridget Gonzalez, Addy Odekirk and Mary Griesinger. Amber Mooney and Carly Sjogren completed the team.

With King's top three runners from the season returning in 2006, and a large contingent of underclassmen who show great potential, the future once again looks hopeful as the 2005 season comes to a close much like it started: HOT!

18. Carissa Bowman 18:51
81. Larissa Davis 20:35
90. Bridget Gonzalez 21:07
94. Mary Griesinger 21:18
96. Addy Odekirk 21:27
102. Carly Sjogren 22:06
103. Amber Mooney 22:16

1 Fountain Valley 68 1:32:53
2 Thousand Oaks 81 1:34:16
3 Saugus 134 1:35:10
4 Royal 147 1:36:43   
5 Murrieta Valley 149 1:36:39
6 Crescenta Valley 162 1:37:00
7 Dana Hills 201 1:38:10
8 Corona 227 1:39:18
9 Canyon (Canyon Country) 234 1:38:45
10 Sultana 247 1:39:04
11 Glendora 247 1:38:45
12 Trabuco Hills 250 1:39:32
13 Redlands 308 1:41:07
14 King (M.L.) 346 1:43:18

Monday, June 13

Friday, December 1

Thursday, September 7
asplund 2 milem

The rookies of the 2006 squads took to the fields two days earlier than the veterans to compete in a low-key season opener hosted in style by Woodcrest Christian. The "Two Mile Madness" event brought together grade level races and 11 schools, and for King's future stars, it was an opportunity to enter the waters of racing in a low-pressure setting.

Despite the lack of fanfare, the athletes truly rose to the occasion. With large groups of 9th graders, fewer 10th graders and a lone 11th grader (Jeff Lin) the runners put together strong and spirited efforts and placed King athletes throughout the competition.

The 9th grade boys, one of the best and deepest groups of 9th graders King has seen since our inception in 1999, got things rolling in fine fashion. Matt Wolf and Sam Anich paced themselves perfectly, moving from 13th and 14th at 800 meters to 4th and 8th at the finish. Joseph Albrechtsen and Jarod Nocella did likewise, moving up and finishing in the top 15. Kelsi Tippets and Rebecca Asplund took notes and copied the work of the boys in their first race dropping 10 places a piece over the course. Kelsi finished third and Rebecca  was 7th. A pleasant surprise was Brandi Rosenau who charged through the race and came in 8th. Danielle Fillmore was 9th and Rebecca Trupp and Sarah Bobby were 14th and 15th. Jordon Villanueva took home a plaque in 21st as did Tiffany Jensen and Lori Kovacavich.

Chris Villanueva has been training all summer at or near the top 7 for King, so it was no surprise to watch him chip away at quick starters in the soph race and ultimately wind up in 5th at 12:41. Andrew Huscher went about his first-ever race in great form, showing solid competitive fire and coming in 9th. Greg Romandetti and Greg Bedell were 15th and 19th, Kyle Kent plaqued at 20th as did Robert Devine at 22nd. Jackie Sheid and Susan Montiel also took home plaques in their sophomore race with 7th and 13th place finishes. Jeffrey Lin capped off the day in the Junior race with an 8th place, 16:24 effort.

In all, a great beginning for our new kids. Nestled quietly into the crowd of newcomers will emerge in time and with hard work, kids who will shine and stand out.

Photos of the race.   Full results on

9th grade boys

4. Matt Wolf, 12:55
8. Sam Anich, 13:21
11. Joseph Aldrechtsen, 13:38
14. Jarod Nocella, 14:08
17. Alan Soto, 14:21
21. Derek Nelson, 14:48
22. Brandon Rogers, 14:49
23. Bradley Sheets, 14:49
25. Tyler Glendrange, 14:53
26. Kahreh Daugherty, 14:56
28. Sean Lee, 14:59
33. Craig Aguilar, 16:23

9th grade girls

3. Kelsi Tippets, 13:57
7. Rebecca Asplund, 14:55
8. Brandi Rosenau, 15:48
9. Danielle Fillmore, 16:02
14. Rebecca Trupp, 17:34
15. Sarah Bobby, 17:39
21. Jordan V, 19:11
22. Tiffany Jensen, 19:17
25. Lori Kovacevich, 21:18
27. Chelsea Salazar, 24:25

10th grade boys

5. Chris Villanueva, 12:41
9. Andrew Huscher, 13:11
15. Greg Romandetti, 13:41
19. Greg Bedell, 14:04
20. Kyle Kent, 14:06
22. Robert Devine, 14:30
27. Jake Burkes, 15:00
36. Zack Severance, 16:15

10th grade girls

7. Jackie Scheid, 17:11
13. Susan Montiel, 18:37

11th grade boy
22. Jeffrey Lin, 16:24


Saturday, September 9

The scenic and rolling terrain of Prado Park in Chino was the setting for the first full-team contest of the 2006 and by the time the dust had settled, King came away with both highs and lows, fitting for the undulating 5K course that makes up the Bronco Invitational. The teams finished with mid-pack results at the varsity and JV levels, while the two frosh/soph teams captured 3rd and 4th place finishes in a meet that drew several powerhouse programs from across a three county area. In all, 29 teams were in attendance.

The varsity squads this year are remarkably different in makeup from the 2005 campaigns. For the girls, of the seven who toed the line at last year's CIF Finals, only two were here today.  So, the squad welcomed a couple-few who had little to no prior varsity experience. One of those was Kelsi Tippets who didn't let a lack of varsity experience keep her from running a truly well-paced effort in a stellar field and ultimately finish of 28th overall (2nd for King). With the likes of deep and strong teams such as Ayala, El Modena, Murrietta Valley, Chino Hills and Brea in the race (all of whom have State-meet experience) it was a remarkable first-go for the 9th grader. Brittany Schuette was another new varsity runner and picked up where she left off in track, running really well in King's 5th spot. Becka Fairly ran her first-ever varsity race, placing as King's sixth runner. Leading the Wolve's effort was Carissa Bowman who finished sixth overall in the race to lead the team to a fourth place finish.

The boys varsity squad is as new this year as the girls' is, after the '05 team left with a number of graduating seniors. Patrick Gonzalez led the way today with a 16:16 mark for 5K a strong first effort as he shattered the junior-class school record. Chris Salas had a great performance in his first-ever varsity-cross experience, running King's third man. Nash Gill was a solid 5th man and Alec Fillmore was fourth for King.  The team finished fifth overall.

The boys frosh-soph squad saw Jason Schupp run a gutsy effort, going out extremely fast in the first 800, then fading a bit but still finishing very strong. Chris Villanueva, Matt Wolf, Brian Luna and Sam Anich were all close behind to round out the fourth place finish for the Wolves. 

Rebecca Asplund and Robyn Wroblewski put together stellar performances in the girls frosh-soph race. Rebecca dropped 10 places in the final mile to cross the line 4th overall, while Robyn finished 12th. Their times were both among the top seven King times on the day! Danielle Fillmore and Brandi Rosenau both scored for the third-place finishing team.

Stacy Yarbrough set the pace for the JV team and had a strong run. Birthday-girl Kirsti Correa came up from the frosh-soph team to fill out the required five for scoring and ran well. Brittani Ciupek and Tatiana Balcazar also had good races.

The JV boys saw a fine performance turned in by Nick Hernandez and Brett Meier. Jon Clem was in the mix as was Greg Smith and Ethan Park.

mtcarmel collage
Sunday, September 17
bowman mtc 2006
Carissa side-by-side with a member of Torrey Pine's nationally ranked girls team
Under splattered shadows beneath towering eucalyptus trees, King's kids once again traced the steps of National Champions as the teams competed in the Mt. Carmel Invitational Saturday. Held on the same course as the Footlocker High School National Championships, (held each December) it allowed the opportunity to compare and perhaps to dream.

Though the races were staged as grade-level competitions, there were team competitions within the King camp to beat the team-time records of our previous years. The team time is the combined times of the first five finishers for a team. With 2005 and 2004 team times posted for each grade level, the challenge was on.

The 9th grade boys got down to business early and quick, with a rabbitted start to avoid a light pole directly in their path. Sam Anich and Matt Wolf worked in tandem throughout and finished in the top 35 overall with times in the high-18's for the 2.95 mile race. Joe Albrechtsen, Jared Nocella and Bradley Sheets closed out the scoring for the group at 97:32 -- a slim 2 second advantage over the 2005 9th grade squad! The freshmen girls had a tall order going against a deep class of 2005, but that didn't keep them from trying! Brandi Rosenau continued to truly impress with her best race of the season, a steady "move-up" effort that took her from mid-pack to the top 15 by the end of the race and King's 16th fastest ever on the course. Rebecca Asplund draped a medal around her neck after finishing just one second and two places behind her teammate. Danielle Fillmore, Rebecca Trupp, Sarah Bobby and Jordan Vanderhoof rounded out the squad.

94:36 was the team time for the sophomore boys, run by the much-improved squad of Brian Luna (:45 second drop from last season!), Jason Schupp (:50 second drop), Hayden Traver (1:03 drop) and a host of first-timers. Andrew Huscher was close behind Traver at 19:07 and Greg Romandetti finished the timing of the five. Robyn Wroblewski continued her fine running this season with a strong 18:22 effort in her sophomore race, while Kirsti Correa and Este Arias gave chase. Haley Hammar, Sara Strasbaugh and Holly Huss all ran admirably coming off of injuries.

Carissa Bowman once again flashed her brilliance and talent with another truly incredible effort. Sitting in 10th at a half-mile and racing in training shoes, she steadily worked on the leaders until a half-mile to go, when she moved into 3rd and carried it to the finish with a 16:08 time.  In doing so, she broke her own school course record, had the fifth fastest time overall on the day and the 20th fastest time ever on the course for all junior girls! Impressive! Larissa Davis and Bekah Fairley also ran very quality races, while Stacy Yarbrough unleashed her best race ever, with an almost 3 minute drop from 2004! Brittani Ciupek finished out her race with a course PR as well. 

Patrick Gonzalez ran a similar race to Carissa's by staying out of the fray in the early going and then patiently picking off opponents as he went. His 16:28 was fastest on the day for King and got him a fourth place finish at the line. Nick Hernandez dropped 1:22 off of his 2005 mark at 18:07, while David Avina and Ethan Park also put together strong performances, both significantly faster than one year ago.

By the time the seniors took the line, the weather was warming up a bit, but that didn't keep Kaitlin Traver and Brittany Schuette from running great races at 17:33 and 17:39, both in the top fifteen places. Matt Cummins led the way for the boys , followed by Alec Fillmore, Nash Gill (dropped 1:11 from 2004!) and Brad Yarbrough. Greg Smith was the fifth place runner for King in what has to be his finest race of his on again off again career. Dropping 1:10 from one year ago, Greg ran with tenacity and purpose and it paid off! Jon Clem also had a fine outing and was followed by Kyle Coggins and Markus Rabbitt.

Mt. Carmel top 40 All Time   2006 Full Results    2006 Team Results   Combined Team Scores from both divisions.

Carissa and Patrick caught on film for

city scape sf 06
Sunday, September 24

boys tree shadows sf 06

Tuesday, September 26
From San Diego one week ago to San Francisco this past weekend, King High brought new meaning to the term, "cross country." The teams traveled again, this time to the City By the Bay, for a fun filled three-day, two night trip that happened to include a wonderful cross country meet held in a storied and historic park.  The teams competed well and held their own against many local squads in the meet that numbered close to 70 total schools.

That "wonderful meet" was the 28th Annual San Francisco Invitational by Lowell High School, and it is held yearly in the 100 year-old and stunningly majestic Golden Gate Park. Buoyed by great weather, winding dirt trails beneath woods of Monterey pine, the runners from King found themselves enjoying the natural rush that comes from the convergence of this great sport in a great setting. By meet's end, the teams of King were all smiles, basking in the bright light of a job well done.

The varsity girls finished 3rd overall in the first of two varsity heats and were led by Carissa Bowman who just missed her first-ever large invitational victory by finishing 2nd. The high team finish wasn't on her low score alone however, as the team put together a tremendous pack of Larissa Davis, Kaitlin Traver, Brittany Schuette and Rebecca Asplund.  Rebecca -- running in her first varsity race -- ran a race that appeared to have experience all over it, as she hung on tenaciously to the pack and in the scoring five. Stacy Yarbrough notched her first varsity effort as well and finished sixth for the team.

Matt Cummins rebounded from a couple of "off-races" to run a good race in leading the boys varsity to a seventh place finish in the first of two races at that level. His 16:12 time on a course lengthened to a rummored distance well beyond it's originally mapped 2.8 mile layout was of PR qualtity regardless of the actual race distance.  Alec Fillmore and Chris Salas got off the ground literally after being knocked down in the opening meters of the race. Despite bumps and bruises, the two went on to punish the course with 17:00 and 17:16 marks. Nash Gill was right there with them at 17:17, while Bradley Yarbrough powered through another fine varsity effort and Jon Clem made his inaugural attempt at varsity racing in good fashion.

Only 15 points kept the JV boys out of the medals, as they finished third behind Brett Meier's stunning 2nd place overall finish. Colton Underwood, David Avina, Kyle Coggins and Ethan Park placed from 6th through 19th to form a solid pack. Greg Smith and David Gonzalez rounded out the squad. The JV Girls did not fare as well in the team scoring, ending up in 9th place with 262 points. But the placing hid the quality races of the five girls who competed.  Haley Hammar led and came across the line in 33rd. Monika Valenzuela was second for the squad, followed by Rebecca Trupp, Jackie Schied and Susie Montiel.

19 places separated the sophomore boys' top five, but the group started their scoring at 20th in the field which kept them from finishing any higher than 5th overall. Still, Jason Schupp, the hardworking, silent and passionate competitor led the way, followed by Chris Villanueva who again put in a praiseworthy race in this, his rookie year. Andrew Huscher, Hayden Traver and Greg Romandetti rounded out the scoring set.

In the second of two frosh-soph races for the girls, great things unfolded for the team that would ultimately snag 4th overall. Danielle Fillmore and Brandi Rosenau were pacing one another in the top 10 of the race - they'd finish 6th and 7th respectively - while Zoe Odien was quietly putting together her best race of two years! Finishing 15th overall, she looked strong and confident over the frosh-soph course that was measured at approximatley 2.1 miles. Este Arias and Jordon Vanderhoof both scored for the team.

King's 9th grade boys continued to show great improvement and promise on the young season. Once again led by Matt Wolf and a very close-following Sam Anich, Joe Albrecthsen and Jared Nocella gave chase. Derek Nelson came through nicely with a 5th-man scoring effort, while Bradley Sheets and Sean Lee rounded out the group. The team finished 5th in what developed into a quality group of teams.

Following the great meet, the teams traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge for a wonderful view (despite the rolling fog!) of the bridge and a team photo. Then it was on to the Pier 39 for a night full of fun and good eats. 

Complete results from Dyestatcal   Photo Gallery

1. 98 BELLARMINE PREP (16:29 82:24)
2. 107 WILLOW GLEN HIGH SCH (16:19 81:33)
3. 118 MONTA VISTA (16:33 82:41)
4. 133 NORTHWOOD HIGH SCHOO (16:38 83:08)
5. 148 OAKLAND (16:38 83:08
6. 171 MOUNTAIN VIEW HS (16:46 83:49)
7. 234 KING HIGH (17:06 85:27)
24. 717 GEORGE WASHINGTON HI (21:07 105:32)

92 JON CLEM 12 KING HIGH 18:03

1. 44 NORTHWOOD HIGH SCHOO (19:28 97:20)
2. 58 MOUNTAIN VIEW HS (19:31 97:34)
3. 72 KING HIGH (19:38 98:09)
4. 121 HOMESTEAD HIGH SCHOO (20:16 101:20)
5. 134 ST. FRANCIS HIGH SCH (20:23 101:54)
17. 468 ANDREW HILL HS (24:56 124:36)


1. 27 BELLARMINE PREP (17:39 88:11)
2. 44 EL MODENA HS (17:55 89:32)
3. 59 KING HIGH (18:09 90:42)
4. 143 SACRED HEART CATHEDR (19:16 96:17)
5. 160 WESTMOOR (19:25 97:03)
15. 464 SALESIAN HS (25:40 128:17)


1. 33 EL MODENA HS (21:13 106:03)
2. 41 ST. FRANCIS HIGH SCH (21:20 106:36)
3. 83 ST. IGNATIUS COLLEGE (21:54 109:29)
4. 84 MOUNTAIN VIEW HS (21:53 109:24)
5. 210 MONTA VISTA (23:16 116:17)
6. 227 PALO ALTO HIGH SCHOO (23:29 117:24)
7. 241 VILLA PARK HIGH SCHO (23:42 118:29)
8. 250 MIRAMONTE HS (23:42 118:27)
9. 262 KING HIGH (23:57 119:45)
20. 512 MISSION HIGH SCHOOL (28:31 142:33)


1. 23 ST. IGNATIUS COLLEGE (12:45 63:43)
2. 94 SERRA HIGH SCHOOL (13:25 67:03)
3. 107 HOMESTEAD HIGH SCHOO (13:27 67:14)
4. 138 MONTEREY HIGH SCHOOL (13:30 67:30)
5. 145 KING HIGH (13:42 68:27)


1. 49 MIRAMONTE HS (15:40 78:18)
2. 60 MONTA VISTA (15:55 79:31)
3. 100 EL DORADO HIGH SCHOO (16:29 82:24)
4. 112 KING HIGH (16:50 84:06)

6 BRANDI ROSENAU 09 15:35 2
15 ZOE ODIEN 10 16:17 7
29 ESTE ARIAS 10 16:50

1. 40 ST. IGNATIUS COLLEGE (13:20 66:37)
2. 56 MONTA VISTA (13:39 68:11)
3. 80 SERRA HIGH SCHOOL (13:51 69:12)
4. 94 WILLOW GLEN HIGH SCH (13:54 69:30)
5. 104 KING HIGH (14:02 70:07)

51 SEAN LEE 09 KING HIGH 14:56


arias nocella sf 06

Wednesday, October 4
jv boys nrth06

Six freshmen were given the opportunity to test their skills at the varsity level in the first of the Ivy League contests this season.  Against a set of North HS teams that came ready to compete, King's 9th graders held their own and in the girls’ contest, helped create an exciting and  close contest.

The girls varsity race was led from start to finish by Carissa Bowman, who ran easily in the lead, but from there the two teams matched places, as the Lady Wolves went 1-3-5-7, while the Huskies went 2-4-6-8. With nifty ninth graders Kelsi Tippetts, Rebecca Asplund and Brandi Rosenau finishing 3rd, 5th and 7th respectively a crowd of six runners battled inside 22:52 and 23:00 at the finish for the final winning spots. King’s 5th and 6th runners, Danielle Fillmore (another 9th grader!) and Stacy Yarbrough ran huge in the third mile while the Huskies put in their last three scorers all of which made the final score a slim, exciting, mad-dash-for-the-finish King victory, 26-29.

9th graders Matt Wolf and Sam Anich have been working their tails off in practice and racing well, so the two earned their first varsity race and took the opportunity in stride. Though running  6th and 7th for the team, they both placed in the top 10 and both placed ahead of North’s 5th man, thereby scoring indirectly for King. The boys varsity won easily, 23-36, paced by Matt Cummins up front and a fine pack from 4th to 7th.

The JV Boys had an easy go of it, and it was great to watch a pack of Wolves work together up front throughout the race. Ethan Park snagged his first-ever race victory as he led the six-man charge across the line – teammates all, who finished within  7 seconds of each other.  Only one North athlete could finish within King’s first 16 finishers, and only three finished within King’s top 22.

Tifinnie Baumann won the JV Girls race, looking comfortable throughout, and like the boys’ race, the Lady Wolves were not pressed. The girls took places 1-7, and North could only place two inside King’s top 12. The score was a complete sweep, 15-50.

JV Boys Results  JV Girls Results  Varsity Boys Results  Varsity Girls Results

fantastic freshmen 06


King vs. North October 4, 2006
JV Girls, JV Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys

King vs. La Sierra October 11, 2006
JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys

King vs. Poly October 18, 2006
JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys

King vs. Ramona & Arlington October 25, 2006
JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys

Ivy League Finals November 1, 2006
FS Girls  FS Boys  JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys
(varsity girls results changed post-meet. places 9-finish move up one place. medals and patches will be corrected.)


Sunday, October 8
Kelsi Tippets on her way to a 9th grade school record

King’s fifth trip to the Clovis Invitational in Fresno turned up “eights” and turned in a host of new records and all-time list alterations. In three of the six races (the JV’s didn’t score and the boys FS was missing a 5th man), King came away with  three eighth place finishes, while a number of kids came home with PR’s, school records and their name on several record lists.

Under sunny skies and cool weather, the 9th and 10th graders got things going at 7:15 AM and ran very competitively. Danielle Fillmore had the kind of race that only time will tell if it could  be defined as a breakthrough for the young freshman Running 20:36 and finishing 7th overall, Danielle finally found the first harvest of a steady and consistent two months of training. Her time was the sixth fastest freshman time ever at King, and just missed setting a 9th grade Frosh-Soph record by three seconds!  Brandi Rosenau was close behind her at 20:54 (22nd all time list) and 9th in the race, while Robyn Wroblewski,  Este Arias and Haley Hammar rounded out the squad. In actuality, the girls frosh-soph team came in ninth, but a disqualification of one school above them nudged them up to eighth.

