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September 2008 we moved to Chandler, Arizona from Washington State.  Just 2 weeks after our move we began our coaching experience with the Chandler YMCA to include ages 7 up to 17, both girls and boys. We have at times coached 3 to 4 teams during a season at the same time for the Y only because BongKea has been without work off and on due to the economy problems.  It is through this experience with the YMCA that we went on to coach USAV-AZ Region for the ‘09-’10 season and were lucky enough to have some bright and talented young women and a junior assistant coach that helped us keep the team at #14 (out of 48 teams in our division) throughout the season.  As a coach and player for many years, I (April) have always been one to credit the talent of the players and not myself for the success and/or failure that comes with the sport.  I have been very blessed to have been allowed to coach such fine young people and look forward to meeting and teaching many more to come. 




Coach Bongkea has a natural talent for leadership and individual development that enables him to excel as a coach. He has coached several teams ages 7 to 17 for the YMCA program. He brings dynamic energy and a healthy spirit of competition to the team.





I (April) have been involved in the sport of volleyball for more than ½ of my life now in many roles and aspects of the game.  I have played in church leagues and for many years help maintain our team in the top 5 for 4 consecutive years.  I have played in city leagues most of which have been co-ed leagues on a men’s net and had been in the top 3 out of 10 very competitive teams and one season actually taking #1 and the following season taking 2nd place.  I have also traveled to play volleyball, both nationally and internationally, from Washington State to Henderson, Nevada, and Hawaii.  My most favorable memories are that of playing both indoor and sand in Brasil.  I coach for the love of the game and to try and teach that love and respect of the sport so that young people can keep it the strong sport it is and always has been.  Volleyball is a small world, a tight and mostly loving world.  It is also a competitive and teaching sport, teaching people how to work with each other in an upbeat, competitive unit to achieve the same thing.  As my brother has explained, “volleyball teams are like a fine machine, if it is fine tuned and well oiled – it works very well”.  He has also said something like; “when watching/coaching a team, you should see the team out on the court doing a well rehearsed dance and it should flow as such”.  My brother has been coaching and playing volleyball many years longer than I and still continues to do so in Washington State.  He is the head coach of Saturday’s Warriors Volleyball Club (SWVBC.COM) 10 years strong and is currently in his 4th season of coaching Green River Community College, both of which are in Washington.  He has been an active part in how I coach for many years and I hope he will continue to be for many years to come.  We have shared both our strengths and sorrows in past seasons.  It is never EASY being a coach as you cannot please everyone at all times.  I have been involved with USAV for many years in different aspects of the organization.  I have been tournament director for many tournaments with my brother for several years in Washington.  AZ Region has been my first time coaching club (last season).  Again, I attribute the success of that season to the fine young women and their natural ability to pick up on the rapidly changing rules and functions of a club team.




About Coach Kim

  Khmer Sparx!!! Now that is unique. But of course, so are the coaches. I was born in Cambodia. I came to this country when I was 3 years old and grew up in Tacoma,Wa. I graduated from Stadium High School and started playing volleyball after that. I have been playing in many different open gyms and met April Schafer in one of those gyms. We've been playing on the same league on and off for 15+ years. I started coaching two years ago with USAV Texas Region. It was the best thing I ever did as a player. Coaching the young girls help me learn so much, their input and ability to adapt and learn the skills made me very proud. Now that I moved into the Arizona region, I am looking forward to making this club the best out there. I hope that the girls will learn from me as much that I will learn from them.

Go Khmer Sparx!!!!!!