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King Cross Country

King Cross Country

Welcome to the Web Site of King High Cross Country
King's First Ever League Champions
State Finalists: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016
CIF Finalists: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
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Boys League Champions: 1999, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2012, 2015
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Friday, January 13

The coaching staff will select athletes for the competitive season based on the following criteria:

1. Displays a Consistent Positive Attitude. Athletes of any ability level who are viewed by the coaching staff during the summer camp or during the prior season(s) as being negative toward their teammates, the sport, training, the coaching staff or the well-being of the program will not make the team. Such attitudes are detrimental to the team bonding process and will not be tolerated.

Prior experience with King Cross Country will NOT guarantee a position on the team.

Internet/Facebook/Twitter posts, texting or other electronic communication that is damaging to individuals or the team as a whole will not be tolerated and if discovered will be grounds for dismissal from the team

Such characteristics of negativity, should they arise during the competitive season (after selection has been made) may result in mid-season dismissal from the team.

2. Shows Consistent Quality Effort in practice. Athletes who make a habit of walking for any part of a practice after the first two weeks of the summer practice schedule will not be selected for the competitive season. Deliberately cutting a prescribed route to gain a shorter distance is viewed as showing a distinct lack of effort.

3. Demonstrates a Minimum Ability Level. Concerns of safety and liability require that the coaches be able, within reason, to monitor all runners on the team. Therefore, runners must demonstrate the ability to run at an adequate speed to ensure visibility and group contact. Much effort will be made by the coaches during the summer camp to motivate and instruct all runners to be able to maintain reasonable contact with the group. Should a runner NOT be able to consistently finish workouts without walking, within a reasonable time-gap of the group, such a runner will not be selected for the competitive season.

All athletes must meet minimum time standards to make the team.

Below is a listing of the marks for both ROOKIES and VETERANS.


Rookies must meet the following by the final time trial in August:

On a three mile course:
Girl, 9th - 11th grade rookies must run 25:30 or faster
Boy, 9th - 11th grade rookies must run 23:30 or faster

Girls in 12th grade who are rookies must run 23:00 or faster
Boys in 12th grade who are rookies must run 21:00 or faster

Veterans must meet the following by the final time trial in August: (Veterans are boys and girls who have run at least one year of King XC)  ---   Run a three mile course in their 2016 pace per mile PR + 90 seconds. Click here to see the times returning runners must meet, along with all other requirements for team selection.

A grace period may be held after the last time trial for a maximum of two weeks. During that time, those still desiring to make the team can attend two more time trials (one per week) and attempt a qualifying mark.  Students will not be able to practice with the team during that period of time. 

NOTE: Improvement over your time spent in our program is an expectation. Therefore, if a KXC veteran's 2016 pace-per-mile PR + 1:30 window pushes their qualifying mark ABOVE the rookie standard for your grade, then the veteran must meet the rookie standard for their grade level (9-11 or 12th grade rookie standard)

Friday, January 13

DATES:  August 6-12

COST: Approximately $330.  Exact price will be announced the week before and is dependent on how many athletes go and the cost of rentals, gasoline and other factors

WHO:  This camp is by invitation only.  The coaches will extend those invitation.  For the sake of clarity, the coaches make their decisions by considering and rating each athlete on the following categories. 

Attendance in Summer Camp: 5 points per day to the time of invitation
Ranking from long time trial: 15 points for 1st, 14 for second, etc
Ranking from short time trial: 15 points for 1st, 14 for second, etc.
Team Standard Met: 15 points for making team selection qualifying mark on first TT. 
Ran the distance events (800, 1600, 3200) during 2017 track season: 25 points

These standards apply to RETURNING KING RUNNERS.  All newcomers to KXC are judged on relative talent, fitness and attitude compared to other rookies during summer camp. 

Training Schedule For Track Season

I really encourage you all to do winter camp!  Demonstrate your commitment to improving. Be there every day.  We start Tuesday 

Saturday, December 24

After a tremendous season of accomplishment and improvement over her freshman year in the sport of cross country, the Riverside Press Enterprise has named Lauren Peurifoy (Sophomore) their Athlete of the Year for girls cross country. She finished 25th at the Nike National meet, second at the California State Championships, second at the CIF Southern Sections and was undefeated in league. She 

is the third King Cross Country runner to receive the accolade, Hanna Peterson and Lane Werley were selected in 2010. Read the article here.