The boys’ frosh soph squad was limited to four runners, so the team could not score. Chris Villanueva ran a spirited effort at 18:19 to lead the way.

In the varsity girl’s race, Carissa Bowman ran in the front pack of racers and finished sixth at 19:13, just missing setting again a school record for 11th graders. (She broke Kristina Moore's junior mark in the first race of the season at the Bronco Inviational.)  Kelsi Tippets finished at 14th overall and at a stunning 19:32 5K mark – fast enough to set a new 9th grade school record in only her fourth race. Larissa Davis ran a superb race to finish 3rd for King, notching a course PR and inching very close to a lifetime PR. Her mark was also the seventh fastest junior time in King’s history. Rebecca Asplund came in next after steadily working herself through the crowd from King’s sixth runner at 1200 meters and ran the 4th fastest time of any frosh girl in King’s history. Katilin Traver and Brittany Schuette were running a tag-team of sorts, trading places almost literally all the way to the finish. Despite a team of six that included only two girls from last year’s team time record setting squad, this group ran 100:01, just 21 seconds slower than King’s best ever on the course! Incredible!

Matt Cummins and Patrick Gonzalez were racing in similar fashion in the boys varsity race, shadowing each other right from the gun. Both would finish with course PR’s at 16:33 and 16:39. Matt’s time placed his name at the number-two spot all time senior list, while Pat’s was good enough for third all time on the junior list. Brad Yarbrough had a great race, setting unofficial PR’s at the mile split and the two-mile split and an official PR at the finish 17:54, strong enough to make him 25th all time on the course for King. Nash Gill got his first Clovis race in under 18:00.  Like the teams before them, the group finished 8th overall.

A couple-hour gap separated the two varsity races from the  JV races, but that didn’t keep the JV teams from racing well and representing the school in good form. Stacy Yarbrough and Becka Fairley were both in before the medals ran out (25).  Brittani Ciupek and Monika Valenzuela and Rebecca Trupp completed the team with good races. Nick Hernandez paced the boys JV team at 18:52, while Jon Clem cruised in as King’s fifth runner until 100 meters before the line when he kicked in and by three teammates to snag King’s second spot. Ethan Park was right there as well, followed by freshmen Joe Albrechtsen and Derek Nelson, 7 seconds back.

So it was a day for 8th place finishes, but despite the mid-packed team places, the squads brought back from Clovis a number of all-time marks and great experiences.

Woodward Park All Time King List ::  Team/Individual Results  ::  Updated Top Seven by Grade List :: School Records as of 10-8-05  ::  Full results of all races on

clovis06 collage

Wednesday, October 11
strasbaugh ls06
The La Sierra boys ran an overwhelming performance against King on Wednesday and their program would have been off to the dances had it not been for the Lady Wolves who beat the Eagles just as handily. When the dust had settled, King took home two victories on the girls' side, while La Sierra swept both boys' contests.

The girls varsity was not challenged, minus La Sierra's top runner. That left Kelsi Tippets and Carissa Bowman alone at the top and the two cruised to notch 3 low points for the team and did it fairly easily. Larissa Davis, Rebecca Asplund and Brittany Schuette completed the scoring and an18-44 victory.  The girls are now undefeated in league action going on five seasons!

Sara Strasbaugh found a repreive from a season-long battle with injuries by running a wonderfully paced race to win in just her third race this year. Sara ran in the lead pack of the JV race for much of the first half before moving out into the lead and the subsequent victory. Brandi Rosenau was again solid in third overall, and then a string of 10 King girls came through, led by Kirsti Correa and completed by Haley Hammar. It was an impressive showing, and the JV squad won by the exact same score as the varsity, 18-44.

Flip the scene over and you have the story of the boys. The deep, talented and well-trained Eagles from the west-side of town simply dominated right off the line. In the JV contest, Nick Hernandez and Brett Meier gave chase early  before fading a bit while La Sierra put down the first four finishers of the race. Jon Clem paced his effort well to finish 21 seconds behind Meier. Greg Smith had a fine day for King, running third for the Pack. All three guys were a minute ahead of their times from last week's dual against North. Meier and Clem were the only two King runners to crack the top six of La Sierra.

With the La Sierra varsity team eyeing the State meet and even harboring aspirations to compete at Nationals in December, their demeanor was business like as the talented Knight twins dragged three teammates and Matt Cummins through the mile . Cummins ran a wonderful second half to break up the automatic sweep (top three places in a dual), finishing third overall. Patrick Gonzalez was next for King, but was unable to break into the Eagles' top five despite a spirited kick at the end. So, after such thrilling victories over the last two seasons against La Sierra, the tables were turned and the Eagles flew home winners, at least in half.

Results: JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys

Wednesday, October 18
jv boys poly 2006

Brisk winds made an already dirty course into a dusty one, but the Big Ben course once again was the setting for a dual meet Wednesday between King and the Poly Bears.

The JV girls got things going and a victory for King would have been literally blowing in the wind had it not been for their ability to snag the top three spots and it's mathmatical guaranteed win. Brandi Rosenau took home first place honors, followed by Kirsti Correa and Tifinnee Baumann. But then the Bears were able to place all five before King's fifth, Jenna Kordic, who finished 10th. A change in just a couple of runners for both teams would have made the 21-34 final score much closer. Monika Valenzuela and Haley Hammar both had fine outings despite the headwind that seemed to match the runners with every turn.  Rebecca Trupp also had a good race, dipping under 24:00 for the first time.

Brett Meier led almost wire to wire in the JV boys race, leading the team to an easy route of Poly. Nick Hernandez, Jason Schupp, Greg Smith, Ethan Park and Sam Anich were all in before Poly's first harrier. Wesley Watanabe had a strong race at 14th overall and a course best 20:01. Greg Romandetti was right with him at 20:09 and 15th place.

The girls were not pressed outside of the first 800 meters, and like their teammates two races earlier, locked up the top three spots and cruised to victory. Carissa Bowman, Kelsi Tippets and Larissa Davis sealed the deal. Kaitlin Traver, Rebecca Asplund, Brittany Schuette and Sara Strasbaugh all contributed to the score by running ahead of Poly's fourth runner.

Poly saved the best for last as their 0-2 boys put together their best race of the season, snatching a 3-point victory and only in the last 300 meters of the contest. Patrick Gonzalez and Matt Cummins finished 3 and 4 respectively, but from there it was a race to see who had the strongest 5th man. With King leading at 2 miles by a mere point, Poly's 4th and 5th made great moves in the waning seconds of the race and pulled out the victory, 26-29.

Results: JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity girls Varsity Boys 

poly collage

Saturday, October 21
Cummins msac06
With the mercury topping out above 90 degrees by late morning and combined with its infamous hills, the 59th running of the Mt.SAC invitational could well have been an invitation to defeat and despair. For the King harriers, it was just the opposite, as the runners bravely took on the course and the heat to compete well earning high fives throughout the day from onlookers and teammates alike.

The girls varsity led things off in the Individual Sweepstakes race, a billing that pulls teams with a strong front runner together. Carissa Bowman fits that title quite nicely and showed again what she can do when on a mission. Racing in the top 10 throughout and ultimately finishing 11th overall, (and third among Division One runners in the race) Carissa ran another solid race at 18:05, breaking her own school record for the famous course which she set in much better conditions a year ago. 9th grader Kelsi Tippets put her feet on the course for the first time and proceeded to run 19:07, King's 4th fastest time ever. A pack of Rebecca Asplund, Larissa Davis, Kaitlin Traver and Brittany Schuette formed well back of the top two taking the team to an 8th place finish overall. (5th of the division one schools)

Matt Cummins has struggled to find consistency all season, but was all of that throughout the rigorous 2.91 mile course layout, running by far his best race of the year. Matt finished second overall but perhaps of greater note, he became King's first ever runner to eclipse 16:00 running 15:59. He led a band of brothers that performed very well. Alec Fillmore, Brad Yarbrough, Nash Gill and Chris Salas formed the rest of the scoring set and did so competitively noting with delight at race's end the 175 point advantage they'd earned between themselves and Poly, the team that defeated them the previous Wednesday.

A third place plaque was earned by the freshmen boys, as Sam Anich led the charge with a fantastic second-half of the race and 10th place finish. Matt Wolf (19), Joe Albrechtsen (23), Derek Nelson (25), Jared Nocella and Bradley Sheets (41 & 42) ran in such a way as to reinforce the promise this group holds for the future if they choose to reach out and get it. Craig Aguilar was close on the pack's heels at 20:22. Third was the order of the day for the sophomore girls as well. Sara Strasbaugh ran a superb effort to place 9th at 21:29, the 7th fastest time of the day for King. Kirsti Correa continued her good week with Robyn Wroblewski, Haley Hammar and Holly Huss all scoring.

With four 9th graders at the varsity level and several no-shows from among the class of 2010, the frosh team was a tad depleted, but that didn't keep Danielle Fillmore , Rebecca Trupp, Sarah Bobby and Lori Kovacevich from putting together a good non-scoring effort. Hayden Traver led the sophomore boys at 44th place overall and in the low-19:00's. The team would finish 10th of 16 teams, as Greg Romandetti, Wesley Watanabe, Jason Schupp and Greg Bedell all scored.

The JV squads ran so late in the day that it was actually starting to cool abit. The patience was rewarded. Tifinnee Baumann was 33rd overall, leading the 7th place finishing squad. Monika Valenzuela and Bekah Fairley were almost side-by-side at the line in 23:03 and 05. Jenna Kordic looked like she was running tough throughout the race and finished 50th overall. Tatiana Balcazar came from taking the PSAT test earlier in the day to  run 23:54. Nick Hernandez was in the lead of the large team of JV boys right out of the start line and ran a great 18:34 finish time. Greg Smith continued to impress with an 18:57 mark while Colton Underwood, Ethan Park and David Gonzalez rounded out the scoring for team that would finish 6th overall.

So when the dust settled and the temperatures dropped and the parking lot emptied, it ended up being a good day for King. Not the best of conditions, not the easiest of courses, not the fastest of times, but nonetheless gamely challenged and accomplishment gained.

Girls Varsity
Individual Sweepstakes Race
1.Edison 119
2. Corona 125
3. Carlmont 163
8. King 203
8 more schools
11. Carissa Bowman 18:05
24. Kelsi Tippets 19:07
63. Larissa Davis 21:04
64. Rebecca Asplund 21:05
70. Kaitlin Traver 21:19
Boys Varsity
1. Clovis East 74
2. Esperanza 144
3. Corona 155
8. King 258
16 more schools
2. Matt Cummins 15:59
32. Alec Fillmore 17:02
76. Bradley Yarbrough 17:44
78. Nashatar Gill 17:44
93. Brett Meier18:00

Boys Frosh
1. Poway 42
2.Santa Ana Valley 93
3. King 102
9 more schools

10. Sam Anich 18:41
19. Matt Wolf  19:03
23. Joe Albrechtson 19:11
25. Derek Nelson 19:14
41. Jared Nocella 20:03
42. Bradley Sheets 20:05
46. Craig Aguilar 20:22
53. Tyler Glendrange 20:32

Boys Sophomore
1. Upland 70
2. Trabuco Hills 99
3. Fountain valley 131
10. King 269
6 more schools

44. Hayden Traver 19:04
55. Greg Romandetti 19:28
59. Wesley Watanabe 19:31
83. Greg Bedell 20:12
93. Chris Villanueva 20:31
103. Andre Huscher 20:58
112 Robert Devine 21:14

Girls Sophomore
1. Fountain Valley 24
2. Dana Hills 37
3. King 114
7 more schools
9. Sara Strasbaugh 21:29
26. Kirsti Correa 22:23
36. Robin Wroblewski 23:15
42. Haley Hammar 23:34
43. Holly Huss 23:35
115. Zoe Odien

Girls JV
1. Davis Senior 31
2. Fountain Valley 65
3. Esperanza 68
7.King 187
5 more schools

33. Tifinnie Baumann 22:35
43. Monika Valenzuela 23:03
44. Rebekah Fairley 23:05
50. Jenna Kordic 23:13
65. Tatianna Balcazar 23:54
123. Lydia Elias 28:37

School Course Records


Wednesday, October 25
ramona collage 2006
The Ramona Rams came to the Big Ben course and saved the best for last. With both JV and girls varsity races quickly becoming 15-50 and 17-50 and 15-49 romps respectively, the boys varsity contest was the thriller and like last week against Poly, came down to the closing meters to decide the outcome.

Ramona's boys have boasted a fine pack-attack throughout the season, at one point finishing all five scorers within 18 seconds of one another. That concentration, combined with King's pattern of being spread wide from 1 to 5 would make for a close race, and today's race did not disappoint. Matt Cummins, Pat Gonzalez and Alec Fillmore went 1-3 at the half mile, but the Rams butted in by the mid-point of the race and for a time had all seven in front of King's fifth. With a mile to go a quick score put King ahead 27-30, but with 800 to go, Ramona had narrowed that gap to a point. Pat Gonzalez made a good move to re-take third, Fillmore and Chris Salas held their 5th and 6th spots, while Brett Meier passed two in the closing meters to help seal the deal. The final score was 24-31. Arlington High had four racers and therefore failed to score against King.

Nick Hernandez ran almost wire to wire to win the JV boys race, while David Gonzalez put together his highest finish of the season  at 5th overall. David Avina also ran well in 6th, followed by Greg Smith and Greg Romandetti. Brittany Schuette won the JV race in a time of 21:48, followed by Kirsti Correa and Danielle Fillmore. The girls varsity was unchallenged save one Ramona runner who placed inside King's top-seven and won, 15-49.

Results: JV Girls  JV Boys  Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys

Wednesday, November 1
romandetti ivy 2006
Greg Romandetti
King hosted the 2006 Ivy League cross country championships on it's home course, the Ben Clark Sheriff's training facility in Riverside. Though the meet culminated a season in which King played host to four dual meets, this final tour over the undulating three miles was a special affair of hard work, great cheer and a great way of closing out the season.

With three races on tap, the normal scorers for King were spread out at the frosh-soph and JV levels which left the squads a bit vulnerable in terms of team scoring. That vulnerability was felt keenly on the boys' side, as La Sierra's Eagles swept in and swept up, winning all three races. At the frosh-soph level, Matt Wolf gamely went for lead and managed to stay close ultimately finishing third overall with a course PR of 18:26. Greg Romandetti had the race of his life (talk about saving the best for last!!) with a great 19:02, 6th place finish. At one point in the race he was in third overall. Wesley Watanabe must have found inspiration on Greg's heals as he also ran his best race of the year, one place and two seconds behind Greg. Jarod Nocella, Derek Nelson, Jason Schupp and Chris Villanueva all medaled by finishing in the top 14 overall. Sean Lee ran a full minute PR on the course and was followed by Robert Devine and Tyler Glendrange. Todd Cullen also dropped his course best with a wonderful 21:42 time. Craig Aguilar capped off his first season with a personal best.

The JV boys were taking up the back rows of what looked like an Eagles concert, as La Sierra put six runners into the top 7 spots and 10 in the top 13. Only Jon Clem, Colton Underwood and Greg Smith -- all of whom ran solid races -- were able to break up the jam session. Ethan Park, who sang the National Anthem at the start of the meet, finished in 18:48, a heartbreaking two seconds out of the medals. David Avina had a course PR at 19:07. Seniors David Gonzalez, Ryan Sheehan, Ed Willits and Markus Rabbit finished their high school careers with good races. Nick Hernandez, normally one of King's top finishers, suffered through a bad back but still finished admirably.

La Sierra's boys have been ranked in the top 10 of the Southern Section D1 almost all season, and their Finals race was somewhat of a formality or a victory tour depending on how you looked at it. With Ramona, Poly and King each toeing the line at 3-2 on the season, the race was for a ticket to CIF -- 2nd and 3rd place teams go on, 4th place goes home. The race got out quickly as Ramona stitched their pack of seven together tightly and held form through the first two miles. Poly looked strong through two runners, but then faded at the back. Stuck in the middle were the Wolves, who true to their name struck ferociously over the last mile and pulled even and then well ahead of Ramona who looked very much in control with a mile left. Matt Cummins left his lunch in pieces along the last half mile and finished fifth overall, while Pat Gonzalez battled to 8th place. Alec Fillmore ran his best time on the course this season to finish in 11th. Chris Salas and Brett Meier both put together stunning third miles to pass three Ramona runners, helping the team earn that second place finish. Nash Gill and Brad Yarbrough rounded out the team.

RESULTS: FS Boys   JV Boys   Varsity Boys

Wednesday, November 1
The girls of King have had the number on the Ivy League since their arrival in 2004. 2006 was no different, as both the JV and Varsity squads came into the final race of the season undefeated. After running four consecutive dual meets on their home course over the month of October, the Championships were still a bit of "home sweet home" for the ladies, as the day went exceedingly well despite losing the JV race to Poly.

At the frosh soph and varsity levels victories were had and a sixth successive league title was bestowed. Danielle Fillmore got things rolling in a tremendous way with a stunning, 20:45 win. It was an effort that surpassed the precocious 9th grader's season of great efforts. Sara Strasbaugh played her typical cards of wait, wait, wait, then go(!) running another great second half and passing several along the way to second overall. Kirsti Correa was 4th overallwhile Robyn Wroblewski and Haley Hammar rounded out the scoring for the victorious team. Rebecca Trupp was 10th and Este Arias 11th to both pull down medals on the day. Holly Huss had a PR at 24:17, Zoe Odien was right in front of her at 24:14.

Poly's girls had a foursome at the front of the JV race that simply would not budge throughout; neither would they be split. Monika Valenzuela ran an absolutely terrific effort to try and catch them, (escorted for much of the way by Jenna Kordic who was also running well), but it was in vain. Monika settled for fifth, but finished her career on a bit of a high note, recording her fastest time of the season! With Jenna in tow, King put all seven runners in before Poly's fifth, but it wasn't enough and the team finished second 35-22. Brittani Ciupek, Tifinnie Baumann, Bekah Fairley, Tatiana Balcazar and Stacy Yarbrough were all a part of that great pack. Jessica Brown finished 15th overall at 25:51 to round out the squad.

Carissa Bowman led again throughout the varsity race -- it's becoming a bit of a routine for the talented 11th grader! -- and she looked great, even smiling at times, while dropping a full minute off her course best. It was her second-straight League title and MVP award and nearly her third as she finished a step behind MVP Kristina Moore (class of '05) back in 2004. Teammate Kelsi Tippets barged her way into the spotlight, running super-strong and snagging second ahead of North's number-one ... the presumed runner up to Carissa. The mighty-mini Kelsi has had some jaw-dropping runs this rookie season and today was another! Larissa Davis looked smooth as silk and ran confidently in fourth, earning the junior her third all-league honor in three years. Rebecca Asplund battled from 7-10 over the mid mile and finished 9th overall, also all-league and only in her first season! Brandi Rosenau was 12th, while seniors Brittany Schuette and Kaitlin Traver finished out the championship squad. The victory was the sixth straight league title for the girls, going back to the Sunkist League in 2001.

RESULTS: FS Girls  JV Girls   Varsity Girls 

Wednesday, November 1

ivy champions girls 2006

Saturday, November 11
2006 girls group pose
There's an old saying that goes, "it takes a village to raise a child." If the phrase were applied to cross country, it could well read "it takes a team to make it to finals." Perhaps the re-do is a bit cornball, but it couldn't be more true for the King girls who advanced to the CIF Finals for the sixth year straight, not on the back of one or two "studs" but through the collective efforts of all seven who ran the race.
Slated on paper to finish fifth or sixth in the heat that allowed the top four teams to move on to the Finals, the team got out well behind the leadership of Carissa Bowman who assumed her normal position at the front of the race. 9th grader Kelsi Tippets was running THE race of her season behind her (the two would end up finishing within a second of each other, scoring a skinny five points between them)and a pack of Larissa Davis, Rebecca Asplund, Danielle Fillmore and Brandi Rosenau ran close together to the top of the Switchbacks where it looked like the team was indeed running fifth.

By the time the group ascended Poopout hill however, there seemed to be no "pooping out" but rather a redoubled effort to catch up and finish well. Indeed, the last half saw the group turn it on, passing and straining to pass with each step and by the finish line they had run a host of individual PR's on their way to setting a new team time school record at 97:17; eclipsing the record run back in 2004 of 97:40. Even more remarkable, there were three freshmen in the scoring set! With favored Dana Hills and a strong Upland squad finishing behind the Lady Wolves and failing to qualify, it was an upset "victory" for the young team.

The boys did not fare as well in the standings but still ran a very solid race. Matt Cummins finished 14th overall at 16:00, while Alec Fillmore had a season PR on the course, as did Chris Salas and Brett Meier who both dropped almost 30 seconds off their previous bests. Nashatar Gill and Bradley Yarbrough both capped off their seasons and careers with strong efforts. Pat Gonzalez, normally the team's number-two man had to stop mid-way for a few minutes before sprinting from dead last at the bottom of Poopout Hill to catch 18 runners and finish in 102.

So the girls head on to CIF Finals for the fifth year in a row and for the sixth time in seven years. It's a truly remarkable achievement considering just eight years ago, King's first, the girls couldn't even field a full team at the 1999 league finals. But the team of 2000 (Tawny Odekirk, Angella Nanyonyi, Laura and Megan Fairly and Lauren Wilson) set the bar high while in Mammoth with a goal to reach the peak. They did. Morgan Sjogren, Megan Fairley, Bridget Gonzalez, Tawny Odekirk and Kristin McHugh picked up the torch again in 2002 and the teams that have followed haven't been denied. With today's effort, the fastest in our school's history, the tradition continues, even if the pre-race paper predictions said it wouldn't happen. It takes a team and a TEAM is going on!

