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Last updated
03-22-19 10:00 AM
Get Directions to Welcome To Kyle Chapman Pony LeagueHouston Local Weather
Welcome To Kyle Chapman Pony League
Henry F, Gomez, MD
(832) 746 4727
6400 Bissonnet
Bayland Park
Houston, Texas
What's the Buzz
What's the Buzz is a periodic feature for the KC Spring Season highlighting our players. Keep an eye out for our roving reporters who may just ask you... What's the Buzz?!

What's the Buzz ... Rodrigo Gomez

What's the Buzz?

the KC Royals'



Rodrigo’s a pitcher and catcher for the KC Royals

He is a veteran of
 Braes Bayou Little League

Favorite MLB Player?
Lance Berkman – one of Dad’s favorites, too. 


His prediction for the rest
of the KC season?

That the Royals will go undefeated from now on. 
Mighty bold prediction, huh? 

Hey, What's for Dinner?
That’s an easy one for Rodrigo – Arroz Chaufa  (that’s a Peruvian version of Cantonese or Chinese fried rice – Yum!) 

Last movie you saw?
Fever Pitch – Ah, a baseball movie, imagine that! 

Favorite Music?
Rodrigo’s an oldies fan who likes Queen, especially their song Don’t Stop Me Now. Sounds like a great theme song for the Royals as they head into the second half of the season.


What's the Buzz ... Dylan Cox

What's the Buzz?

the KC Indians'



Dylan’s a catcher
for the KC Indians. 

He is a veteran of
 Bellaire Little League

We caught up with Dylan after a KC Indians' victory.

Dylan's Favorite MLB Player
Craig Biggio

Prediction for the Astros this season?
Says they’ll make it to the playoffs but won’t advance.

Future Career?
When given the choice between baseball and acting, Dylan chose baseball.  Did Dad really say, “Maybe he could act like a baseball player!?”

Any baseball superstitions?
His batting glove always goes in his right pocket.

Favorite Subject in School?
That was a no-brainer as Dylan quickly answered – Drama!  In fact, he played the lead role in his school’s recent production of MacBeth.  Yea, but did he really understand all of that Shakespeare?


Andrew Lidsky ... KC Angels

What's the Buzz?

the KC Angels'



  Who will win the World Series?
The New York Mets

What is your favorite Video game?
Halo2 for X-Box

Any baseball superstitions?
Andrew wears his batting batting gloves when playing defense. (We hope he wears a normal glove!!)

Favorite Food?
His Mom's killer spaghetti!

Favorite subject at School?
After knocking out Lunch as a legitimate "subject" at school History was finally chosen as his favorite subject.   (Yea..right!)

John Satriano ... KC Dodgers

What's the Buzz?

the KC Dodgers'




When not playing baseball
Participates in theater at Lanier Middle School.  (Can't you see John in some tights as Romeo?)

Who is your baseball hero?
Vladimir Guerrero...He likes the way he slashes and can hit any pitch

Baseball goal for this year?
to get 30 hits this Spring at Kyle Chapman.  (That's almost 2 hits per game!)

Favorite Food?
Mom's Spaghetti. (What do ya expect when your last name is Satriano?)

High School plans?
Will pursue acting at Bellaire High School.....just to have a better shot at the chicks.

Who will win the World Series?
Predicts Boston Red Sox to win World Series this year, Oh, now he wants to change it to the Yankees....John you better stay clear of that battle.


Josh Hill ... KC Mets

What's the Buzz?

the KC Mets'




When not playing baseball
Bowling is right down his alley every Saturday..with a 156 average game.

Baseball goal for this year?
Josh plans on comin' down hard and  predicts crushing 10 HR's this Spring.

Favorite thing to do with his Dad?
Josh likes to go out with his
Dad to install sprinkler systems.

All the pitchers in the league hope that keeps your bat cooled off BIG MAN


Favorite Baseball Player?
Hank Aaron is his all-time
favorite player.
Now that's class!!!!

Favorite Subject?
Josh loves Math.....get out that calculator to figure out that batting average.


John Hohlt ... KC Pirates

What's the Buzz?

the KC Pirates'




Baseball Supersticions?
Mr. Holt is "Old School'" and belts the ball without using batting gloves.

Favorite Music? you are "old school"....maybe you found one of your Dads eight track tapes.

World Series Champions?
John hasn't lost faith in the Cardinals after last years World Series and predicts they will win it this year.
March Madness?
Liked Oklahoma State to win the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament.

High School plans?
Strake Jesuit or St. Thomas are the High School choices for John......Big John will decide soon.

Favorite Food?
Mom's spaghetti...John's eyes got big when he answered this question.


Kyle Chapman Pony League - Houston Texas
Kyle Chapman Pony League - Houston Texas
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