John F. Kennedy High School: Welcome

2008 NVL Copper Division Champions


WELCOME friends, family, fans and Alumni of the Kennedy Eagles Football program.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Please check out what the site has to offer, including the 2015 schedule, roster, player profiles, 2014 photo/video highlights and much more!  We hope that you will follow our Eagles through the regular season as they prepare to capture the 2015 Brass Division title!  

Thanks for your support. 

Coach Sarlo
Varsity Football Head Coach

The Stephen Rockwell Memorial Award

In 2005, Coach Sarlo dedicated an award to honor the memory of his close friend Stephen Rockwell.  The Stephen Rockwell Memorial Award, known as the 'ROCK' is given to the player who serves as the 'ROCK' of the Kennedy Football program.  He may not be the best athlete, but he models the principles of the Foundation of the Kennedy football program, TEAM, COMMITMENT and HARD WORK.  He makes the Commitment to Work Hard for the success of the TEAM.  He attends practice every day and leads with his actions.  He makes that same commitment in the classroom as well.  Above all, he is the player who still cracks a smile and makes others laugh, even after a exhausting practice, or a tough loss on game day. He is passionate not only about football, but about life itself.

Stephen Rockwell had those same passions.  A former football player and 1982 graduate of Kennedy, Steve was killed in a motorcycle accident back in 1988.  He left us way too early, but during his time on this Earth he made everyone in his life smile.  One of his favorite songs was Bobby McFarrin's 1988 hit, 'Don't worry, Be happy'.  That is exactly how Steve lived his life. No matter what life threw at him, Steve never let anything or anyone bring him down.  He made everyone laugh with his wonderful sense of humor and he had a smile that was contagious! For the first time ever  the student-athlete honored with the 2013 Stephen Rockwell Memorial Award was junior, Tri-Captain, Jake D'Alusio.  

Jake has played in our program for three years, playing almost every position on the field.  His hard work and commitment to the team led the coaching staff to recognize Jake as a Tri-Captain during his sophomore season.

Jake works hard on and off the field.  As a student in the Kennedy SOAR program, he must balance a rigorous academic workload with the challenge of playing three sports during the school year.  Jake is the first non senior to be acknowledged for this honor and rightly so.  He earned selection to the 2013 ALL COPPER and All-City Offensive team.  Jake continues to lead the team becoming the first player in more than 10 years to be selected as a team leader for 3 consecutive seasons!

Good luck this season Jake!

The 'ROCK' honorees

2005-Nevin Thomas

2006-Queshaun Harvin

2007-Steve Anton, Ken Fermin, James McColl

2008-Ronald Naraine

2009-Devin Myers

2010-Oscar Jean-Baptiste, Travis Johnson, Ryan Boland 

2011-Cody Colon-Dudeck

2012-Steven M. Perrone Jr. 

2013-Jake D'Alusio 


Coach Sarlo's Christmas Message


I hope that you enjoy your extended break from school.  At some point over the next week or so, take some time to reflect on all that is important in your life.  Please recognize that the most significant part of your life will always be your parents, families, and friends.  They will support you through every success and setback that you experience in life.  Right now your priorities may be your social lives, school, sports and even work, but keep in mind that your loved ones will always be there for you and that includes your family in the Kennedy Eagles Football program. 

For most of you, high school football will serve as your only organized football experience.  Cherish it.  Enjoy the short time that it lasts.  Remember that football is JUST a game.  You will face other very important challenges in your lives and the game of football will prepare you for whatever life throws your way. 

You have learned that team, commitment and hard work are the foundation of the Kennedy Eagles football program, but more importantly, they are skills that you can use in every aspect of your lives.  You have a great set of coaches who are dedicated to improving your lives as young adults by teaching you not only about football, but about life.  I am extremely grateful for my staff and one day you will appreciate ALL that these men have done to help you.

Please enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.  Relax and watch plenty of football and UCONN basketball.  Get plenty of rest and prepare to work towards making yourself Bigger, Faster and Stronger for the 2015 season!   

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

I remain,

Your Varsity Football Head Coach

Christopher M. Sarlo

Friday, April 26
Dariel 'Rudy' Perez 1992-2013

I am not sure exactly what I want to write in this post so it may ramble on, but I ask for your patience. Today, a former player visited Kennedy to inform me and others that Dariel Perez passed away on Tuesday. He died as the result of a one car accident late Sunday night. I don't know any more details about his death, but I would like to share more about his life.

Everyone in the football program knew Dariel as 'Rudy'. It was such a fitting name for him too. He played for our program from 2007-2010 and he graduated with the class of 2011. He served as a team captain his senior year and earned All City Defense honors for the 2010 Varsity season.

The best way to describe 'Rudy' as a player will sound cliche, but he always gave 110 percent! When guys were dragging a bit in practice or down in a game, he always kept moving at top speed. He was never an all state caliber player, but 'Rudy' was ALL HEART! I never coached anyone with more courage and mental strength than 'Rudy'. His performance on the practice and playing field was so inspirational that I named an end of the year award in his honor. Each year since 'Rudy' graduated, we have awarded the player with the most heart who NEVER quits with the Dariel Perez 'Rudy' Award. We will continue to do so for as long as I am the Head Coach, but sadly now it is a memorial award.

The photo that I have attached with this post gives the ideal image of 'Rudy'. As a sophomore, he was one of only a few 10th graders who suited up and played in the 2008 NVL Football Championship game. Take a close look at his helmet. Anyone who knows the game of football recognizes that this kid played hard and you can tell that by the 'war paint' on his helmet. 'Rudy' worked just as hard off the field as well. He was always in the weight room trying to increase his strength and serving as the model for other players throughout the off-season.

Even more important than his football contributions, were his contributions to the Kennedy school community. He got along with everyone. He made everyone around him a better person. He was a hard working student who always took the time to help others. I had him as a student in class and I witnessed the same level of commitment and hard work. The Kennedy community, the city of Waterbury, this state, this nation and the world, lost a great young man.

I think that I can speak for all of my staff, his former teammates and even the current players in the program when I say that 'Rudy' will be missed. #8 will always hold a special place in our hearts. We offer our condolences to his family and we want to thank them for allowing us the opportunity to spend time and share life with their wonderful son. 

In Memory,

Coach Christopher Sarlo



CALLING ALL friends, family, fans and alumni of Kennedy, Croft and Leavenworth High Schools!  The Kennedy Eagles Football program invites you to join the 2013 Eagles Endzone Club, the booster organization for the Kennedy Eagles Football team.    

All who join the Eagles Endzone Club will have their names entered as part of the Honor Roll in our Varsity game day program.  They will receive a certificate of membership, 2 free passes to any EAGLES home game at Municipal Stadium and the necessary documentation for their tax records. 

Members from the business community will have their sponsorship information placed in the Varsity game day program and their business advertisement will also be highlighted on the Sponsors' page of our website..  This will allow our sponsors to reach out to those from the Naugatuck Valley region who attend our games and who visit our website. 

What better way to honor the glory of our past, recognize the players of today and ensure the success of our future?   Spread the word to all family members and to friends who may have played for or attended Kennedy, Croft, or Leavenworth High Schools, and to anyone who is a fan of the great game of football.

Please feel free to contact Varsity Head Coach, Chris Sarlo at 203.574.8150, or  Thank you for your consideration.