Photos of the meet
1. Trabuco Hils 66
2. El Rancho 67
3. Chino Hills 93
4. King 100 (97:17 team time SR)
13 more schools

2. Kelsi Tippets 18;24
3. Carissa Bowman 18:25
23. Larissa Davis 19:54
26. Rebecca Asplund 19:58
49. Brandi Rosenau 20:36
53. Danielle Fillmore 20:57
63. Sara Strasbaugh 21:18

1. Royal 38
2. Vista Murrieta 70
3. Dana Hills 82
11. King 308
6 more schools

14. Matt Cummins 16:00
46. Alec Fillmore 16:52
78. Chris Salas 17:31
81. Brett Meier 17:36
98. Nashatar Gill 18:07
100. Bradley Yarbrough 18:08
102. Pat Gonzalez 18:17

girls collage 2006

5 Senior boys 2006
Saturday, November 11

Sunday, November 18
bowman tippets cif finals 2006
On a warm November morning things changed. Competing in the CIF SS Division One Finals, the girls of King ran a race that could very well be a turning point for them and for King Cross Country collectively. Despite youth and inexperience, the Lady Wolves put themselves out once again with another great, competitive performance in one of the toughest divisions in the entire State. When the dust had settled, the team had finished 12th overall - a slim seven points from 10th -- and Carissa Bowman had qualified for the State Championships as an individual. With rejoicing all around and a teammate headed to Fresno, a change in the winds of time could be felt.

This group has been an evolution of sorts all season, but they accelerated over the last three weeks. First it was winning the League title in commanding fashion and then stunning many last week at Prelims with their best performance of the year; running a school record team time and helping to knock off a couple of State powers. With a sense of purpose the girls headed into CIF Finals and toed the line with anticipation of good things to come. Their race put an exclamation point on the season.

On paper the girls lined up perhaps the 13th of the 16 teams, yet they talked of finishing higher. Carissa Bowman led the charge running well just off the lead pack until the top of the Switchbacks. Kelsi Tippets, King's dynamic freshman gritted and toughed out an outstanding performance despite feeling ill and stayed within striking distance of the top group. Rebecca Asplund, Larissa Davis and Brandi Rosenau (both Rebecca and Brandi are 9th graders) rounded out the scoring five.

Coming down off the Switchbacks Carissa had moved up several places and was sitting in 7th, well inside the State qualification window. Kelsi Tipppets continued to move up as well, but a gap formed to the remaining three scorers. With a half-mile to go, all seven girls were straining at the pace and in the heat of an abnormally warm morning. Their 266 points was 12th, one place off the highest Finals finish in King's history. Danielle Fillmore and Kaitlin Traver were 6th and 7th respectively for the team.

Both Carissa and Kelsi had tremendous races. Kelsi, who's second place Prelim finish one week ago was so instrumental in helping the team qualify for the Finals, crossed the line today 15th overall, earning All CIF distinction in just her 9th grade year. Her competitive drive took her almost to the point of utter exhaustion. She becomes only the second girl in King's history to medal at CIF Finals. The other girl would be Carissa Bowman, who placed 8th in the race and earned a trip to the State Championships, held in Fresno the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Savvy, patient racing was her strategy, and she executed it brilliantly, becoming the first girl in King's history to qualify for State.

With smiling, exhausted bodies, the girls basked in the celebration of a glorious day. A day in which King may have turned a big corner. With youth and talent and even more importantly, great attitudes and a desire to compete, this team could be at the threshold of amazing things in years to come. Time will tell. For now, its time to celebrate an incredible season and King's first ever trip to the State meet.

Mt.SAC School Records

8. Carissa Bowman 18:09
15. Kelsi tippets 18:43
79. Rebecca Asplund 20:09
97. Larissa Davis 20:34
98. Brandi Rosenau 20:37
104. Danielle Fillmore 20:52
119. Kaitlin Traver 22:12

1. Saugus 54  1:31:39
2. Foutain Valley 101  1:34:16
3. Esperanza 134   1:36:23
4. Crescenta Valley 156   1:35:44
5. Murrieta Valley 180   1:37:31
6. San Clemente 181   1:36:25
7. Royal 194   1:37:58
8. El Rancho 223   1:38:37
9. Serrano 254   1:37:12
10. Redlands 259   1:39:14
11. Trabuco Hills 264   1:39:04
12. King 266   1:38:12
13. Corona 272   1:38:45
14. Highland 293   1:39:25
15. Chino Hills 295  1:39:52
16. Warren 302    1:40:12

cif finals 2006 collage

Saturday, November 25
bowman state 2006
Carissa Bowman's goal to race at State was born in September, started moving in October and came to be in November. Such is the lifespan of lofty dreams and aspirations. It's time tested and well worn: A goal, followed by a strategy, mixed with patience and perseverence, well, you never know. It just may happen.

Carissa put the finishing touches on her season and that stately goal Saturday at the California State Championships and the outcome couldn't have been more ideally scripted. Competing for the first time at the State level, she ran yet another smart, patient race and finished 11th overall in Division One and posted the 25th fastest time of all 938 girls who ran the storied Woodward Park course throughout five races. Her 18:14 5K time was a new school record as well, breaking the old mark held by Megan Fairley back in 2003 by almost 30 seconds.

Under almost ideal conditions, Carissa got off in her usual fashion, riding the coattails of the lead pack and biding her time. Running in 15th at the mile marker, she came by at 5:31 and then charged up the small incline that follows it with a quick move to narrow the 10 meter gap between herself and that lead group. By the roller-coaster hills that take the harriers to the two-mile mark, she was in 14th, running in tandem with three others and still closing on a large group of nine who seemed content at that point to converse and wait for someone to open up a move.

With the clock reading 11:38 at two miles Carissa was firmly in 12th with a mile to go as a 20 meter hole grew to the next challenger. Her last mile was a special one. Having made a minor habit of fading a bit over the final 1600 meters throughout the season, there was a greater sense of poise and purpose here today, as she actually increased pace and gained on three runners, moving close to the medal spots (top 10) by the finish line. Her last mile was covered in 5:54 and a fine kick brought her in at 18:14, almost a full minute in front of the mark she ran on the same course in early October at the Clovis Invitational. For a rookie at the State Championships, the race was all and more than anyone could have hoped for.

It was her's as well as King's first ever trip to the State Meet. Smelling of team spirit, a throng of almost 20 fellow athletes -- affectionately dubbed "Carissa's Crew" -- were along for support, turning her individual effort into something of a team affair. Boisterous and adorned with the body and t-shirt paint of King's colors, the hearty band of teammates, spanning all four grade levels, made for a fun day and left many of the underclassmen saying, "Let's do this again next year."

And so a season of surprises and thrills, growth and accomplishment comes to an end. From Carissa's high triumph, to a school record MT.SAC team time and CIF Finals berth to the infusion of many talented and eager 9th graders, the girls' 2006 season was one to remember and perhaps one that will set the charge for next year. The girls can look with anticipation at the 2007 season as an opportunity to send not just one but seven kids from King to the start line of the California State Championships. A goal, followed by a strategy, mixed with patience and perseverence, well, you never know. It just may happen. Wouldn't that be great?

1. Eliabeth Coe, Fountain Valley, 17:40
2. Kauren Tarver, Serrano 17:40
3. Lauren Saylor, Buchanan 17:49
4. Shannon Murakami, Saugus, 17:52
5. Alex Dunne, San Clemente 17:56
6. Christy Adymck, Glendora 17:59
7. Claire Collison, Crescenta Valley, 18:03
8. Katja Goldrin, Hamilton, 18:08
9. Kristabel Doebel, Palisades, 18:11
10. Laurynne Chetela, Davis, 18:14
11. Carissa Bowman, King 18:14
12. Ellie Keene, Rancho Buena, 18:20
13. Ashley Evans, Corona, 18:23
14. Justine Fedronic, Carlmont, 18:26
15. Katie Dunn, Saugus, 18:27
185 more runners; 200 total finishers, 1 DQ

Woodward Park School Records's complete coverage and full results
Divison One Individual and Team Results    Photos

group start state 2006

field state 2006
Saturday, November 25

carissas crew

Tuesday, July 31

2007 Season's Times

Wednesday, December 26
tippets kelsi cif finals 2007

Congratulations to Kelsi Tippets who for the second straight year earned All-State honors for her exceptional racing and talent. Kelsi finished the season earning 2nd-Team All Sophomore Class! She was second team All Freshman last year, and now the only King runner to earn All-State honors twice. You're awesome, Kelsi!

Saturday, November 17
cif finals group07

By all accounts, this was a magical season. It was a campaign that had many, many high notes, incredible accomplishments, school record performances.  But above all else, it was a season that produced a close-knit group of girls that truly figured out the "chemistry" of teamwork. With all the good of '07 as a backdrop, it was natural when tears flowed down their faces on Saturday as their hopes, dreams and goal of a chase to State came crashing down with a race that was out of character for this character-filled group.

Even a good day may not have been enough, as the Southern Section D1 produced the fastest race in the history of CIF Finals.  Where in 2006 it took a team time of 97:58 to qualify for State, this season was a totally different story. All seven state-qualifying teams dropped under 93:00 today. To put that in perspective, King's best time at Mt.SAC, (94:16 last week at Prelims -- a school record and a full three minutes ahead of last season's best) would have been 12th today and 2nd place in 2006! King finished 16th and last today at 96:35, ironically a time that would have put them in the state meet a year ago. What a difference a year makes! 

But this is 2007, not 2006, and despite a string of amazing performances and precipitous drops in team time over the last month, the team was not able to sustain that success in the blistering pace set by some of the best teams in the entire state. Carissa Bowman looked like she felt the strain of the pace early on (the leader went by the mile at 5:17) and getting tripped and knocked to the ground at the base of the Switchbacks was an omen of things to come. She struggled and valiantly finished 68th, far off from her projected top-10 placing. She then spent close to an hour receiving medical aid before going home to recover. Kelsi Tippets ran 18:13 and finished 22nd overall; a very good run for the sophomore.  Again, a historical contrast, she was 18:43 last season at Finals and placed 15th, missing an individual state berth by one place. Today, 15 girls had times under 18:00 and it took a 17:53 to snag the last individual ride to Fresno. Danielle Fillmore had a solid performance, just off her course best, and she was followed by Carrie Soholt, Casey Candelaria, Kasey Tippets and Rebecca Asplund.

And so the season ended somewhat abruptly. But not without another example of the character of this group. Adorned in gifts and flowers presented without prompting by the boys team, the group posed for one final photograph, tear stained smiles displaying the emotions that made up the season of 2007. Full of amazing triumphs and accomplishment worthy of the widest smiles, the group couldn't help but be disappointed at what for now, will be left for next year.

Photo album   MSAC All Time List   Team Results   Individual Results

Saturday, November 10
leaders cif prlms2007

For each of the last six seasons and for the seventh time in the last eight years, the King High girls cross country team is headed to CIF Finals! First in Division two and now more recently in Division one, as the competition has quickened, the girls have matched the pace for a string of six seasons. It is an accomplishment no other sport at King High can claim.  Qualification this season was no easy matter. To punch their ticket to Finals, the team had to run another school record team time (94:16, a 1:15 drop from the SR set at the Invitational in October) and fend off a ferocious Chino Hills team who was running the race of their season. But when the scores were tallied the happy and bonded team appeared hungry and motivated to storm into Finals next week and drop even more time in an effort to make the State meet.

Carissa Bowman scorched the course yet again, lowering her own SR on the course to 18:00 flat and finished second in the race. In her draft, Kelsi Tippets lowered her PR for the course to 18:10 (sophomore class best, all time) and took sixth in the race. With Dana Hills and Redlands well out front in the team race, the two girls were focused on and wedged between Chino Hills' top two, as the Mammoth camp trail partners battled for the last two qualifying spots. But the Huskies put their next two in front of King's third runner, making their pack of four a dominant force. But King's pack was running well too, with Casey Candelaria, Danielle Fillmore and Rebecca Asplund all running PR's and finishing basically where they were predicted to.  Quietly creating her own lightening just behind them was Kasey Tippets who dropped over a minute off her Mt.SAC invite time, finishing sixth for the Wolves in 19:39 and the tenth fastest time on the course in King's 9 seasons.  Stacy Yarbrough ran well too, right near her course best. 

To add some historical perspective, the 2006 team finished fourth in their prelim heat in a then school record of 97:17, just seven points behind Chino Hills. This year the team improved 3:01 in team time and finished six points behind the Huskies. That's keeping pace!  The Southern Section of CIF keeps getting faster, and so do the Lady Wolves! An unprecedented sixth straight trip to CIF Finals awaits this group on November 17.

The boys story was equally inspiring, even if the outcome was different. Had a spectator predicted last July that King's boys would run 83:44 and the sixth fastest team time in school history on the storied course, one would have been excused for doubting such a prognostication. There were many question marks surrounding the team in the early weeks, as youth, distracted talent and a team leader awaiting future brain surgery clouded the view of the finish line. But boy, has this group made some special things happen this season regardless of the hurdles in their way.  Today was a great last chapter to the story book.

Patrick Gonzalez confessed last August that for his first three seasons of CIF competition, he had felt that he "had let the team down." (Not true!). Last year at Prelims, while still suffering from occassional blindness caused by the brain tumor, his eyesight went out during the race, taking him from top 10 to almost last before the half way mark. This day was different. 75 days after having that tumor removed, he let no one down, leading the team and hammering a 32 second PR on the course, finishing in 16:00. The school record is at 15:59, set last season by Matt Cummins, and Patrick admitted that was a secondary goal for the day. Disappointed, he was consoled by his teammates who said "Yours can be the American  record", humorously giving heed to Cummins' Canadian citizenship and the good-natured teasing the teams of the past gave their teammate from north of the border. (If you want to drop a hello to Matt, you can reach him at He's currently running for Harvey Mudd University) 

Charlie Alvarez finished his comeback season with a solid 16:27 effort, the 12th fastest time in school history. Lane Werley, the freshman who surprised us all back in the first meet of the season with the fastest King time of that day, put the exclamation mark on his remarkable season by shattering the 9 year old freshman-class school record at SAC with a 16:54 time. This kid, should he continue to work hard and devote himself to the sport, is destined for some really, really good things!  He was 17:28 three weeks ago in the Invitational. Derek Nelson again gave literally everything he had leaving himself wasted at the finish but content with a strong 17:06 race and PR. Andrew Huscher, another one of our great surprises this season, battled to a PR of 17:17, quite a drop from the 20:58 mark of 2006! Nick Hernandez and Jason Schupp struggled a bit in their sharpness, but still gamely battled the clock and their opponents to finish with style.

So the boys close out another season on a high note and with plenty of youth and returners to go around, could very well have used today's great effort to set the table for a party in 2008. Time, hard work, team spirit and commitment will tell. So too will such character traits mark the seven days until CIF Finals when the girls once again, take the line!

Photo Album   MSAC All Time records thru prelims   Results of all teams AND divisions combined (Boys 68th, girls 11th - 10th in D1) Overall individual times, all divisions combined

 2 Carissa Bowman 18:00      24 Patrick Gonzalez  16:00 
 6 Kelsi Tippets 18:10      46 Charlie Alvarez  16:27 
 28 Casey Candelaria  19:16      69 Lane Werley  16:54 
 31 Danielle Fillmore  19:18      75 Derek Nelson  17:06 
 38 Rebecca Asplund  19:32      85 Andrew Huscher  17:17 
 41 Kasey Tippets 19:39   101 Nick Hernandez  17:50 
 70 Stacy Yarbrough  20:42    110 Jason Schupp  18:13 

Girls        Boys       
       1 Dana Hills  57  92:37         1 Murrieta Valley   77   79:03
       2 Redlands  59 92:52        2 Royal  83  78:53
       3 Chino Hills 96 94:04        3 Arcadia   100  79:17
       4 King 102   94:16      13 King  292  83:44
  18 ttl teams       17 ttl teams    

tippets werley nelson
3 big racers - Kasey, Lane (frosh school record) and Derek

Thursday, November 1
ivy league girls winners 2007

In what might be the final meet in the long history of the Ivy League, as the six schools will separate and head off to different leagues in '08, the girls of King made their last day in the Ivy League quite a send off. Where last year King could only manage two wins, the 2007 edition brought a dominant performance from frosh-soph to varsity, sweeping the Ivy League in it's year-ending affair.

In the frosh-soph race, the Lady Wolves took the first six places, with Carrie Soholt and Hanna Peterson forming the bookends of the group. Carrie had a good race, looking a bit like she did before a broken toe took out five weeks of her season. Lizzy Willits and Hanna, showed that they could be part of the varsity picture next year if hard work and patience follows this season. Brandi Rosenau was second, and Rebecca Trupp finished out her season with another fine performance and second-half surge that took her to fourth overall. Aubrey Bowman medaled in third.  Rene Rosales, the Gatorade winner today, rounded out the team and medaled as well with her best race of the season.

The JV girls got lost a bit in the back loop, but still managed to run away with the victory, unpushed. Larissa Davis ran in front the entire way, looking good and comfortable in locking up the title. Sara Strasbaugh and Tatiana Balcazar took 2-3, and in that La Sierra was the only other squad with a full, scoring team, the League Championship turned into a dual meet, thereby making  the 1-2-3 finish a mathmaticaly certainty for King. But Haley Hammar, Bekah Fairly and Jenna Kordic still showed a gamer mentality, each racing well and finishing in the top 10.

Carissa Bowman locked up her third-straight league title by racing quickly to the lead and looking strong in doing it. (As a frosh,  she was one-step from the victory at Finals).  Today she led a great group racing to a fine team effort. Kelsi Tippets was runner-up, Rebecca Asplund had a very strong race to finish fifth. When Casey Candelaria, Kasey Tippets, Danielle Fillmore and Stacy Yarbrough crossed the line, all seven girls had "patched" in the first or second team all-league groupings!  The championship was King's fourth straight Ivy League title and the 8th in a row going back to the Sunkist League days.

Results: Frosh Soph Girls   JV Girls   Varsity Girls

girls league title 2007

Thursday, November 1
boys leaders 2007

Since coming into the Ivy League back in 2004, La Sierra and King have exchanged jabs, victories and defeats, making the last four seasons a spirited time of competition. In the last head-to-head match up at the league level, this 2007 edition of the Ivy League finals was no different, leaving both squads with victories and defeats to take home after three hard-fought races.

The frosh-soph team gave up the first three places to the Eagles and were quickly served up a big dose of teamwork as the order of the day. They did not disappoint. Sean Lee, running his best race of the year, finished in fourth and led a wave of red, white and blue (King's colors) that consumed the next six places. Brandon Rogers, Craig Aguilar, Austin McKell, Jarod Nocella, Rafi Perez and Nick Rini all came across before La Sierra's fourth. Even King's number 8 man (and therefore not factored in the score) was in before La Sierra's fifth man. Despite such a great pack, the team would find overcoming the threesome at the front a tall order and they came in ultimately one point behind. Still, it turned out to be one of the more exciting moments of the day.

Three weeks ago, the JV team won  the  La Sierra dual  meet by five points, but on this day two of the scorers from 22 days past were racing at different levels. Needless to say,  the challenge was set. However, led by two strong races up front by Chris Salas and Nick Hernandez who were giving great chase to Poly's front man, the two seniors led a group of upper classmen who came to show the first matchup with La Sierra was no fluke. Greg Romandetti and Ethan Park finished in the top six, and Chris Power finished the scoring with an 11th place finish. Hayden Traver took  home the last medal on the day in 14th. Michael Gardner and Zaid Yousef had good races; Michael finishing out his senior season in style.

After a five point loss to La Sierra in the dual, the varsity team was excited to give it a go again and make up the difference. But La Sierra ran much better and King suffered from an "off-day" and the gap opened considerably with La Sierra taking home their second-straight title, 26-48. A highlight of the team effort came in Patrick Gonzalez's amazing third place finish. Just seven weeks from a hospital, a bandaged head and a stapled scar in the shape of a question mark tatooing the back of his scalp, his season at that time seemed to resemble the shape of his scar. But all questions were answered, as Patrick appeared to float over the course, looking as if a scalpel had never been taken to his brain. It was a special performance and day for the senior.

Jason Schupp had just as strong of a race, dropping some 31 seconds off his time from the dual in weeks past to finish in 13th and second team all-league. Charlie Alvarez, not having his best day was just in front of him while Andrew Huscher again put out a gutty performance running just one second off his course PR. Derek Nelson struggled and needed medical attention following the race, and Daniel Balcazar was King's 7th man.

So it was a day for battling and scrapping for every point. An impressive day for the Wolves, matched against one of Riverside's finest, they held their own and left a lasting impression on the Ivy League.

Results: Boys Frosh Soph   Boys JV   Boys Varsity

jv league champs 2007

Thursday, October 25
carissa signing
Carissa Bowman signs her letter of intent to run for Biola University

As a freshman, Carissa's gift for running was quickly and obviously on display. She pushed our top senior varsity runners that year and was one step away from being the Ivy League individual champion that season as just a 9th grader.

Her commitment level and work ethic has grown over the years, as has her list of running accomplishments. It seems that she has grown into the sport of distance running just as much as the sport has grown into her.

