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11-19-18 10:15 AM
Get Directions to Welcome To Kyle Chapman Pony LeagueHouston Local Weather
Welcome To Kyle Chapman Pony League
Henry F, Gomez, MD
(832) 746 4727
6400 Bissonnet
Bayland Park
Houston, Texas
Wednesday, July 27
Frequently asked questions about Kyle Chapman PONY League Fall Season

About us: Kyle Chapman PONY League is a 501(c)(3) baseball organization that has offered uninterruptedly for the past 54 years, a competitive venue for players league age 13- and 14-year old that want to enhance their baseball skills - in that transition period between Little League and High School – to a level that will allow them to successfully compete for a spot in the baseball roster of the High School of their choice.

Purpose of the Fall Season: The Fall season is primarily an instructional one.  It aims to accomplish two main objectives: 1) Provide a venue to recent graduates from all Little League programs zoned to our PONY League (Bayland, Bellaire, West U, Westbury, Meadows Place, Neartown, Sugarland, etc.) to learn the nuances of open base baseball.  2) Give an opportunity to players of all skill levels to enhance their skills through more reps and playing time.  Interested players with reasonable playing skills can also participate of our Select program, that represents a unique opportunity for more proficient players to showcase their talents in city-wide tournaments.  Every fall we have 5-6 teams with only 11 players per team

Advantages for an already formed team to play in our League: the advantages can be summarized in two categories:

  •  Significant Savings: for a team to play 18 games, it needs to register in at least 6 tournaments with a cost only in registration fees of around $3,200.  Our season - one time charge - of only $1,200 represents a net saving of $2,000
  • Time and Driving Logistics: parents don't need to sacrifice 6 weekends (2 pool play games on Saturday and at least 1 game on Sunday scheduled anytime between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm) nor be driving all over Harris County (and sometimes further), whereas Bayland Park is conveniently located within an 11 mile radius of its most distant location of our map area

 Coaching Staff: The coaching staff of all teams is composed of dedicated and successful professionals in their own fields - most, if not all of them - without a son in the league. These gentlemen have had a long involvement with baseball, having not only played it, coached it, or umpired it at all levels (high school, college, or professional), but most importantly, they all know how to coach and elicit the best out of these young men and do so without expecting any monetary retribution

Tryouts & Draft: in the Fall we offer one tryout opportunity for players to show their skills level (outfield, infield, batting, pitching and catching) at a date and time to be chosen by the parents and players during registration.  After tryouts, players will be drafted and Pre-season practices begin immediately thereafter.

Fall Season Games: Depending on the number of teams each team will play a total of 16 games plus a minimum of two games during a double elimination playoff tournament.  Games will be played at our KC field located inside Bayland Park with each team playing two games a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays, thus giving players ample opportunity to participate on additional sports activities. Weekends are reserved for our Select teams. There will be no activities scheduled during major religious holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur).

Previous major accomplishments of our League: PONY-13yo: having won the 2009 World Series, and PONY-14yo: having earned the right to participate of the 1979, and 2003 World Series and having won the Houston Area Region 8 of the past 11 years.

Friday, August 10
Fall 2018 tentative calendar

Fall 2018 Calendar ws.jpg

Friday, August 10
Kyle Chapman PONY League announces its 2018 Fall Season

Fall 2018 Registration Forms can be found here

Flyer 2018 Fall ws.jpg

Monday, April 9
2018 Summer Select activities
  • Season has concluded
  • Season has concluded

