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Last updated
04-24-14 06:22 PM
Kennewick Local Weather
Kennewick Grid Kids
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Kennewick, Washington

Kennewick Grid Kids
Thursday, April 24

KGK Board Meeting 

 The next KGK Board Meeting for 2014 will be

Tuesday, April 29th, 6pm - 8pm

Kennewick Library @ 1620 S. Union St. 

We're hoping we can finish our bylaws and cruise through the play rules in this given time. We need in the next couple of months to get to the things that make this league go, such as: signups, equipment purchases, tryouts, the draft, picture day, etc. I really appreciate everyone who has given up their free time to help our league improve! I know this tends to be a busy time of year for a lot of people. Thank you so much.

 Terry Watson - KGK President 

All head coaches or a representative need to attend. 

We are also looking for a Concessions Stand Manager. If you are interested, please come to this meeting or get with your organizational head coach and share your interest. 

All are welcome. 

Please take the time now to read through our bylaws and come prepared to make KGK even better in the 2014. All hands on deck; we all know we can improve as a league. Head coaches if you can’t attend please send a rep/proxy from your organization. An agenda will come out soon! 

 Congratulations to the 2014 KGK Board

 President - Terry Watson

Vice President - Chris Wiltz

Treasurer - Michelle Searls

Secretary - Kim Hosfield

Equipment Mgr - Matt Thompson


Congratulations to the 2013 Kennewick Grid Kids Superbowl winners!



C Teams RAMS



 Founder's Trophy Standings

Best overall team record (cumulative of all 5 teams)


COLTS 25 10




RAMS 17 18

BEARS 15 20

TIGERS 11 24

EAGLES 11 24 


Bring It 7 On 7 Tournament
July 18th - 20th, 2014 
For more details see the document in the Handouts section or 
contact Cedric Samples at 541-786-0291 or 

Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition

Here are the results of this year's competition:

2005/2004  2003/2002 2000/2001 1999/1998

 1st Gannon Mosely 1st Jake Debord 1st Peyton Robinson 1st Erik Stayrook

2nd Jacob O'Dell 2nd Myles Mayovsky     

3rd Max Martin 3rd Kody Reiboldt     

High Fundraiser

Austin Gidieon 



Congratulations to the 2012

 Superbowl Champions!!

A Team - Rams

B Team - Bears

C Team - Coyotes

D Team - Panthers

E Team - Colts 



Punt, Pass, and Kick Results 

 Thank-you to all the participants in the Punt, Pass and Kick fundraiser this past week end.  Thanks to you we raised over $1600 for Kennewick Grid Kids general fund.

The high fundraiser for the event was Keegan Bishop of the Bears for raising $305.

The winners are
1998s Zayid Al-Gahni Colts
1999s/2000s Erik Stayrook Coytoes
2001s/2002s Easton Bowe Panthers
2003s/2004 Myles Mayovsky Rams
2005s/2006s Brayden Tracy Eagles




Thank you to all of our sponsors.

Please see the sponsor tab to view them.





If you have any questions about the website or see something that needs to be added/changed, please email me at:

Please keep our fields clean!

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"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." - Babe Ruth
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