Recruited early and often and from schools as far away as Miami Florida, in recent months she narrowed her choices down, and after a strong sense of peace with her decision, she signed her "letter of intent" last week to compete for Biola University.

Biola University is celebrating their 100th anniversary next year. The school is located in La Mirada which is about an hour's drive from Riverside, toward Los Angeles. It is a Christian school, which was the main attraction to Carissa. "I'm excited to go to a school where the Bible is integrated into the classes" she said recently, reflecting her commitment to the Christian faith.

Jonathan Zimmerman, the head coach at Biola is equally excited to have Carissa join his team, which is currently ranked 7th in the nation at the NAIA level. She'll join a group of athletes that comes from seven different states and Canada.

Congratulations, Carissa! You've come a long way!

Saturday, October 20
bowman balcazar werley 2007
Carissa leads the ladies, Balcazar & Werly throw down #2, #3 AT frosh marks

From one side of the country to the other, King's cross country teams proved it doesn't matter which time zone they're in, they can run with the best of them. On a day that started cool and warmed by the later races, the King Kids battled triumphantly, earning hardware, PR's and plaques in the biggest invitational (13,000 runners finished the race) and on one of the toughest courses in America.

Larissa Davis led a group of four to a non-scoring, yet strong JV team effort. The senior finished second overall with a fine 20:55 after a long time off to injury. Tatiana Balcazar hammered the course with a lifetime best of 21:14. Rebekah Fairley ran well too as did Jenna Kordic at 23:08.

The varsity boys took the line with only five harriers, their normal lineup depleted by academics - the PSAT took many of King's top runners from the meet. But "battle" was the operative word today, and led by Nick Hernandez's PR of 17:27, the group of Chris Salas, Ethan Park, Chris Power and Michael Gardner all ran well. Park, Power and Gardner all came through the line with PR's as well. A strong effort!

Carissa Bowman and Kelsi Tippets were out front for the Lady Wolves in the Sweepstakes race, both racing in their usual positions, but the group of Danielle Fillmore, Casey Candelaria and  Rebecca Asplund epitomized the "pack attack", each coming across the line inside 7 places and 8 seconds of each other. For Casey, it was her first time on the storied hills and dales, and she put forth a remarkable effort and the 9th fastest time at Mt.SAC in King history! Kelsi ran King's #2 all time sophomore time, Danielle the #4 soph time and Rebecca the #6 soph time. Carissa set a senior class best for King. Not missing out on any of the party, Stacy Yarbrough and Kasey Tippets finished things out for the team, both well under 21:00 and in doing so made this the first team in school history to put all seven runners under 21:00!  Their team time of 95:31 was 1:46 faster than the previous school record team time, and their third place finish in a very deep and talented pool of teams was simply amazing! This race was one for the history books!

With such momentum, the remaining races saw great performances as well, despite the fact that a number of the teams lacked the required five runners for scoring. In the freshman boys race, Daniel Balcazar and Lane Werley scorched the course despite warming temps. Daniel finished 3rd overall and ran 17:19, just nine seconds off the 9th grade school record set way back in 1999, our school's first season. Werley was just behind him at 17:28 with the #3 all time 9th grade mark! Nicholas Rini, Rafi Perez and Josh Montegna combined to finish sixth overall. Aubrey Bowman led the 9th grade girls with a solid 21:00, while Hanna Peterson ran the race of her season with an incredible effort, finishing 19th at 21:58. Liz Willits ran 22:47.

The sophomore boys had a race not unlike the varsity girls, finishing third and doing it with fine frontrunning and pack scoring. Derek Nelson dropped his PR from 19:14 last season to 17:10 today! Amazing!! A gap opened to the number-two man, but once Brad Sheets crossed, he was shadowed by Brandon Rogers, Craig Aguilar and Sean Lee, all three within 12 spots of each other. Todd Cullen and Anthony Fraijo finished sixth and seventh for the squad, collecting their third-place medals for the effort.

Brandi Rosenau was up front in the sophomore girls race for almost two miles before relinquishing a couple of spots, but she still finished an admirable third place. Rebecca Trupp amazed for the second time in the week with a big 21:56 PR. Ariel Alonso and Krystal Reyes completed the course for the first time with solid efforts.

So it was a very good day. Battling, racing hard, staying mentally focused ... it all came together today for many, many of the King runners.  

Full results coverage     King Results

msac group 2007

Wednesday, October 17
jv girls 2007 poly

Coming off a huge weekend at the Great American meet in Alabama, King ran the risk of perhaps coming in a bit flat and letting a meet get away from them. Fortunately, the Wolves came ready to continue the battle and found the Bears of Poly a weaker group than in years' past when they've posed a serious threat in dual meets.

The JV's almost completely ran away with the meet to get things rolling. Larissa Davis led a string of nine teammates that would be broken up by only one Poly runner. Rebekah Fairley had a good day, as did Rebecca Trupp both of whom dropped under 22:00. Hannah Peterson got in the mix too with her best race of the season, running 21:50. Krystal Reyes also ran a PR for the year. 19-44 was the final score.

On the boys side, Nick Hernandez had a very fine race to win. Jarod Nocella broke 18:00 for the first time and Ethan Park had a lifetime best. Michael Gardner followed suit with a career best as well at 18:08.  Sean Lee and Leon Wang took advantage of the flatter course to run their best times as well. The boys wond by a perfect 15-49 score.

The Poly girls Varsity team was the closest one of the four to King, losing by a 23-35 margin. Two groups of Lady Wolves did all the damage, as Carissa Bowman and Kelsi Tippets were 2-3  while Rebecca Asplund, Casey Candelaria, Danielle Fillmore and Kasey Tippets went 5-6-7-8.  (Kelsi and Rebecca recorded the third and sixth fastest soph times in school history, respectively.) The team ran a team time of 97:03, which was the fourth fastest in school history. Not bad for a day in which there could have been some mental jet lag!  Stacy Yarbrough was 7th for the team and ran a lifetime best at 21:07.

The boys were almost the same story, winning easily 20-35. Charlie Alvarez and Patrick Gonzalez were the first to close the door on the Bears and Derek Nelson, Andrew Huscher and Lane Werley locked things up by placing ahead of Poly's 4th runner. Lane's time of 17:26 was the sixth-fastest freshman time for three miles in school history! Great job, Lane!

Results   Photo Album

Sunday, October 14
nelson great am 2007

Click here to read Coach Peters' blog with reflections on the race, the sights, the history and the entire trip. 

Sweet home Alabama, Where the skies are so blue; Sweet home Alabama, Lord I'm coming home to you...

Thus sang Lynyrd Skynyrd back in the 1970's, but here in 2007, the skies were still blue and the hospitality of the native sons and daughters made Martin Luther King High of California feel like they were right at home. It was a spectacular setting and festival, everything that a cross country meet should be, and the King Kid's didn't let the opportunity pass them by.

The boys and girls varsity teams were entered in the headliner events of the day, the "Nike Race of Champions." The boys were a bit misplaced and at this point in our development, significantly outgunned in a race that included numerous Nationally ranked squads and individuals experienced at the highest levels of the sport, but just as they did on Wednesday's dual against La Sierra, these guys didn't blink and didn't wince. They took the line bravely and ran their hearts out, with five of the seven notching personal records for the distance. Charlie Alvarez led the way for the group and showed again that he's getting comfortable with the pace setting. He ran 16:54 for the 5K. Patrick Gonzalez was a few seconds behind him with his best race of the season. He's running so well, it's easy to forget that just about a month ago he was having brain surgery! Derek Nelson, Andrew Huscher and Jason Schupp put down their second amazing effort of the week to finish the scoring. Jarod Nocella and Ethan Park were 6th and 7th for the team. The boys finished 18th of 19 teams in the loaded field.

The girls admittedly weren't feeling their "a-game" and struggled a bit.  Perhaps it was the pace being set by the leaders, as the announcer called the race "the fastest field assembled in the nation this season." There were Footlocker Nationalists in the race, including the defending National Champion (who finished second!) and seven teams that earned State Championships in 2006! To say the field was stacked would be an understatement! Carrisa Bowman gave chase early, trying to keep up with a pace setter from Florida who would eventually cover the 5K course in a record time of 17:05! (That was just 9 seconds behind our fastest male runner!). Kelsi Tippets was second for King, followed by Rebecca Asplund and Danielle Fillmore at 66th and 67th. Danielle looked really strong throughout the race!  Freshman Kasey Tippets, in her first-ever varsity invitational (talk about trial by fire!) held her own against the stiff competition and looked like she belonged there! She ran 21:20 for 5K, about 20:30 or so for three miles! Nice! Brandi Rosenau and Stacy Yarbrough rounded out the team, with Stacy running her best ever time despite a lingering week-long cold. An encouraging result given the physical circumstances that developed among some of them after the gun, was the result after the race: The girls finished 8th out of 16! 

A two-hour break separated the varsity races from the JV's. The boys looked very good, finishing 6th overall in a field that had 20 teams racing. Daniel Balcazar is in the process of perfecting "the hunt" as he starts slowly, giving the coaches ulcers and grey hairs, but then kicking it into overdrive by mid-way and passing!  His strategy paid off again as he moved well up the line, ultimately finishing 10th! Brad Sheets kicked in ferociously to snag 25th place (and the final medal of the race he proudly proclaimed). Greg Romandetti was third for King at 28th, Sean Lee was 43rd, and Rafi Perez and Zach Severance finished together at 50 and 51 while Dylan Gallagher ran well with a time of 24:12. 

On the girls side, the team had the highest finish of any King squad on the day, as they took second place out of 13 teams assembled. Sara Strasbaugh ran really well after an extended time off to injury. Larissa Davis was behind her, and Haley Hammer, Tatiana Balcazar and Jenna Kordic rounded out the scoring five. All five girls medaled. Jordan Vanderhoof was the sixth runner for King.

Aubrey Bowman led three freshmen girls through their race, a group too few to score. Regardless, the threesome ran really well. Lizzy Willits, learning the art of racing and strategically trying to employ the advice of the coaches ran really aggressively for the first time this season, a nice development to witness! Carrie Soholt made her return from five weeks off after breaking her toe back in September. It was fun watching these three girls with very bright futures in the sport run well!

So it was a great, American race. With the colors and banners of teams from a couple-dozen states represented, King took it's rightful place on the line and conducted their struggle on the "high plane of dignity and discipline" as Martin Luther King once said. A great experience, a great set of races, a great American cross country festival under the blues skies of Alabama.

Dyestat's coverage and results   King Photo Album of the whole trip (in process of uploading) King Results   King XC Blog posts

fillmore great am 2007

Sunday, October 14
varsity boys 2007

Racing against strong competitors can have one of two outcomes. One either rises to the occasion, or one caves. Well, on a windswept plateau in Riverside’s Greenbelt area, the Wolves of King waged a tremendous battle against La Sierra’s strong boys team. “Caving” wasn’t an option for the previously untested King kids. By the time the final scores were tallied, a slim five points separated the boys from a stunning upset and sweep.


The JV team set the stage with their finest hour of the season. Jason Schupp nailed his strongest race of his career, leading nearly wire to wire while being hawked the entire three miles of hill and dale by a trio of determined Eagles. He finished with a victory,  but behind him in the final mile, the hunters became the hunted. Daniel Balcazar moved from mid-pack at 1.5 miles to third overall at the line, and in his pursuit, he pulled along Greg Romandetti, Craig Aguilar and Ethan Park all of whom passed aggressively and pulled the team across the line for a five point victory. For a team that couldn’t remember the last time they had  lost a JV race, it was a thrilling upset and an example of strong team racing.


On paper, La Sierra’s varsity squad entered the day one of the Inland Empire’s finest. Ranked highly in the county, just last Saturday they were only 8 points out of second place overall in the IE Championships, an annual Riverside-San Bernardino county clash. With the graduation of the talented Knight twins last Spring, the Eagles have barely missed a beat this Fall. But their hearts skipped a beat or two by the middle of Wednesday’s race against the inexperienced, unranked and untested King squad who wasn’t going to go away and hide from the fear of reputation alone. Led by Charlie Alvarez and Patrick Gonzalez’s smart and aggressive first mile of racing, King had put themselves into two groups by the loud hill that announces the last mile. La Sierra had done the same; two Eagles, two Wolves, then two groups of three within an arms reach of one another. Dropping into the final descent the race was truly on, as only a handful of meters and one big push by Andrew Huscher, Derek Nelson and Lane Werley would make up the difference. But heading into the finish line, despite a screaming throng and six runners giving literally everything they had, La Sierra managed to hold off the charge and escaped with a five-point win. Hugs and high fives were liberally applied though as the King Seven knew they had given their all and made one of Riverside’s best sweat out a narrow win. Rising to.


As exciting and heart pounding as the boys’ contests were, the girls had a completely opposite experience. Able to cruise a bit from start to finish, the girls JV won handily, taking the first six places.   the varsity squad also won by a large margin while resting some key runners and preparing for bigger battles ahead in which their opponents will face the same question: Rise or cave.


Full Results of King runners

Wednesday, September 26

Sunday, September 23
Pepperdine mudders

On a spectacular bluff overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean, the 1st Annual Pepperdine Invitational got started under an unseasonal downpour that lashed out at the grassy course turning it from green to brown with uncountable mud hazards across it's three mile layout. Though the rain had subsided by the time King arrived, the damage had been done and so the races were on. Some kids started the race with two shoes and finished with one, while some started with two and finished with none.  By the meet’s end, there were harriers spotted at the line with no shoes at all, not wishing for their Asics or Nikes to fall victim to a muddy course that grew deeper and stickier throughout the day. The slop sucked off shoes and stained jerseys, but in the end most agreed all that brown ooze had added an unexpected dose of fun to a meet that in terms of course layout, beauty and hospitality would have done just fine by itself.

Despite the tough conditions, the King kids came to do battle in greater measure than the season’s previous meets generated. The girls’ varsity got off the line first and was quickly covered in mud and battling for footing on some precipitously slippery descents and turns. Following a pre-meet strategy, Carissa Bowman and Kelsi Tippets surged to the fore, while the pack of five stuck together through the first mile. From there they strung out while Bowman and Tippets clung to 3rd and 4th overall, separated by about 40 meters. Rebecca Asplund moved well after the mile, chipping steadily away at the field in front, while Casey Candelaria battled very strong in her first ever varsity race. Brandi Rosenau became “One Shoe Rosenau” for a couple miles as six-inch-thick mud at the mile marker claimed her left shoe as its own. Danielle Fillmore and Stacy Yarbrough rounded out the seven, which finished 2nd overall behind highly ranked Esperanza.  

The boys’ varsity slid into the course next. Six of the seven who toed the line were experiencing their first ever varsity race, and two of those were 9th graders. Charlie Alvarez got out well and held a top-five position through the halfway mark. A gap formed to the pack, but Lane Werley, Daniel Balcazar, Andrew Huscher and Nick Hernandez ran within an arm’s reach of one another before splintering a bit in the last mile. That splintering was in part due to some great movement on the part of the freshmen, Balcazar and Werley, who each passed 19 and 14 opponents respectively in the final mile. Jason Schupp was the seventh man on the day. The team wound up in 7th, a good performance for a bunch of varsity neophytes!  

Aubrey Bowman and Kasey Tippets took the pace setting duties seriously for the frosh soph girls, and both of the talented 9th graders led their team to a 4th place finish, just missing one of the plaques. Aubrey finished in the top 6 overall. Hanna Peterson and Liz Willits showed great racing improvement in their third race of the season, showing an increased sense of urgency in their pacing throughout the three miles. In the boys’ version of the race, Jarod Nocella was King’s top finisher at 37th overall, after running by the second mile in 44th place. Rafi Perez had a good outing, as did Sean Lee, who turned his brand-new, all white racing flats into a fine “partially used” shade of dark brown. At least he had shoes at the finish, Nick Rini and Rafi Perez had to go back on the course as theirs were jacked by the same mud thug that stole Brandi’s.  

The JV boys and girls teams were the last to take the line, but there were still ample amounts of mud to go around. Patrick Gonzalez, still on the comeback trail played a game of catch up after a conservative, back of the pack start. He ultimately finished eighth, a nice showing. Ethan Park and Bradley Sheets  were a tandem operation  through much of the mud and finished in the top 40. Hayden Traver was right there as well, putting together his second strong race of the season. Chris Power also finished well, consistently moving up in the  pack. Bekah Fairly had another good race to lead the JV girls, but the nicely bunched pack of Tatiana Balcazar, Rebecca Trupp, Haley Hammar and Larissa Davis helped to score low points, putting the team in the top of the field. Jenna  Kordic was sixth for the team. 

So it was a real cross country day. Mud, spills, hills, thrills and a few lost shoes to boot. It was everything you’d want from a cross country race and a stunning view of the Pacific thrown in for no extra charge.'s full coverage - full results, videos, photos, summary story   Results by race  King Results  Photo Album

Pepperdine Passing Statistics: JV Races   Varsity Races   Girls FS  Boys FS 

pepperdine montage

Sunday, September 23

sillouette pepperdine

Saturday, September 15
soph girls mtcarmel2007
Girls Sophomore team, finishes 1st overall

On a typically sunny San Diego September day, the Wolves competed once again in the Mt. Carmel Invitational held at Morley Field on much of the same course that the Footlocker National Championships will be run come December. The results were somewhat atypical however, as the youth of this year’s squad rose to the challenge to produce some quality results.


Lane Werley proved that his first race 10 days ago was no fluke as he once again set the pace for the pack, running a smartly paced effort over the 2.95 mile layout, ultimately notching King’s 9th fastest time on the course all time. This time out he was shadowed by fellow frosh, Daniel Balcazar who got off to a great start and held position. Derek Nelson is showing great improvement in his sophomore season and ran King’s 3rd Man.  Nick Hernandez led the senior group, and an encouraging sight in that race was Patrick Gonzalez’s return to action with a conservative effort after brain surgery one month ago. Brad Sheets had a good race in the sophomore set, and Andrew Huscher was King’s top 11th grade runner in 54th place overall. The boys combined times placed them 22nd of the 30 schools in D1.


The girls also had the young-uns doing a lot of the pace-setting in their 2.7 mile races, with ultimately 5 of the top 7 King times owned by rookies or sophomores.  The sophomore team brought home the victory in their race. The group of Kelsi Tippets, Rebecca Asplund, Brandi Rosenau, Danielle Fillmore and Rebecca Trupp all finished in the top 50 overall; Tippets and Asplund notched top 10 finishes.


Overall, the girls team would have finished 8th out of 28 schools had all the D1 races been scored and combined (13th out of all 64 teams, both divisions combined) . Carissa Bowman led once again for the Lady Wolves, while Casey Candelaria in the junior race raced to King’s 5th fastest on the day. Tatiana Balcazar followed her younger brother’s good day with a fine day of her own, running 20:05 and passing 25 runners in the last three-quarters of a mile! Jenna Kordic did likewise in the same race. Great movers!


So in all it was a telling day; a day to show the talent and moxie of those who are yet to be upperclassmen (or women!) and a day for King to make further progress toward the heart of the season and the bigger races that lay ahead.


Top 40 All time on Mt.Carmel    2007 King Results   Overall Results  Photo Album 

soph boys 07

Thursday, September 6
werley two mile 07

The Wolfpack got things rolling for 2007 with a very low-key 2 mile race hosted by Woodcrest Christian. Set at the AB Brown fields in Riverside, despite a pancake-flat, double-loop course, the tall grass added a measure of difficulty to the layout.

Racing by grade level, King purposefully "trained through" the meet, with training shoes on and extra mileage tacked onto the day. But, it was still a race and butterflies were present and solid performances were turned in.

Perhaps the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise of all was watching freshman Lane Werley find his stride and his competitive fire to race second in his race, but, by the time the seniors had finished an hour later, Lane's time of 11:28 was the fastest time for King's boys on the day! Though Lane had been "showing up on the radar" last week (earning Runner of the Week honors), most didn't see this coming. A very, very impressive start! Carrie Soholt on the girls side was equally impressive in her 9th grade race with a commanding victory, steadily pulling away from her closest competitors. Aubrey Bowman and Kasey Tippets also had strong performances.  Samantha Enriquez was close behind those two.

"Running our best at the end" has been a daily mantra this season, and with Sam Anich doing the place counting and recording at a mile to go, we were able to gauge just how competitive we were by the finish line. Of the 46 racers on the day, 34 of them were able to hold their position or pass by the finish line. That's 74% of our squads showing competitive mettle! Daniel Balcazar, in only his first race went from 20th to 6th -- either a rookie mistake or a very patient racer! Craig Aguilar was also an impressive mover, going 12-6 in the last mile. Greg Romandetti halved the field in front of him as well. So in all, a good first go of it. Much bigger stages and races are ahead of us; no sooner than the 15th of September with a trip to San Diego for a meet that draws 75 schools from two states. But for starters, this was a good one. 


bowman a tippts kay 2mile07

Thursday, September 6
2 Mile Madness 2006   2007
 Nocella: 14:08  12:42
 Nelson:14:48  12:11
 Rogers: 14:49  12:44
 Lee: 14:59  12:36
 Aguilar: 16:23  12:25
 Tippets: 13:57  12:57
 Rosenau: 15:48  13:58
 Fillmore: 16:02  13:59
 Trupp: 17:34  14:35
 Huscher: 13:11  12:06
 Romandetti: 13:41  12:09
 Bedell: 14:04  13:06
 Severence: 16:15 13:11
 Lin: 16:24  16:02
Check out the chart to see the improvements from those who ran the 2 Mile Madness last season to this season!
Though we were in training flats and downplaying the "hype" this year, look where you still finished!
This the result of sticking with it, not giving up, continuing to apply yourself to the discipline of consistency.
Well done. Rookies -- Take notice! This can happen to you as well!

