KC Vandals-Schiefen: Welcome


KC Vandals 14 -Schiefen

Welcome to the newly formed Kansas City Vandals 14-Navy team.  We are registered in 14c levels of play with many A/B level tournaments for Spring/Summer 2011 

The KC Vandals organization is comprised of teams playing at levels 14-18u competition.  The mission of the KC Vandals organization is to build opportunities for young ladies as well as promote womens softball to higher levels.  It's about the girls.  All opportunities to help a young lady grow are capitalized on.

This team is no exception.  Our philosophy is; Practice HARD as a team, Play like it was just another practice, and HAVE FUN (winning take care of itself if the team follows this philosophy).

Check for further updates often.

Tuesday, June 21
KC Vandals-Schiefen Grasp Third at Hawaiian Hitfest 2011

There is nothing better than watching 12 young ladies play as a team.  They fought all weekend and EARNED each win they grabbed. Great job! - coach Bryan

Sunday, May 15
Over the Fence

Christina Mountain was our FIRST young lady to take one over the fence at the Throw Out the Clock - Adair Park.  The ball clear center field fence PLUS change (went roughly 230) to land IN the water.  Congratulations, Christina.  Question is... which one of the young ladies is next?  Will it be Elizabeth? Allison? or Michaela?  HMMM....