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Last updated
02-17-15 04:20 PM
Kettering Local Weather
Kettering Royals
Kettering, Ohio

Kettering Royals
Kettering Royals

Upcoming Practices
Date Event Time Location
Sun 3/29 Baseball Outdoor Workout TBA Indian Riffle Park, Kettering

Welcome to the homepage for the Kettering Royals. The Royals are a member of the Miami Valley Adult Baseball League (MVABL) centered in Dayton Ohio. The Royals have been a member of the MVABL since the 2000 season.

Tuesday, February 17
Royals Preseason Workouts continue


Well as Mother Nature continues to blanket the Miami Valley with snow, the Boys in Blue are indoors preparing for the upcoming season.  The team has been active this offseason and will have some new, fresh faces in the lineup this year.    The Royals were hit hard this offseason as several veteran players decided to move on for various reasons, but the remaining players banded together and started looking for some players to help fill the void left by their veterans.  Their first pickup was Kevin Nossem.  Kevin is a former linebacker for the Case Western Reserve Spartans.  He recently moved into the area after transferring for work and is excited to be playing some baseball again.  Grant McCroskey also joins the team for his first season.  Grant is a 6'5" former high school baseball/basketball/football player that joined the Air Force out of high school.  Grant is stationed here in Dayton for a few years and is also ready to step back onto the baseball diamond.  With the departure of the Koopman Brothers Bryan Murphy and Kevin Reynolds have stepped up to help add a brotherly connection to the team.  Bryan's brother Sean will join the team after his season with Northmont is complete.  However Sean will only be able to be with the team for a short stint as he is already commited to a greater group, he will be shipping off to the USMC later this summer.  So we are excited to have him on the team to play alongside his brother while he's still here in town.  Kevin's brother Cole may join us this summer following his high school season as well.  Cole is a talented pitcher that has commited to the pitch for Sinclair this fall.  Another new addition to the Royals pitching staff is Tyler Eaton.  Tyler has played in the MVABL before, but after a season off to wrap up college and start his career he is excited to return to the league and play with the Royals.  His college experience on the mound will be a great addition.  Our final 3 additions come to us from the Mariner's, who unfortunately for the league are unable to return as a whole, but we are excited to welcome these Mariner's to don the Powder Blue.  Joining from the Mariner's are third baseman/p Chris Flaherty, outfielder Matt Piskor, and infielder/p Ron Roberts.  Chris and Matt will be great additions to the lineup as both were tops or led several offensive categories last season with the Mariner's.  Ron joined the Mariner's late last season, but did well notching 15 strikeouts in 13 IP.  The Royals are excited to see what he can do after getting back into game shape and playing a full season.

The Royals lost some key veterans, but this new group of Royals is excited and looking forward to getting out there and helping the team continue to succeed and strive towards that goal of reclaiming the league championship.

General Info

Click here for Field Directions -- dayton fields
      *or the locations tab on the left for field maps*

Download Stats for 2001 thru 2011 -- Stats

Access the League page from this link -- MVABL

**Be sure to check the Practice link on the left for practice updates**

Post Game Summaries

Be sure to read the latest Royals post game summaries located under the "Schedules" link in the right menu bar. Then click the game to see the scores, stats, and write-ups and stay up-to-date on your favorite Royal!!

Royals MVABL Hall of Fame Inductees
    >Mark Franklin 2012
    >Chris Jergens 2014

Royals Career Record Holders

  1. Mark Franklin - 325
  2. Kevin Reynolds - 262
  3. Eric Jameson - 248
  1. Brian Duffy - 231
  2. Kevin Reynolds - 211
  3. Mark Franklin - 199
  1. Mark Franklin - 183
  2. Chris Jergens - 179
  3. Jason Holmberg - 155
    Home Runs
  1. Chris Jergens - 33
  2. Jason Holmberg - 15
  3. Tim Peffley - 10
    Batting Average ( min. 100 PAs)
  1. Dave Rooker - .492
  2. Chris Jergens - .486
  3. Matt Koopman - .444
    Slugging ( min. 100 PAs)
  1. Chris Jergens - .893
  2. Dave Rooker - .770
  3. Jason Griffith - .684

Royals Season Record Holders

  1. Kevin Reynolds - 48 (2013) 
  2. Ben Ailes - 43 (2008) 
  3. Chris Jergens - 42 (2009 & 2010)
  1. Brian Duffy - 42 (2013)
  2. Brian Duffy - 39 (2010)
  3. Kevin Reynolds - 37 (2013) 
  1. Jason Holmberg - 47 (2013) 
  2. Chris Jergens - 45 (2009)
  3. Drew Dobbins - 38 (2010) 
    Home Runs
  1. Chris Jergens - 8 (2009/2011)
  2. Drew Dobbins / Chris Jergens - 6 (2010)
  3. Tim Peffley(2008) / Brandon Reaman (2014) - 5
    Batting Average ( min. 50 PAs)
  1. Dave Rooker - .525 (2003)
  2. Brian Duffy - .515 (2013) 
  3. Chris Jergens - .509 (2013)
    Slugging ( min. 50 PAs)
  1. Chris Jergens - 1.070 (2013)
  2. Chris Jergens - 1.029 (2011)
  3. Brandon Reaman - .952 (2014)
All Records Updated 03/2014


4 Time Miami Valley Adult Baseball League Champions

2007 // 2008 // 2010 // 2013

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