kcbullets: Player Fees

Wednesday, November 7
2011 Summer Fee

I will need to collect a $350 non-refundable deposit prior to November 15th, 2009. This deposit will serve as a partial payment for the summer program. The deposits are used to pay for and secure spots at various tournament venues, which is necessary to ensure participation at this level.

Total fee for 2011:

Pitcher only = $500          Position Players = $700

Final payment is due by March 1st.

Although I make every attempt to keep travel to a minimum, it does not include travel expenses.  The amount of travel is dependent upon competitive tournament availability. 



Saturday, March 15
2011 Fall Fee

The fee to participate in the fall program is $500.  $100 of this fee will be applied to the summer fee for players that continue to play with the program.    

A pre-payment is necessary to hold and confirm your spot.  I try to keep the number of players to a minimum to ensure maximum playing time. The number of pitchers needed will always determine the total number on the roster.