Friday, May 4
KC Spring 2018 Double Elimination Playoffs

KC Playoffs Mar 14 ws.jpg

Monday, March 19
Pitch Count - Playoffs
Game Date Team Pitcher's Name # Pitches  Required rest Available
40 Mon. May 7 KC Dodgers Jacob Ewoldt 50 2 days Thu. May 10 
40 Mon. May 7 KC Dodgers Joseph Schaffer 30 1 day Wed. May 9
40 Mon. May 7 KC Astros Jack Denning 35 1 day Wed. May 9
40 Mon. May 7 KC Astros Evan Wei 35 1 day Wed. May 9
40 Mon. May 7 KC Astros Cesar Garcia 6 0 days Tue. May 8
PO2 Wed. May 9 KC Astros Cesar Garcia 48 2 days Sat. May 12
PO2  Wed. May 9 KC Astros Walker Franklin 26 1 day Fri. May 11
PO4 Thu. May 10  KC Dodgers Orion Burkart 76 4 days Tue. May 15
PO6 Fri. May 11 KC Dodgers Jacob Ewoldt 86 4 days Wed. May 16
PO6 Fri. May 11 KC Astros Myles Frazier 55 3 days Tue. May 15
PO6 Fri May 11 KC Astros Evan Wei 19 0 days Sat. May 12
PO6 Fri May 11 KC Astros Jack Denning 9 0 days Sat. May 12
PO7 Sat. May 12 KC Astros Jack Denning 70 4 days Thu. May 17
PO7 Sat. May 12 KC Astros Walker Franklin 19 0 days Sat. May 12
PO8 Sat. May 12 KC Dodgers Matt Chotiner 82 4 days Thu. May 17
PO8 Sat. May 12 KC Dodgers Jaime Gomez 20 0 days Sun. May 13
PO8  Sat. May 12 KC Dodgers Sam Toubin 17 0 days Sun May 13
PO8 Sat. May 12 KC Dodgers Orson Lybbert 3 0 days Sun. May 13
PO8  Sat. May 12 KC Astros Walker Franklin 66 (85) 4 days Thu. May 17

Sunday, February 26
Team Links






Monday, April 9
Spring 2018 Outstanding Performances

Spring 2018 Outstanding Performances (HR, >= 7 K's) 

2RHR Apr 02   7K Apr 02  1RHR Apr 16 2RHR Apr 18

13K Apr 09

  2RHR Apr 02 1RHR Apr 11   2RHR Apr 25
1RHR Apr 30    1RHR May 03 1RHR May 03   1RHR May09   2RHR May09   

Wednesday, December 6
Kyle Chapman PONY league proudly announces its 53rd Spring Season Registration details
You can download the 2018 Spring Registration Forms here

Flyer 2018 Spring ws.jpg

Thursday, July 27
Registration information for the 2017 Fall Season

Registration forms can be found here.  Please bring them filled on the day that you choose to register your player(s)

Flyer 2017 Fall small ws.jpg

Wednesday, December 6
Spring 2018 Calendar of Activities

Spring 2018 Calendar ws.jpg

Thursday, July 27
Calendar of Activities for the 2017 Fall Season

Fall 2017 Calendar ws.jpg

Sunday, February 10
KC Coaches in Minute Maid


Wednesday, May 17
Summer 2017 Tournament Teams activities
  • Season has concluded
  • Season has concluded

Saturday, March 25
Spring 2017 Opening Ceremonies

National Anthem Player's Pledge  Guest Speaker
Baker Watt Braden Leonard Randy Rojas


Wednesday, May 17
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 2017 Summer Tournament Teams
Orion Burkart   Max Barrocas
 Matt Chotiner   Reed Bourlon
 Vincent Chuo   Carson Brown
 Saul Coronado   Manuel Crespin
 James Costello   Steven Denning
 Kolton Denning   Ben Finley
 Carter Dixon   Riley Gwin
 Joshua Endo   JD Jones
 Dominic Hickman   George Mills
 Joseph Lopez   Adam Montgomery
 Oliver Snell   Will Russo
 Braiden Thayer   Nicholas Sorak
 Sam Toubin   Grant Stringer
Evan Wei    
Chotiner-Pincus-Pappert-Rivera   Ozuna-Rojas-Rojas-Carney

Sunday, February 19
Kyle Chapman proudly announces its Spring 2017 PONY Select Team
Bourlon, Reed
 Brown, Carson
 Crespin, Manuel
 Dixon, Jacob
 Finley, Ben
 Fox, Tanner
 Kelley, Kat
 Leonard, Braden
 Mills, George
 Montgomery, Adam
 Rojas, Bryan
 Russo, Will
 Sorak, Nicholas
 Stringer, Grant
 Warren. Aiden
Ozuna, Rojas, Rojas, Carney

