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Thursday, August 24
Kilroot Recreation's FC



1st Team Finished a creditable seventh in 1C

2nd Team Finished a high fourth in 3 D



SATURDAY 26 MAY 7 PM  2012


1st Team Players Player of the year. Jim Thompson.

1st Team Managers Player of the year, Arron Anderson.

1st Team Leading goal scorer Andrew Dummigan.

1st Team Goal of the season Paul Garvey.

1st Team Young Player of the season Mathew Bingham.

2nd Team Players Player of the year Andrew Mearns.

2nd Team Managers Player of the year Barry Meek.

2nd Team Leading goal scorer Ryan Clokey

Club Man of the Season. Steven McNair.


Manager Paul Hanna has left Kilroot Rec by Mutual agreement (31/5/2012)


Manager Trevor Gault and coach Stephen McAteer from 20th June 2012


Kilroots Gorden Priestly has decided to call it a day with second team managment but may continue to play @ a later date

Kilroot wishes him all the best in the future for the many years as a player and lately as John Thompsons side kick.

Old hand John Smiley has filled the void left by Gorden Priestly.


LATEST NEWS                 LATEST NEWS                         LATEST NEWS  Trevor Gault and Stephen McAteer have both left Kilroot on the 17 th July, 27 days after taking on the job as manager and coach.


LATEST NEWS                 LATEST NEWS                          LATEST NEWS

Terry Thomas has taken over the roll as intrem manager for the umteenth time with his side kick John Thompson for season 2012/13

 Stuart Hamilton second team manager for the second year 

Presentation Night was held in the Whitehead Glasgow Rangers club.

First team Players player of the year Stephen Bittles

Managers player of the year the youn Gorden Priestly

Leading goal scorer Stephen Bittles.

Second team Players player of year Stephen Playfair

Managers player of year the very young Colin McElnea

Leading goalscorer Chris Blayney

Young player of year Chris Rea

Club man of year John Smiley 


                                                     LATEST NEWS

 With Terry Thomas standing down from managment  @ the end of the season 2013 Kilroot responded to a request from Robert (Aggie) McKee in December 2012 re a position within the club (manager). A second meeting was held on 30 January 2013 and it was agreed by both parties that a partnership would be formed until the end of the current season and an amicable decision would be reached in the best intrests of the club. At the last match of the season on the 25th April 2013 @ the Cliff in Larne v Shorts it was a unanimous decision by Kilroot to offer the managers job to Aggie who's enthusism and commitment was second to none and he agreed whole heartly to accept the position which had the support of the players. After taking 1st and seconds down to play a charity match for an injures player @ Newington Rangers all was well !. But out of the blue Terry Thomas recieved a text from Robert (aggie) MaGee on 14th May 2103 @ 21-52 pm and it went like this, :Mate ive tried ringing you i have some bad news I have been offered by Barn about taking the no 2 position   with 1st team with a view to TALKING OVER WHEN JIM FINISHES. Its to big an opportunity to turn down M8. I feel like *** about Kilroot because we worked so hard but my HEART is at the Barn. I wanted u to hear it from me first M8. I didnt want to txt but im afraid someone will find out and end up on Facebook or something. Give me a ring to discuss when u get a chance. I will drop the equitment and forms i have down to J Dog 2 morrow ??????? ( Nice one Aggie)


LATEST NEWS                      LATEST NEWS           LATEST  NEWS                   New managment team for season 2013/14 Alan Craig returning to the club with Nigel Harris as his assistant  @ Kilroot Rec .

Stuart Hamilton in charge of second team for the second year running.


Prise giving night Carrickfergus Cricket Club 9th May 2014.

1st Team 

Players player of the year ; Jamie wright

Managers Player of the year;Chris Rea

Leading goal scorer; G Leworthy

Y P O Y. Nathan Banks.

Second Team

Players Player of the year; Stephen Bell.

Managers player of the year ; Joe Gibney

Leading goal scorer: Nathon Armstrong

Goal of the season; Lee Steele.

Club man of the year. John Thompson. 


 Season 2014/15                 LATEST UPDATE

Alan Graigs assistand manager  Nigel Harris has resigned due to work commitments John Thompson is standing in. Kilroot Rec have also withdrawn their second team from the NAFL.


                                           LATEST UPDATE

Saturday 16th August 2014 Alan Craig after winning Kilroots first game in two seasons decided to step down after the third game ,once again due to work commitments. 

Kilroot spoke to Jim Skelly on the 15th August 2014 with a view of talking over as manager. A promis was made to bring in players at least six quality ones ? 17th August 2014  Jim Skelly and assistant Joe Hunter to take over the rains at Kilroot Rec.

Friday 5th September 2014 after two games and withdrawing from the Steel &Sons Cup manager Jim Skelly phoned me (mervyn) @ 10 past 4 to tell me he had enough, both were finishes the conversation took less than one minute. the next day Sat 15th Sept Kilroot were to travel to Nortel in the Border Cup but had to withdraw as it was to late to get a team together. Thomas Hamilton and Mervyn will handle team affairs until futher notice.


                                              LATEST NEWS

On Tuesday 14 October 2014 Kilroot spoke to Alan Brennan re the managers job. It was decided to give him the opportunity to resereact his managerial career with John Thompson by his side.


                                           LATEST NEWS

Saturday 18th April 2015 Bangor Swifts v Kilroot Rec meeting @ Beltoy 12pm. Only seven players turned up, with the Manager and Chairman being absent.  Some of the seven players didnt want to travel so we had no choice other than to conceed the match. League was informed as was Bangor Swifts with the referee. Kilroot were fined £100 for failing to fullfil a fixture. With one match remaining on the 2nd May 2015 against the League Champion's Collin Valley. Kilroot withdrew from this fixture and subsequently resigned from the NAFL to bring to and end to 53 years of the (ICI) Kilroot Rec football club, 50 of years in the NAFL and for the first three years in The Larne and District Junior League.

                                 ITS ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE 


Kilroot presentation night @ The Carrickfergus Cricket Club Saturday 16th May 2015 was changed to a farwell dinner. Very well supported with a large crowd in attendance, plenty to eat and drink and was enjoyed by all who attended such a sad occision. The demise of a well estabilished football club. Kilroot Rec FC.






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