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Monday, April 20
KPLL Board Meeting Minutes

Key Peninsula Little League

Meeting Minutes April 20, 2009


Meeting called to order at 7:20 pm at Volunteer park office.


Attendees: Greg VanOverbeke, Scott Russell, Deanna Russell, Scott Lester, Becky Lester, Mat Michalke, Ed R, Don Wilcox, Penny , Shima Garrison


Presidents report:

  • Scotts ASAP plan has been approved and given to appropriate people except the secretary.


Treasurers report:

  • Have sent out letters to the people that have not yet paid there registration.
  • All the rosters have been sent to little league inter., So we are legal and players are covered under the insurance plan.


Player Agent report:

  • We have 278 players, 61 of which are softball.
  • South Kitsap Eastern talked to us about combining to form a big league team.


Auxiliary report:

  • N/A

Old Business:

  • Batting cage project; need volunteers to buy clips and string up second net.  Scott Lester will be the scheduler for batting cages- schedule will be out after opening day. 
  • Sign update; Giving the last notice- just a few left that still need to pay.

Committee report:

  • Greg has been told that Bruce & Jenny Nicholson are in charge of the breakfast and everything is said to have been bought as far as the food and supplies go.
  • Need items for auction still. Becky L looking into jamba juice
  • Scott L to put together a game day package.
  • Pen light donated $1500.00. 
  • Don will recruit people to sell raffle tickets. 
  • Scott L is selling off unused baseball items i.e.; shirts, hats, pants, etc. on opening day, what ever is left will be donated to ether Angel Guild or the Good Will. 
  • Opening day has been planned out by Don and Penny, Greg will be announcing the teams, there will not be music. Deanna’s son will do the little league pledge.
  • First pitch ???
  • Need to contact Hue for pictures during the ceremony; ceremony starts lining up at 10:30.

New Business:

  • Umpire scheduling is on the website, people need to be contacted for umpiring.
  • Managers need to ask there teams parents and let them know about the website.
  • Managers may be assigned a certain amount of games and it will be there responsibility to make sure those games are covered.
  • Bob to call volunteers, calendars will be at opening day for people to sign up for umpiring.

Disciplinary committee: Penny, Scott L, Don.

  • Field Marshall has authority in games when people are out of control. 
  • List of coached has been approved.

 Big League status:

  • Eastern wants to combine with us because they have 4 players. Motion to except players by Ed; second by Scott L- motion excepted and to stay with 15 minimum.
  • Civic center contract on hold till next meeting.

All Stars:

  • Majors fast pitch all star team will be combined with Gig Harbor- motion to except by Don, second by Penny.

Motion to adjourn by Scott L at 9:45, motion second by Ed and approved.


Next meeting May 18, 2009, at volunteer park office.