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Joell Davis.
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  Senior, Joell Davis plays as a shooting guard and shooting forward for Kenwood’s Varsity boys basketball. After 3 years of determination and hard work, Joell is preparing to leave Kenwood as an improved person with an excellent record and skills that will definitely benefit him in the future. This season alone, the coaches saw Davis improve on and off the court making him a valued player, even through injury. Before Davis leaves the Bronco gym for good, student journalist Mina Waight interviewed him for his thoughts on the season.  



MW: What does basketball mean to you?

JD: Basketball is more than a sport because it helped me stay focused and prevented me from doing things that would mess up my future.



MW: What’s your biggest accomplishment this season?

JD: My biggest accomplishment this season was improving as a team overall and playing with each other even though you can’t tell by our record.


MW: What were some strengths and weaknesses?

JD: Some strengths were when things got tough on the team, i stayed string and didn’t give up. Also, i have developed my overall game by playing with more confidence. Some weaknesses were [that] i wasn’t talking much on the floor earlier in the year, [and I had trouble] ballhandling and shooting.


MW: Do you plan on playing in college?

JD: Yes


MW: Where are you playing next year?

JD: I haven’t signed anywhere yet but i have a couple looks.


MW: From where?

JD: Mostly junior colleges [like] Kennedy King, Kankakee [community college], Rock Valley, Vincennes University, Morton [college], [Richard J.] Daley and a couple more.


MW: How do you manage your academics and sports?

JD: I just do my work, [it] doesn’t matter how late i have to stay up.



by Junior, Mina Waight