Tuesday, December 6
Spring 2017 - Season Calendar

Spring 2017 Calendar ws.jpg

Tuesday, December 6
Kyle Chapman PONY League announces its 2017 Spring Season

  • Please click here to download the 2017 Registration Forms
  • Please bring them filled with the necessary documentation (birth certificate, proof of residence) if you are registering for the first year in our league.
  • Registration will take place at the indicated dates and times at the concession stand next to our PONY field located inside Bayland Park (6400 Bissonnet)


Flyer 2017 Spring ws.jpg

Wednesday, November 16

Tuesday, June 21
Kyle Chapman PONY League congratulates its KC Texans-13 team

Texans runner up 2016 ws.jpg

Monday, May 16
Kyle Chapman proudly announces its Teams for the 2016 PONY Summer Tournament Season



Chris Anheiser John Barr Reed Bourlon
Tristan Glynn Max Barrocas Dylan Cortes
Chris Gomez Carson Brown Steven Denning
Sebastian Lugo Ryen Clavon-Lorance Jacob Dixon
Gerardo Martinez Sam Coronado Tanner Fox
Michael Mendez Manuel Crespin-Paz Matthew Keene
Daniel Reyes Julian Jones Braden Leonard
Jackson Robeson Garrett Loughhead George Mills
Gieno Salazar Matthew McGuire Cooper Regan
Devin Telles Adam Montgomery Mark Richards
Kirby Wei Terence O'Rourke Jacob Roubein
Kye Yu D'Angelo Salazar Will Russo
  Aiden Warren Nicholas Sorak
    Grant Stringer 
    James Vaquero
Anheiser - Mears - TBD Ruiz - Crucet - Barrocas Ozuna-Pincus-Johnson

Fall 15 Winners.jpg
Thursday, November 5
Winner of the Fall 2015 Playoffs

Fall 2015 Playoffs ws.jpg

Friday, November 13
Kyle Chapman PONY league proudly announces its 51st Spring Season


  • For 2016 Registration Forms please click here
  • Registration will take place at the concession stand next to the KC PONY Field inside Bayland Park


Flyer 2016 Spring big ws.jpg

Wednesday, November 25
Spring 2016 Calendar

Spring 2016 Calendar ws.jpg

Monday, July 14
Congratulations on a great tournament!

2014 PONY Region Champions.jpg

Wednesday, May 20
Former KC players to play in D3 College Championship

  • Former KC players "Z" Oretsky and Matthew Tindall, playing for Trinity University won their first ever Regional title earning their also first ever trip to Appleton, Wisconsin for the 2015 Division III NCAA Championship
  • Matt Tindall (5-1) picked up the victory on the mound, pitching six strong innings to start the game


west1 - Oretsky.jpg

Tuesday, July 28
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 2015 Fall Season
Please download and print all registration forms by clicking here

Flyer 2015 Fall small ws.jpg

Wednesday, May 20
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 2015 Summer Tournament Teams

PONY-14 KC Titans  PONY-13 KC Titans
Joshua Ben-Shoshan  Austin Bland
Anthony Chuo Daniel Dobelmann
Evan Cox Christopher Gaiser
Brennan Hoffman Tristan Glynn
Jackson Kelso Sebastian Lugo
Connor Kolb Roman Koehne
Collin Lore William McKone
Thomas McGuire Daniel Reyes
Luke Moellering Spencer Scheps
Daniel Portugal Sid Smith
Mitchell Robbins Harrison Staats
Jack Schell Jacob Strasser
Isaac Villafan Kirby Wei
Matthew Weber Conner Young
Walker Whitney Kye Yu

Wednesday, July 29
Tentative Calendar for the 2015 Fall Season

Fall 2015 Calendar ws.jpg

Wednesday, May 6
Spring 2015 AL Playoff schedule

AL Spring 2015 Playoffs ws.jpg

Friday, May 8
Spring 2015 NL Playoff schedule

NL Spring 2015 Playoffs ws.jpg

Tuesday, June 3
Closing Ceremonies Spring 2014


American League - Spring 2014

Runner Up - KC Indians Champions - StaMo Monarchs

National League - Spring 2014

Runner Up - KC Red Sox Champions - KC Astros


Monday, November 10
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 2015 Spring Season
To print the Spring 2015 registration forms please click here