Monday, June 10

Tuesday, November 18

2008 Spreadsheet of times  (by person and race)

League Meets
Big 8 #1
   Girls JV   Girls Varsity   Boys Varsity   Boys JV (no score nor times due to course mixup)
Big 8 #2  Girls JV   Girls Varsity    Boys JV    Boys Varsity
Big 8 League Finals Girls JV  Girls Varsity   Boys JV   Boys Varsity

Invitationals Seaside Invitational     Mt.Carmel     Central Park    Clovis   Mt.SAC  

CIF Prelims  Girls   boys 
CIF Finals   Girls individual results   Team results
State Finals  results   Pdf version

Sunday, January 25

Saturday, November 29

Kelsi Tippets is as competitive as they come. We knew that from literally her first day of summer practice her 9th grade year, when, after a late start to the "rookie run" she doggedly took off, catching every one and making it back to school with room to spare despite the half-mile head start the group had on her. It was obvious right then and there; give this girl a start and finish line, she wouldn't waste anytime in between the two.

In the 21st running the California State Championships, she had before her those two lines once again, and typical of the talented junior, she gave everything she had in the deepest and fastest race of the five held Saturday at Woodward Park in Fresno.  The pace got out very quickly with the leaders coming by the 800 mark under 2:45. Kelsi was gamely in that group, just off to the right of a large pack that spanned 12 wide, devouring the entire width of the path. By the mile the demands of chasing some of the best runners the entire state has to offer were being felt.  "I was thinking, I shouldn't be feeling like this already" she said after the race.  Coming by at the mile  at 5:38, it would be the second mile that would exact the price paid for the first. That fee was found in a move back to the second group, sliced some twenty places behind the eventual race winner, Alex Dunne of San Clemente. True to her nature however, Kelsi battled hard through the rolling hills that took her to mile-two. From there, she hung on, occassionaly exchanging places with two others before showing that trademark grit over the last 300 meters to move up on two more and ultimately finish in 23rd (out of 196 finishers) and at 18:25 for 5K.

For her first go at the State Finals, Kelsi did everything she had to do and left nothing to the nagging, post race question of "what if...?" Her stated goal from last June was to achieve a position on the starting line at the State meet and she did just that.  Despite an outcome not exactly to her wishes, the way in which she conducted herself between the lines exemplified the competitive integrity and determination she brings to the sport and to every race she contests. Win lose or draw ... Compete!  Therefore it was another great race for Kelsi and quite an accomplishment. Her baptism to State-level racing was one by fire, and will certainly bode well for her when she perhaps toes that line again in 2009. 

Making the race and the journey to Fresno a bit more enjoyable was a large group of teammates - guys and girls - who came along to cheer and represent King Cross Country in grand style. For the up-and-coming guys team, the experience hopefully proved an eye-opening one to see what can be achieved by hard working, motivated and disciplined teenagers. For the girls, who just missed their chance as a team this year, the meet looms ever larger next year as a destination for not just spectators, but as competitors.

Just as Kelsi was today in the biggest meet of the season.

Full Results    Photo Album

cif finals 2008 web collage
Sunday, November 23
The King girls' seven-year long streak of qualifying for the CIF Finals (and the 8th time in our 10 seasons!) has always been a story of great accomplishment.  Simply making Finals is a huge step, and the opportunity to toe the line with the best teams in the Southern Section is a tremendous compliment to the teams, present and past, for their talent and effort. Through that stretch the highest finish any King girls team has managed at Finals has been 11th, (in D2, in 2002) and last year the team placed last, a result that left most in tears and very frustrated.

On Saturday, the team entered the race for the seventh time in seven years, but this go-around came with the stated goal of "having fun" and "doing our best".  A reversal of previous misfortunes was "Job One." Well, it's been said that "seven" is a lucky number, and perhaps there was a little Irish on the day, for the team raced well and for the first time ever, cracked the "Top 10" in their division.  They finished tenth with 231 points in what is annually the toughest division in the entire state. (For comparison, the girls' team time would have been 6th in D2, 3rd in D3, and 1st in both D4 and D5)

As expected, the race got out quickly, with a big lead pack of twenty cruising through the 800 meter mark. Kelsi Tippets and Carrie Soholt lurked just off that lead pack through the mile, while Kasey Tippets, Katrina Graham and Hanna Peterson were making up King's scoring group by the top of the Switchbacks.  A gap opened up after that point, as Kelsi rolled along with the lead group that had splintered into a handful-and-one by two miles.  From there, Kelsi was firmly in control of her race and a potential top 6 placing. She finished very strong, crossing the line in 5th place while holding a bag of distinctions: a school record for the course, the first King girl to break 18:00 at Mt.SAC, All CIF honors, the highest CIF Finals finish of any King runner and an individual berth at the California State Championships Thanksgiving weekend.   That's some bag! 

Even with a couple of the girls having less than "on" races, the team still battled tremendously, something the group found difficult to do in the 2007 race.  It showed in one statistic: All five scorers PR'd on the course and ran King's #2 All Time team time (95:15) and the fastest CIF Finals time any King team has ever achieved. The 10th place finish was also, for what it's worth, the second-fastest Riverside County team in the race, a nice distinction given the high quality programs that herald from the IE. Carrie Soholt notched King's #5 all time mark, Kasey and Hanna were 7th and 8th all time, and Katrina raced to the 13th fastest mark all time. With Casey Candelaria and Aubrey Bowman rounding out the group, it was a very fine overall performance by the entire squad. PR's and All-time lists on the last day? We'll take it!

It was a good day for King, and one we hope will prove itself to be a stepping stone of success on the journey to even greater success in the future. With only one graduating senior in the group, the possibilities are incredible to behold should these young and talented runners make goals to not rest on the great accomplishment of today, but now look with eager anticipation at what awaits them in 2009.

Place, Team, Score, Team Time:
1 Dana Hills 46
2 Trabuco Hills 94
3 Crescenta Valley 106
4 San Clemente 173
5 Esperanza 180
6 Great Oak 188
7 Chino Hills 188
8 Warren 190
9 Redlands 201
10 M.L. King 231
11 Chaparral 255
12 Fountain Valley 260
13 West Ranch 294
14 Murrieta Valley 315
15 El Toro 341
16 Vista Murrieta 380 

Full Results    Individual Results    Photo Album   MtSAC All Time List    Riverside County Athletes

Monday, November 17
Out of 101 Division I schools, only six sent both boys and girls teams to CIF Finals. Trabuco Hills, Vista Murrieta, Great Oak, El Toro, Esperanza, and Dana Hills.

Three more had both squads finish in the top five of their heats at CIF Prelims: ML King, Corona and Long Beach Poly. 

King XC - Girls and Boys - finishes in the top 10% of the most competitive and most populated division in CIF.

Sunday, November 16
After analyzing the results of all four heats in the boys races yesterday, a bittersweet result jumped out. Had our boys been placed in the second heat, rather than the third, the team would have finished in 3rd, and would have qualified! The guys would have finished in that race 2nd, 16, 26, 27, 32 for a total of 103 points.

I always hesitate to crunch numbers for the "what ifs..." for it can only leave a bitter taste. However, without crying over the "if only we had been in the other heat" scenario, we can rejoice knowing the goal to make Finals, set so long ago, came oh-so-close to happening, and with a different seeding, the effort shown yesterday would have indeed brought home the goal. Great job, guys!

Riverside County boys teams, girls teams, Division 1, team times for the 2.1 mile course :

Vista Murrieta - 54:54
Corona - 55:02
Great Oak - 55:23
Murrieta Valley - 55:28
ML King - 55:31
Roosevelt - 55:33
Paloma Valley - 55:43
Valley View - 56:27
La Sierra - 57:47
Santiago - 57:51
Cathedral City - 60:54
La Quinta - 63:10  

ML King - 65:00
Great Oak - 65:32
Vista Murrieta - 66:04
Chaparral - 66:28
Corona - 67:29
Valley View - 68:27
Woodcrest Christian - 68:54
Centennial - 71:41
Paloma Valley - 71:42
La Sierra - 71:44
La Quinta - 71:54
Riverside Poly - 74:10
Rancho Verde - 75:39
Riverside Christian - 78:34  

Saturday, November 15
2008 Cif prelims collage
Right from the start, it was a chaotic day. Temperatures reached the low 90's, phone reports coming from the earlier races at Mt.SAC spoke of very tough conditions, with paramedics on scene to deal with the fallen. By mid-day as King arrived for their CIF Preliminary races, two nearby brush fires consumed acres and property, sending moving mountains of dark smoke into the sky, forcing CIF to shorten the afternoon races to two miles. The meet cautiously carried on with a watchful eye to the wall of smoke on the horizon.

For the King harriers, the day posed a challenge for one of the most challenging meets of the year. Faced with a "go big or go home" scenario, the confusion of heat, smoke and fire -- not to mention a newly-minted two mile course -- could well have disrupted the focus and intent. When all was said and done, neither team buckled and both ran superb efforts.

The girls of King have excelled at the CIF level for a long time, carrying into the meet today a string of six-straight CIF Finals berths, spanning two different divisions. They carried as well today, some internal question marks.  Casey Candelaria, normally the team's #3 scorer, spent the night with the stomach flu, a nasty bug that took out nearly her entire family. Though she would valiantly take the line, the depletion of energy and fluids took their toll and by the mid-way mark, she stepped out of the race. Her teammates were carrying the load though with tremendous style. Kelsi Tippets led the race for much of the first mile before eventually finishing in 3rd. Carrie Soholt, still on the comeback trail after three weeks missed due to shin splints, steadily moved up through the crowd to finish 6th, passing four runners in the final half mile. Kasey Tippets, Katrina Graham and Hanna Peterson ran superb scoring efforts, holding down the fort in Casey's absence and helping to seal the second place finish (top four would qualify for Finals) and punch the team's ticket for their SEVENTH straight CIF Finals berth. Simply amazing!

The girls' joy was tempered abit at the end of the meet when the boys finished one place and 20 points shy of their qualifying goal as well. It was not for a lack of effort though, as the guys' team approached the line confident and ready to go. After a disappointing League Finals 10 days ago, there was a sense of "pay back" among the seven. The race got out fast, as it had to with only 10 minutes or so from start to finish. Lane Werley and Charlie Alvarez found good position early, while the pack of Devin Becerra, Derek Nelson and Jarod Nocella moved forward to close a gap.  Derek and Jarod made up ground in the second mile along with Daniel Balcazar who joined the scoring set,  but it was just short of successful.

The team's 5th place finish matched the highest finish ever for King at prelims (the 2005 team was the last to do it) and far out did the 13th place finish last season and the 11th place finish in 2006. Though the guys were naturally disappointed, the final result does little to change what has otherwise been a truly remarkable season for this group. Motivated to excel one year ago, they set goals to be better -- much better -- in 2008.  They formed the Lobos Club in the winter of 2007, started training, took track seriously and hit the summer with momentum. They took on more mileage, two-a-day's all season, smoothly moved into a tougher league and placed well at big invitationals, setting a team time 5K school record in the process.  It has been a season of incredible growth, done exactly the right way. They were coachable, enthusiastic, team-oriented and willing to work all year long. Simply put, this group -- made up almost entirely of guys that ran last year -- put miles between themselves and where they were a year ago. All success is gained over time, nothing great comes easily, and this is especially so in distance running. But from "also-ran's" a year ago, to contenders in 2008, the maturation of this young squad has been something to behold. On a personal note, I am extremely proud of all of them, and thankful for the season they put together.

But the girls will take it another week, as they have for over a half-decade now. It's an amazing streak, one achieved through talent, work and a willingness to risk. All three traits will be on display next Saturday at the 2008, CIF Division One finals.

Complete Results     Photo Album

  Girls Results       Boys Results  
 1 Trabuco Hills  56    Rancho Cucamonga  58 
 2 King 70   2 Arcadia  84 

San Clemente

82   El Rancho  93 
 4 Warren 105    Paramount  112 
 5  Highland 116   King  132 
   9 more teams       10 more teams  

Girls   Aprx. 2 miles Boys   Aprx. 2 miles  
3 Kelsi Tippets  12:29 10 Lane Werley 10:38
Carrie Soholt 12:39  21 Charlie Alvarez 11:04 
18  Kasey Tippets  13:11  35  Jarod Nocella  11:15 
20  Katrina Graham  13:18  36  Derek Nelson  11:15 
23  Hanna Peterson  13:23  41  Daniel Balcazar  11:19 
42  Rebecca Asplund  13:57  47  Austin McKell  11:26 
dnf  Casey Candelaria   53  Devin Becerra  11:30 

Thursday, November 6
tippets kelsi league finals 2008

Eights. They were all over the place at the inaugural Big 8 Cross Country Championships Thursday at Mountain Gate Park in Corona. For the King girls, the Big 8 title would be their 8th in a row, in this, the year 2008. It made for a catchy little slogan going into the race, but once they were off, the girls got down to business and ran very solid team efforts at both the varsity and JV levels

The varsity race started as the other two league meets have, with Adriana Olivas sprinting off the line, daring the others to go after her. Like the first two meets, the pack, led by Kelsi Tippets refused to bite right away, but as the gap between Olivas and Tippets grew to some 60 meters, the race was indeed on. Kelsi managed to race one of her most patient and disciplined three miles in her career, steadily bringing the hard-charging, yet slowing 9th grader from Centennial back into her sights. Within a hundred meters of the finish, Kelsi was able to slip by her and sprint home for the victory, King's 5th straight individual title. Her teammates were busy running a great race themselves, with the "Mighty KC's" (Kasey Tippets and Casey Candelaria) doing battle in the pack along with Carrie Soholt, who returned to action after an injury layoff. Hanna Peterson and Katrina Graham rounded out the scoring group, while Rebecca Asplund finished out the squad. Their team time of 93:47 was about 2 and a half minutes faster than three weeks ago on the course and second only All-Time to the super flat Seaside Invitational mark set earlier this year.

Danielle Fillmore and Aubrey Bowman were at the front of the JV race, leading a much better team effort at this level than King showed 21 days ago. Danielle had her best race of the year, finishing at 19:41 and leading wire-to-wire. Aubrey fell back to third but had an incredible finish to snag second with a lean over Corona's top runner. A group of Corona Panthers pushed the remaining King scorers back a way, but the effort for the Lady Wolves was still strong. Sara Strasbaugh finished 8th, Kayla Cunningham was in 12th, followed by Rebecca Trupp and Samantha Enriquez. Monique Carrasco also had a terrific run, coming off an injury that took her out of most of the last month. Courtney Mort finished off her season of huge improvement with a time of 24:25, some five minutes faster than she ran back in July. Franciska Lee also had a great improvement over the second league meet.  All told, 59% of the girls that ran both the league championship and the second league meet on this course ran a PR today. Still, despite running 7 minutes faster as a team than they did three weeks ago, King was outmatched by Corona's depth and had to settle for second place in the league.

So from the humble beginnings in the Sunkist League way back in 2001, through the Ivy league for the last four, and now into the Big 8, the girls from King continue to run strong. Will it be 9 in '09? Time will tell.

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Thursday, November 6
This first year of the Big 8 has proven itself to be just what many thought it would be; namely, faster.  While toiling in the Ivy League, the guys had grown accustomed to having mainly just one strong team to contend with. This year has been different. Right from the first meet, in which Roosevelt, Corona and King all finished within nine points of each other, it was clear things had changed. Roosevelt suffered a mishap in the second meet with a leading runner going down, but the stage was still set for some great racing in Thursday's league final.

The lead pack got out very quickly, essentially daring anyone to follow. Lane Werley lurked back abit in 8th place by the mile, but eventually worked his way forward to finish in 4th overall. In all three contests this season, the league has seen a different first-place runner, as Michael Gauger of Corona took round one, Lane round two, and Jonathan Lopez of Roosevelt the winner today. Lane was 12 seconds ahead of the time he ran three weeks ago on the same course, a testimony to the pace set by the leaders. Devin Becerra continued his remarkable 9th grade season with another superb race. He finished 12th overall to earn 2nd Team All-League honors and was 11 seconds faster than the second meet. Charlie Alvarez, Jarod Nocella, Derek Nelson, Austin McKell and Daniel Balcazar all finished in a row from 16th-20th, and while King placed their 7th man in front of Roosevelt's #5, the Mustangs still snuck through to take second in the race. King's better record in the season allowed the guys to finish the season second overall.

Mark Gardner, the knowledgable coach of Corona who keenly observes every team in the county said, "this is the best B team in the Inland Empire." It's hard to tell for sure, but one thing was clear, they were the best team in the Big 8 today by a long way. Led by Nick Rini who captured the individual title and Jason Schupp, they were followed by Marc Jimenez who finished out his first season of cross in truly grand style. The sophomore has had a superb rookie year, and his 16:54 time today was 27 seconds better than the first time on the course.  Chris Miller, Brad Sheets, Brandon Rogers and Andrew Huscher were all in the top 9 overall, while Rafi Perez had a very good race to finish 12th at 17:36, a 24 second improvement. Harrison McMillan also had a huge PR on the course, as did Chris Power with a 46 second dropand Joey Tompkins who shaved 1:59 off. Hayden Traver finished his career well with a course PR too. Kyle Nugent, Tyler Parrish, and Nic Williams all dropped over two minutes from the race three weeks ago.

The meet met all it's expectations, with solid team battles and great individual performances across the day. 77% of King's runners ran faster on the course this day than they did three weeks ago. With that kind of improvement, one can only look forward to even greater things to come next season.

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Sunday, October 26
group fire engine 2008

The 61st running of the Mt.SAC invitational, the nation's largest meet, was held under bright skies full of sun. The athletes, trying to be full of run, found the very dry, very hot conditions a tough battle. With a steady stream of ambulances and paramedics coming and going with the ill-prepared and unfortunate souls, the meet directors took action by first shortening the course to 1.9 miles, then ultimately cancelling the last two races of the day. It was a hard day on a hard course, but through it all, King came away with some surprisingly strong showings, despite the adverse conditions.

The girls varsity team was entered in the Individual Sweeps race, purposefully scheduled in the relative cool of the morning hours. Blessed with temps in the mid-60's, the Lady Wolves fielded an incomplete squad and one that had a couple of cyllanders clogged with colds. Carrie Soholt rested due to shin splints, Casey Candelaria was busy taking the ACT test, so with two of the top four missing, the walk to the starting line was a purposeful one for the seven who did run. Kelsi Tippets battled gamely despite a week-long illness, Aubrey Bowman was under the same physical conditions. Rebecca Asplund had to drop out after a mile with leg pain. Katrina Graham raced for the first time over the course. All these concerns were present despite being entered in what would become the fastest-paced race of the day. Even with the odds stacked against them, the team finished 10th of 17 squads and actually recorded the 4th fastest King team time on the course all time. Not bad!  Hanna Peterson and Kasey Tippets ran very solidly in the scoring group, putting a nice ending to an otherwise "off" day for the team.

A couple of hours would pass before the next race for King, and in that time, the temperatures would rise to the upper 80's, though with the humidity below 10%, the dry air seemed to sizzle.  With PR's thrown to the Santa Ana's, the varsity boys instead focused on places, and place they did!  Led by Lane Werley's school record 15:56 and 2nd place finish (1:32 faster than last season at the invite!), the team raced head to head with Capo-Valley, ultimately winning 52-56; third a distant 100 points. The victory was secured by a strong race out of Daniel Balcazar who broke from his normal 6-7 spot to go 3rd for King. Charlie Alvarez was the 2-man, Devin Becerra set a freshman record at 16:49, and Derek Nelson came through with a strong race. With Jarod Nocella and Austin McKell in by 22nd place, King placed all seven runners under 17:00 for the first time in our history, again, despite near-90 degree conditions.

The Sophomore Boys were the first King squad to christen the 1.93 mile, heat induced course. The competition heated up quickly with Great Oak of Temecula and Arcadia, two very successful XC programs. GO put three up front early, with Nick Rini and Marc Jimenez drag racing right there with them. By the abreviated finish line, Nick would finish third, sandwiched between GO's top two and Arcadia's top two. It was the pack of Jimenez (8th), Ben Huscher (11th) Rafi Perez (17th) and Chris Miller (19th) that took home the nail-biting victory with a 58 point victory over Arcadia's 62 and GO's 63.  A great reminder again that in this sport, every guy counts!  The JV races are traditionally not scored at Mt.SAC (and a poor tradition at that!) but King's guys ran aggressively nonetheless. The group was led by Brad Sheets who finished 10th at 11:05 and Andrew Huscher at 11:11.

Jonathan Torres had a terrific, 10th place finish in the freshmen boys' race, to lead the group to a third-place plaque and finish. Adam Schupp, Mitchel Cleland, Ryan Esterberg and Nathan Meier combined to score 142 points.

The only girls to see action were the sophomores and freshmen for King, as the JV race was cancelled, leaving Sara, Rebecca, Anna and Casey high and dry. Samantha Enriquez ran a great race in the sophomore race, finishing 10th overall. Kaitlyn Gonzalez, Taylar Amiot and Courtney Mort all had good runs in the frosh race, despite not having a scoring five.

