KC blitz: Club Mission Statement

Monday, June 25
Club Mission Statement

The KC blitz Volleyball Club mission is to promote good sportsmanship, a learning environment for all athletes and the opportunity for players to reach their full potential.

The focus of the club is to develop players with strong fundamental and individual skills and to be able to play at a competitive level. As coaches, we ask for energy, desire, willingness to learn, and a commitment from players. Our practice drills focus on movement, numerous ball touches, core skill improvement and high-level volleyball concepts. We look at advanced offensive plays like shoot sets, quick sets, slides, etc. 

Competition for spots on junior-varsity and varsity teams in high school is fierce. Club or high school experience seems to be a must at these levels. Our hope is to prepare your daughter to be the best volleyball player she can be through hard work, good fundamental teaching and in a great environment.

Our coaches are USA Volleyball IMPACT certified.