Flyer 2015 Spring big ws.jpg

Monday, November 10
Spring 2015 Calendar

Spring 2015 Calendar ws.jpg

Wednesday, June 18
2014 Summer Select Teams Activities

  • Season has concluded
  • Season has concluded
  • Season has concluded

Tuesday, July 22
Fall 2014 Calendar of events

Fall 2014 Calendar ws.jpg

Monday, July 14
PONY-13 2014 South Zone Tournament

PONY13 Zone 2014 small.jpg

Wednesday, June 18
PONY Director's Tournament - KC site

Sunday, June 22
2014 Director's Tournament Championship round
Deer Park site bracket   -   Dayton site bracket

2014 PONY DT champ ws.jpg

Monday, May 19
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 2014 Summer Tournament teams
PONY-14u KC Texans  PONY-14 KC Titans
Jake Beinart  Ben Blachman
Kyle Biedermann Beau Bourlon 
Anthony Chuo Christopher Burns
Evan Cox Justin Fox
Maxx Denning Alejandro Gomez
Ambrose Haskin Aaron Gutierrez
Mason Heideman Jared Jong
Harrison Kampf Jaden Limon
Spencer Lee Coby Lowenstein
Connor Loughhead James Moskosky
Hunter Loughhead Will Reeves
Osmey Pardias Scott Robins
Seth Taylor Jacob Rothenberg

Kevin Torres

Michael Vogelsang

Isaac Villafan

James Webster

PONY-13 Titans
Alexander Colton
Bryce Garrett
Brennan Hoffman
Jackson Kelso
Connor Kolb
Christopher Levitt
Thomas McGuire
Luke Moellering
Landon Poindexter
Daniel Portugal
Mitchell Robbins
William Swan
Jacob Towber
Jacob Van Brunt
Cole Vessels

Friday, May 2
Kyle Chapman PONY League announces its Spring 2014 Playoff Schedule

AL Spring 2014 Playoffs ws.jpg

Tuesday, February 20
KC PONY Pitch Count worksheet

Friday, November 22
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 49th Spring Baseball Season
Click here to download and print the Registration Forms

Flyer 2014 Spring ws.jpg

Friday, November 22
Kyle Chapman PONY League Spring 2014 Calendar of Events

Calendar 2014 Spring ws.jpg

Monday, July 22
Kyle Chapman proudly announces its 49th baseball season


  • Please download and print registration forms by clicking here
  • Registration will take place at the KC PONY field concession stand located next to the KC PONY Field inside Bayland Park


Flyer 2013 Fall small.jpg

Sunday, March 31
Tulane vs Rice - March 30, 2013 - Another Saturday in the park

Monday, May 27
Spring 2013 Closing Ceremonies

National League 2013

Runner Up - Sta-Mo

Champions - Indians

   National League 2013


Runner Up - Red Sox

Champions - Cards


Wednesday, June 26
2013 PONY Director's Tournament Pool Round - Kyle Chapman site

2013 PONY-14 DT ws.jpg

Monday, November 19

Flyer 2013 Spring ws.jpg

Thursday, December 20
Kyle Chapman PONY League announces its 48th Spring Season Calendar

In partnership with:

Future Astros 600.jpg

Monday, November 19

Calendar Spring 2013 ws.jpg

Wednesday, November 7
Fall 2012 Playoffs Schedule
Fall 2012 championship game.jpg

Fall 2012 Playoffs - ws.jpg

Thursday, September 20
KC Player Cameron Gibbons earns a spot on AAU National Taekwondo Cadet Team