So it was a tough day, but victorious in many ways anyway. Proof positive, that when the main street in Adverse City is full of potholes and danger signs, the strong and the prepared can always find a way to get out of town alive. The good news for King on this hot day was not only did they get out of town alive, they took some of the city's hardware with them.

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Thursday, October 23

The Riverside Press Enterprise did a story on the boys' success this year, including the remarkable 4-year story of Charlie Alvarez. Click the link above to read it.

King may have best boys cross country team ever


10:57 PM PDT on Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Press-Enterprise


RIVERSIDE - Charlie Alvarez doesn't consider himself a leader. He just runs. Any accolades his Riverside King cross country team receives this year -- and there could be many by the time the CIF championships roll around -- belong to the team, not the individual.

"I've come a long way and I'm proud of that," the senior says. "But I don't see myself as someone to look up to."

But someone had to spearhead the Wolves' emergence as one of the Inland area's up-and-coming boys programs. King's girls always have been among the elite squads, reaching the CIF finals six straight years, while the boys haven't advanced past the prelims in six years.

This year could be a breakout season for King's boys team, which has an interesting dynamic -- talented young runners and a group of older runners who have paid their dues on the junior varsity squad. And then there's Alvarez.

"Everyone looks up to Charlie," freshman Devin Becerra said, noting even the young runners understand the senior's history. "He's like an open book."

Chapter one might go something like this: Alvarez tries out for cross country as a freshman and doesn't exactly get off to a good start.

Story continues below

"We recognized he had some talent, but he had a bigger chip on his shoulder than he had talent in his legs," Coach Brad Peters said. "A lot of things manifested in a lousy attitude and ended up getting him cut. He had (failing) grades going into sophomore year ... then last year he decided to start working and making running his thing."

Peters calls it a 180-degree turnaround. Alvarez says he had no choice but to grow up.

"I love running," he said. "I figured out it's my life and I had to get control of it because it wasn't going anywhere ... It was hard in the beginning, but I had all these guys to help me with it. This is the closest the team's ever been."

Alvarez's turnaround comes at a perfect time for a boys squad that could be the best in school history. Sophomore Lane Werley may have been a surprise as a newcomer last season, but he's developed into the Wolves' No. 1 runner and one of the top young runners in the area. Becerra also has emerged as a top-three runner in his first season.

"They get along together," Peters said of his diverse squad and the camaraderie that's developed. "Its easier said than done at the high school level. We preach it. I've preached it many years and it's never worked. The message hasn't changed, but they're buying it this time."

Right in the middle is Alvarez, whose home is the headquarters for gatherings and team get-togethers. If the group needs a pre-race pep talk, it's Alvarez doing the talking.

"He's been a role model," Peters said. "As a coach you love seeing kids that were on their way to a dead end and made that turnaround. He's been a big reason why we're doing what we're doing."

King will be one of several area teams running at the Mt. SAC invitational this weekend. The Wolves are not entered in the prestigious sweepstakes race, preferring instead to treat the event as buildup to the Big VIII League meet and CIF meet. The team already has split two matchups with league power Corona, with Werley outkicking Corona's Michael Gauger for the win in individual competition earlier this month.

Werley, who played baseball last spring and didn't run track, said the experience and confidence gained by playing baseball has helped him succeed in cross country.

"Some people might say, 'Isn't it hard being in front of the older guys?' But baseball helped me mentally," Werley said. "Things that are hard for me don't get in my way. I can block them out.

Becerra said he didn't expect to make varsity as a freshman but started feeling more comfortable as the season progressed.

Quiet at first, Becerra "can't stop talking now," Alvarez said.

The team's top senior runner said he's having fun, even if he doesn't consider himself a leader.

"Last year we focused on individual times; this year is completely different," Alvarez said. "We're not running for ourselves anymore."

That's good news for Peters, but maybe not so good for the competition.

"We've had some rough years over the past half decade," Peters said. "To have a group that loves running, that cares about each other, that's competitive and fairly talented, and to have those four pieces together in one year is a cool thing. Given our background where we've struggled on the guys' side, this is just a breath of fresh air."

Thursday, October 16

After sweeping the first league meet three weeks ago, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Corona and a few other schools were going to let that just go by. So, in the second league meet of the Big 8's existence, held Thursday at Mountain Gate Park in Corona, it was no surprise to see some spirited contests.

Right out of the gate, the JV girls saw a swarm of Corona's red uniforms envelope the opening mile and any competitors wishing to mix themselves in.  Their numbers were the main difference, making the contest much tougher for King's Lady Wolves. Rebecca Asplund led the way with a second place finish and Samantha Enriquez was 5th overall. Corona was able to put all seven girls in before King's third and it was too much to handle. King finished second with 44 points to Corona's 21. Poly came in third.

Three weeks ago the JV boys race turned out to be full of wrong turns and the race was a wash in chaos.  Things got off to a slightly similar start again this time, with the three race leaders going astray early on, among them Derek Nelson. By the time he had realized the error, he was running somewhere in the middle of the field of 139 runners. Though he'd play major catchup and ultimately finish in 7th and score for the team, his teammates were dominating the race from very early to the line. Marc Jimenez again did great pacing duties for the first half, Brad Sheet ran a well paced race, while Nick Rini moved up to finish in second. Andrew Huscher had a solid performance as well, helping the team to win the race 22-36 over Corona. Poly finished in third. Hayden Traver had a good race at 18:47, with James Echavarria right behind him. Joey Tompkins continued to improve with a 3 mile PR, and Kyle Nugent was right there with him.

With a couple of normal varsity runners out of the lineup for the girls, they rest of the team had to rely on one another to make up the gap. They did just that. Kelsi Tippets had a fine victory, dueling through two miles before pulling away with an impressive 18:25 over the rolling course. The Mighty KC's (Kasey Tippets and Casey Candelaria) shored up the middle of the lineup with another great race for the both of 'em. Katrina Graham ran well in 8th place, while Aubrey Bowman and Hanna Peterson and Danielle Fillmore rounded out the squad. The score was not surprisingly closer than the first go, but still an fairly unpressed victory.

One point separated Corona's highly ranked team and victory in the first meet, as King pulled out a shocker that day to win by one. Corona had their racing flats on and a full team this time around, taking no chances, and it was off to the races. King's Seven ran a great race, packing well and racing hard, making Corona work for their points. Despite going down on pavement within the first quarter-mile, Lane Werley worked himself back into contention and was able to hammer a great kick to separate himself first from Roosevelt's top guy, and then Michael Gauger of Corona. Gauger, a sophomore like Lane, made a great effort, but Lane's galloping stride was the better and he took home a great individual victory. Corona packed well, placing four in front of King's second, (Charlie Alvarez) and it was more than enough. Standing out in the midst of all that was a fantastic performance by Austin McKell who raced very strong and scored as King's fourth man. Just five races ago, he finished 19th for King; quite a move-up!

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Team Time all-time list

big 8 # two boys pack

Sunday, October 12
2fastest teams clovis 08

Fall came to Fresno with chilly, clear skies canopying the Clovis Invitational in beauty. The 30th annual meet is always a stage for great things, and for the harriers from King, the Fall air brought falling times. Ineed, King was flyin' through Fresno on Saturday!

The girls "Championship Race" fielded most of the strongest squads of the day, among them, the girls from King. With a sense of poise that has been growing of late, the King Seven took the line, and at the gun characteristically took a reasonable approach to the frenzied first 1000 meters. Much of the field was ahead by that point, but within 6 minutes, the group was starting to move. They were led by Carrie Soholt and Kelsi Tippets who found themselves at the back of a large front pack of 15 by the mile. Casey Candelaria, Kasey Tippets, Aubrey Bowman and Hanna Peterson were further back, but beginning to make their way through the crowd. By two miles, Carrie moved to the lead and was side-by-side with the leaders; Kelsi just a few folks back in 6th. Casey Candelaria was fashioning her best effort his season, ultimately PR'ing at 19:10 for 5K, the #2 senior time in King's history, and the fourth best Woodward Park time ever for King. Soholt and Tippets would finish 4th and 8th respectively, their splits of 18:10 and 18:25 the #1 and #3 King times on the course, with Carrie's mark a new school record for any course! Kasey Tippets, Aubrey and Hanna rounded out the pack to secure a 9th place finish, but more significantly for this young group, a new team time SR on the course by over 4 minutes! Kasey ran King's #3 all time mark for sophomores and became only the third soph to crack 19:00 over three miles, with only Carrie and Carissa Bowman ('08) ahead of her. Incredible individual and team races!

Scene two moved to the guys' "Championship Race', a race that was being billed by the meet director as "stacked" with many of the top programs state-wide. "It's going to be flying," Rob Brenner of Clovis High said. Indeed it was. The lead pack went by the mile in 4:40, leaving the field to hang or die trying. King's best guys have made it clear that their goals for '08 are set high, so despite not having the horses to hang on the early pace, the guys welcomed the chance to see what a studded field could do for their own season-long goals. What they found out by the finish line was, again, this King squad is vastly improved, capable, and now officially, the fastest team King has ever assembled.

Despite a 17th place finish in the race, their team time of 82:15 spoke volumes about just how fast California XC is, as well as how fast this group has become. The mark for King, shattered their previous school record on the course by 1:15, set back in 2005. The effort was led by Lane Werley's 15:56, a 32 second drop from the previous course best held by Jeremy Baugus. Charlie Alvarez, Devin Becerra, Jarod Nocella and Daniel Balcazar put together a terrific pack, just 9 seconds apart. Alvarez, Becerra and Nocella would notch the #3, 4, and 7 fastest King times on the course ever, with Balcazar coming across #11 all time. Jason Schupp and Derek Nelson would also place their names in the all-time list. 

King's "second-seven" teams ran varsity races and held their own admirably. Danielle Fillmore led the way for the girls, with a PR on the course at 20:12 (5K). Samantha Enriquez also had a strong performance, quite satisfying after her year of injuries.  The boys were led by Austin McKell who reached his personal goal of going sub-17 with a 16:59!  Nick Rini was right behind him at 17:13. Marc Jimenez quietly did his job of running another great race -- this rookie is strong! -- and placing himself in King's all-time list for Woodward Park. Their team time was #8 All Time for 5K at King!

Whether it's a mid-season target race or a tune-up for the State Meet held in Novmeber over the same undulating paths, the Clovis Invitational is quite a stage.  And on a great Autumn morning, the King Kids took full advantage of the setting and created for themselves another moment of accomplishment that should carry them closer to their ultimate goals.

King Results    Overall Results    Race Video of Girls Championship Race  Race Video of Boys Championship Race  Photo Album's coverage    Woodward Park All Time List    5K Team Time All time List  

Results from Riverside County XC Website

Sunday, October 12

115 full girls teams throughout the day... King finishes 11
134 full boys teams throughout the day ... King finishes 23
Dual meet with our neighbors -- Woodcrest Christian boys vs. King Boys:  28-28 ... tiebreaker goes to King (Jason Schupp)
1573 boys finished the race ... our first guy was 54th, our 14th guy was 885th
1198 girls finished the race ... our first girl was 9th, our 13th girl was 1013th

Devin ... 3rd fastest 9th grade boy on the day
Carrie ... 3rd fastest 10th grade girl on the day
Kasey ... 30th fastest 10th grade girl on the day
Lane ... 7th fastest 10th grade boy on the day
Kesli ... 5th fastest 11th grade girl on the day
Casey ... 25th fastest 12th grade girl on the day

total miles raced on the day ... 8,590.1

Saturday, October 4
miller chris central park 2008
A strange thing happened on the way to the Central Park Invite. The King XC teams had the opportunity to watch the sun rise from the side of the 91 freeway in Corona, as the bus broke down and an hour passed from darkness to dawn as the team awaited a new ride.  During the interval of wait, a lone Corona HS cross country runner pulled up behind the bus, got out and walked up along side before inexplicably turning back, getting in his car and driving away.  Indeed a strange brew was cookin' up the morning joe. When finally the replacement bus arrived, a late arrival to the meet was guaranteed.

An old cliche says, "better late than never" and in this case truer words were never spoken as a tardy didn't kill the energy and racing ability of the King Kids who put together another strong collective effort. The sophomore boys were victorious, as were the varsity girls, and the varsity boys took home a fifth place trophy.

Chris Miller broke out in the soph race with his finest hour of the season thus far. The talented rookie played a bit of catchup as the race wore on, ultimately finishing in the top 10 overall. Marc Jimenez, another rookie, had done the pace setting for King for much of the race and notched his strongest race in the process. Daniel Balcazar ran well along with Ben Huscher and Aaron Youngren who put together the back end of the scoring five.

The varsity girls have been practicing the art of patience this season, learning to not get carried away in the early going and then pull in the wilting over the final miles. Today was no different, as the team leaders, Carrie Soholt and Kelsi Tippets found themselves back in the upper 20's place wise at the half-mile. But by the 2 mile mark they had worked themselves into the top seven and by the line were 2nd and 4th respectively. Following their lead was the pack of Rebecca Asplund, Kasey Tippets and Katrina Graham who were aggressively picking up lower points like candy beneath a pinata. Kasey passed five runners in the last 50 meters. The collective effort brought home a victory for the team. Aubrey Bowman was 6th overall, and Rebecca Trupp and Anna Gonzalez ran their first-ever varsity races in great form!

Illness and missed practices left the boys varsity team a couple of men down, but the cobbled crew would not be denied a good race and put together a great effort to make up the gap. Charlie Alvarez led the way for King the boys varsity race, before relinquishing to fast-finishing underclassmen Lane Werley (15th overall) and Devin Becerra. Perhaps the most exciting development of the race was the performance turned in by Nick Rini and Austin McKell, who both took their first opportunity to run varsity and made the most of it. Both ran lifetime bests, but even better, they raced hard over the last half, passing numerous opponents and making a bold statement that they can run with the big dogs.

The 91 mishap had the biggest effect on the JV boys who did miss their race at 8:00 am, but were allowed to run in the "smaller school" division which started at the end of the "large school" division. The relatively weaker competition made the group look quite dominant, but in fact, the team ran well and placed all five scorers, (Jarod Nocella, Andrew Huscher, Brad Sheets, Sean Lee and Brandon Rogers) within 58 seconds of each other. The team most likely would have won the race, but relinquished the trophy to the division's rightful schools.

Hanna Peterson and Samantha Enriquez had great races in the Frosh Soph contest. Jonathan Torres led the way for the 9th grade boys at 18:14, a PR. Adam Schupp and Mitchell Cleland look strong as well, just a few seconds above 19:00. Hayden Traver ran a PR in the JV race, as did Michael Woolls.

A wag's wisdom would say that being late allows one "to make your entrance known." We're doubtful that anyone noticed King's big fat tardy, but based on the amount of hardware the teams carried back to the bus at meet's end, one might say that they ultimately arrived "fashionably late." It was, after all a great meet, and worthy of a return in 2009. Just next time, we'll be on time.

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team photo central park 2008

Wednesday, September 24
boys start 2008
With King's move from the now-dead Ivy League to the newly formed "Big 8" league, the questions were sure to form. Could the Wolves run with Corona? Would King be able to make the adjustment to a deep league and an "invitational" format to competition?

Well those questions were answered on Wednesday at Butterfield park in Corona. The answer was, YES.

King opened up league action in a big way with victories in all four races. The girls JV race led the way, and despite a confusing and poorly marked course, the team, led by great front-running efforts by Danielle Fillmore and eventual race winner Hanna Peterson set the stage for a sweep. Hanna came storming back in the final meters of the race after going off-course to snag the win, Danielle was close on her heals, and then a pack of Sara Strasbaugh, Samantha Enriquez and Rebecca Trupp followed them in to finish the scoring and the win.

The boys JV was led off course within the first half mile and so the entire field ended up improvising the remainder of the race. They ended up running the entire three miles but had to follow mid race instructions from spectators to change and add a loop here or make amends there. It was all quite confusing and disconcerting, but one thing remained very clear: King was leading with command throughout the crazy, unprecedented, race.

Daniel Balcazar led almost wire to wire for a strong performance. Austin McKell, Nick Rini and Marc Jimenez ran terrific races to bunch nicely behind Corona's #1 and ahead of Roosevelt's front two. Finishing out the scoring set was Chris Miller, Brad Sheets and Brandon Rogers. With all the confusion that governed the last mile of the race, a number of "lapped" runners mistakenly missed the final loop of the course and were placed in the finish order after having crossed the line a tad early. Due to the chaos, it was determined that times would not be recorded.

Corona's well-coached and talented boys team has gotten off to a terrific start to their season, winning the Morrow Bay Invitational and placing very well at the prestigious Woodbridge Sweeps race last weekend. All this, while grinding through the high, base-phase mileage any top program must endure. Today, they took a "long view" of the meet and held out their normal #2 runner.  King, still in the process of developing a confidence and identity of their own, has put together a solid start to the season in their own right, though not quite in the same Division One spotlights that Corona finds itself.  With a school record team time and personal records set at Seaside Invite and a top 11 finish at Mt. Carmel, the team has been looking to legitimize the work they've done all summer, and today's race moved them closer to that goal. Battling right from the start, the seven broke up a formidable Corona pack and then hung on to place just right by the finish line. Lane Werley scored in third, followed by Devin Becerra and Charlie Alvarez in the top eleven. But it was the 4-6 guys that made the difference, as they so often do in this sport. Derek Nelson, Jarod Nocella and Jason Schupp nailed down a great pack that was in front of Corona's 5th and final scorer, and the win was recorded ... by one mere point, 54-55!  Roosevelt ran well too, making the top three teams just nine points apart by the time it was all done.

A BIG start to the Big 8. With a lot of miles and training and racing still to go for all involved, teams must guard from putting too much emphasis on a victory in September. That said, for a group of guys and gals looking to establish their own credentials of accomplishment, this meet today was no small thing.

(No times were recorded for JV boys due to the confusion on the race course. Some runners did not run the full three miles. Some of the placements are inaccurate as well.  No corrections will be made, chalk it up to a "learning experience!")
 Photo album

Monday, September 22
2008 mtc collage
L to R: Daniel Balcazar, Nick Rini, Hanna Peterson, Aubrey Bowman, Anna Gonzalez

Perfect (and typical) San Diego weather rolled in for the Mt. Carmel invitational Saturday, as teams from across Southern California and Arizona were drawn to the cool climate and perhaps more importantly, a great XC course. The  Mt. Carmel course is almost identical to the layout for the annual Footlocker National Championships held in December.   

For King, the meet is an annual staple, and with seven years of running along the shaded lanes and hills of Morley Field, we’ve been able to amass a history that gives ample opportunity to compare the past and the present. This much was true today: The present is much improved over the past.  Once the grade level races were finished, the computers did the work, combining the times from all runners in both divisions, large and small schools. When all runners were merged into one large race, the girls -- running without two of their normal top five scorers -- managed to finish 9th out of 65 teams. The boys, running at full strength, finished 11th overall in a meet that featured 63 full teams.  Quite a day!!

There were some big improvements on the course for the King harriers.  (The boys cover 2.95 miles and the girls go 2.7  miles).  Lane Werly dropped almost 1:30 from last year while setting a school record for the course and finishing second overall in the soph race. Devin Beccerra and Charlie Alvarez had fine days as well and notched their names in King’s all time top 10. Nick Rini exploded for an almost two-minute improvement over last year’s frosh time  of 19:46; watch out, Rini's on the rise!   Jarod Nocella also took two minutes off, finishing this year at 17:22. Derek Nelson was a minute ahead of last season’s pace, as were Sean Lee, Brandon Rodgers, Jason Schupp, Rafi Perez and Daniel Balcazar. Strong performances! Michael Woolls was two minutes ahead of his time from 2007, and Austin McKell played a great game of catch up over the course to pass many and finish with King’s 8th fastest time of the day.  All told, the King guys put 5 runners in the all-time top ten list for the Mt. Carmel course.  An even more amazing stat from the day, is that when one added up all the seconds of improvement made by the same runners from 2007 to 2008, the boys who raced the course both seasons chopped a grand total of 16:03 seconds off of the cumulative time! Awesome!

The 9th grade boys are a large group, and led by Becerra’s strong pace setting, they are holding their own. John Torres, in just his first race proved that despite less than full fitness, he can run well, going
18:36. Adam Schupp, Mitchell Cleland and Nathan Meier weren’t far behind, showing that should this group stick with it over the coming years, the future will be bright for King!  Ethan McAbee had a great race as well, showing vast improvement from his first race last week. 

The girls were not completely outdone by the boysAt the end of the day, the girls who repeated the race from '07 were collectively 5:13 faster than they were twelve months ago. Kelsi Tippets and Carrie Soholt led the way for the ladies in the  11th and 10th  grade races, each employing a “come from behind” strategy that worked well for the talented duo. Both ended up 4th in their respective races and notched the #2 and #3 times for King all time on the course. Aubrey Bowman put together a stellar performance, smashing her time from last year and racing very aggressively. Katrina Graham, only in her second-ever XC race ran a tough second-half of the race to finish fourth overall for the Lady Wolves. Rebecca Asplund and Danielle Fillmore were right on her heels. Hanna Peterson, coming back from an injury in track made great progress with a great effort, and at 18:08 was three minutes ahead of last year’s mark!  Kaitlyn Gonzalez and Courtney Girard led the freshman crew.


With an important first league meet just five days away, the Mt. Carmel meet posed as a chance to race without pressure and stress. “Go have fun” was the charge and so many did, clogging along in their training shoes over hill and dale; many earning medals for their sweat investment. But even with the diminished expectations, a lot of kids ran really, really well, not only dropping significant chunks off their previous course bests, but competing strong too.  Such are the results of hard work in practice.  So it was a great day for King and a momentum builder for the Big VIII meet next week.

