Kenai Little League: Links

Registration - 2016

Peninsula Oilers

Al And Al Baseball
The site for the official Little League training program for managers and coaches. Kenai Little League has used and been satissfied with Know Your Baseball materials for three summers. We have found it to me the most comprehensive, understandable, and useful coach education program on the market. If your league does not use it yet, give it a try this season!

Little League Headquarters
Zaps you to the official Little League International web site. History and information about Little League worldwide as well as a shopping section for Little League merchandise.

Alaska District 1 Little League
A link to the Alaska District One Web Site

Kenai Peninsula Umpire's Association
A link to the offical web site of the Kenai Peninsula Umpire's Association, a dedicated group of volunteer umpires from the Kenai and Soldotna area who have banded together and will be giving of their time to officiate games and help teach the kids rules and respect!

Rules and mechanics clinics are already being held regularly, so check this useful web site often for the latest news, schedules, and how to become a member/certified umpire!

Soldotna Little League