KC Player ws.jpg

Monday, July 9
2012 PONY Kyle Chapman Section Tournament Champions

KC PONY Section winners ws.jpg

Sunday, June 10

KC Tune Up Champions ws.jpg

Monday, June 18
2012 PONY-13 Director's Tournament Champions

2012  DT Champs ws.jpg

Wednesday, June 27
2012 PONY Director's Tournament Champions

2012 Titans 14 DT Champs ws.jpg

Sunday, July 8
2012 PONY Conroe Section Tournament Champions

Conroe PONY Section winners ws.jpg

Sunday, April 15
KC Titans-13 Double Play Classic Runner up

Double Play Classic runner up.jpg

Tuesday, July 24
Fall Ball 2012 Calendar

2012 Fall Calendar ws.jpg

Wednesday, May 9
Spring 2012 AL Playoffs

AL Spring 2012 Playoffs ws.jpg

Thursday, May 10
Spring 2012 NL Playoffs

NL Spring 2012 Playoffs ws.jpg

Thursday, May 17
Spring 2012 Closing Ceremonies

American League 2012

Runner Up - Yankees

Champions - Indians

National League 2012

Runner Up - Dodgers

Champions - Braves

Tuesday, July 19
KC congratulates its PONY Tournament team on winning the 2011 Region Tournament

PONY 2011 Region Champions ws.jpg

Tuesday, March 27
Spring 2012 Opening Ceremonies - Pictures by Mr. Howard Nathan

National Anthem

Player's Pledge

Guest Speaker


    Kirby Cummings   

    Nick Lanza   

    All Star 94' John Hudek   


Tuesday, March 29
Opening Ceremonies 2011


National Anthem

Player's Pledge

Guest Speaker


 Ethan Clasen 

 Alex Carnegie 

 Larry Dierker 






Pictures courtesy of Mr. Howard Nathan

Monday, May 23
Spring 2011 Closing Ceremonies

American League 2011



Runner Up - White Sox

Champions - Indians

National League 2011



Runner Up - Pirates

Champions - Braves

Monday, May 23
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its 2011 Summer Tournament teams





Harrison Barton

Jeremiah Alonzo

Lennie Blatt

Jake Bedevian

James Bowers

Sam Bickel-Barlow

Jackson Brownstein

Adam Buczek

Julian Clavon

Zach Budnik

Kevin Corrier-Cox

Ethan Clasen

Lorenzo Hardit

John Ganucheau

Zach Heideman

Brett Gu

Jared Heuer

Ben Phillips

Chad Middlebrooks

Stephen Price

Zachary Nathan

Jake Schrimsher

Evan Reynolds

Ari Silverman

Arthur Rivera

Jacob Strom

Marcus Robinson

Cody Wile

Blake Steele

Austin Zepeda



Charlie Bartlett 

Kaleb Bell 

Evian Benjamin

Scott Bickart

Alex Carnegie

Thomas Gardner

Jerson Hardit

William Heck

Dallas Hunter

James Long

Kobi Owen

Aaron Shequen

Nick Tanner

Mark Tindall

Garrett Van Dusen

Thursday, July 7
KC congratulates its PONY-13 team on winning the 2011 Director's Tournament

DT 2010 PONY13 02 - KC site.jpg

Monday, July 11
KC congratulates its PONY Tournament team on winning the 2011 Section Tournament

PONY 14 Section Champs.jpg

Monday, April 18
Congratulations on a job well done

Champs Apr 17

Champs HSC Apr 03 ws.jpg

Monday, April 4
Congratulations to our Select Teams

AFD Champs

Friday, April 15
Congratulations on a second Championship of the season

Champs Apr 10

Thursday, April 15
Opening Ceremonies 2010


National Anthem

Player's Pledge

Guest Speaker


 Stephen Ray

 James Gasper

 Trenidad  Hubbard

 Paul Zepeda





2009 PONY-13 World Series Champions

proudly displaying their High School colors

pouring dirt from the Chino Hills, CA mound



Thursday, July 29

PONY 2010 Region Finalists

Wednesday, June 23
2010 PONY-13 Director's Tournament Champions

PONY-13 DT Champions

Tuesday, June 22
KC Blue Runner up Katy Tournament

KC Blue Runner up Katy Tournament ws

Saturday, June 12
2010 Pasadena Invitational Champions

Pasadena Champs 01 ws.jpg

Sunday, May 2
Bring the Heat Tournament Champions

Beat Champs.jpg

Tuesday, August 4
PONY-13 World Series Champions !!!

