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Last updated
08-12-14 12:35 PM
Kennewick Local Weather
Kennewick Grid Kids
Contact us via email
Kennewick, Washington

Kennewick Grid Kids
Sunday, August 3


Equipment Exchange

If you have any equipment issues, you can exchange your gear for something different. There have been some new shipments of gear come in so more are available.

 The next equipment exchange will be:

Wednesday, August 13th - 6:00pm - 7:00pm 


 Kennewick Grid Kids Punt, Pass, and Kick

Kennewick Grid Kids is hosting a NFL Punt, Pass and Kick (PP&K) competition as a fundraiser this season. We need all of our members to participate to make this a fun and successful event. The funds raised from this event go directly to the participants of Kennewick Grid Kids and will be used to purchase helmets, shoulder pads and pants and other football equipment.

 **See the form in the Handouts section ** 

This is event is a qualifier for the NFL PP&K sectional event to be held in Seattle in November or December. NFL Punt, Pass & Kick Overview:

The NFL, PUNT, PASS & KICK (PP&K) Program creates a lively and engaging forum for young boys and girls to compete separately against their peers in punting, passing and kicking skills. From our competition the first place finisher in each age division for both the boys' division and girls' division will each advance to the Sectional Competition. From the Sectional Competition, the first place finisher will have an opportunity to advance to the Team Championship, which will take place in NFL team stadiums either during pre-game or halftime!

 Kennewick Grid Kids PP&K Timeline

1. July 1st to July 29th at Registration grab a pledge sheet for the event.

2. Post Registration to August 22nd, Players have this time frame to gather pledges. Children should not go door-to-door without adult supervision. Pledges should be a flat $$ amount". No pledge is too small. When players collect money when they receive the pledge, please ensure that money is kept in a safe place in the envelope until it is turned in at the Punt, Pass and Kick Competition.

3. July 1st to August 22nd, Collect all pledge money.

4. August 23rd, arrive in sneakers, with donation sheets and money ready to turn in at 9am at Horse Heaven Hills Middle School field.

5. Fill out NFL PP&K liability release form.

Note to Players/Parents

1. Please bring a minimum donation of $15.

2. Do not go door to door without adult supervision!

3. Please have your parents read the rules!

4. Please keep up on the website for the August 23rd schedule.

The person that raises the most money for Kennewick Grid Kids will receive an IPOD.


All head coaches or a representative need to attend. 

We are also looking for a Concessions Stand Manager. If you are interested, please come to this meeting or get with your organizational head coach and share your interest. 

All are welcome. 

Please take the time now to read through our bylaws and come prepared to make KGK even better in the 2014. All hands on deck; we all know we can improve as a league. Head coaches if you can’t attend please send a rep/proxy from your organization. An agenda will come out soon! 

 Congratulations to the 2014 KGK Board

 President - Terry Watson

Vice President - Chris Wiltz

Treasurer - Michelle Searls

Secretary - Kim Hosfield

Equipment Mgr - Matt Thompson


Congratulations to the 2013 Kennewick Grid Kids Superbowl winners!



C Teams RAMS





Thank you to all of our sponsors.

Please see the sponsor tab to view them.





If you have any questions about the website or see something that needs to be added/changed, please email me at:

Please keep our fields clean!

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