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Monday, April 13
Kelley Cup XXXVIII


The Bay Area Women’s Soccer League would like to thank you for your interest in this years tournament.  We welcome all new participants to Kelley Cup. This will be our 38th year and it will be held June 27th and June 28th, 2015. Registration will open April 17th with a tiered pricing for registering early. I hope you will join us for a great weekend of soccer.


Your Kelley Cup Tournament Staff


Bay Area Woman's Soccer League 


Register from 
April 17th -May 1st - $550
May 2nd - 15th - $575
May 16th- 30th - $600

Registration Closes on May 30th 


Saturday, March 1
Kelley Cup XXXVIII Roster Changes

Roster Changes:

Unlimited roster changed will be accepted through June 17th. After June 17th Kelley Cup rules apply. To make changes through June 17th, please send an email to attn: KC roster changes. Changes made after June can be made at the tournament headquarters by the team manager at the time of check in.

Wednesday, April 29
Kelley Cup Rules

Handout: Kelley Cup Rules

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