WS Champs 01

Tuesday, August 4

WS Champs 02

Monday, August 10
2009 PONY Zone Tournament runner up

2009 PONY Zone runner up

Wednesday, October 14
Houston City Council proclaims Kyle Chapman PONY League Day


Wednesday, July 29
2009 PONY-13 World Series bracket








Friday, July 31, 2009

5:00 PM

Mililani, HI



Bergen Beach, NY



5:00 PM

Bayamon (Riverview), PR



Channahon, IL



7:30 PM

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico



Chino Hills, CA



7:30 PM

Kyle Chapman Red, TX



El Cajon, CA



       Saturday, August 1, 2009

5:00 PM

Channahon, IL



Kyle Chapman Red, TX



5:00 PM

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico



Mililani, HI



7:30 PM

Bayamon (Riverview), PR



El Cajon, CA



7:30 PM

Bergen Beach, NY



Chino Hills, CA



Sunday, August 2, 2009

5:00 PM

Bergen Beach, NY



Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico



5:00 PM

Kyle Chapman Red, TX



Bayamon (Riverview), PR



7:30 PM

Mililani, HI



Chino Hills, CA



7:30 PM

Channahon, IL



El Cajon, CA



Monday, August 3, 2009

4:30 PM

Mililani, HI



Channahon, IL



4:30 PM

Kyle Chapman Red, TX



Bergen Beach, NY



7:00 PM

Kyle Chapman Red, TX



Mililani, HI





Kyle Chapman Red, TX

Mililani, HI

 Channahon, IL

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Bayamon (Riverview), PR

Bergen Beach, NY

El Cajon, CA

Chino Hills, CA


Tuesday, July 28
2009 PONY-13 South Zone Tournament Champions

2009 Zone Champions

Tuesday, July 21
2009 PONY-13 South Zone Championship Tournament

09 Zone bracket

Tuesday, July 28
2009 PONY Region Tournament Champions

09 Region champs

Friday, July 24
2009 PONY Section Champions

2009 Section Champs

Monday, July 6
KC PONY-13 Red 2009 Brookshire Katy Fireworks Explosion Tournament Champions

KC Red 13Y_Katy Tourney

Monday, June 22
KC PONY-14 Red 2009 Director's Tournament Champions

2009 PONY DT Champs

Friday, June 19
KC PONY-13 Red 2009 Director's Tournament Champions

2009 ZT Host Team

Sunday, June 21
KC PONY-13 Red Texas Invitational State Tournament Champions!!!

TSIT 2009 Champs

Monday, March 30
March Madness Blowout Tournament Champions

March madness champions

Tuesday, April 7
April Fools Classic Champions

April Fools Champs

Tuesday, April 7
April Fools Classic MVP's

April Fools MVP's

Thursday, April 16
Outstanding !!!

Texans 14 - 2nd Place

Sunday, March 24
Opening ceremonies 2013

National Anthem

America the Beautiful

Player's Pledge


Romanicia Hawkins and Kirby Cummings Jack Egan and Ben Elder Nick Phan Steve Dorman

Future Astros Youth Program
Brent Broussard Orbit and Nick Phan Orbit and Coach Krus

Friday, July 20
2012 PONY-13 South Zone Opening Ceremonies

Zone Opening Ceremonies 2012 ws.jpg

Wednesday, May 8
Spring 2013 KC American League Playoffs

AL Spring 2013 Playoffs - Names ws.jpg

Wednesday, May 8
Spring 2013 KC National League Playoffs

NL Spring 2013 Playoffs - Names ws.jpg

Sunday, June 23
PONY-13 Director's Tournament - Championship Round

2013 PONY-13 DT champ ws.jpg

Monday, June 17
PONY-13 Director's Tournament - Pool Round

2013 PONY-13 DT ws.jpg

Friday, July 12
2013 PONY-13 South Zone Tournament Bracket

Monday, July 22
Kyle Chapman PONY League 2013 Fall Season Calendar

2013 Fall Calendar small.jpg

Thursday, August 30
Kyle Chapman PONY League - Fall 2013 Teams

KC Fall 2013

KC Fall 2013 Select Teams



Thursday, July 18
Congratulations on a gutsy win !!!
Check on the link below a video taken by Mr. David Nathan of the winning hit !!!

Region Champs 02 ws.jpg
preview Winning run by David Nathan

Tuesday, July 2
2013 PONY Section Tournament - NASA site Champions - Excellent effort

2013 PONY Section Champs ws.jpg

Tuesday, July 2
A great win gentlemen!

