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Sunday, November 7

Welcome to the KC PHOENIX VBC.  

Upcoming2011/2012 Season:

12U-  Twelve and Under- Do to the crazy year of club this year, we have teamed up wtih Mizuno Blazers this year.


17U- Seventeen and under silver. Tryouts will be November 13th. They will be at St. Anns Gym in Prairie Village Ks. from 2-4 pm.

This will be a silver level team. We will play around 8 tournaments. We may adjust this depending on the season. The cost of this team will be $900

There is a try-out fee of $10.  To prepare for all try-outs, please visit the HOA website at www.hoavb.org  Click on HOT TOPICS-HAI Indv.Info-Fill out information for your daughter. This is very important.  This is from the HOA site-

"All Juniors: Before you attend any tryouts you will need to register online. After September 1, Go under "Hot Topics" to "Indiv Registration". If you played last year go under "Past HOA Member needing a Webpoint Username", do a find for your name and date of birth and logon. Update or add your information and pay your registration fee. Then print of your membership card and bring that to all open gyms and tryouts you attend. If you were not an HOA member last year, go under "Never been an HOA member" and follow the steps. If you do not get selected by a club, you can apply for a refund of your individual registration fee up till December 31."


Here are a few other things form the HOA site for try-outs-

8. Response Period: If a player is offered a position on a team during the first weekend that tryouts are allowed, the player will have till the following Monday, 4 pm, to inform the club if he/she accepts the offer. If an offer is not made immediately after the tryouts, the player will have a minimum of 24 hours to decide whether to accept or decline the offer from the moment the offer is extended. The club will have to hold that position available for the player, once the offer is made till the deadline expires. Clubs that do not conduct their tryouts on the very first weekend that tryouts are allowed, are required to give the players 24 hours after the completion of the tryout and from the moment an offer is extended, to accept an offer for a position. 9. Player Commitment to a Club: If a player backs out of a commitment, he/she may forfeit the right and eligibility for participation in the HOA region Power League and Region Bid Tournament for this season.  



 Other Important Questions to ask: • How many spots on the team have been filled? And how many spots are available? • How does your selection process work? Will you notify me if I make the team? Or If I didn't make the team? • When do I have to make a decision?(*If you are offered a position on a team after attending a club/team's tryout-You have at least a 24 hr period to make a decision. You do not have to commit with the team immediately. *Please refer to the HOA recruiting guide for specific answers to response periods and tryout policies. • What is the club or teams' policy on playing time?(equal, mandatory, performance only, "play to win" etc) • Will players/and or parents be expected to participate in fundraisers? • What are the expectations of the club in regards to: A. Time commitment from the player B. Can players participate in other sports? • Who will be the coach of my team and what are their credentials/ and or experience?



Our goal is to establish a team which provides Kansas City area girls with a chance to improve their athleticism and enhance their volleyball skills while furthering their understanding of the game of volleyball and developing a team-centered attitude. We hope to give the girls the strategies and motivation for advanced play in an enthusiastic and encouraging environment.     


We approach the game of volleyball as a means of giving expression to individual talent while nurturing an understanding of teamwork and cooperation as essential to individual growth.  Each girl is an integral part of the team.  Improvement on an individual level is necessary for improvement on a team level.  We will give both heart and soul to developing each player and demand the same in return.   


Erin and John Rodriguez:  They are passionate about volleyball!  Erin has coached for 16 years and John has joined her for 14 years. Together they started a club KC Diamonds that has now become KC Phoenix.  Both have coached many competive levels of volleyball including high-school.  They have coached players who go on and play for their state-qualifying high-schools, and even college.  If you have any question please feel free to contat them directly.


Contact information:



John Rodriguez & Erin Rodriguez

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