Kenai Peninsula Pop Warner: Team Managers

Thursday, February 14
Team Mom/Manager Corner

Hello and Welcome to the 2013 Kenai Peninsula Pop Warner Football and Cheer Association. Please consider volunteering for your child’s team this season. The KPPW League has compiled the following list of duties for this important position. There is full training and support for you!

Team Books – TM is responsible for maintaining the team book that holds the player certification card. This card documents player information including

·         head shot photo – done by KPPW photographer

·         official weights – done at first practice and prior to each game by volunteer parent

·         copy of 4th quarter report card – needs scholastic matrix and f/u if below min 2.0 at start

·         certified birth certificate copy – on file for returning players, must see original if new player

·         sports physical- must be on official PW form; highlight allergies/medical conditions for coach

·         parent/player contract – parent/emergency contact information (in case of injury, late for pick up after practice)


Most of this paperwork will be compiled for you by the first practice as parents send in their forms from online registration. TM is responsible for ensuring all forms are in place and bring book to each practice and game.

Game Day Volunteers – At each game you will need to have the following number of volunteers. Click here for Volunteer form template for assigning parents. ALL parents are required to volunteer at games as assigned. If they are unable to assist on date assigned, THEY are responsible for finding a replacement or switching with another parent. You just assign them in random order. (Exception: some parents only want to do one job such as first aid, MPR, chains or weigh in’s at every game. This is acceptable and they get taken out of other rotations except for drinks/snacks)

·         weigh-ins (2) – responsible for documenting weights of home/visitor teams ½ hour prior to games (documented in Team Book on player certification card)

·         MPR’s (2) – minimum play requirements volunteers document players get in all their plays

·         First Aid (1) -keeps first aid kit on sidelines and applies ice pack and bandages to injured players

·         Snacks (1) Drinks (1) – parents needed to provide simple refreshments for teams, may use water cooler filled with powdered Gatorade/PowerAde with cups

“AT HOME” games will also need the following volunteers (click on title for demo video)

·         Chains – chain gang is 3 volunteers that move ball and down markers up and down the field (usually a dad/mom/uncle/grandparents/high school age brothers/sisters)

·         Scoreboard – runs the scoreboard at the games

·         Announcer – plays canned “welcome” over PA system and introduces the team players by name

Team Photos - KPPW photographer will contact you regarding time/date of your photo session

Team Roster/MPR form – TM must bring a prepared form for doing MPR’s to each game with 2 copies, one for home team and one for visitor team. Another copy of roster with pronunciation clues of player’s last name for the announcer is requested. TM also ensures the coaches sign off on the MPR forms at end of game and return forms to Board member assigned to game.


Communication – communicating with the team is the most important part of the job. You are the voice of the coach and association for practice/game schedule changes, reminders and updates. KPPW has a new Smart Message link on the website for your use to send mass emails, phone texts etc. Encourage patience and FLEXIBILITY with your parents as game schedules change frequently. We are scheduled by Anchorage Pop Warner and due to many unforeseen circumstances schedules just change. If you warn parents early and tell them to EXPECT it, things go more smoothly. This is not a professional organization; we are all volunteers doing the best we can. Parent’s biggest complaint is having to be at several places at one time due to scheduling and multiple kids/players on different teams. This is out of our control and they need to involve spouses, other family members and friends in getting all players to games as needed. Again, early communication is essential.


Anchorage Jamboree – the first scrimmage game of the season is called the Jamboree. It is usually held in Anchorage and gives new and returning players a chance to get past first game jitters in a safe and fun way. Each team plays 10 plays for about 20 minutes in full pads/gear. We may possibly set this up with Homer Association, TBA


Year End Party – TM is responsible for overall planning and organizing trophy party for team along WITH the parents. Assign one parent to be in charge of collecting money and ordering trophies with players name on it, and another for polling parents on what they want to have for the party. This is TEAM organized, not Association.


Training for Team Moms/Managers will be held about 2 weeks prior to start of practices. Director of Team Moms will give you a power point presentation on all aspects of forms, rules, tips and certification timelines. Books will be handed out with most forms already in place. Final/missing paperwork needs to be collected at first day of practice. Easy to follow book templates are included for organization.


Good communicating, computer and patience skills are required for this job. The payoff is meeting great new people and other parents in the community, making new friends. KPPW is here to support your efforts every step of the way!