King Results   King All time Course List  Overall Results (by grade and overall by gender)   Photos of the meet

Sunday, September 14
seaside invite banner

The 15th annual Seaside Invitational on the coastline of Ventura has been dubbed by some as the “Sprintside” invitational for it’s yearly crop of fast times.  Boasting an impressive all-time list with the names of current American elites and Olympians notched near the top of the heap (Deena Kastor and Meb Keflezighi), the table-flat course was indeed a setup for some remarkable efforts and quick clocks.


King’s purpose was to get the season off on the right foot, and we found out the right foot was pretty fast. After a great summer of preparation, it should be. The girls team time school record was destroyed by over three minutes. 96:34 was the old mark from 2004, the five today dropped it to 92:58.  The last boys team to win a league title for King was in 2005 and set that day the SR of 80:56; today’s team effort hammered it down to 79:47. Though King XC rarely runs flat courses and has a number of traditional meets that are less than 3 miles (making team time records inaccessible), certainly these times today would have been hard to beat by previous record-holding squads.


The groups that ran those SR's today had stellar races. Lane Werley moved into the fast lane early on and stole the show by running away to a commanding victory in the sophomore race, going 15:17, the fastest mark ever over three miles by a King runner and ultimately the fourth fastest time of the entire day, all races combined.. Doug Speck of and one of the nation’s experts on high school running commented after Lane’s race, “King has quite a gem”.  Glittering in his own right was Devin Becerra, who showed that his talent has it’s own sparkle. The freshman got his career rolling with a 16:17 time, a 9th grade record and a second place finish overall in his race. The remaining three were all upperclassmen and all ran lifetime PR’s. Charlie Alvarez went under 16 with a 15:43 mark, Jason Schupp was at 16:13 as was Jarod Nocella. Carrie Soholt and Kelsi Tippets became the first ever King two-some to drop below 18:00 on the same day. Carrie played catch up after a crowded start, moving from the 20’s  to top 5 by the line. Kelsi ran a different race, challenging the lead pack from the start.  Perhaps the breakout race came from Kelsi’s little sister however, as Kasey Tippets showed her quiet talent with a very strong and impressive19:07 PR. Rebecca Asplund went under 19:00 for the first time ever and Casey Candelaria rounded out a great pack to her name in the record book along side the other four.  The boys' team time ended up finishing them in fourth overall, and the girls were 3rd, behind nationally ranked Saugus and state ranked Trabuco Hills.


Outside of those scoring sets, there were great races all around. Monique Carrasco had a fine first-ever race in the 9th grade contest, earning a medal in the top 20 overall. Aubrey Bowman went under 20:00, and Hannah Peterson continued her impressive comeback from injury with a time under 21:00. Danielle Fillmore cracked 19:50. Adam Schupp was King’s #2 9th grader at 19:35. Rafi Perez smoked his best ever race at 17:00 and Marc Jimenez was right on his tail with a very impressive inaugural  XC race at 17:11. Aaron Youngren, another rookie sophomore was right there with Marc at 17:23. Sean Lee had a lifetime PR (and snagged the last available medal in the race). Nick Rini also ran well, Hayden Traver started his  4th season of running in fine fashion with a time under 19:00. Sara Strasbaugh, another of our 4 year runners – the above-mentioned Jason Schupp is as well – also put  out a good first race of her final campaign, finishing 9th overall of the King girls. Michael Woolls was two minutes faster than his previous best. He, along with so many others got introduced to "their new you."


It was a fast course, no doubt about it, and  the cool overcast conditions made it even sweeter. But there was a palpable sense of anticipation heading into the meet as the training that the King Kids had patiently applied to their talents indicated that the season could, and perhaps should, in fact start with a sprint. The challenge will be to see if the teams can carry the pace set here in the flatlands of  “Sprintside” all the way to the “Hillsides” of MtSAC in November.  Unlike the races run today, the journey to that race will take some time, and time will tell.


Photos of the Meet     King Results   Overall Results 

Thursday, July 31


Spreadsheet of 2009 Season's Times

League Meets
Cluster #2    Varsity Boys   Varsity Girls    JV Boys   JV Girls (JV girls went off course, running approximately 2.4 miles)
League Finals   Varsity Boys   Varsity Girls   JV Boys    JV Girls

InvitationalsBronco   Mt.Carmel    Clovis   Mt.SAC  

Prelims:  Girls Individual   Girls Team   Boys Individual   Boys Team
Finals: Girls: Team Results   Individual Results    Boys: Individual Results   Team Results
State:  Girls   Boys/Lane Werley Individual

Nike Cross Nationals (Lane Werley Individual)
25th out of 199. 15:42 5K time.

Sunday, December 6
werley hay bale jump

Lane Werley's first exposure to national competition could not have gone any better. Having earned an invitation to the Nike Cross Nationals (NXN) from his State Finals performance one week earlier, he was treated by Nike to an all-expenses paid trip to the Portland area to compete with 198 other harriers from across the country in the 5th annual Nike event. Despite freezing temperatures for most of the weekend, it was a spectacular event that introduced the rising star to some of the best in the country and to current 

and past Olympians while putting a gigantic exclamation point to the end of his season.

By Saturday,The race can almost seem an afterthought until one realizes the field assembled includes most of the best harriers in the country. Held at the Portland Meadows horse race track, the circuitous 5K course traverses hay bales, and a series of five man-made berms, consecutively and closely places. Ample Oregon mud is naturally placed throughout the course as well.e itself is preceded by a couple days of travel and festivities for the invited athletes. Treated like Kings and Queens by the deep-pocketed marketing geniuses of Nike, the 400 male and female runners (about half of which are part of full teams) are awarded with Nike Campus tours, meet and greets with Nike professional runners, Embassy Suite accomodations and first class Nike gear.

The temperature at race time was 31 degrees but that didn't ice out the festivities, as each team and athlete was introduced to the crowd to the beat of a drum corp.  For Lane, unaccustomed to the cold, he only commented about some "frozen fingers" and raced as if he'd spent a career in North Dakota, not Southern California. He spent a good portion of the first 1000 meters in the mid-40's place-wise, but steadily moved up by the end. The hay jumps were the most technically difficult for the long legged junior, but he managed them well nonetheless and ultimately finished 25th overall in a time of 15:42.  It was a great effort against a great field of runners.

And so concludes the spectacular season for the likeable junior who just 10 months ago was operating on a league and CIF level, but in just one season vaulted to the nation's stage. Quite a transformation.

Results    Photo Gallery of Nike Campus, Athlete festivities and Race

Werley nxn 1

Sunday, November 29
werley lane state 2009

The California State Championships is, without debate, one of the best cross country meets anywhere. Drawing schools from each of the state's sections, it's a collection of the best and the brightest teams and individual stars. Set on the majestic Woodward Park course in Fresno underneath a canopy of autumn grey clouds and trees exploding in fall colors, the setting is a stage Broadway itself couldn't replicate.

On that brilliant stage strode the "history makers" from King. For Lane Werley, the team's undisputed star and leader, he became the program's first male runner to qualify for the meet in the 11 year history of King XC. The girls team also made the trip, this time not to cheer on a sole teammate as they had in '08 and '06, but to compete as a whole. The joy and excitement was palpable from the moment the caravan of runners and supporters arrived in Fresno.

Earning the right to compete in the State Meet is not an easy achievement, especially when the rounds to qualify are set in the ever-tough Southern Section. So perhaps it was appropriate that on Friday afternoon while the team was previewing the course and checking in, after a brief rain shower passed through the skies opened up with a magnificent rainbow that reached from the greys of the heavens to the golden leaves of earth. After so many miles and hours of work and sweat, the goal had been met and the sacrifices made over a long season were rewarded. The rainbow was symbolic if not beautiful.

The conditions on race day were cold, but the frigid 50's weren't enough to freeze over the enthusiasm to "get the race on." The ladies took the line at 11:45 AM with a goal of finishing in the top 10 of the race. As expected, the pace went out very fast while the Lady Wolves did their best to not get consumed by it. Hanna Peterson and Kelsi Tippets were in the top third by the mile, a split the leaders came by at 5:21!. Hanna had another triumphant performance, running with great poise and purpose and steadily worked her way through the field to eventually sprint home in a time of 18:09 for the 5K course and set a school record in the process! It has been a storybook season for the junior, as just last October she ran 18:54 on the same course at the Clovis Invitational before starting her meteoric rise of late October and November. She moved from a quality number 2 runner on the team to leading the charge  through the CIF rounds and State. In the process she set school records on the Mt.SAC and Woodward Park courses and for good measure in the final race of the season eclipsed the school record by one second. She finished 12th in the meet, matching the highest finish at State for any King girl (Carissa Bowman was 12th in 2006).

Kelsi Tippets  hung on with only one shoe through the last two miles of her second straight State meet for a 54th place finish and then "the pack" which has been the anchor of the team came through again. Carrie Soholt and Raelyn Werley were third and fourth for the team respectively and again showed their mettle after battling injuries over the previous days. Rebecca Asplund completed her high school career with a solid performance in the 5-spot, just off a PR. Katrina Graham did as well, showing one can do a lot in just two years of running. She improved over 30 seconds from the Clovis Invitational. Aubrey Bowman finished 7th for the team at 20:05. Collectively, the group ran 1 second faster in team time than they did on the course in October and notched the #2 time for 5K in school history. They finished 12th overall and concluded a season that by every account was the best in school history.

Lane Werley left the 2009 track season last May a bit shadowed in quality obscurity, as a tough league and a respectable 9:34 3200 meter best left him finished at the league finals and headed toward summer. Had the Vegas bookies back then placed on Lane the odds that he'd have this season, well, let's just say the odds would be very long.  But luck is made in perspiration and commitment, and Lane's been "rolling sevens" all season long. Undefeated in league while challenging for victories in major invitationals, he earned the CIF SS Division One Runner up and entered the stage at Fresno with a primary goal to finish in the medals (top 10 of his race) and a backup goal to run fast enough to qualify for the Nike Cross Nationals held December 5 in Portland Oregon. Such a feat would be tough as he'd not only be matched against the competitors in his own race, but those in all five races of the day. Though some were asking "Lane who??" back in September as he began climbing to the heights of the state's elites, few were asking the same question in Fresno this weekend.  Such recognition was the result of his remarkable consistency at a high level since the day he challenged -- and almost beat --  the reigning "stud of the state" Elias Geydon of Loyola LA way back at the Mt.Carmel Invitational on September 19.

The pace on this day went out "crazy fast" in Lane's words leaving the talented junior to adjust his strategy and pace in the early mile. Where King fans have grown accustomed to seeing the tall talent at the front of the pack, the question by the mile wasn't "Lane who?" but "where's Lane?" as he bided his time some twenty meters off the lead, coming by the mile in 4:45 (the leaders crossed at 4:38) and somewhere near 20th place. By two miles he had moved to tenth and came by the split at 9:45.  A tenth of a mile further found him in 8th. By a half mile to go that had dwindled to 6th, and with 600 to go he moved into third and for a few seconds challenged for second. He would settle for third in 15:09; having run an intelligently aggressive race and adding another race-day weapon to his already potent arsenal.

His third place medal was greeted by raucous cheers that went on for some time by his many well wishers and teammates and was a great moment for him personally and the team collectively. Not once has he used his spotlight to create a glare over others, he's shared his achievements with a sense of humility and teammwork that has been admirable.

It wasn't until the group was back in Riverside that the call came from the Nike Cross Nationals director that Lane had earned a berth at the prestigious "National Championship" to be held in Portland Oregon December 5. Unlike his races, he didn't need 15 minutes to make up his mind on this one.

Not bad for a kid few knew just six months ago. Not bad at all. Equally impressive was the girls' first team effort at the State Finals. In all, quite a day for King Cross Country

Photo Gallery   Girls Results   Boys Results's coverage (including video)

girls team photo state 2009

girls cif finals banner 2009
Saturday, November 21

The girls of King Cross Country have represented the school at the CIF Finals for each of the last 8 seasons, an accomplishment all by itself. In a few of those years, they were happy to just be there among the Section's elites and harbored few illusions about moving on to the State Finals. For the last few seasons, the teams have been tantalizingly close, missing only due to teams that out raced them, or stricken by having "off days" on "the day." Last year, the group finished 10th in the Southern Section Division One, the highest-ever finish in our ten years of racing up to that day. But they cried that day, knowing an opportunity had eluded them ... again.

Well, if "the day" ever arrived, it was today. The girls of King were racing like they never have before, putting down a spectacular team effort to finish inside the qualifying top seven teams.  They were sixth overall out of the 16 teams that went to the line and broke the school record for team time by over 30 seconds!

Without doubt, it was a total team effort, as each of the prerace strategies for all five scorers were executed precisiely and with a refreshing sense of poise on the part of everyone.

The race unfolded very fast which left a bit of scramble on the menu for the first mile, not just our two front runners, Hanna Peterson and Kelsi Tippets, but for the pack as well. The two leaders came by the mile in the high 20's place-wise and would have some serious ground to make up over the next mile to resume their expected places near the front. Hanna, who has been simply on fire and racing incredibly fast over the last month led the charge and started seriously closing the gap with the leaders by the top of the Switchback Hill. Kelsi was about 10 meters back and also closing on those who started more aggressively. The twosome, now moving into position, were followed by the expected large gap to third.  But the gap was filled with expected teams and Rebecca Asplund was ably holding down the three-spot while running the best race of her career. Aubrey Bowman and Carrie Soholt were a few ticks behind her, also making up ground from the start.

It was Carrie's effort over the next 1.8 miles that really made a difference. After volunteering to race JV at league finals so a teammate could go varsity, she promptly contracted a groin pull two days later and it cost her a spot on the line last week at Prelims. In fact, it cost her most of two weeks of training, as she rested and tried not to worry.  Implementing a pre-race plan to perfection to "stay back" to the top of the Switchbacks and start her race there, she steadily moved up through the field, ultimatley finishing 4 seconds off of her PR on the course and scoring third for King in 54th place overall.  She was followed closely by Rebecca Asplund and Aubrey Bowman, both of whom ran lifetime bests for the course and helped the team to a 182 point total, ahead of several teams previously ranked above them. Both picked up admirably for Raelyn Werley, our normal #4 runner who hurt her leg in the first 800 and spent a good deal of the race limping.

For Hanna and Kelsi, their game of catchup couldn't have gone better. At least a couple-dozen talented runners were between them and the leader in the first 800 meters of the race, but the two ran like the seasoned veterans that they are and ended up 6th and 9th in the scoring, with both notching "All CIF" awards. Hanna continued her "ownership" of the Mt.SAC course.  Last October, she ran 18:30 at the invitational, then 18:17 last week to win the prelim heat, then 17:53 today, setting the school record and finishing 6th in CIF!  Words can't describe the month it's been for the talented and driven junior! For Kelsi the 9th place finish gives her three All CIF honors in her four trips to CIF Finals, a distinction no one at King has ever earned.  These two talented girls truly helped make the difference for the entire squad, with just 15 points between them!

The team heads now to State, having earned the right to go by virtue of that sixth place finish. It is the first time in school history and an achievement all nine girls can rightly be quite proud of, excited about and grateful for!

Photo Gallery   Team Results   Individual Results   MSAC Records

tippets kelsi pack cif finals 2009

werley lane cif finals 2009
Saturday, November 21

Lane Werley's breakout year has been one for the record books. The talented junior enjoyed what most would call a "good year" as a sophomore, with a 15:58 Mt.SAC best and a 9:34 3200 on the track.

It was no surprise then that he had a whole lot of folks back in September asking, "Lane who?" as he bolted from the ranks of the good to the lofty altitude of one of the State's best with some stunning races and huge improvements. His name is quite recognizable now after putting together a truly magical season. His times are over a minute faster than they were a year ago on virtually every course he duplicated. He challenged several of the state's and nation's elite runners and put himself squarely onto the diminutive list of "the nation's best", all while maintaining a training regime that was significantly increased over last year.

It was also no surprise then, that he made the goal for today's CIF SS D1 Finals simply, "to win." Running as an individual after his teammate gracefully and ferociously bowed out last week at Prelims, his "buds" were along the sidelines of the course cheering on his every step.

Confidently placing himself in the lead pack before 200 meters had elapsed, he held position there looking comfortably going by the mile split south of 4:50. By the time the Poop Out hill loomed, a crack to the leader from Arcadia, Amar Moussa, had opened up and Lane hit the hill in third. By two miles he was breathing down the neck of Royal's leader, who valiantly tried to hold Lane off but couldn't heading into "the gauntlet" that spans the course's final 100 meters. Lane made a move on that final turn and sprinted in to a second place finish at 14:55. The winner was 20 seconds ahead of him and busy writing his name into the All Time Ever List, so no shame in that finish!

Lane's amazing race makes him the first male King runner to make the State Finals in Fresno, but also places his name firmly as the best King has ever had. He's the first to finish among the All CIF ranks, first to "runner up" and the school record holder on every significant course we've covered.

Couldn't happen to a better young man, full of talent, humility and run.

Individual Results    Team Results

werly lane 2 cif finals 2009

Friday, November 20

Saturday, November 14
tippets peterson cifp2009

When a season begins, all that a coaching staff can ask or hope for is that the athletes work hard, bond together, and run their best when it counts ... at the end. All of that happened this year and though the race results at the CIF Prelims were a bit mixed between the boys and girls teams, the way in which the teams ran could only be described as "mission accomplished" .

The boys were the first off the line at 7:45 AM and had a tough heat in which to try and finish at least fourth, the final spot for qualification to the Finals. Lane Werley eased to the victory in the race while the pack was busy forming well in the upper half of the field, exactly as they should have. Marc Jimenez put a spark in the group going into King's number-two spot up to Poop Out hill before he relinquished the role to Austin McKell who had Derek Nelson and Nick Rini right on his heels. The four guys competed well over the last mile but it wasn't enough to counter Long Beach Poly's group who ran exceptionally well to snag the fourth spot, putting the Wolves in that unenviable spot of fifth, just as they were last year. Disappointment was felt, but when the times were recorded, the sting eased a bit as the guys ran 20 seconds in team time faster than they did at the Mt.SAC Invite a month ago, setting a new school record for the course at 80:20.  This, despite Lane cruising easily in the lead some 20 seconds off his PR. So it was with heads held high that the guys finished the best season the school has ever recorded. Lane Werley will advance as an individual with a goal and a shot at winning the individual CIF title next week. He'll be the first male King runner to advance to Finals since 2002.

King's girls have had a different history than the boys, qualifying for the Finals in each of the last seven seasons. On paper, the heat they drew looked good for the ladies, but once the race went off, the seven ran even better. It was the kind of performance across the board that the team has been capable of but hasn't yet put together. Kelsi Tippets and Hanna Peterson ran assertively and were leading the lead pack by the top of the Switchbacks. Rebecca Asplund was humming along in third and Raelyn Werly, Aubrey Bowman, Kasey Tippets and Katrina Graham were all within a second of each other -- well up in the field -- throughout the first half of the race. The team was solidly in second place for most of the race and notched the #2 all time team time in school history in the process. They finished second and advanced to Finals for the 8th time in 8 seasons.

CIF Finals ... eight years in a row, and 9 times in our 11 seasons. Senior Kelsi Tippets was in 4th grade when the streak started, and Freshman Raelyn Werley was in 1st!  Quite an impressive run, and it will be fun to watch how this year's Finals shapes up for the talented group.

Results:  Girls Individual   Girls Team   Boys Individual   Boys Team

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2009 league finals banner
Thursday, November 5

In the second running of the Big 8 League Championships, the girls from King wore the crown once again. Their convincing win stretched their league titles out to nine in a row, a streak that started when freshman Raelyn Werley was five!

The race was an exciting one as Kelsi Tippets and Hanna Peterson got into a side-by-side duel for the individual crown that lasted for most of the race. For Kelsi who eventually won the race, it was her second league title in cross country and the 8th individual title for King in our 11 years of competition. A King girl has won the league title now every season since 2003.  For Hanna, it was a superb race and another step forward in the right direction.  This from a girl who was 6th in the frosh-soph level of league finals just two years ago. A tremendous improvement!  Behind her was a strong-running Rebecca Asplund who ran strong and finished First-Team All League in her final league race ever. A pack of Aubrey Bowman, Kasey Tippets and Katrina Graham crossed the line together, placing all seven runners in the top 14. King won 29-53 over second-place Corona, and Eleanor Roosevelt finished in third. The team time for King was the third-fastest in our history.

The varsity boys had split the first two league meets with Corona and were hoping for a bit of an upset over the talented Panthers in the Final. It wasn't to be, but not for a lack of effort as the guys put together a super team effort. Lane Werley won the race easily up front, the first individual league title for a King boy in our history!  He ran 15:20, exactly to the second his stated goal. Behind him was a pack of Austin McKell, Jarod Nocella and Derek Nelson who were gamely challenging Corona's pack step for step before relinquishing the critical scoring spots in the final half mile. Nick Rini was a bit back of that group as the fifth and final scorer. Corona took home their 7th straight title with a 21 point advantage over King.  Santiago finished in third.

The boys' team time (combined times of the first five finishers) was the #2 mark in school history, second only to the super fast, concrete and flat Seaside Invitational in Ventura, run in 2008.

