Jr Axewomen & Kentville Wildcats Basketball: Acadia Girls Summer Camps

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Tuesday, April 30

Girl BBall love

“For the love of the game!”

 All Acadia Sport Camps can be viewed at sports.acadiau.ca/camps.html

12 Years and Younger Girls Basketball Camp

August 5th -9th 

12 years and Younger Day Campers Only

This camp will be high-energy and high-intensity, with lots of FUNdamental activities for Girls 12 & under, featuring an excellent Staff-to-Camper ratio with concern for each camper, careful teaching, attention to detail, and regular, specific feedback. The camp aims to develop a love for the game of basketball and a sense of team-work, along with improved skills and understanding. Coaches use a variety of teaching methods to improve essential skills and concepts: balance, stance-work & movement, spacing, understanding angles, ball-handling (pass, catch & dribbling skills), shooting & finishing, rebounding and introductory defense. Each day will be full of activity, with snack & fluid breaks to replenish carbs and re-hydrate. Campers should anticipate lots of physical movement daily.

13 Years and Older Girls Basketball Camp 

July 15th -19th * Monday – Friday

13 years and Older Girls Camp

$305 w/ Lunch

$510 (Residence)

This camp will be high-intensity, with daily fundamentals and competitive learning. The camp aims to enhance each camper’s appreciation for the game of basketball and the importance of team-work, through active engagement to improve skills and concepts. An excellent Staff-to-Camper ratio allows attentive, detailed teaching and specific feedback. Campers will “Learn by Doing”, training daily in a fun-yet-focused atmosphere that encourages improvement of the essentials: balance, stance-work & movement, spacing, understanding angles and screens, progressive ball-handling (pass, catch & dribbling skills) and decision-making, shooting & finishing, rebounding and various approaches to defending. Campers should anticipate lots of high intensity physical movement with brief breaks to replenish and re-hydrate, and will have an option for a daily swim.

Girls Basketball HS *ELITE Camp

August 22nd-24th Thursday – Saturday

Girls Elite Camp (HS)  $245 w/ Lunch

$345 (Residence–Aug. 22&23)

*HS Girls camp for serious players

*Going into Grade 9 or above

*Exceptions by Special permission - Coach Bev Greenlaw Acadia Axewomen

Elite Girls Basketball Camp is targeted toward high school-aged players who want an intense basketball learning experience of an advanced nature. The camp will concentrate on enhanced fundamental skills and situational concepts, aimed at competitive improvement that will have an impact in game situations. Camp will be about “the little things” that make a competitive difference. Dedicated players who attend the Elite Camp will learn a variety of technical and tactical approaches to the game of basketball, and will learn to “think the game” at a higher level.


*Stay Tuned for further information on a possible special Basketball Camp

August 26th -30th Monday – Friday Ages TBD

Day Campers Only $305 w/ Lunch