2013 PONY DT Champs RR ws.jpg

Sunday, June 23
Congratulations !!!

League City Champions ws.jpg

Tuesday, July 2
Survival of the fittest

Firecracker Showdown Champs AR ws.jpg

Wednesday, June 26
Congratulations on a job well done !!!

KC 2013 DT Champs our ws.jpg

Saturday, July 12
PONY 2014 Region Tournament

2014 PONY Region DP ws.jpg

Tuesday, July 8
Congratulations KC Titans - Champions 2014 PONY Section Tournament

PONY Champions Section 2014 ws.jpg

Monday, June 30
2014 PONY Section Tournament - Kyle Chapman site

2014 PONY Section KC site ws.jpg

Tuesday, July 1
A great win

KC Titans - champs - 800 ws.jpg

Sunday, June 22
Congratulations KC Titans - Runner Up Lake Charles Tournament

KC Titans - Lake Charles.jpg

Thursday, October 30
Fall 2014 Double Elimination Playoffs

Fall 2014 Playoffs ws.jpg

Wednesday, July 15
2015 PONY-13 South Zone Tournament Bracket

PONY13 Zone 2015 ws.gif

Sunday, February 7
Practice Schedule Monday 22 - Wednesday 24

Field Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
KC 6:00-7:45 A's Red Sox Jays        
KC 8:00-9:45 Jays Dodgers Indians        
M-5 6:00-7:45 Rangers Astros A's        
M-5 8:00-9:45 Indians   Rangers        

Tuesday, March 3
Spring 2015 Outstanding performances




3RHR Mar03

3R HR Mar03 3R HR Mar03 2R HR Apr11 Apr 11 7KO

Triple Play Mar 24

2RHR Mar30    Apr 27 9KO

2RHR Mar24

2RHR Mar24 1RHR Mar28 2RHR Apr 28

1RHR Mar30 May 1 7 KO

2RHR Apr06 3RHR Apr27

2RHR Mar24

3RHR Mar28

8KO Apr 06

Apr 13  7 KO Apr 29 8 KO

1RHR Mar28


2RHR Mar28





 2RHR Mar28  2RHR Mar31  2RHR Apr02  2RHRApr23 3RHR Apr23  Apr 23 7KO 1RHR Apr30 3RHR Apr30 Apr 30 10K

 3RHR Apr02  2RHR Apr07





2RHR Apr02

2RHR Apr07


 2RHR Apr07  2RHR Apr09

1RHR Apr09





 1RHR Apr09

3RHR Apr09 1RHR May 5





2RHR Apr02

3RHR May 1 May 1 9KO


1RHR May 5 Apr 30 9KO May 7 9KO





Sunday, February 7
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its Spring 2016 American League teams

Travis Bell Max Barrocas Carlos Ayon Kaarthik Anand
Manuel Crespin-Paz Austin Bland John Barr Christian Anhaiser
Anthony D'Ambra Saul Coronado Ryen Clavon-Lorance Boomer Beaasley
Isaiah Daniels Josh Delgado Tristan Glynn John Guite
Josue Esquivel  Steven Denning Riley Gwin Josiah Jones
Ashton Hoskin Aidan Feldman Julian Jones Matthew McGuire
Adam Montgomery Evan Godinich Michael Mendez Luke Poirot
Charles Reyes Jackson Robeson Matthew Munn Cooper Regan
Bryan Rojas John Sanchez Lawton Reed D'Angelo Salazar
Devin Telles Aidan Warren Miguel Reed Gieno Salazar
Tre Wallace Kirby Wei Abraham Sepulveda Nicholas Sorak
Dwayne Daniels Fernando Crucet Robert Ruiz Jim Anheiser

Sunday, February 7
Kyle Chapman PONY League proudly announces its Spring 2016 National League teams





