Cobras: Welcome

Tuesday, August 11
Welcome to the Keystone Cobras Softball Website

  4th Annual Keystone Cobra Classic---   10U and 14U September 17th-19th 2015 12U September 24th-26th 2015


FALL LEAGUE registration closes in a few days. League is almost full.....

1. League Pay and Cost - We still have 9 teams that have not paid the initial $120.00 - the absolute last date to do so is this Friday 8/14!!

2. Teams - we are currently at NINE - 10U's we would love 3 more, NINE 12U's we would love 3 more, and we are at 12 14U's and consider that full! Please pass this on to any other teams you may know who are considering fall league.

3. Schedule - We are doing the schedule this Sunday 8/16 and will have it out to all teams the following week. IF you have any Special Schedule Requests they need to be sent to me ON or BEFORE Friday 8/14. NOTE: We are playing Sept. 6th which is Labor Day Weekend. We will try to finish as early as possible that day and may even start earlier.

4. USSSA Registration - ALL teams must be registered on on or before Saturday 8/15 as we can not schedule this league without your registration online. PLEASE get that done today or this week. It takes just a few minutes and is like $30.00 - Rosters DO NOT need to be online but your team MUST be registered.

5. RULES - All ages will play USSSA Class A Rules - EXCEPT all ages will limit runs to 5 runs per inning or completion of play. This way we are all getting Offensive and Defensive innings not just batting for 1 hr. This will allow us all to try that 2nd & 3rd pitcher during fall. We are playing 75 min. Drop Dead. $20.00 at the plate - Plate Umpire only.  

10U's---  Keystone 9's TEAM NE 9/10's Keystone 10's TEAM NE 10's ELITE Bennington 10's Quakes 10's Hansen NEB Quakes Mack Fury 10's Papio Outlaws  

12's ---Keystone 11's TEAM NE 11's Keystone 12's TEAM NE 12's Echoes United Papio Outlaws Leng Quakes 12's Kudym Quakes 12's Cramer Papio Outlaws Townsend  

14s--- TEAM NE 13/14's Elwood Quakes Stuck Keystone 13's TEAM NE 13/14's Elite NEB Quakes Chonis           TEAM NE 14's Villotta Bel Shockers Smales Papio Outlaws Severson TEAM NE 13/14's Skiles Elk Slammers Red Team Iowa Quakes Voisin    


Congratulations on all of the girls that have been asked to join the Cobras........

Here are your managers for the 2015-2016 season

9U Logan Roth

10U Jeff Curtis

11U Brent Wonder

12U Alexiss Youngblood

13U George Russell

14U Bob Klemm

18U Don Rush