Kenai Peninsula Pop Warner: Coaches

Coaches Needed! JPW and Midget Level Football, All Cheer levels

Coaches, check out the great Positive Coaching Alliance training at    and

Double-Goal Coach® Job Description 



 FROM:  Director of Coaches, KPPW


You are the most important person in our organization. You determine the kind of experience our athletes have with sports. We are committed to the principles of Positive Coaching. We expect our coaches to be “Double-Goal Coaches” who want to win and help players learn “life lessons” and positive character traits from sports.The following is what we expect from you during the coming the season.  

1 Model and teach your players to Honor the Game. Teach the Elements of ROOTS

 Respect for: Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and one’s Self.• Appoint a parent to be “Culture Keeper” for the team.• Hold a parent meeting and distribute Parent/Guardian Letter to parents to get them on   board  with Honoring the Game.• Drill Honoring the Game in practice.• Seize teachable moments to talk with players about Honoring the Game. 

2 Help Players Redifine what it means to be a "Winner" in terms of Mastery, not just the Scoreboard-

 Teach players the ELM Tree of Mastery (Effort, Learning, and bouncing back from    Mistakes).• Use a “Team Mistake Ritual” (like “Flushing Mistakes”) to help players quickly rebound from mistakes.• Reward effort, not just good outcomes. Look to recognize players for unsuccessful effort.• Encourage players to set “Effort Goals” that are tied to how hard they try.• Use Targeted Symbolic Rewards to reinforce effort and team play. 

3 Fill Your Players Emotional Tanks -

 Use encouragement and positive reinforcement as your primary method of motivating.• Strive to achieve the 5:1 “Magic Ratio” of 5 positive reinforcements to each  criticism/correction.• Schedule “fun activities” for practices, so players will enjoy their sport.• Use the “Buddy System” to teach players to fill each other’s Emotional Tanks.• Use Player of the Day and Behavior Management Strategies to resource desirable behavior and win  cooperation from your players.• Learn to give “Kid-Friendly Criticism” so players will be able to hear it. Criticize in private, “Ask  Permission,” use the Criticism Sandwich, avoid giving criticism in non-teachable moments.

 4 Have Conversations during Team Meetings with your players at Every Practice and Every Game

 Review Honoring the Game, the ELM Tree and the Emotional Tank throughout the season.• Remind players about these three concepts before and after every game.• Ask questions and encourage players to speak and contribute during team meetings. At the end of the season we will survey your players and their parents to give you feedback on how you did atimplementing these Positive Coaching principles during the season. We will share the results with you.  

Thank you for all your time and effort!

*Beginning with the 2008 season, all Football Head Coaches must attend a USA Football Coaching Clinic or take the online course.

*Pop Warner’s re-certification window is every 3-years for head coaches.  All new head coaches are required to take the coaching certification program provided at or they can choose to attend a USA Football Coaching School.

Please fill out a Coaches Application under "FORMS", fill out a "VOLUNTEER" form backbround check and submit to KPPW prior to taking the class. You will be reimbursed for the class if you are selected and complete the season as a coach.


Below are instructions on registering for the USA Football / Pop Warner Online Training Course:

1. Go to this webpage:

2. Completely fill out the registration and then enter your home zip code (Click Search)

3. Select Your League from the Drop Down list (100 mile radius of zip code)

4. Select your Association from the Drop Down list

5. Select Your Membership Type: Full Membership or CCEP (Course access only)

6. Click Continue to Payment

Important Note: One payment is complete, each coach will get an e-mail to verify their e-mail address. In that e-mail, they will click the Active Now link and be redirected to their live membership. Verification must be complete before they can access the site. If they do not receive the verification e-mail, they should call USA Football Member Services at 877-5FOOTBALL.