Dylan Cortes Brett Bazarsky Christopher Gaiser Declan Conner
Ben Huelskamp Reed Bourlon Chris Gomez Wyatt Edwards
Griffen Kenneally Carson Brown Matthew Keene Brandon Gaskin
George Mills Jacob Dixon Matthew Lapham Syncere Green
Terence O'Rourke Tanner Fox Braden Leonard  Bryce Hudanich
Jacob Roubein Gerardo Martinez Garrett Loughhead  Will Johnson
Spencer Scheps William McKone Sebastian Lugo Jacob Lopresto
Daniel Steward Daniel Reyes Patrick Mullen Afid Moussat
Grant Stringer Mark Richards Sid Smith Jr. Hamilton Moye
James Vaquero Will Russo Zach Snow Nathan Rangel
Conner Young Kye Yu Jonathon Stein  Nicholas Spurlock
      Tyron Thomas
      Ryan Windsor
Cruz-Bryan Chotiner-Rojas-Pincus Taylor-Lefkowitz  Jeremy Moye

Wednesday, June 18
PONY-13 Director's Tournament - Runner Up

KC website ws.jpg

Sunday, April 3
Congratulations on a job well done

Runner Up 1st Colony ws.jpg

Monday, May 2
Kyle Chapman PONY League announces its 2016 Spring Season playoffs

AL Spring 2016 Playoffs ws.jpg

Monday, May 2

NL Spring 2016 Playoffs ws.jpg

Thursday, July 14
Welcome to the PONY-13 South Zone Tournament

2016 PONY 13 Zone daily print D4 ws.jpg

Monday, July 20

KC champs.jpg

Wednesday, July 27
2016 Fall Ball Season
To download 2016 Fall Registration Forms please click here

Flyer 2016 Fall ws.jpg

Thursday, July 28
2016 Fall Ball Calendar

Fall 2016 Calendar ws.jpg

Friday, September 9
Fall 2016 pre-season practice schedule


  KC Field  KC Field  KC field KC Field  Batting Cage  Batting Cage  Batting Cage  Batting Cage 
  6-7 7-8  8-9 9-10 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10
 Tue. Sep. 13

KC Astros

KC Dodgers KC Cards KC  Red Sox KC Dodgers KC Astros KC Red Sox KC Cards
Wed. Sep. 14  KC Cards KC Red Sox  KC Astros  KC Dodgers KC Red Sox  KC Cards KC Dodgers KC Astros 
 Thu. Sep. 15 KC Dodgers KC Astros KC Red Sox  KC Cards KC Astros KC Dodgers KC Cards KC Red Sox 

Monday, November 7
Fall 20016 - Double Elimination Playoffs

Fall 2016 Playoffs.jpg

Thursday, September 15
KC 2016 Fall Ball Season Teams

KC Fall 2016

Monday, March 20
Spring 2017 Opening Ceremonies - Saturday March 25

Please  see below the scheduled activities for the day:

KC Dodgers 8:45 am
KC Red Sox 9:00 am
KC Astros 9:15 am
KC Titans-14 9:30 am
KC Titans-13 9:45 am
KC Cubs 10:00 am
KC Jays 10:15 am
KC Indians 10:30 am

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Opening Ceremonies: starting promptly at 4:00 pm

  • Parade of teams
  • Invocation
  • National Anthem
  • Players Pledge
  • Recognition of Volunteers

Sunday, April 9
HSBT 4th Annual Lone Star Classic Runner Up!

Titans RU Apr 17 ws.jpg

Tuesday, July 11
PONY-13 South Zone Tournament

2017 PONY-13 Zone daily print Jul 23 17 ws.jpg

Monday, July 16
2018 PONY-13 South Zone Tournament Teams

2 0 1 8 Pasadena San Benito Rio Grande City KC Titans
  Pasadena, TX San Benito, TX Rio Grande, TX Houston, TX 

Tuesday NASA Texas Bronco Young Gloves Wild Pitch
Managers Meetings Houston, TX Harlingen, TX San Antonio, TX Brownsville, TX
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Opening Ceremonies Games Games Games Finals
Games Games Games Games Finals

Monday, July 16
2018 PONY-13 South Zone Tournament Bracket

2018 PONY-13 Zone - Jul 20 18 - ws 800 pix.jpg

Saturday, July 15
Congratulations on a job well done!

PONY Section Champs 2017 ws.jpg

Kyle Chapman Pony League - Houston Texas
Kyle Chapman Pony League - Houston Texas
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"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." - Babe Ruth