Devin Becerra ran a wire-to-wire for the victory in the JV boys race and looked good doing it. Freshman Brandon Berz gave chase before relinquishing a spot to Brad Sheets who finished in third overall. Sheets, Berz, Brandon Rogers and Ben Huscher made a solid scoring pack to seal the deal for the victory. Adam Schupp, Rafi Perez and Sean Lee formed another group to snag the final medals on the day and represent a strong and deep JV squad. Craig Aguilar completed his four years of running with a sub-18 race, not a bad way at all to go out!

In the girls JV race, Carrie Soholt completed a special day for her and for King with a solo run at the front of the race, winning by a comfortable margin over the exciting Emma Jaramillo who snagged second in her first season of running. Danielle Fillmore concluded successfully her four years of XC with a fourth place finish, followed by Noelle Abboud and Lisa Garside who wrapped up the overwhelming scoring victory for the Lady Wolves. It was an impressive showing!  Rebecca Trupp followed a small Corona pack across the line and led another King pack in. Taylar Amiot, Lauren Soholt and Samantha Enriquez were all there together, closely followed by freshmen Bayleigh Porter and Breanna Guardado.

It was an exciting day for King, with three victories in four races and a second-place finish in the fourth. A King runner won the individual race title in all four races, something the program has never achieved before. Those finishing the season here found good reason to go home satisfied, for the varsity teams heading to CIF, it was a strong enough day to bode well for things to come.

Big 8 League Finals Results

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Friday, October 23
2009 mtsac web banner

The 62nd annual running of the Mt.SAC Invitational didn't fail to offer it's traditional glitz and attraction. From the big screen showing live views from across the course, to an Olympic Bronze Medalist on hand, the traditional t-shirt and some 5,000 athletes racing the course from 7:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon, the meet was the spectacle it's been for some time.

The racing for King wouldn't quite meet the standard of "spectacle" but it was strong enough to bring encouragement with League Finals in 10 days and CIF action on the same course in 3 weeks.

Headlines and a bit of history was written by the Freshmen girls who took home the victory in a classic winning formula: Put a couple up front, seal the win with a pack. Emma Jaramillo ran great to finish second and 8th fastest for King overall on the day. Greatly improved Lisa Garside was just behind her in 7th, but it was the pack of Bayleigh Porter, Kaelyn Manning and Breanna Guardado that finished it off. Quite exciting! The other headline belonged to the boys varsity who took down the four year old school record for team time (combined time of the first five finishers of a team). Their time of 80:40 was over two minutes ahead of last year's best, and broke the previous school best by :55 seconds! Lane Werley was scintilating again, despite heavy legs due to some heavy training. He broke 15:00 with a stunning 14:56 and finished 8th in the Individual Sweeps division. The pack of Derek Nelson, Austin McKell, Nick Rini and Jarod Nocella were well back of Lane, but only 16 seconds apart from each other.

Nathan Torres and Brandon Berz led the way for the third-place-plaqueing Freshmen Boys squad. Torres ran the 4th-fastest freshman time for King ever on the course at 17:12. Cobi Hopkins was impressive at 18:31, while Trevor Berney and Ryan Gibeault rounded out the scoring five.

The JV team ran in the mythical "JV National Championships" yet ran in such a way that made one think a National Championship was on the line. Marc Jimenez rebounded from an off day last week to run a very impressive 16:46 effort and was followed by Ben Huscher who ran well and PR'd, while Brandon Rogers and Sean Lee saved their best-ever at Mt.SAC for their senior years, running 17:15 and 17:17. Rafi Perez finished off the scoring.

Devin Becerra had a PR day, winning the sophomore race by leading the whole way. It was fun to watch!  Ryan Esterberg ran 2 minutes faster than he did last year, going 18:03 while Ethan McAbee was right behind him. Tyler Parrish continued his much improved season and Jordan Goldie and Jacob Rosales were the final scorers.

The girls were just as successful. The varsity team is no rookie to Mt.SAC sweeps races and so took the line again and put together a solid if not great race. With a couple of sicknesses plaguing the team, they ran well as a group while finishing lower than hoped. Their team time was still the third-fastest mark in school history and just 21 seconds slower than the group ran last year at CIF Finals. Kelsi Tippets led despite the lingering effects of the flu. Hanna Peterson continued her emergence as one of King's all time best, notching King's #3 time in our 11 seasons. Carrie Soholt made another push away from injury with a fine 19:00 PR. Aubrey Bowman and Raelyn Werley were solid in scoring. Of the 395 schools in the meet that fielded a full team, King's girls finished 19th overall.

Katrina Graham took an aggressive approach to the JV race, leading for the first mile and finishing with a 19:46 mark and what would be the #4 time of the day for King. Danielle Fillmore finished 52nd, while Noelle Abboud, Taylar Amio and Rebecca Trupp all scored.

Courtney Girard and Courtney Mort were the leaders for the sophomore squad and ran in the mid 23:00's.

62 years ago, the Mt.SAC meet was born. Today, thousands of runners traversed it's storied lanes among which was King who made a little of their own history as well.

King Results   Photo Gallery     MtSAC Records     



boys record group 2009

Thursday, October 15
trupp abboud big 8 #2 2009

In a long season, patience is a virtue. What happens in September isn't always an omen of what is to come. Turn arounds can happen, momentum can shift.

After a September that was solid if it wasn't stellar, the King harriers entered October competition with a "non-race" at Yucaipa when the bus didn't show. Anxious to see where their training had them, the Clovis Invitational the second weekend served up a big heaping of success. The test this week would be to see if any momentum begun in Clovis could be carried over into the second Big 8 League meet. 

Consider the test passed and momentum on the move.

For the boys teams, the two squads simply looked strong. The JV squad was led by Devin Becerra who ran superbly to win, followed by a fine pack of scorers Brandon Berz and Chris Miller (2nd and 3rd) and Rafael Perez and Marc Jimenez. A lone Corona runner separated the group, and that group was followed by a string of Wolves taking spots 8-12. It was a consuming victory.

Lane Werley had little company at the front of the varsity race and ran a seemingly easy 15:21 for the victory despite claiming "dead legs" when it was over. But the real story was happening with the increasingly impressive pack of Wolves behind him who are apparently beginning to find their stride.  Nick Rini looked strong after a lengthy recovery from the flu to run #2 for King, with Derek Nelson, Austin McKell and Jarod Nocella forming a solid scoring pack just a slim seven seconds apart.  After  what could well have been a disaster in the first league meet and the subsequent loss to Corona by 33 points, the tide was reversed as the boys took home a victory over the Panthers, winning 48-62. Santiago was third with 69 points.

The girls saw their leader Kelsi Tippets head home to nurse the flu and so started with the instructions to "take care of each other" and "take care of business." They did just that and did so without missing a beat. Hanna Peterson ran a patient first half to slowly work into the lead and took it to the line for her first ever varsity win. The pack of Carrie Soholt, Rebecca Asplund, Kasey Tippets, Raelyn Werley and Katrina Graham sealed up the victory by a larger margin over Corona than the first meet three weeks ago.

Danielle Fillmore and Emma Jaramillo shared leading duties in the JV race until the very end when a missed turn by Emma allowed her individual win to slip away while Danielle scampered home for the win. Emma got back on course though and finished the race still in the scoring (8th place) helping King to win over Corona by 2 points. Lisa Garside continued her good racing placing 4th, Noelle Abboud finished 5th overall but it was Lauren Soholt and Taylar Amiot who as the 5th and 6th runners for King that pushed Corona's fifth and final scorer back to add the critical two point swing. Kaitlyn Gonzalez and Courtney Girard had their best races of the season.

If a five day spread here in the middle of October can mean anything, it just may mean that King has gained a bit of mo'. If so, with Mt.SAC, League Finals and CIF out in front, its arrived just in time

Results:   Varsity Boys (corrected Friday morning)   Varsity Girls    JV Boys   JV Girls (JV girls went off course and ran approximately 2.4 miles)   Photo Gallery

Just for comparison: 2008 League Finals on the same courseGirls JV  Girls Varsity   Boys JV   Boys Varsity

Monday, October 12
nocella clovis 2009

The Clovis Invitational has long been one of King XC's target meets and races. It gives the program a lot of good things; from the chance to travel, see the State Meet course, go head-to-head with many of the top programs in the state as well as serve as "the opening shot" for the championship portion of the season.  King XC has had many good experiences in this Fresno-area location.

2009 was no exception and the athletes who participated in the contest seemed to bring a "business-like" mindset to the meet.

For the guys, their task was to establish the fact that the level of their training could be matched on race day, something that thus far this season has eluded them. For the girls, they received news in the days prior to the race that they had achieved a #7 ranking in the STATE polls, the highest such nod the program has ever achieved. Their race would indicate the legitmacy of the ranking.  Both squads would come home with their objectives fulfilled.

The girls got things rolling first in a truly stacked field, with a number of the top 10 teams in the State and the Southern Section on the line. 300 meters off the line, it appeared as if King's team didn't belong in such a talented group, as their scorers were literally in the last 10 of the entire field by a quarter mile. But, they patiently worked their way through the crowded field and nursed out of themselves the strength and stamina they've built up in weeks of fine training to get back into contention by 2 miles. Kelsi Tippets was modeling the art of the chase, ultimately finishing 16th after coming by the mile in roughly 50th place. Hanna Peterson had a tremendous effort, eclipsing 19:00 with an 18:54 effort. Rebecca Asplund took 1:22 off her previous best on the course to run King's third-girl. Freshman Raelyn Werley had her best race of the season thus far finishing fourth for King at 19:27, King's #9 All Time fastest mark on the course. Converted to a three mile time of 18:48, she also set the school record for 9th graders!  Carrie Soholt rounded out the scoring group. Had all 110 schools entered over the entire day been combined into one race, King's girls would have finished 4th overall! Incredible stat, yet compelling knowing most of the girls left Fresno with a sense they "could have done more." Hopefully that chance will come in November.

"Under Achieving" could well have described the boys races to this point in 2009. Candid and honest, the group recognized that fact before the meet and made the point to right the ship and match the incredible training they've been consistently logging since July. They hit the target, straight on. Led by Lane Werley's 15:04 5th place showing (a 52 second improvement from last year and shattered his own school record by 45 seconds) that further established him as one of the State's eltie harriers, the pack did their own work in the middle of the field. Jarod Nocella emerged once again as one of King's finest with a 16:22 5K time, good for #2 on the all time list for the course. Austin McKell was right there behind him, fashioning for himself a 26 second PR for Woodward Park. Nick Rini, Derek Nelson and Chris Miller were all within 6 seconds of each other to form a nice pack of scorers and helped to bring the team a 13th (of 26 teams) place finish.  Their team time of 81:29 was over a minute ahead of the school record set here last year, and for good measure they beat handily the Corona squad who had done them the same favor two weeks ago.

King's two JV squads had the opportunity to race at the Varsity level and did not disappoint. Marc Jimenez and Daniel Balcazar both had fine races and proved the depth on the boys team this year by notching times that would have put them 4th and 6th on the team had they run in the other race. Freshmen Nathan Torres and Brandon Berz had fine days as well, with Nathan notching the 3rd fastest mark for a 9th grader All time. and Aaron Youngren put himself into the Woodward Park All Time 25 list going 16:56. The group's team time of 85:26 was good enough to be the 5th fastest team time for 5K EVER at King High. That's depth!

Katrina Graham and Danielle Fillmore led the charge for the girls, while freshman Lisa Garside showed the improvement she's been making of late with a very good race. Emma Jaramillo, fresh off a battle with the flu, did a good job as well, running King's 7th fastest freshman time in our history for any course!

So it was mission accomplished for the teams. The boys demonstrated what they and the coaches have known about themselves all along. The girls held their own in a field of truly elite teams and came away hungry for even more.

King Results      Photo Gallery     King Woodward Park All Time List   Team Times 5K All Time List full results and coverage   NEW! Dyestatcal's Meet Summary with King mentioned!

web collage lf 2011

Thursday, September 24
girls varsity pack 2009

It was a blazing hot day. The Santa Ana's were whipping but doing little to cool a day that saw the mercury top 100 well past the start of the first race of the 2009 Big 8 Season. The heat seemed to be the story as a number of athletes were carted off to local hospitals for treatment while those more fortunate just tried to survive and make the most of a tough afternoon.

The girls wearing the King uniform added even more heat to their opponents as they swarmed to the front of the large field of combined JV and Varsity levels. Eventual race winner Kelsi Tippets ran somewhat unchallenged for the last half of the race, but the real heat was applied by the pack of Rebecca Asplund, Aubrey Bowman, Carrie Soholt, Raelyn Werley and Katrina Graham who ran as a unit and crowded out any potential scorers from the remaining seven squads.  Hanna Peterson had a tremendous run, flirting with second place until just before the final quarter-mile where she slipped back into a very respectable third. King won 25-53 over Corona, Centennial was a distant third at 107 points.

Kasey Tippets led the contingent of JV racers and was followed in order by Emma Jaramillo and Danielle Fillmore. That threesome in the top spots made Corona sweat, and though the Panthers would put up some resistance, the King team was able to win by a 21-36 margin. Taylar Amiot and Noelle Abboud were the final scorers on the day. Showing much greater depth than a year ago, the girls JV -- had they been scored in the varsity race -- would have finished third overall!

On the boys' side, it was the Corona boys who applied the pressure and raised the temperatures of any who dared to follow their torrid and relentless racing style. Packing well and being aggressive in the early miles, they separated themselves from everyone else and won easily. King finished 33 points behind them in second, led by another confident race by Lane Werley who won the individual battle without much struggle. Derek Nelson and Austin McKell ran consistent races and finished in the top 15. Chris Miller continued his consistent racing, but the boys missed the presence of Nick Rini who was home with his own fever, and Jarod Nocella who fell victim to the heat. Santiago, who had three guys in the top 7 were stung by a distant 4th and 5th, otherwise the Sharks may have taken a bite out of the Wolves day as well.

In 2008, King's JV boys were the class of the league, but Corona has made great strides and showed there's a new King wearing the crown at this point in the season. They put the first three racers across the line before Brad Sheets came through, this despite a great race by the senior.  Freshman Nathan Torres had a tremendous race, going second for King and notching the 8th fastest time overall for King.  He finished 5th in the race. The pack of Marc Jimenez, Brandon Rogers, and Aaron Youngren all came through from 7-9, but Corona already had the powerful three up front and a fourth in before King's third and it was too much as King finished second, 33-22. Sean Lee had a great non-scoring race, his best of the year thus far.

It has been said that "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."  Competition provides it's own heat source, and the Big 8 league is not lacking fot that. But throw into the day a triple-digit-temperature, one is tempted to consider leaving the kitchen. Or Corona. 

photo album


Saturday, September 19
werley geydon mtcarmel 2009

The 29th annual running of the Mt. Carmel Invitational brought some 70 teams to the site of the Footlocker National Championships (held each December) for what is always a spirited and competitive early-season set of races. King has competed in this classic meet a number of times, and here in 2009, found themselves leaving the field with our best-ever showing and a needed bump in momentum as the Wolves head into the Big 8 league meet which begins next week.

The moment that literally had the attention of just about everyone in attendance was the duel that Lane Werley threw down against Elias Geydon of Loyola.  For context, Elias is the reigning Division 2 State Champion in cross country and the state champion in the 800 meters last June. He's ranked the #4 individual runner in the country by  The guy is good ... very good. Last year, he won the sophomore race by 45 seconds over Lane, who finished a very distant second. Little did he know that Lane had become a new runner over the summer and brought a big bag of guts to Morley Field, willing to patiently execute his goal to not only get close to Elias, but actually beat him.

In a race that saw Elias easily sprint out to a 30 meter lead by 1200 meters, Lane patiently stayed on pace and by 2 miles the two were side by side, challenging the tempo up and over the last tough hill and back down again. Elias has lightening speed, leaving many to wonder when he'd drop a gear and go, but Lane would make it tough on him, only in the final forty meters would the State Champ break free, besting Lane by 3 seconds. The two were a full minute ahead of third place, and less than 10 seconds from the course record for juniors.  No runner bested 15 minutes last year (run in the cooler morning hours), on a warm afternoon today, Lane and Elias were both sub-15.  Incredible.  If many had never heard of Lane Werley before, he appears ready to make a showing.

As exciting as that race was, Lane was merely the poster boy for what many of the King harriers would do on the day. Though the meet is not held in "team format", preferring instead to go grade level  with the races, the managers do use the computers to crunch all combined races and make a listing. With Lane's #2 time on the day, the boys put together great collective races and finished 6th overall among D1 teams. Nick Rini, Derek Nelson, Jarod Nocella and Austin McKell all dropped big-time seconds off their previous bests to help in that scoring, while Chris Miller continued good racing in 6th for King. Daniel Balcazar, trying to get fit again, showed his mettle running 7th man, and 9th grader Brandon Berz challenged for his race win (he finished 2nd) ran 8th for King.  Last year our top 5 averaged 16:51, this year, it was 16:26. Ben Huscher also had one of his finest races ever.  Coming off a flat performance one week ago in Chino, the meet today provide a big bump of enthusiasm and momentum for the crew.  Great stuff!

Joey Tompkins showed what a difference a year can make, improving close to 6 full minutes on the course!  Ryan Esterberg was also much improved, with a minute-and-a-half drop.  Mitchel Cleland was 50 seconds ahead of last year.

The girls were equally tough, running great collective efforts, ultimately finishing 3rd overall, had the races been combined!  The only two teams in front of them were Torrey Pines and Rancho Bernardo, two of the best programs in the entire state!

Kelsi Tippets once again set the pace for the ladies, with a 3rd place finish in her senior race. Hanna Peterson, pursuing one of the coveted sports bags reserved for the top 5 finishers became a "bag lady" herself with a great race! She PR'd by a bunch from last year. Rebecca Asplund continues her triumphant running, looking great over the course.  Aubrey Bowman ran well for the second week in a row, while Raelyn Werley stole some of her big-brother's mojo with a super effort to notch the 9th fastest time for King ever on the course.  Carrie Soholt and Katrina Graham rounded out the top seven. 

Emma Jaramillo had her second good race of her young career, and 9th grader Lisa Garside looked like she's about ready to "get it" with a super race, finishing at 19:00 for the 2.75 mile race and making the alltime list for King.  Noelle Abboud did as well, finishing just a tick under 19:00. Kaelyn Manning put her first race ever into her treasure box of memories with a fine effort, as did Breanna Guardado.

Following the successful races, the team spent some of their fundraising on a fun pizza and pool party right there in the park at the city pool.  It was a great way to finish off a great day.

King Results     King all time list    Overall Results   A big ol' Photo Gallery


2009 mtc web collage

Saturday, September 12
bronco web photos 2009

After a two-year hiatus, the Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Invite lost many of it's usual participants, but the smaller fields still gave the King Wolves a decent chance to kick off their season. With about 15 total teams competing, King found itself at the front of each race, with three individual race winners and a runner in the top 4 of all five contests.

The conditions created the challenge. A 5K, undulating course, was carpeted in 5 inches of grass and some softer spots muddied by the sprinklers. Deep into our toughest training phase and with many wearing training shoes on the course, the times would not be stellar.  Though in some cases they weren't, King was still able to kick off it's season in a good way, and there was a good group of King Harriers who were able to manage quality marks nonetheless.

The boys varsity has high goals for this season, but looked flat and a bit displaced in the field and would ultimately finish third overall. Lane Werley, who stated two months ago that his initial goal for the season was to open with a victory, achieved it with a comfortable effort shadowing his two nearest rivals before skirting away at the second mile. He set the fastest 11th grade time in school history while calling it "easy."  Not a bad start to 2009!  Nick Rini moved up well through the field to finish second and Chris Miller made his first-ever varsity race a memorable one with a solid effort and PR.

The girls varsity team debuted a couple of freshmen and a different lineup than they finished last year's season off -- despite graduating only one.  The group raced well, with an evenly paced effort behind Kelsi Tippets' 4th place finish. Hanna Peterson looked great along with Rebecca Asplund. Raelyn Werley, one of the two frosh, held on for fourth on the team, while Katrina Graham rounded out the scoring set, helping the team to finish in 3rd, just 10 points from the win.

Where the varsity boys seemed to be missing a specific purpose on the morning, the boys frosh soph team ran with a sence of determination, with Devin Becerra throwing down a great race, leading the whole way and going 17:03. Brandon Berz and Nathan Torres, both lacing on the flats for the first time did tremendously well, finishing third and fifth overall and notching some very encouraging rookie marks!  Brandon's 5K time of 17:44 converted to the #6 fastest 9th grade time in school history.   Mr. Consistency, Adam Schupp, ran fourth for the team, while Ethan McAbee finished the scorers and sealed the easy win for the Wolves. Further back, Tyler Parrish showed the results of a good summer of training,  while Jordan Goldie got his rookie season off well with a 19:04 5K mark.

Danielle Fillmore entered her fourth and final season with a great race, leading almost the entire way and winning the JV level at 20:26 for 5K. Aubrey Bowman gave chase throughout and took second, and Kasey Tippets was third. In a dual meet, that would be a mathmatical shutout, but in an invitational, it's not a bad way to start things off!  They were ably supported by Noelle Abboud in 4th for King and Rebecca Trupp in 5th. The five-some ran away with an easy victory. Taylar Amiot had one of her best ever races and times at 22:55, while Lauren Soholt, Lisa Garside, Kim Graham, Aubrey Kent, Bayleigh Porter and Farrah Curtner all got their XC careers off on the right foot.

Results    Photo Gallery


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