Katy Angels: Welcome

 Welcome to the new home of the 12U Katy Angels for the 2014-2015 softball season. The team will be coached by Kara Solomon and facilitated by Mark Fobian. Kara played at Katy High School and was part of the 2006 State finalist team. She pitched at South Western University where she achieved All-Region honors in 2010. Mark has taught hitting instruction for softball and baseball in Katy for 20+ years. He has helped over 70 athletes achieve college and professional goals. We are proud to serve the Katy community, and we are excited about beginning this new team. 
Our goal is to improve and enhance the skills of all players who choose to commit to our program. We will carry ONLY 11 players. Pitchers are encouraged to play another position. Our programs consists of 2 hours of field practice per week (Sunday), 2 hours of hitting/pitching per week(Thursday), a strength and conditioning program, and tournaments.
 The 12U Katy Angels is an organization developed through Linedrive and its coaches. Linedrive is the official home of  11U, 15U, and 18U Texas Bucks baseball. Our philosophy is focused on the development of the player first and winning second. Players designate a primary and secondary position and coaches work to improve the strategies and skills for the player, as well as an overall team strategy.
Katy Angel's fall season runs from August 16th - December 15th and the spring season is January 8th - July 31st. 

For more information regarding tryouts please visit our handouts section. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail them to: linedrive.katy@gmail.com