Wednesday, March 22
Kelley Cup XL

Registration will open on Friday, March 31st.

Register early and take advantage of a discount off of the registration fee! Register your team by April 30th and only pay $550.  After April 30th, registration will be $600. It's time to call your current and former teammates to form a team. We would love to see you all on the field this June.

Your Kelley Cup Tournament Staff


Bay Area Woman's Soccer League 


Wednesday, March 22
Kelley Cup Rules

Handout: Kelley Cup Tournament Rules

Wednesday, March 22
Kelley Cup Roster Changes

Roster Changes:

Unlimited roster changed will be accepted through June 17th.

After June 17th Kelley Cup rules apply. To make changes through June 17th, please send an email to attn: KC roster changes.

Changes made after June 17th can be made at the tournament headquarters by the team manager at the time of check in.

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