For the excellent season and contribution she made to the team’s success in 2016, Rebekah Pendleton (senior) was awarded First Team All Inland Empire by the Press Enterprise as well. Rebekah finished in the top 25 finishers of both the Southern Section D1 Final and the State Championships. Read the article on the First Team selections here.

Sunday, December 4

“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had!” Lauren Peurifoy exclaimed with her trademark smile stretching the boundaries of her face, eyes lit up for even more emphasis. “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

This … well that would be her 25th place finish in the 2016 Nike Cross Nationals (NXN). It was a spectacular race for the precocious and likable sophomore that concluded an equally spectacular if not improbable season

There under a beautiful canopy of Portland sky, basking in the glow of an almost perfect performance on her first national stage, her words tumbled out as fast as she runs, trying to keep pace with the emotion of the moment. Those of us graced with the honor of watching it all unfold smiled and laughed and beamed along with her as the past and the present converged in a swirling river of grace.

As a freshman, Lauren ended her season 80th in her heat at CIF Prelims which came one week after her 23rd place finish at the 2015 Big 8 league finals. Nothing of 2015 seemed to indicate she’d be standing at the finish line of NXN speckled with mud and bubbling with giddy joy.

But 2016 was a totally different story and gradually grew the idea that maybe NXN was a possibility. The lowest finish of Lauren’s season was 8th place at Woodbridge, a meet that had several of her future NXN opponents on the course with her. The Lowell, CBU and Riverside Invitationals were all victories and the Big 8 league ended without a loss as well. She was the CIF D1 runner up and then pulled that feat off again the next week in Fresno, punching her ticket for NXN in the process. “Before this season, when it came to NXN, I would have been like ‘Maybe in a couple of years.’ It means so much” she told

Through it all, as the accolades and attention began to build, she remained humble and gracious, quick to give thanks and spread the credit around. In the big season surge, she never lost sight of her teammates, helping and encouraging them to rise with her. And they did, the team finished sixth at the State Championships.

Remarkably, there in Oregon, Lauren’s joyous humility remained even in the midst of hundreds of friends who used social media and text to shout out props for a race in which she placed ahead of every Californian and ran in such a way that it looked like going big on a national stage is something she’s used to.

“I was just hoping to place in the top 40 so I could have a doughnut” she laughed.

While Portland’s famous Voodoo doughnuts may have been a tasty reward, the NXN experience was even better. Nike pulled out all the stops, flying 400 teenagers from across the country into Portland for three days of fun and pampering. Adorned from head to toe with designer Nike gear each runner received, the athletes met current Olympic athletes, hung out at the stunning Nike World Headquarters and were treated to perks usually reserved for the pro athletes they got to meet.

It would be understandable amid all of the swag and star-sightings (on Friday night Lauren was randomly selected from all 400 student-athletes for a “selfie” with seven Olympians that danced across the twitter-verse for a couple of days) that the race would be an after thought. But true to her form, race-day came and Lauren went about her business of racing with a poise that is beyond her years.

While the eventual race winner Brie Oakley (Grandview, CO) went out to a large lead and never relinquished it, Lauren settled into the chase pack and stayed in that group of 25 (in a field of 200) for the duration of the 5k course (3.1 miles). The championship course was exactly that. It meandered across the Glendoveer golf course beneath towering pines and over gently rolling terrain. With her new Nike spikes digging into the turf and mud, she made the most of her first National Championship race and crossed the line to finish her season with a race and a memory that she’ll likely not soon forget.

Portland Oregon is a long way from Riverside. It’s different in almost every way. Which perhaps makes it the perfect place to end Lauren’s 2016 season which was as different from 2015 as a national championship is from a league race.

If you don’t believe it, just ask Lauren. You’ll recognize her. She’s the one covered in a smile and some Portland mud.




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Wednesday, May 14


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